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4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
Doctor Who - Series 3 Vol. 3 [DVD]
Format: DVD|Change
Price:£3.75+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

TOP 500 REVIEWERon 15 March 2016
I am steadily working my way through the Dr Who box sets having started with Christopher Ecclestone in Series 1. I didn't realise just how much I had forgotten since I saw them originally & how many little clues there are throughout the series leading up to the climax. In this series Harold Saxon is mentioned briefly right from episode One.
In this series Martha Jones has joined the Dr as his companion. I have to say that she is my least favourite companion and seeing them again has not changed my opinion. As a character I find Martha a bit bland. She has a lot to live up to coming after Billie Piper who, after my initial misgivings made a great companion in Rose. Catherine Tate (Donna Noble) who has the Christmas special before this series and becomes the new companion afterwards, is also a companion with a great deal of character. Poor old Freema Agyeman is sandwiched in the middle & doesn't see her character developed properly. I also got a little sick of Martha being all lovelorn and soppy over the Dr. Note to the writers - we don't watch Dr Who for its romantic elements!
There are some great episodes in this series. I do like The Family with the walking scarecrows. The matron, Joan Redfern asks a very significant question of the Dr - Would these people have died if you hadn't come here? The Shakespeare episode is wonderful with plenty of amusing one liners. Ardal O'Hanlon as a cat has to be seen. It is nice to see Captain Jack and the Face of Boe back. The crowning glory of this series, however, is The Master. John Simm has got to be the best ever Master. He has the expressions and mannerisms which are slightly manic and enough to make you realise that this is a true madman & one who needs to be stepped around very carefully. He is truly wonderful as The Master and it is a great shame that he hasn't come back again and again in the role. Having said that, I do quite like Missy........
This is a series with some very strong episodes but also some weaker ones. Martha does improve as the series progresses but I don't feel she is ever as good as many of the companions, especially Catherine Tate as Donna Noble and Billie Piper as Rose. Despite my misgivings over Martha i ahve enjoyed revisiting this series and am looking forward to progressing onwards.
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TOP 50 REVIEWERon 27 August 2014
This a journey i continue to take, largely as a result of enjoying the enthusiastic reviews written by fellow 'Amazon' reviewer
'Timelord' 007' who i'd describe as an expert of the 'Doctor' series's from its early beginnings.(Worth Reading His Doctor reviews)
Disc One - Episode One : - 'The Runaway Bride' (The Christmas Special)
Appropriatley 'Catherine Tate's' entrance to the Christmas Special has a comic beginning....
'Donna' is walking down the isle about to get married, suddenly she is wisked away, accidently of course, landing up in the 'Tardis'
'Who' are you, indeed.
Of course the Doctor is still saddened having had to go separate ways from his companion 'Rose' after his earlier adventure.
'Donna' is in a strange place but still wanting to get married, the Doctor trys to accomidate his unexpected guest, however the Tardis lands in the middle of a shopping center rather than at the Church, they have no cash for a Taxi, however the Doctor with his sonic 'wand' screwdriver extracts cash from a bank cash-point (I want one, would come in handy)
'Donna' is kidnapped by a Santa who turns out to be an alien robot, the Doctor gives chase in his Tardis.
Though 'Donna' is too late for her wedding she becomes embroiled in the Doctors latest adventure.........welcome to my web said
the spider to the fly ?
It seems Donna's prospective hubby is in cahoots with the alien being, a 'Racnoss' ...the Doctor and Donna escape.
Has the 'Doctor' strangely found himself a new companion, as he shows 'Donna' the very beginnings of Earth some 4.6 Billion years ago at which point the 'Racnoss' catches up with them.
'Donna' and her now once intended become caught up in the 'Racnoss's' web, are they about to become Christmas Lunch for the
Spider-like creature, can the Doctor save 'Donna' and 'Earth' itself ?
An episode in which the Doctor shows both his darker and more ruthless side....
9/10 (Enjoyed that one)
The second part of the disc shows the build up and snatches of the Doctor Who 'Children in Need' presentation held at the 'Millenium Center' in Cardiff , where the Show performs to an audience of 2000.
The presentation shows glimpses of many of the episodes from the series's created from 2005 onward, it gives a back-stage view
of the Concerts preparation's, an insight into the music for the series to date.
It shows some of what goes into the making of the Doctor Who shows, an introduction to some of his enemies, and his relationship with the friends he meets along the way including his special friendship with his once companion 'Rose'
This certainly worth taking time out to watch before putting in Disc Two.
Special Features -
* Freema's Tour of the Studio
* David's video-diary
* Series 3's Outtakes and deleted scenes
* Network Teaser Trailers
* Audio description for 'The Runaway Bride'
* Audio Navigation
More to Come -
Disc Two -
Episode Two - 'Smith and Jones'
The Tenth Doctor's travels continue, having failed to persuade 'Donna' to join him, he still travels without a companion, on Earth the Doctor seems to be crossing 'Medical Student' 'Martha Jones's' path frequently.
A peculiar storm is raging, the rain seems to be falling in an upward direction, Martha along with her colleagues along with the hospital
have been somehow transported to the moon.
The stranger she kept running into on Earth finally introduces himself as just the Doctor, her life is perhaps about to change forever,
Martha seems to have quite a grasp on extra-terrestrial occurrences, has the Doctor found his new companion.
On the Moon 3 gigantic space-craft land alongside the medical center, now on the Moon, it's the 'Cataloguing'
Can the Doctor with the help of Martha be able to save the Earthlings being catalogued by the Alien beings.
How can he return the Medical Center and occupants back to earth.
(Amazing what a radiation blast can do)
Has an Alien a 'Plasmavore' a blood sucking species killed the Doctor ? -The Plasmavore being is why the Cataloguing had landed on the Moon.
Before the Cataloguing had found her she'd set the radiation machinery to overload.
The 'Cataloguing' leave the Moon at great speed, 'Martha' has revived the Doctor who now sets out to reverse what they had caused in taking the Medical Center to the Moon .
Episode Three - 'The Shakespeare Code'
The Doctor introduces 'Martha' to the Tardis, she has reservations but agrees to join him on a new adventure, not yet a committed Companion for the Doctor.
