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on 26 June 2017
Excellent game a really good change for me from match three games. Thank yoiu.
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on 20 March 2017
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on 27 April 2017
Works fine. Came on time. But that game has been ruined for me because the previous save data wasn't deleted
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VINE VOICEon 5 October 2015
I played Sonic Rush Adventure on holiday several years ago and made it close to the end. But I never went back to the game since then as it has a very beachy/summery feel to it and playing it anywhere but on holiday just wouldn't feel right (pick it up and play for 5 minutes and you'll see what I mean).

Sonic has had beyond terrible luck with video games in the past decade and his name is just pure mud as I write this review. For anyone who has only played Sonic The Hedgehog 2006 or the lamentable Sonic Unleashed I can understand why you would hate this character and former mascot. But there was once a time when Sonic's star shined very bright and in his 2D incarnations he was especially brilliant. Just play any of the Sonic Advance games or his original Mega Drive adventures to see for yourself.

Sonic Rush Adventure, a sequel to 2005's Sonic Rush is a wonderfully upbeat new adventure with cute new characters in a much more satisfying 2D environment of tropical islands, pirate ships, jungles, and snowy mountains with highly enjoyable 3D mini-stages. The music is nothing short of brilliance (as is typical of Sonic games) and is so infectious it will instantly cheer you up.

The game actually has two different endings. There is the first ending, which is where I thought it was finished for good, and there's the second REAL ending once you collect all of the Sol Emeralds and Chaos Emeralds in which the real identity of Captain Whiskers is revealed and a real final boss battle occurs.

It took over 6 years for me to finish Sonic Rush Adventure but I got there in the end. I'm sad, I feel that it's the end of an era now. I guess I'll just have to find a new venture.

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on 17 September 2007
This time round, there are new characters and a slightly new playing style.

This time round, Sonic must travel to 7 different islands via sea. The method to get to them is similar to in Starfox Command at first where you trace your route and then the touch screen is used to guide him left and right and also to boost once you are on your way.

The game play in this outing is just as fast and enjoyable as the previous game. But the new additions make this a thoroughly enjoyable game. The sea based action not only enables you to get to the new levels, but also to get you more points and rings.

There is a much better playback value in this outing as well, with one of the characters giving you special extras when you complete missions once again. These can come in the form of a dinosaur on the island. . . .hmm

But the 3-D play in between missions (like the boss battles) is very well done, making it RPG-esque and making it more fun than just a lot of menus.

Overall, the shere magnitude of the game is great. The sound is spot on for a Sonic game but most of all, the visuals. The cut-scenes use all the DS has to offer and look stunning.

Yes, I haven't mentioned the Wi-Fi play. This is because I am waiting for someone to be online at the same time. But I would imagine it to be like the normal wireless play but this makes it much better.

A definate 10/10 for this game. It makes me want the new Olympic games and Sonic RPG even more now!
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on 2 April 2009
As a child, i loved video games, but there were two i loved the most- super mario bros 3 and sonic 2. I was fortunate to receive this as part of a ds package christmas 2007.

The first thing that i noticed was the graphics- i was shocked to see sonic in 3d (i haven't played another sonic game since the third one was releaed). Although i felt it wasn't right at first, it soon grew on me. I also liked the music- very up to date and funky.

I never played the first one, so it was good to see the story being recaped. I was able to understand what had happened between blaze and sonic. I also felt the storyline was good too. The bosses had different levels of difficulty, but the only bosses i had problems with were the last two- in Amy's words "nasty buggers!" I liked playing as both sonic and blaze as both had their uses- in one level, there is a lot of fire so blaze is the best to use because it won't hurt her. I also thought sonic and blaze work well together. I was also surprised to find that the game hadn't finished- after the credits, th story continues, whch requires you to find material for one last piece of equipment to beat the big guy. It took a lot of work but i felt it was worth it. Even when the story is done, there are 100 missions to complete which include getting across a zone in a certain time, collecting rings and getting chaos emeralds.

