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4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
Platform: Xbox 360|Edition: Game of the Year 2009|Change
Price:£10.99+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime
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on 9 February 2008
Having been the owner of a dormant PS2 for what must've been a year and a half, my head was turned by the trailers for this game. Once I got over the daft xbox360 vs ps3 debate, I took the plunge and bought this game with the premium pack, and I have not been disappointed!

Fair enough, the single player is a tad short, though veteran should keep you challenged for a while longer, but the online multiplayer is where COD4 comes into it's own. Admittedly, I'm no whizz and more often than not I get my ass kicked in the free for alls(some of the players online simply must not go out!), but the gaming experience is unsurpassed for me, and that's coming from someone who used to play pro evo 24/7! Once you get your first kill whilst laughing at some random yank kid you'll be hooked!

Amazing graphics, especially in hd, great sound, vast array of weapons, play as SAS, Spetsnaz, Marines, Iraqis, fully customisable online mode, great banter in multiplayer. Do yourself a favour....BUY IT.....NOW!!
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VINE VOICEon 8 November 2007
Having owned the game for a few days now, and played through the story twice and the multiplayer almost constantly, I feel it's time to give a review!

It was an interesting move for the Call of Duty series to venture away from their WWII 'safety-zone' but then again, we've seen the ending of WWII more times than we've had hot dinners, so the formula was getting a little old. Needless to say, the 'modern' update is refreshing and new.

The story has you playing as both an S.A.S soldier (Soap MacTavish) and a few U.S.M.C soldiers (depending on mission location). Both styles are fundamentally different, with your S.A.S missions focussing on stealth, and point-entry whilst the Marines missions focus on supporting, reclaiming ground, and neutralising confilct zones. Absolutely needless to say, but both sides offer a rich gaming experience and there's fantastic character building on the S.A.S missions; you really feel like part of the team.

I won't go into too much detail on the story, because I don't want to give anything away, it's hands down the best FPS story I've ever played (and yes, it beats Bioshock in my opinion) and it'll give you many many hours enjoyment as you'll want to play it again and again! One technical thing I thought I'd throw in is that the game is recorded at 60fps, so it's super smooth even on 1080i! This is also true for multiplayer!

Moving on, I suppose Call of Duty's crowning glory has always been the multiplayer. Call of Duty 2 was incredible, and 3 was on par albeit slightly less fluid compared to its predecessor. It goes without saying that Call of Duty 4 is hands-down the best multiplayer experience I've ever had! Everything is brilliantly thought out and the levels are designed fantastically. There are so many features I want to talk about!

Perks: Everyone knows about these from the beta, but there's some confusion to the levelling and over-powering that perks give you...Basically, they don't. Perks are decent, and useful, but they are not overpowering whatsoever. Yes, there's a perk to shoot through walls, but only if the walls are pretty thin and made of a lighter material. So you can't shoot through thick building walls or anything.

Another important aspect of the 'perks' is that you only get the very best ones when your rank is very high, and that takes a long time to achieve. There's a ranks system in COD4s multiplayer where you get promoted based on EXP gained from killing opponents, meeting challenge requirements etc.. and it's well balanced to take people a long time before they get the best weapons. And by best, I mean different. Fundamentally the weapons have similar stats, it's just having the prestige of using fancy weapons over bog standard ones.

But yeah, as you can probably tell by now, I think the game is very good. I'm also 100% certain that my thoughts are echoed across many of the thousands of current online players out there. Get this game, you'll lose your life, but by God is this a worthwhile game to lose it to!
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 17 October 2007
From the word GO, you can tell that this is a very well thought out game with a slick interface. The controls are very intuitive with a marginal feel of Halo as you can cut people down with a CQC knife melee attack. It's so satisfying to sneak up behind someone or if you've turn a corner and cut them to pieces. It's one of the fastest moves when you're right up close. To snipe, you need to press the left joystick to hold your breath and as in real life you can only do so for a short period of time. You will also need to recover from holding your breath as you take gasps of air.