The Tardis takes them back to Elizabethan England in the late 16th century, they are close to
the 'Globe-Theatre' where 'William Shakespeare' premiers his works.
Evil is brewing, it appears that Witches are imposing their Will upon proceedings at the Theatre.
The 'lost' play 'Love Labour's Lost' has to be performed for the Witches spell to be cast.
The Doctor has little time to find out what's really going on, he and Martha start at 'Bedlam' where the Architect who'd designed the Theatre 'Peter' has been placed, he tells the Doctor of the Witches, when one appears the Doctor confronts her.
The Doctor identifies his new challenge, the Witches as the last of the 'Carrionites'
However the riddle is yet to be solved ahead of the new plays performance, it seems the Bard
cannot recall writing the closing passages of the play.
The Doctor believes if the closing passages are spoken the purpose and will of the Carrionites will be imposed.
The very future depends upon the Doctors actions, can he stop the words to be spoken ?.
(Well we now know how the play was lost)
This one will make you smile......8.8/10
Episode Four - 'Gridlock'
The Doctor offers Martha a further trip, she has still to decide whether or not she commits
herself as a companion, she's hoping for a trip to the stars, instead the travel way into the future, in fact the year is 'Five Billion and Forty Three, on new-earth in 'New-New York.
They find a city a strange and dangerous place, it seems as though the population are trapped
in an environment of darkness and fog.
'Martha' is captured and taken to the 'Motorway' from which nobody ever returns....there is an 'Alien' presence perhaps, lurking below..
The traffic moves in one direction, it takes years to travel just a few miles, the Doctor' hitches a lift, he's in pursuit of his kidnapped friend 'Martha'
There are tens of thousands of vehicles caught up in this creeping along gridlock, the Doctor will have to risk all to rescue 'Martha' who he'd promised to protect.
Where are the people driving too, what is the purpose, what lies below the fog.
Can the Doctor reach Martha in time and will the city be saved, an old friend is on hand to help the Doctor, a friend that will self-sacrifice to help (The Face of Boe)
An unusual, yet enjoyable adventure. 8.8/10
Special Disc Features -
* Network Trailer
* David's Video Diary
* Audio Description
* Audio Navigation.
DISC THREE - Episode '5' - 'Daleks in Manhattan' (Part 1 of 2)
After their experiences way in the future in 'New New York' the Doctor and Martha go to New York during the recession of the
The tallest building in the World is close to completion, the work force are instructed to work at night to get the job finished, they are given three strange metal objects to attach to it's highest point, these are instructions given to the site manager by his ~ 'Dalek' Masters.
People are disappearing from the canvas homes of the needy, the Doctor with ''temporary' companion 'Martha' set out to investigate the happenings.
The Doctor meets up with strange beings early on, they have 'pig' heads, he will soon learn that they are in fact slaves of
the 'Daleks' - an enemy that should not still exist, but keep turning up in the Doctors life.
With 'Martha' taken by the slave-beings the Doctor is in pursuit.
What is the purpose of the Daleks presence in 1930 New York.
Episode '6' - 'Evolution of the Daleks' (Part 2 of 2)
The Daleks are attempting to evolve, is this the beginning of a new-era ?
The 'Doctor' escapes with 'Martha' - however, the 'Doctor' is of course the 'Daleks' most hated enemy, they, with the slaves
give pursuit.
The 'Doctor' it would appear is wanted alive, but for what purpose, survival of the race is the 'Daleks' sole priority.
'Martha' has to figure out why before being taken the 'Doctor' has hande her his famous 'Blank-Pass'
Paraded in front of the 'Dalek - leader, the Doctor is surprised to find that the now evolved 'Dalek' strangely appears to be
attempting to form an alliance with their sworn enemy, the Doctor.
However the three 'Daleks' that are still in their recognised form, over-rule their leader taking him into custody.
The strange metal objects the workmen were told to attach to the summit of the build are power-conductors, set to complete
the purpose of their presence.
The Doctor has to try and prevent them doing so before the 'Daleks' deploy the beginning of their ultimate plan, as always
the intention is to take over the World.
The Doctor knows if just one Dalek survives the threat will remain.
Episode '7' - 'The Lazarus Experiment'
The 'Doctor' takes 'Martha' home, surely this isn't the end of the line for his new companion ?
The parting of the ways is on hold, it appears there is a threat which needs the Doctors attention.
'Professor Lazarus' experiments could well threaten the safety of 'Martha's' family and perhaps beyond.
In front of an audience that includes the 'Doctor' the 76 year-old 'Richard Lazarus' is transformed to a younger version of
himself seemingly.
The experiment could well threaten mankind, the professor intends to market the product.
The 'Doctor' and 'Martha' set out to check the professor's project and the equipment, they soon realize there is a flaw in the process.
It becomes apparent the new-versions needs are indeed of a sinister nature, he's a threat to all humans he comes into contact with.
How can the Doctor stop what the professor has now become ?
The 'Doctor' will face the Monster one to one, the human hybrid must be stopped before more lives are lost.
Episode '8' - '42'
'Martha, has again joined the 'Doctor' for what will be a scary in-space experience, answering a distress call the 'Tardis' lands
them on a space-craft, there is of course a problem that has to be solved immediately if not sooner, the ship will collide with the
Sun in ...just 42 minutes.
This will stretch the 'Doctors' resilience and ingenuity to the limit, the ships engine has failed.
It seems one of the crew has sabotaged the ship, the crew have to trust the complete strangers they now have on board that are trying
to save the day.
Nothing is ever straightforward for the 'Doctor', the saboteur that was believed to be under sedation is on the loose, has there been
alien contact during the flight ?
Two crew members have already been vaporised by him, he's got to be stopped, not forgetting the craft is still hurtling toward the Sun,
with time quickly running out....fast.
One problem after another hampers the 'Doctors' attempts to save the day, 'Martha' and a crew member have been forced to seek safety in
the escape-pod after the saboteur had chased them, the capsule is ejected, can the 'Doctor' save his companion who in the capsule will
crash into the Sun ahead of the Craft.
The 'Doctor' in his efforts to save his companion now appears to be infected in the same way the Saboteur had, and yes, the Ship is still
on course to impact with the Sun.
An exciting and tense 'Doctor' adventure - 9/10
Features -
* Network Trailers
* Audio description
* Audio navigation
EPISODE NINE - 'Human Nature' (part 1 of 2)

