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Customer reviews

4.6 out of 5 stars
Shooting Dogs [DVD] [2007]
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on 22 April 2014
I've watched every gore fest, every torture porn, every sick and twisted horror movie out there. I thought I was unshockable, but clearly not. I was 10 when the 1994 genocide happened between the Hutu and the Tutsi and I have no real recollection of it at all. This may have been due to my parents keeping me away from the news, but everyone needs to know about this. There are parts of this film that are flawed, but all in all it is utterly horrific and will haunt you for days after watching. 800,000+ people were murdered with machetes and clubs - that is a number I can't even conceive of - and the UN pretty much abandoned them.
This film concerns a group of Tutsi who took refuge in a catholic school that was being 'protected' by the UN (who were helpless due to commands from above) it is filmed in the actual location of the school and several crew members are survivors of the genocide. Truly terrifying stuff.
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on 9 March 2017
A hard-hitting film but very truthful portrayal of the horrors of the Rwandan genocide against the Tutsi in 1994. John Hurt is excellent and reminds me just how versatile and capable an actor he was. The story is very true to the events that occurred and does a great job of challenging the viewer as to "what would you do?"

This is must-see viewing for anyone studying Rwandan history or visiting the country who wants to understand a defining point in their country's history.
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on 27 March 2015
Excellent film. Good performance from John Hurt as a priest as well as David Gyasi who goes over to the dark side to save his friend, Hugh Darcy. But the most endearing character is Marie played by Clare Hope Ashitey. She reminds me of an African girl I saw in a church in Mozambique, as well as someone I studied with at bible college. She has such a sweet smile, and I probably would have stayed behind with her like John Hurt so that she wouldn't have to die alone.

The best line in the film is when John Hurt says to Hugh Darcy: 'Where is God in this suffering? He is in the midst suffering with us. This is where I belong. If I escape then it's like I'm losing my soul.' In other words, rather than prevent suffering, God suffers with us to give us hope through our suffering. It is this shared suffering that gives Marie (Clare-Hope Ashitey) hope.
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on 9 March 2011
Of the three films I've seen on this terrible event in history, the subject matter is probably the ONLY thing they indeed have in common. All contain scenes of butchery, rape and discrimination by one race of Africans against another. 'Shooting Dogs' is set mainly in a Catholic Church and the grounds of the same in 1994 when close to 1 million people were murdered while the UN were deliberating whether what was occuring amounted to Genocide, Acts of Genocide or neither and whether there should be International Intervention or not.The Belgian UN soldiers are seen to be humiliated by the Hutu War-Chiefs. Historically the film IS very good because this really did happen but only because the UN couldn't agree on what exactly needed doing? Consequently, little or nothing positive WAS done, enormous restrictions were placed on UN troops who had a mandate to 'shoot' ONLY if their lives were in danger, but nothing else.John Hurt, the ever-reliable stars. I rate him as one of the most versatile and best actors in the industry. A good, strong film which I think is inferior to 'Sometimes in April' with Idris Elba BUT better than 'Hotel Rwanda' starring Don Cheadle.
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on 3 April 2016
Excellent film, all the more telling as it uses the location where the massacre took place.
Harrowing story well told with different characters displaying different perspectives to the atrocity.
What is almost as shocking as the film subject is the lack of media coverage at the time, leaving this genocide to be carried out without civilised intervention - and we must all share responsibility for that.
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on 20 February 2010
I was at college in 1994 when the genocide happened and remembered seeing clips on the news.

In 2006 I visited a friend who had been working in Rwanda for a year and had learned a lot about what went on and how things were now.

When I got back I purchased Hotel Rwanda but whilst still a very good film, did not have the powerful story line of Shooting Dogs.

I have also read about what happened at the School depicted in the story and many of the facts from the book were accurately portrayed in the film such as the locals asking to be killed by the Belgium's as they withdrew so as to save them from the machetes.

A film not to be taken lightly.
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on 27 August 2012
I don't write many reviews ,but this film should be watched by all.Mans inhumanity to his fellow man and the stupidity of the so called United Nations,who did nothing ,in the end.
Genocide still go's on and yet we say never again after the Holocaust.
What fools we are.
Yet we pull out a handfull of Brits in Rwanda ,but still leave our lads in Afganistan??Why?
What will have changed when they leave?
But do watch this film.It will remain in your heart.
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on 21 December 2015
I watched this movie to supplement my own understanding of the Rwandan genocide whilst studying around it at university. Very well acted, very poignant and certainly worth watching. A word to the wise though - watch it alone. I watched it with my house mates whilst enjoying a Chinese and it dragged the mood down quite successfully.
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on 9 April 2010
I've read a lot about the genocide in Rwanda and have watched several films telling the story of the terrible events, but this film is by far the best! Haunting movie which grips you not only while watching it but a film you cant get out of your mind long after you have watched it. If you watch one movie about the genocide, watch this one. I found it much better than 'Hotel Rwanda' which was a very good movie, no doubt, but in comparison it felt strangely sterile never really conveying the horror of what was happening.
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on 17 February 2018
Very good
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