Single gameplay
The singleplayer story is good. Like in previous COD they start you off gradually. This time you begin as a member of the SAS in a shooting range and a CQC (close quarter combat) training room gives you an opportunity to get used to the contols and also the layout of your first mission. It lets you in easy for the first mission. The story is split between playing as Bristish SAS and US marine. It has to be said that in the first US marine gameplay, the voice of the officer giving you instructions sounds remarkably like Keifer Sutherland in the series 24. US marine missions remind me a little of playing in Black Hawk Down environment, running amongst demolished buildings.

I've now completed the gameplay twice now and am working on the hardest level Veteran. It's a good mix of playing with different environments. For example you get to play the much anticipated 'Ghillies in the mist' sneaking around right by enemies and sniping guys. Also close quarter gameplay with uzi's and shotguns around demolished buildings. You even get to play as US air support which is extremely good fun and the commentary is sometime hilarious. All in all very good fun but it seems a little short - but maybe that's because i've played it twice already.

Multiplayer Gameplay
The thing that stands out the most for me about the multiplayer gameplay is the ability to customise. The designers have gone out of their way to make it this way for us and it's very much appreciated.
You start off with limited options and 5 preset player types using Assualt rifles, submachine guns, light machine guns, shotguns and sniper rifles. However as you rank up, you can can unlock 'Create a class' where you can select exactly what weapon you want as your primary, secondary and 3 perks.

Class creation
A unique feature new to COD is the customisation of your character online. A new feature is the PERK feature. when you customise your character you have the option of selecting 3 perks like;
Last Stand - when you get shot down, you can have a perk that allows you to have a last pistol gun fight to take one or two people down with you which is a very common perk that people use
C4 expert - throw C4 and blow stuff up like cars, lay a trap for your opponents which you don't see that often.
Demolitions expert - allows you to see where C4 has been planted so you can avoid areas which I haven't found anyone who uses yet
Sleight of hand- allows you to reload your weapon twice as fast which is extremely useful for very slow loading guns like the Light Machine guns.
Deep impact - allows you to shoot bullets that can penetrate through thin walls. Excellent for getting those guys who hide behind walls.
Doubletap - allows you to fire twice as many bullets in the same amount of time
Dead silence - allows you to run and sneak up behind opponents for a melee attack which is only available at level 44.

As you rank up you unlock more and more excellent perks and also when you use a certain weapon, you unlock more weapons of that class.

These are just a few of the perks that you can add to your character. I've been playing a lot recently and have currently reached level 52. Other perks that i really like are the UAV jammer which allows you to be invisible to the enemy radar which is excellent for flanking your opponent and when used in conjunction with a silenced weapon and Martyrdom (which allows you to drop a grenade automatically on your death) can be a deadly combination. I mostly use Steady Aim which allows you to have greater accuracy when firing from the hip which is very useful and one that you gain at a very high rank called Overkill which allows you to carry ANY 2 primary and secondary weapon - although you can choose a primary weapon and a secondary weapon normally, you are limited to pistols for secondary weapons only.
Not only can you specialise in a certain area (like sniper) but the more you use a particular weapon, the more extras you unlock for that class. For example, if you always select the assault rifle and do well with it, you can unlock different scopes (like COG, red dot) or silencers and other weapons in that class.
When you select a sniper rifle as your primary weapon you get to wear a Ghillie suit automatically!! You look extra cool and have the benefit of blending in to grassy environments and disappear. It has to be said that the Sniper looks very cool in the Ghillie suit for perfect blending into natural environments.
There are also some modifiers that allow you to call in additional help depending upon how you do. this is cool as you can call in UAV for radar (3 kills in a row without dying), air support by plane (5 kills in a row), helicopter support (7 kills in a row). In a fairly even match this is really good fun. However if the teams are uneven in capability, then they can really crush you which can lead to a very unsatisfactory game. Don't forget you can call in all 3 supports (radar, air strike and helicopter) during your lifespan so you don't need to save them. They also can be used in your next respawn after you die so use the air support in conjuction with a friends UAV radar support for accurate and maximum kills.
Team selection once you've joined a match is mostly random but it does try to even the teams out by spreading members at a high level over each team. If you are a member of a clan, you should party up before hand so that you are all in the same team. You can add any clan tag at any time from the main menu too.