To avoid being found by his pursuer's 'The Doctor' and 'Martha' are now in 1913, the 'Doctor'
has undergone a procedure which has changed who he is, and what he can remember.
He is now 'John Smith' a teacher at a boarding school, 'Martha' has taken a post as a servant.
The 'John Smith' has dreams of adventure and travel, which, when he wakes up he doesn't,
understand and can't make sense of.
'Martha' of course knows, but has to keep it under wraps, until the time is right, meanwhile she
has to bide her time.
'John' has given his journal to the college nurse to read, which tells of his adventures as the 'Doctor'
right now believing them to be just stories he'd written, is romance in the air for 'John' ?
Strange lights are seen in the fields close to the college, the 'Doctor' may well be needed very soon.
The Watch that contains who he really is must not be lost, 'Martha' must tell the 'Doctor' to open
it, when the time is right, however it has fallen into the wrong hands, one of the young students
has opened it and i getting an insight into the 'Doctors' World.
The Aliens have taken-over some of the locals, students and farmers becoming visually their victims,
they are looking for the Timelord........Scarecrows are doing the Aliens bidding
How long will it take them to realize that 'John Smith' and 'The Doctor' are one of the same.
Can 'Martha' bring the 'Doctor' back in time to save the day ?
EPISODE TEN - 'The Family of Blood' (part 2 of two)