There are a few reasons why i gave it a four. First, at the pirates hideout, i was tricked into thinking i had to go one way, but it was another. I restarted the game twice only before i worked it out (i'll put that down to me!). Secondly, is it me or is Amy annoying and a little embarrasing? I understand she's only a kid but the way she acts and talks makes her sound like an idiot. Saying that, when i finally got to the end of the game, i felt sad. Thirdly, can anyone explain such a harsh rating of 12+? The only thing i can think of is Amy's use of "bugger" but i'd put the gameplay as a 7+. I found nothing offensive in the game to warrent such a rating. I've actually played harder games which are rated 3+. I sometimes feel the age rating is flawed because there are many games with 3+ rating which aren't suitable for a 3 year old due to content and gameplay (the last comment is just a little thought of mine). Another new addition is how you get to the islands. Although i enjoyed this, i felt getting the rings was too easy, so when a character would ask for x amount of rings to buy something, you had them there ready. I feltthat some materials were hard to get two of, which meant replaying the same levels quite a few times- after the 5th time of playing the same level, it does get boring.

I understand why people are peeved off. It isn't the original sonic, but times move. If sonic never updated, he would remain in the past, same as mario and co. However, i feel sonic hasn't really changed- he's still cocky, fast and always on the ball. The controlls felt good and the graphics are good too. I like the different island layouts, and with the hidden islands, there is plenty to do. The only thing i can't comment on is multiplayer as i have no one to play it with, although from reviews i've read, it's better than the last game.

Although the game is flawed, it has done well to move with the times. It offers enough of a challenge without being stupidly hard and it will be a game you'll go back to. A good fun game as long as you don't get lost!
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on 16 September 2007
2 years ago Sonic Rush landed on the DS and showed us what fast platforming is all about. It was a truly brilliant platformer which combined classic the classic Sonic formula with new moderns twists, but some fans didn't like the way that the focus had been taken away from traditional exploration with speed to just all-out speed.

Now we have Sonic Rush Adventure - which retains the brilliantly fast main acts and 3D bosses of Sonic Rush, but expands on the formula in every way imaginable to create an action platform/adventure hybrid with the longevity and depth of an open-ended adventure game

I'll start with the visuals. If you've played the original Sonic Rush you'll know basically what to expect - 2D main stages with 3D elements. The 2D is as smooth yet fast as can be, but the 3D parts play a much bigger role now. And fear not, unlike most 3D DS visuals these are silky smooth, uncompromised and action-packed. Sonic Team have done something really special here. Everywhere you look there is something to see, all the character models look great and the backdrops, animations and effects are fantastic.

Presentation is second to none in most places - awesome 3D cutscenes, 3D villages to wander around and characters to talk to and accept missions from, large expansive maps to explore, and quick navigation ensures you can have a constant stream of action. My only gripe here (and possibly with the whole game) is the talking heads interludes between Zones - I can't understand why Sonic Team chose to use these when they already have fully 3D models for all the characters but still, they explain the story well enough and the rest of the world more than makes up for it.

Sound is very much like the original Rush. Unique Jet Set Radio style tunes but now swapping some of the modern samples and sounds for more traditional Sonic catchiness. This mix works brilliantly, and the sound effects are as distinct and varied as usual

Then we have gameplay. This is easily the most varied playing game in the Sonic series, and possibly even on the DS. Main stages are traditional 2D platforming, some even having subsections - including 3D parts based on the Sonic 2 half-pipe bonus stages where you have to dodge bombs and collect rings, others feature elements such as hanggliders and minekarts (nice little nods towards the 8-bit versions of Sonic 2), snowboards (Sonic 3) and more. Bosses are set in awesome 3D arenas with 2D gameplay, these are varied and tough enough - check the options to alter the settings.
To get from zone to zone involves using one of four watercraft and setting a path with the stylus to explore new parts of the map. Each craft has different qualities, and each involves a different Mini-game of varying difficulty. These games range from guiding Sonic using the stylus to dodge enemy fire and collect rings to shoot-em-up games where you have to keep on your toes to blitz everything on screen. These games are brilliant even on their own and utilise the touch-screen perfectly, and while you will be having to play through these mini-games regularly there is enough variety in action to keep them satisfying rather than exhausting.