Some of the maps are -
1)Crash - this site that reminded me of Black Hawk Down when the helicopter went down. Area has a broken helicopter in the middle and half demolished building areas around it.
2)Vacant- Abandoned warehouse/office type area with lots of corridors and some area outside with cargo holders.
3)Overgrown - a mixed area map with old abandoned buildings, large ditches, lush vegitation.
In addition to these maps there are plenty of other maps, all taken from parts of the single player game.
e.g.Bog - a mixture of marshy and demolished buildings
Pipeline - abandoned partly demolished industrial building type area
Backlot - similar style area to Crash (imagine running along the streets in black hawk down)

There are LOADS of different types of gameplay available of which some are
Free for all - essentially solo elimination with a all for me. your on your own against everyone else.
Team Deathmatch - probably the most played as you play in a set team against others.
Mercenary Team Deathmatch - where there can be no party members (so that all are random players and you don't get smashed by a clan)
Search and destroy- where a player must get to a bomb and plant it and the other team must stop them.
Domination - you must capture and hold areas of the map.
Headquarters - try to reach a certain point and hold it but the team holding the headquarters can NOT respawn.
I've mainly played free for all, team deathmatch and Headquarters. Don't just stick to Team deathmatch as you'll miss out on other maps. Headquarters have different maps like 'Shipment' which is a very close quarters map with shipment crates in (You get loads of kills by using martyrdom). There is also 'Showdown', 'wetworks' (on a ship) too.

All in all for me, this game combined Halo and Ghost Recon Advanced Warefare 2 together. The UAV with air support and different classes and modifiers reminded me of GRAW2 but you also have close up melee attacks and joining games is much like the way you do in HALO 3 so is random. The host is also selected amongst the players participating in the game, so could be you, although I don't know what criteria they select. Also much like in HALO 3 you have an Experience indicator which goes up every battle you have which allows you to increase in military rank. As you increase in rank you can unlock perks.

When you reach level 55 you have the option of going to prestige mode which allows you to have a special icon by your name. BUT you lose all of your perks and you have to start from scratch. This is fine by me as what interested me most about the game was leveling up and gaining that extra perk. That's what i strived for and makes the game addictive. I'm currently at prestige 3 nearly at 4. You can of course stay at level 55 which many do and keep your perks etc and just try to gain those head shots. For all weapons, you not only can gain extra points for kills to a maximum of 1000, but you can also gain extra XP for headshots. Once you max out a weapon's headshots and kills, the weapon you choose is Gold.

I found COD4 an absolute blast to play and extremely addictive. Not only is it visually stunning, but you just want to gain that extra experience to gain rank or gain a certain perk. The customisation allows for varied gameplay styles in different maps.

For me this is the must have game since GRAW2 and it's no surprise that it's always sold out at the shops. If you liked GRAW2, you'll love this game. Hardcore COD fans will definitely not be disappointed in this game.
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on 2 December 2010
This is an excellent first person shooter despite the short campaign and the hordes of foul mouthed brats on multiplayer.
But please beware, as reported in other reviews, there is no longer any extra content with this game of the year edition. The offer of extra maps is closed due to the call of duty game of the year website getting shut down. when I contacted Activision I got this sad auto reply:

Response (Marc Weissenberg) - 11/22/2010 07:47 PM

Unfortunately, because that website is no long accessible, there is no way to redeem the promotional code. Once a game has been out for an extended period of time, the promotions that had originally come with the game become unavailable. I sincerely apologize for the inconvenience.