The 'Aliens' and those (The Scarecrows) doing their bidding have taken hostages at the 'Dance-Hall'
including 'Martha' however the 'Doctor' who as 'John Smith' was attending the dance with the
college Nurse 'Joan' remains the very human Teacher.
However, the World and 'Martha' need the Timelord back, 'Martha' has to find the 'Doctor's memory
and being which is locked inside the pocket-watch.
The Aliens start an all out assault on the College with their foot soldiers 'The Scarecrows' the students
are preparing to make a stand against the attackers......the battle begins.
The Aliens have found the 'Tardis' cutting off the 'Doctors' escape route, if he of course can remember anything
that is in his world reality.
The search for the Watch is becoming desperate, if the Doctor isn't returned to himself all is surely doomed.
'Martha' doesn't know the young student has the pocket-watch, thankfully the student comes to his senses having
realized the significance after all.......
The 'Doctor' is the only being that can stop the Aliens causing further mayhem on Earth.
This is a great two part 'Doctor' story - 9.1/10


There is something strange and indeed sinister about an abandoned house in 'London'
It seems the 'Doctor' visited the property in 1969 leaving a message for 'Sally Sparrow'
to read many years into the future.
'Sally' is spooked, she asks her friend 'Cathy' to see the message on the wall that had
been left for her to read.
A knock on the door, 'Sally' answers, the man has a letter addressed to 'Sally' how can
that possibly be ?
When she tries to tell her friend, 'Cathy' cannot be found, 'Cathy' now lives in 1920
onward, when reading the letter handed to her, she discovers that her friend turns out
to be her Great-Grandmother.....things are becoming less and less explainable.
'Sally' even believes the statues of 'Weeping-Angels' in the garden have moved.
'The Doctor' communicates with 'Sally' via DVD's on a TV screen, it seems the 'Doctor' and
indeed 'Martha' are trapped in the year 1969 which is 38 years ago, but, how can he
answer her questions, now ?
It seems the 'Tardis' is trapped in 'Sally's' time, leaving him unable to leave where he is now.
The Doctors 'Time-Machine' is wanted by the 'Weeping-Angels' but they are unable to get
A young man 'Billy' who 'Sally' meets is sent back also to 1969, where, he meets the 'Doctor'
who gives him a message to give to 'Sally' however, 'Billy' won't be able to pass it on until
38 years of his life has past, the now old and sick 'Billy' will do so when there paths cross in
The 'Doctor' via the TV screen asks 'Sally' to send the 'Tardis' back to him, she is told to beware
of 'The Weeping Angels' if she looks at them they will remain as Stone, if she 'Blinks' they will
move against her, the Angels are according to the 'Doctor' are age-old 'Aliens'
He needs 'Sally' to send the 'Tardis' to him, but remember, don't 'Blink' or even turn your back
upon the 'Angels' do so, and they will get you.........scary stuff - only the 'Doctor' can stop them.
Sometimes things happen that can never be explained ?
* Enjoyed every episode on disc four - 9/10.
Special Features -
* 'David's' written diary's for episodes - 4,5,6,7,8 & 9.
* 'David's' 'Weakest-Link' Diary
* Audio Description
* Audio Navigation