And the content doesn't stop there. On top of the main acts, bosses, bonus stages and mini-games inbetween - you have 100 missions, over 20 secret acts (some based on levels from past games), races, customisable areas, every kind of multiplayer imaginable, time attacks, records, replays... it's quite daunting how much is involved, and to clear the game will take hours and hours of play. But the game is so rewarding to play, you won't be able to put it down. And the way the game is handled (with almost the open-endedness you'd come to expect from say, GTA, but with the variety of play from a collection of games) is brilliant - if you want to explore the world, you're free to do so. If you want to just jump from stage to stage, you can do that too.

What we have here is a must-have for fans of Sonic, platforming in general, action, adventure - and really the first absolute must-have on the DS.

Sonic Rush is fast, polished and absolutely rammed with quality content - get it now
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on 21 May 2010
Coming straight from the first Sonic Rush, I assumed that it this would follow in the same vein. While it does for the most part, it improves and expands on nearly every aspect of the original, making it in my opinion, a great improvement from the first!''

I'll start with what's the same. Each main act again consists of two action stages and boss, with similar gameplay from the original (fast paced platforming), as well as the 'tension gauge', back from the original. This is where the similarities end.''

Unlike the original which was a strictly linear game through seven zones, Sonic Rush Adventure expands on this with a large over world map, allowing you to have some control over what your next task will be. You gain access to these stages by manning one of four vehicles, a jetski, hovercraft, boat and a submarine (the later you unlock by progressing).''

After choosing one of these vehicles from your home island you are then shown the sea chart, and from there can draw your course from one island to another, discovering hidden areas on the way.''Once you set sail you are greeted to a variety of new gameplay styles depending on your chosen transport. The Jet ski and hovercraft offer similar gameplay with you blasting along into the screen collecting rings and power ups as well as hitting jumps to score more points, only difference here being that the hovercraft can shoot!'
The ship gameplay is a-vastly different (:p)! The ship itself moves by itself, you man the three types of weapons, switching on the fly to destroy the multitude of enemies.'The submarine gameplay is different again, with you having to tap correctly on the enemies at the right time in a style reminiscent of Elite Beat Agents.''
Once you hit one of the main or side islands you will encounter similar gameplay that you are used to with ridiculous speeds being your friend!
''To progress through the story you have to complete the main zone levels, however, in-between these, you are free to roam the world map and discover new levels, complete side missions and collect materials which you can then use to improve your island.''

Story wise, the game plays out similarly to the original with pretty flat text boxes as the characters go through their mostly predictable dialogue. This is not a knock against the game, although I'm guessing most of you will keep hammering that A button till you reach the next stage!'' The impressive 3d boss battles appear again, largely more creative than the original, and thankfully not as unforgiving. Speaking of unforgiving, I found this game to be much easier than the original, partly due to the level design but more so to do with the fact that when you loose all your lives you are given the choice to restart that specific level as opposed to being booted back and having to replay the entire zone! Thumbs up!''

Overall, If you like the original you will love this one, especially with it's expanded scope and longer length and increased replay value
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on 11 November 2007
I have always been a sonic fan, this is exciting with a twist that you can sail boats, submarines etc to different islands.

The graphics are fantastic and if you are going to buy a sonic game this is the one to get.
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on 27 December 2007
This game is brilliant! I got this game for Christmas this year and I really recommend it. It's the best game I have on DS by far. It's amazing how they have combined 2D graphics with 3D graphics to make a great game. The boss stages are really good but what is also good is the fact you have to sail to each island you go to on a boat. It makes the game better and makes real use of the DS touch capabilities. It's overall a really good game - I really suggest you buy it!
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