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on 17 March 2008
This movie was taken by Mario Bava from an Italian comic book, and turned into a fantastic late 60's explosion of colour, swinging music and speeded up car chases. The lead character - Diabolik - is a master criminal with an incredible underground hideout, which makes the bat cave look like a pot hole. John Philip Law, who plays our anti-hero, is incredible to watch. As Diabolik spends a lot of the time masked up in black PVC, with only his eyes and eyebrows on view, Philip Law brilliantly portrays a man on the edge by constantly moving and twitching. Always on the look out for the cops or other criminals. He's ably accompanied by the beautiful Melissa Mell as his partner in crime - and she certainly makes the most of the rather skimpy wardrobe she has. And then there's the groovy soundtrack by Ennio Morricone. Great stuff. The only drawback to the film is the lack of structure. It watches like 4 or 5 different issues from the comic it was taken from. There's a number of different heists that, on their own are great fun to watch, but as a whole don't lead anywhere. They're just the latest in his string of master crimes. But if you're willing to accept that as a whole, the film doesn't really have any beginning or end, then you should be ready to squeeze into that PVC cat-suit, jump into the nearest E-type, and speed off into the psychadelia horizon with a beautiful chick by your side. Italian crime caper at its best!
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on 17 August 2015
Instead of repeating well-known facts such as this film's background story or how excellent Morricone's musical soundtrack and director Mario Bava's direction are, I'd like to say just one or two things about the DVD itself.
Picture quality is flawless, so is the sound quality.
I emphasize and highly recommend the audio commentary (with optional subtitles in different languages, I chose English), spoken by the main actor and a film expert. Close to every scene, very informative, with lots of anecdotes and background information, presented always in an entertaining fashion, at the same time being serious. I appreciate it when makers of audio commentaries think about the listener and not only about their own fun. There are other audio commentaries out there giving the impression of drunken people being placed before the microphone and being busy just laughing about themselves all the time.
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on 5 March 2009
Danger Diabolik is fantastically campy, has great production design, a hot sidekick and some truly hilarious scenes. It's highly recommended! Not only does it bear the trademark 70s look and feel and attitude, it's also a great little story and a movie that made quite an impact. The DVD offers the film in really nice quality and hosts a set of really interesting extras. If you discover this film for the first time, or if you've seen this when you were young, this disc is the way to (re)discover it. Enjoy
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on 9 May 2010
Purely escapist and infantile cult film of the late Sixties of the last century. I remember seeing it as a school boy and wowed the adventures in the film.

You are a handsome young thief,robbing not just petty cash here and there but millions of dollars, you have a sexy girl friend oozing the eortic of a Barbie doll,who helps you escape in a sports Jaguar after robbing those millions. You have a futuristic house and you make love to your girl friend on a bed full of those robbed dollar bills. What more puerile fantasies you want to live out?

British comedian Terry Thomas has two scenes appearance worth watching.