The 'Doctor and Martha' find themselves propelled by the 'Tardis' on the very edge of the Universe soon
finding they'd carried a passenger all the way, 'Captain Jack Harkness' who the Doctor had parted company
with several journeys ago.
The planet has hostiles, remaining Humankind live in a compound behind guarded fencing, the inhabitants
live in the hope of the 'Professor' taking them all to a mysterious planet they call 'Utopia'
The 'Doctor' and 'Jack' set out to help the professor solve the issues with the vessel that is supposed to take
the hopeful travellers.
It seems the 'Professor' has a 'watch' similar to the one 'Martha' knew from their earlier adventure, which
'Martha' notices, knowing the device had held the very being of who the 'Doctor' was.
Could it be that the 'Doctor' is not the last 'Timelord' after all ?
Once activated the 'Professor' he heads for the 'Tardis' on which he is reborn, he is 'The Master'
'The Master' takes the 'Tardis' leaving the 'Doctor' 'Martha' and 'Captain Jack' behind on the planet.
The Dreams of the planets Humankind obviously in pieces.
'Captain Jack' has his own limited 'Travel' device which hurtles 'The Doctor' 'Martha' and himself to 21st century
Earth only to find 'The Master' had replaced 'Harriet Jones' as Prime Minister, now calling himself 'Harold Saxon'
There has been an 18 month time lapse in the 'Doctors' journey, this being how long the 'Master' had time to
prepare his plot and rise to power.
The 'Doctor' and his Companions have to find a way of getting the better of 'The Master' (Saxon) and bring him down,
there is of course the matter of the missing 'Tardis' as well.
The 'Master' seems to have the power to influence and even control people, even 'Martha' seems to have signs if but
temporary ......it seems the reign of terror is about t o begin.
At 8.02 Earths first contact organised by 'The Master' will take place, the U.S President arrives in Britain to welcome
them, the 'Toclafane' Robotic Machines are on the way which the 'Master' intends will make him the World ruler.
Has the 'Doctor' got a plan to stop the rogue 'Timelord'
The Master orders the killing of the American President, he then captures 'The Doctor' adding 100 years to his age.
'Martha' escapes, How can 'The Master' and the 'Tolcafane' be prevented from destroying the Earth and Humankind
as we know it.
The 'Master's (Saxon) plans, one year on look in good shape, many on Earth have been enslaved serving the
'Master' and indeed the 'Toclafane'
The 'Doctor' remains disabled, 'Captain Jack' is a prisoner, among the 'Masters' servants on his flying fortress,
'Martha's' parents.
The Planet and indeed the Universe's future may well depend upon the 'Doctor's' faithful companion 'Martha'
who has spent the last year preparing the Worlds survivors for 'one-moment-in-time' yet to come.
Can 'Martha' and the volunteers steal a march on the 'Master's' plans ?
Can the 'Doctor' be restored to his former-self ?
Can the 'Tardis' that has been cannibalised by the 'Master' for his master-plan ever be restored to again become
'The Time Machine' it once was ?
These are all questions that the actions of 'Martha Jones' will determine, can she out-smart a 'Timelord' ?
A Brilliant 3-Part finally to the series.
Extras -
* 'David's' video diaries.
* Network Trailers
* Audio Description
* Audio Navigation.
DISC SIX - Contains a vast array of additional material including interviews with cast and crew along with 'How the
Episodes were put together and the secrets behind the Special-Effects -plus more.
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on 25 January 2011
Despite being unsure of Freema Agyeman's portrayal of new TARDIS companion Martha Jones, I found this series of Doctor Who to be bold and brash and enjoyed watching this DVD set more than I did the original broadcast.
The return of The Doctor's ultimate enemy - the Machiavellian Master, is enough to whet the appetite of any fan, and John Simm's playing of the character is refreshingly assured if a little too normal looking (although I maintain that Derek Jacobi should have been given the part permanently). With a familiar Earth-based theme from RTD and co., the Jones family replace the Tylers as the characters through whom we witness the various invasions and terrors wrought upon our fragile planet, although unlike Rose's Mum and boyfriend this family is under surveillance...
The best episode is easily the seminal 'Blink', which somehow manages to tap into all that is good about Doctor Who whilst remaining refreshingly original. Stephen Moffat does emotive without being saccharine; sentimental without being cloying, and it is his episode that resonates longest after the credits have rolled.
The Shakespeare Code is also superb, with its Elizabethan authenticity practically wafting through the TV screen and the hideous Carrionites making their splendid bow in the Whoniverse. Two-hander 'Human Nature' and 'The Family of Blood' is pant-wettingly marvellous, and is arguably David Tennant's finest hour as The Doctor; Harry Lloyd, so wooden as Will Scarlet in Robin Hood, also puts in a show-stealing performance as the alien 'son of mine'.
The series also sees the welcome return of Captain Jack, taking a break from Torchwood, and with an intriguing reveal at the end as to his past, the show seems to be going from strength to strength.
I have to say that the final episode, with its unabashed portrayal of David Tennant's Doctor as some kind of Messiah, did disturb me somewhat, however with the knowledge that Stephen Moffat's new take on the Time Lord is just around the corner I can live with this; just.
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on 7 September 2011
WARNING!! Review May contain spoilers...

