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on 23 May 2017
The rendering is archaic now , but the quality of the animation (rig puppeteering) is awesome and the story is really well paced , I'm surprised this hasn't been remade and turned into a proper movie by one of the big directors yet.
There is a scene near the beginning where Dr Aki Ross is weightless in space and it has a beautiful quality about it , In my opinion the perfect balance between realism and NPR.
A lot of these sort of CG movies make me cringe , but considering how old this is even 'The Kiss' is fairly convincing and has a weight and intent to it which is better than some real actor based stuff I've seen come out of Hollywood
I have a geek streak and it resonates with this movie , I love it.
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on 1 December 2017
Bought for a friend, he wanted this movie as it is now on Blu ray
He thoroughly enjoyed it and recommended it. .
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on 22 July 2015
I am not a fan of anything Final Fantasy but I really liked this film. The animation is great, the storyline is really good and showed a different side to waht I imagined Final Fantasy to be about. Well worth watching.
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on 12 August 2017
A good blu ray film that adds to my collection of films.
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on 3 December 2017
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on 6 July 2017
There's more to this than stunning animation.
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VINE VOICEon 30 January 2009
Okay, so many people out there consider this film a flop.
It's nearly a decade old, and yet now having transferred onto Blu-Ray, it looks amazing and definitely stands against some of the more recent computer-animated movies. The voice-acting is starting to show itself as poor, again comparing this to more modern animated release, it's true, but it's nowhere near awful... watched any dubbed film and this far greater.
The plot isn't as weak as some people believe, it follows a "typical" Final Fantasy storyline, which I think is fine - too many people overlook the fact it's based on non-Western beliefs.. but that's what helps give this film character. It's not all about blowing things up just for the sake of it.
I really enjoy watching this movie, but understand that it's not essential for your collection, unless you're a avid Final Fantasy fan/nerd, or are really into computer animation (it was the first biggest all computer-generated film).
Visually - now it's on Blu-Ray it's fantastic. Shame we didn't have the opportunity to watch this way after the millennium!
For me 5 out of 5. For all the general viewers, 3 out of 5.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 26 June 2006
I have no idea what the 'Final Fantasy' genre is so I apologise to purists in advance if I don't care if this film is true to your vision of what a Final Fantasy film should look like. I'm writing purely from viewing it as a stand-alone product, and in this repsect, it is excellent. Or rather, AMAZING.

The graphics are astounding and the sheer level of attention to detail takes the breath away. At numerous points I had to look more intently as I was sure the animation was being intercut with live action (which it wasn't).

The ground-breaking graphics aside (which really shouldn't be the case as it's what makes this film) the storyline is strong enough to hold the movie on it's own.

All the characters are believable, and in many ways have more substance about them than the great majority of live action movies. The voice-overs synch seemlessly from fine actors like Steve Buscemi, James Woods, Donald Sutherland, etc who surely must recognise that films like this herald the downfall of the live-action movie star. There is humour (mild) and pathos aplenty.

This film truly must be recorded as one of the greats in cinematic firsts.
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HALL OF FAMETOP 100 REVIEWERon 1 February 2007
This film is an excellent evening's entertainment, featuring breath-taking animation, a cracking cast of well-known actors doing the voices, some really imaginative scenery and backdrops, and an acceptable (if not original) plot.

If this film had been produced as a live-action movie then it would probably have been as popular and celebrated as Aliens; it has much the same kind of feel to it. And I suspect some of the characters owe a lit to Aliens; is any sci-fi movie complete without a Vasquez??

The animation in FF means that the director can visualise many effects which would otherwise look clunky alongside live action. Some of the dream sequences in FF are stunningly beautiful, while the expressions and actions of the human characters are extremely well drawn.

If FF suffers in any aspect it is that the maturity of the animation and charaterisation aren't reflected all through the plot. The bad guy is very much a boo-hiss traditional villan, although at least Aki the heroine is a little more complex. The film tries to bridge the gap between game-players and cinematic depth -- and it comes close to succeeding. It does feel a little lightweight at times, though.

The special features were something of a disappointment; no doubt interesting if animation is your game! I wouldn't pay more for a disc simply to get these features. If a vanilla version of the movie is available for less money, then that's what I'd buy.

Overall, it's a very entertaining movie and one which is suitable for the whole family to watch together. It has no relevance to the game of the same name -- you don't need to know anything about the franchise to enjoy the film.

And in places the ground-breaking animation is simply stunning, and it's worth viewing simply to experience these scenes.
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on 1 January 2011
I have been a fan of the Final Fantasy series since I was five years old, so when this was released my dad and I saw this film at the cinema- and it was an amazing experience.
Even if I wasn't a Final Fantasy fan and was just a regular old film nerd I would still love this film. It has a fantastic narrative, in which shows both sides of the story instead of leaving it undeveloped. It is executed perfectly, the characters seem believable and lets face it, the effects are spectacular.
How anyone can say it in't how Final Fantasy should be is beyond me. It is of the fantasy/sci-fi genre, it has a Cid (okay so it is spelt Sid this time), it has action scenes, chocobos on Aki's pajamas. It is also based aroud the similar Gaia Hypothesis that Final Fantasy VII touches upon too. Not every Final Fantasy is the same, besides this is a FILM. As an ex-film and media student I can tell you now they have to be done differently, and they did it wonderfully.
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