A Saturday afternoon film when you have finished your shopping,come home,unpack your take away,seat with the family and enjoy the film.
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on 5 May 2013
I wish they made more of these films. Excellent rival for those early Bond films filed with action and some humour.
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on 2 June 2010
danger diabolik is a movie from the golden age of cult cinema-the mid sixties.The director,mario bava,is known more for his stylish horror masterpieces like mask of satan,black sabbath,and the girl who knew too much..here he spoofs the bond movies and heist film such as rififi and spoof spy films like modesty blaise..the result doesnt make much sense but its style and sixties "grooviness" put it up there with the very best cult movies.And terry thomas,as ever,is brilliant.
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on 29 May 2015
Really cheesy tongue in cheek film. Kept losing attention on the film. It was obviously a cheap imitation of the James Bond films. Probably wouldn't watch again. The leading guys eyes looked really neurotic and the story line was quite daft!
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on 14 August 2014
Stylish 60's comic-book version of a more morally ambiguous James Bond character-good slightly camp, old-school action thriller spy fun from the Italian cheap horror master.
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on 20 December 2013
Mario Bava (Italian for Bravo) has long been considered an exponent of evilcraft. (-as has his Demonic offspring, Umbert) Along side Salvador Dali (whom Bava resembles) and Ralf Harris (whom he does not) he is a master artist. Colors - bright, vague, obtuse (though never pastel) Shapes - all sorts. Sizes - mostly large and small. Often, however, medium. Horror films. Comedidies. Thrillers. Action & Adventure. The humble Bava mastered them all. (-whereas his ego-maniacal underling Dario Argentino only RE-mastered them!) Triumphantly moving between them (the genres) with a chiselled, cheerful and cheeky ultra-confidence -not unlike Charlie Drake! - that belies his boundless "badger-happy" munificence. With a screen style so purple & pungent your eyeholes will water! (Throbbidy-throb!) Whether making black & white (oldstyle) or indeed color (newstyle) Bava countered our collective belief that 1960s films are not worth the cellulite they're printed on! (snot-droplets!) #grandmasterbee filtered light through the deepest, darkest, angriest embers (plus the FOULEST of smells) to infuse the unfathomable truth with an ageless beauty - willing the universal female on, with all the ruddy-cheeked prodding and "circle-berk" grandstanding that the collective's pro-active honeydew tri-color trousersuit temerity will allow. However, one must ALWAYS be aware of Woman-kind's ALMIGHTY psycho-sensual demands! Wilfully acquiescing to their every wish - no matter how saucy - is the only course of action for most of us. (Nigel Farridge included) Indeed the fairer s*x has every right to be sensually demanding; after centuries of subservience, they are back where they belong - straddling the emotionally impotent male - indeed "flange-blasting" him into complete and utter submission! Whether she be the delicate treasure that is the thin-hipped "slenderframe" (sometimes these types are ginger) or the supple-to-the-touch earth mother with "melon-heavy" breasts (blondes & brunettes) - the life-givers of humanity (the ladies) are clearly "wielding the whip" in the on-going battle for naughty-cal superiority. (Norty, norty. She's fit & forty! Mighty & flighty, I can see up your nighty!) To bare one's soul to a woman is to discover the truth about oneself. Thenceforth, the love of a beautiful woman is the only TRULY significant adventure a man can experience in a lifetime. Only yesterday did I come upon the latter, more extravagantly proportioned type. (NOT a question, despite how it sounds) Magnificent to behold - yet beholden to nobody. She gave me a wink (a), and blew me (a kiss), but with a swing of her hips, and a flash of her lustrous tail, this particular fox was gone. Or was she? (this IS a question; but only a rhetorical one) Even now I can recall her quivering quiffle. The master is clearly Mario Bava - his mistress: the incomparable Barbara Steel. The followers, however, are Argentino Martini Bianco. Scathing about Capitalism. With wads of money and exploding gold! (-Real Satire!) Dripping with style. A dampness ensues. Lavishly appointed. Although imperfect - a flawless confection. A timeless wonder to be enjoyed time after time after time. DO NOT! miss. Could we then compare a film such as this with 'You Only Live Twice'? Of course we could, but only in passing. As you probably know, 'YOLT' is a Bond, and Bonds have more money at their disposal than Bava could ever dream of. Money to make a volcano for example. Bava didn't have a volcano, but he did have a cave... like Batman - or "L'uomo pipistrelli" as he is known on those shores. I have never seen 'You Only Live Twice', but I have seen 'Batman'. There is talk amongst fans that, like George Romeo (Dawn of the Living Dead) and John Crapenter (Rob Zombie's Halloween) Mario Bava will make a comeback soon. Maybe a sequel to this all-time great, and with the original stars Jean Phililp Lore and Melissa Mells.[**] If this ever bears fruit you can guarantee tens of many will be waiting to pounce on>Ace Frehley from KISS, Thruster Rufflecurd, Cheeky D. Wheezil and the Reverend Goodley Cherteton,<.>/?Salmony pink, chocolate Mousse - mister fancy pants - & the mutton-chop harlots>1!2"3£4$5%6^7&8*9(0)-_=+ Did you hear about the *r*sh circumciser? He missed and got the sack! -_+ Baby face, you've got the cutest little baby face.('-') aka Swiftian Margolis, in a west country accent not unlike Worzel Gummingham - "Good a'rternoon Mr Greengrow, sir"
*I wrote some of this review* *Bears don't eat fruit*
** I'm fully aware of the fact that la Mells, Mr Lore und Signor Bava are all very sadly deceased... But why should that stop them?
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on 21 November 2010
This is a film that does not take itself too seriously. Horror director Mario Bava was funded by Dino De Laurentis to direct this arty Italian response to James Bond. It sits alongside such films as Modesty Blaise, Branded to Kill and the Avengers series.

Throughout the film is shot like like a music video, stylish in the extreme. It is not without flaws, the special effects would have been at home in eighties children's tv, the actors all appear to be in different films, Terry Thomas is in some Ealing comedy, Law and Mell are in some super stylish heist movie, Adopho Celi is in the Borgias meet the Mafia, while the long suffering Inspector is in a slightly po faced detective series.

The film has a huge energy and inventiveness, the underground lair is superb. I watched it with my wife and teenage daughters, they thought it was another of dad's dreadful films, but pretty quickly they were all caught up in it.

A final few facts,
the dada dada DA music by Ennio Morricone is incredibly difficult to get out of your head,
Bava did not spend his entire budget, he actually gave money back to De Laurentis when he finished making the film
there is a MST3K version available on Youtube, basically some people talk over a screening of the film making sarky comments, I thought it was pretty funny, apparently if they had just stolen a bit less money you could see her ass,
the DVD was put together with some real love, it even includes a Beastie Boys video that borrows heavily from the film,

this is just a lot of fun, a stylish and amusing precursor of Austin Powers
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