After the tearfull farewell to Rose Tyler at the end of Series 2, who would replace her as The Doctor's Companion? In walks Martha Jones, a resourceful young medical student who helps The Doctor out in the first story of the new series, and as a reward, The Doctor takes her on his journey to run down every corridor in the universe being chased by alien monsters.

Series 3 is an improvement over Series 2, but it still isn't as consistant as Series 1. But there is nothing wrong with the series, bar the mediocre two part Dalek story and the incredibly convienient and unexplainable conclusion to the Series (No spoilers here). But, the Series has a host of high points, as all episodes after Evolution Of The Daleks are fantastic, including the frantic 42, a traditional Mad Scientist tale in The Lazarus Experiment and the terrifying creepfest that is Blink. You'll never look at a statue the same way (Or stop looking at one)!!! But best of all is the Two Part story that is Human Nature/The Family of Blood, where The Doctor becomes Human in 1913 to escape a group of aliens known as The Family.

Freema Agyman proves herself a better companion that Rose as Martha, and there is also a triumphant return of John Barrowman as Captain Jack Harkness, last seen in Series 1, but now the lead in spin-off series Torchwood, for the last three episodes. Also included in the box is the christmas episode The Runaway Bride, with Comiedienne Catherine Tate as Donna Noble, The Doctor's part time companion.

The Runaway Bride 76/100
Smith and Jones 77/100
The Shakesphere Code 77/100
Gridlock 76/100
Daleks In Manhatten 67/100 (Part 1 Of 2)
Evolution Of The Daleks 63/100 (Part 2 Of 2)
The Lazarus Experiment 87/100
42 89/100
Human Nature 96/100 (Part 1 Of 2)
The Fammily Of Blood 96/100 (Part 2 Of 2)
Blink 96/100
Utopia 93/100 (Part 1 Of 3)
The Sound Of Drums 96/100 (Part 2 Of 3)
Last Of The Time Lords 86/100 (Part 3 Of 3)

Overall: 84/100
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on 21 November 2012
Blink must surely rank as the best Dr Who ever. It has a play-like quality about it, bringing home in a very powerful way, the meaning of friendship and what it is to lose one's best friend.

This is portrayed in highly imaginative and original way that sets it apart from any Dr Who I've seen and yes! I am including the one where they go back in time for his companion to whiteness the death of her dad in 1987. That one was moving enough, but this even more so.

Yes! I haven't forgot about the one where he loses forever, his 19-year-old companion (madly in love with him) in a parallel universe and communicates with her as an apparition on a beach, by harnessing the power of a supernova. That one was brilliantly acted and very moving, but Blink is even more so. It really does deserve some sort of recognition like an Oscar and is ideal for educating children over the importance of caring about people and not taking your friends for granted.
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on 23 July 2016
The first epside when the weeping angels are presented is one of my favourites yet hard to find elsrwhere without getting the whole season. The episode 'Blink' was the main reason why i bought this and im still enjoying showing other people the episode to scare the hell out of them. Came in perfect condition and is great for people who dont know anything about Doctor Who in the first place.
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on 1 April 2017
Have to say the quality of this HD product is barely any better than the DVD version. I don't know why they even bothered release season 1-4 on blu-ray if this release is anything to go by. If you are thinking of upgrading your DVD purchase, save your money-wish I had!!
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on 22 December 2013
As you would expect from the Beeb, this is a glossily packaged DVD box set with a fair few bonuses and extras.

Picture and sound excellent.

Nothing against John Simm (who put a 'funny but psychotic' spin on his portrayal of the character) but I would like to have seen a little more of Derek Jacobi in the role. I thought the contrast between his doddery, eccentric but rather sweet and lovable Professor Yana and his cold, callous Master was masterfully done and with such economy - as you would expect from an actor of his stature.
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on 7 September 2013
David Tennant is by far my favourite Doctor, number 2 is Christopher Eccelston and I have to admit that Matt Smith is not exactly my cup of tea. David Tennan captures the doctor in a way that makes me laugh (almost) every time I see an episode. The thing is: He looks like a little child every time something new is about to happen especially if it is something he has never seen before.
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on 22 September 2017
The episodes are good but the picture quality is not what I expected.Don't expect hd.
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