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on 9 December 2016
 This is an easy plug n play type in car FM transmitter. It is a rechargeable device and the USB car charger is provided in the pack. This is plugged into the 3.5mm jack provided in smart devices and it used RF to transmit audio to car's radio and is played n car stereo. This is very compact and can easily be attached to any car or radio. It is an excellent device and very handy indeed.
It is very compact device and can be easily carried attached to the smartphone or in the pocket.
Generally very good value for money. Usage is extremely easy and works perfectly.
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on 27 December 2016
This is exactly what I needed for the trips out with my mother in her old car.

As her car doesn't have the capability to attach Bluetooth devices or have an aux input this device is great. It lets me play any music from my phone on her old school stereo. It does this by sending it over FM so after plugging this into your phone you can just listen to it like any other FM radio channel.

As a bonus this comes with a USB car charger to power it that I have also been using to charge my phone!

The Pro's
- I no longer have to listen to smooth FM
- The included USB Charger
- The ease of use
- The cost (the cost of this vs a new car stereo)

The Con's
- None so far!
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on 4 October 2011
Great product. Does exactly what you want it to and for a great price. No complaints, definately would recommend to anyone thinking of purchasing
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on 31 August 2011
Good quality and great value considering it comes with a charger too, arrived on time, only downside is that during long journeys you have to change the frequency quite often because of interference from radio stations in different areas.
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on 4 December 2016
My car unfortunately doesn't have Bluetooth or an AUX in port so this is the only way I can play music through my car speakers. Fortunately this little device is pretty cheap and works really well, very easy to use - just set the frequency you want on the device and then tune in to that frequency on your radio. Obviously you should find a frequency that doesn't have anything transmitting on it.

It comes with a little 12V charger too so you can charge the transmitter (it has a little battery) and also has a port for a single USB so you can also charge your phone.

Great little item, the only reason I have given it 4 stars instead of 5 is because it seems to be designed for an iPhone 4 where the headphone port is at the top which means you can't have the transmitter screen on the same side as the phone screen (see pics), also you have to swing it around to the face the other way if you also want to charge your phone if you have an iPhone with the headphone port at the bottom along with the charger port.
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on 19 December 2016
My husband loves this item! He is forever having to make CDs for our car, because it doesn't have MP3 input or even Aux. Then we found this, it works so well! The music is clear as a bell, and as long as you choose a frequency that is not already being used by a radio station then it works perfectly! I highly recommend this to all! Not all of us can afford brand new cars and the tech inside them, this works even in the oldest of cars! It would work on an old wireless in fact! Simple, effective and brilliant!
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on 4 October 2011
I bought an iPod for my boyfriend for his birthday specifically to play in his car (as he kept making up his own CDs). I had already forked out quite a lot of money for the iPod so I wanted a decent transmitter that wasn't too costly. My boyfriend and I have absolutely no complaints about this transmitter! If battery runs out, it's great as you can charge it up while using it in the car. My boyfriend had no problem setting it up to the radio in his car. I know my sister has a transmitter which picks up A LOT of interference which this transmitter doesn't do at all.
Great price, great product & quickly delivered. =]
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on 23 August 2007
When I bought this item there were only 3 reviews about it. I couldn't find anything else about it on the net.
It was a bit of a risk as no-one wants to spend £90 on something that is no use.
I can now say I had nothing to worry about. Delivery was quick and when I asked the Tecknet guys a technical question, I got a prompt and accurate response.
The phone comes in a nice box with Chinese(?) writing on it. Inside you get:
The phone (including stylus)
2 batteries
Hands free kit
CD with instructions
Mains plug
USB cable (which plugs in the mains lead so you only need 1 lead with you)
256mb mini SD card

I put in the battery, my sim and the SD card and fired it up.
After the fireworks display and welcome screen you get your standard phone setup screen. Battery life, time, network strength etc.
The menus are fairly easy to use although not as easy as the SE W810i it replaces. This is probably just because I was used to my old phone though.
It has a lot of features although nothing groundbreaking. Music and video player, to-do-list, calender, unit/currency converter, e-book reader etc as well as the usual functions, SMS, MMS, email, easy to use phonebook, games etc.
There are lots of setting you can change, themes, profiles, alert types, screen savers, wallpapers, backlight etc.

All of this works great but the fun thing about the phone is the 8cm, extendable stylus pen. It slots into the top of the phone when not in use and with this you can control everything except locking and unlocking the phone (keylock).

You can type text messages out with the little on-screen QWERTY keyboard, scroll up and down pages, type phone numbers and navigate through the menus.

You can also write text messages out but it is quicker to tap on the keyboard or use the keys.

The camera is quite good, 2mp and the pictures are of a good quality. Same goes for the video camera.

With the supplied USB cable, you can easily access the memory card and store your mp3's and mp4's on it. It also allows you to use it as a webcam and Windows XP has the drivers needed.

The music and video player work well and the sound it very good from the internal speaker.

Overall, it is a great phone for anyone who likes gadgets. It may not have PDA functions such as spreadsheets and word documents but it is only £90 and I think it looks great.
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on 18 January 2017
This FM transmitter comes with a 2.1A Multi car charger with one additional USB port along with a mini USB cable attached to the charger. I like the idea of providing the additional USB port as this means while your FM Transmitter is charging while in use, you can charge the device (or anything else) that you're using to transmit your music from. In my case i use my mobile to play music from.

In terms of quality of sound, I have in past tried a couple of FM transmitters (this was 5 years ago) and due to the problems with frequency strength and the interference issues I had in the past, I was put off using FM Transmitters but having used this TeckNet one, either the technology has improved a lot since then or this product in particular does the job better. The quality is very clear. Equivalent to listening to another FM radio channel.

Based in London, the frequency with least interference I found to be were: 107.3 compared to others (87.5/105.1/88.0/88.4/88.8)

Overall, very simple to use and quality results.
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on 28 December 2016
Great little device - arrived well packaged in a simple cardboard box which contained the transmitter together with a charger (which had a spare usb port) and and simple instruction manual.
Found a spare station on the radio and was streaming music from my nexus 5x in a matter of minutes. Works flawlessly with clear music being streamed to my car. Would definitely recommend.
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