Auto-Response - 11/21/2010 09:53 AM

I really think this should now be made clear, otherwise it is being dishonest to buyers. Five stars for the game and flip all for this game of the year edition.
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on 8 May 2008
First and foremost let me say that this game is utterly stunning. I would go as far as to say it may be the best game i have ever played. The single player campaign is incredibly intense, exciting and challenging, and the multiplayer is even better.
However i find when im reading reviews on amazon it isn't to read people praising a game, i generally want to know whats wrong with it and whether it puts me off buying it. (I know, im a horrible pessimist!)
So, heres what i think is wrong with this game:
1. Since the patch this has become much less of a problem, but all the same, the host migration issue is my biggest gripe. I mean by this that when the host leaves the game, it will end and restart once a new host has been selected. For the life of me i can't understand why this host migration couldn't take place in-game, allowing people to continue playing.
2. The single player campaign is a little short. Make no bones about it, the single player campaign is fantastic. It has amazing set pieces, looks beautiful, it is unbelievably intense and varied and on higher difficulties it becomes very challenging. However, with the quality of this content you find yourself wanting more, as the game just seems to end too quickly. If this campaign was 50% or 100% longer it would comfortably go down as the best single player game i have ever played.
3. Slightly overpowered perks. The perks you can get in multiplayer are a genius idea, and really add to the game. However there are a couple which seem to give too much of an advantage. The most obvious of these is the juggernaught perk, which allows people to sustain far more damage before dying. I cannot describe how frustrating it is to hit people with 2 good shots with a Barret 50 cal and then watch them run off to some cover. I'm sorry but if i hit someone in the chest with a GIANT high velocity bullet, or half a mag from an SMG then they NEED to die, i mean what is this, Halo?! However this may just be me whinging because im a sniper and some perks work annoyingly against me (bullet penetration being another one).
4. Im shocked this hasn't been mentioned more but a boot option! I can't stand whiny kids, racists, xenophobes and generally horrible people screaming down their mikes when im trying to relax and play a game. Whilst on the whole the atmosphere is good on COD4 you do get these people, and it flabbergasts me that Infinity didn't allow a vote system to kick people out, perhaps with a 75% threshold to stop it being abused by parties or used against people who are doing well. Most of all this would be useful in the hardcore modes for those most sinful of people, the teamkillers!
So, those are my 4 main problems with this game, and if Infinity does another modern COD game (probably COD 6) then i hope they would make these changes, or even make them with patches for COD4 in some cases.
However i have to once again stress that this is my favourite game, i love it, and all of the brilliant 5 star reviews on here discuss its excellence far better than i can so i would advise you read them. These faults are all very minor issues when taken in the context of how good this game is.
So, buy this game and if you haven't got it, buy an x-box live account, because the multiplayer is what really elevates this game to one of the best of all time.
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on 12 December 2015
This games reputation does more than my review ever could.
A ground breaking, record breaking, industry changing, revolutionary game no Xbox 360 owner can live without having in their collection
It's the game that started the modern combat gaming off and what a kick start it provided.
A gripping story, sensational and HUGELY immersive multiplayer. The graphics at the time (and now to a degree) were incredible and the gameplay is phenomenal. I can't count the amount of hours I've sunk into this game both offline and online - but fortunately the game can and it tells me over 6 months of continuous gameplay.
Single player campaign takes you through 2 storylines. One of a new recruit for the British SAS doing several typical covert missions that the would be asked to do, the other through a Sgt Jackson of our American cousins doing what a marine would typically be asked to do.
All this tied into a middle eastern terror plot which is absolutely believable.

Online, you can choose your own weapon - when you've earned enough experience to unlock the one you want - and chose your own attachments - after you've used your weapon for long enough to start unlocking them.
This system keeps you hooked and it's incredibly addictive.
Although it's been several years since release, the community is still very much alive online. Although there are far fewer numbers and the majority of the people you will find will have been playing non stop for multiple years and will be hardcore veterans of the game so the learning curve will undoubtedly be a steep one.
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on 21 November 2011
I own all of the Call of Duty games form this 4th one up to the most recent Modern Warfare 3, and I have to say this one is the best of them all. I got World At War after the success of this, but didn't enjoy the WW2 setting, so I went back on this modern one. When MW2 came out, I was overjoyed, but after a while, the constant helicopters and overpowered killstreaks and sniping/camping positions annoyed me to the point of returning to this again. Black Ops Zombies was good, but the rest of the game (campaign, multiplayer) was just not as good as this, so I went back to this again. And then Modern Warfare 3 came along any completely ruined the whole series for me. (Let us never speak of Modern Warfare 3 again and just pretend it never happened). With every game of MW3 I played, I grew more and more angry that I had spent £40 on it. So now I am yet again back at this COD 4, and even though we are now on COD 8 (MW3), this is still the only one I play. :)
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on 30 November 2007
Simply a great game, one that you will be playing for many, many days and evenings, but comes into its own on line.
The gameplay - story is very good.
I completed this in no more than 15 hours game play time on Hardended level (3rd of 4 levels of difficulty, 1 being the hardest).
Graphics are very good as is the sound.
No real grumbles to comment on.
Generally a excellent game to play on your own.
If your on-line, a must which I think compares with Gears of War.
Hope that helps.
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on 24 September 2008
When call of duty 4 first came out on the 9thof November 2007 (5th of November for the U.S) there was already an abundance of FPS's (first person shooters) on the market.
Rainbow six Vegas and Halo3 were just two of the tough competitors that COD4 was up against.

The new instalment of the long running Call of Duty series has proved to be a great success after trading its WW2 theme and storyline's for a more modern approach to life in the front line.

The new additions to the game really make COD4 stand out from all other games on the market. Perks are one of these additions that really add to the personalized experience of the game. Choose you clan tag when playing multiplayer online. Play as U.S marines and the SAS in single player as well as terrorists in multiplayer. Create different weapon class's ranging from shotgun's to sniper's, Assault rifles to sub-machineguns. With these weapons you can also call on three perks to help you. One of the most helpful perks is martyrdom (drop a live grenade when killed) and bandolier (increased ammo capacity). This is a list of all the perks:

Perk 1:
* Bomb Squad (see where enemy's have planted explosives)
* C4 x 2 (C4 with handheld trigger)
* Claymore x 2 ( trip mines)
* RPG-7 x 2
* Special Grenades x 3
* Frag x 3
* Bandolier (increased ammo capacity)
Perk 2:
* Juggernaut(More Health)
* Sleight of hand(Reload quicker)
* Stopping power(More weapon damage)
* UAV Jammer(Jams enemy radar)
* Sonic Boom (Higher damage from your explosives)
* Double Tap( Higher rate of fire)
Perk 3:

* Extreme conditioning(Sprint longer)
* Steady Aim(Steadier aiming)
* Last Stand(pull out your pistol before dying)
* Deep Impact(Better bullet penetration through walls)
* Dead Silence(Less noise when running)
* Iron Lungs(Hold breath longer when sniping)
* Eavesdrop(Allows you to listen in on enemy chat)
* Martyrdom(Drop a live grenade when killed)

The creators at activision have really pulled out all the stops when creating this truly amazing piece of graphic engineering, helped by the new dynamic spotlight and shadow technology.

Of all the First person shooter games I have played this is truly the best. Stunning vision, sound and overall game play. This game is a MUST BUY!! Great single player missions but online play is the main selling point for this game.
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on 1 April 2008
I am a non Online gamer, and i brought this game to see what all the hype was about. It is a great game for the FPS but i found it a bit too short for my liking because as i said, i dont play online. I am thinking of getting X-box live but untill i do, i felt let down by hte fact that it only has 4 acts which have like 2 - 3 levels in each, i compleated it withint 8 hours on the 3rd setting..

other than that tho:
Graphics 10/10
Playability: 8/10
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