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on 7 March 2017
This is a good series! I love the Simpsons and have been collecting the DVDs for a while now. I've only given it four stars because one of the discs was from the wrong season and it had some of the episodes I really wanted to see which was disappointing. The seller gave me a full refund for this so I have no problems there. If you like the Simpsons then you'll love this season, it still has the Simpson quirkiness that drew me to it, while going a little crazy (like when homer floods the town which isn't that much crazier than when they moved the entire town 5 miles down the road), which I also love.
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on 26 July 2016
Nice season nice box .a good seller iam happy with my order it is ok .the price is goid too
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on 27 September 2014
It was a birthday present but it went down very well. Thank you for your prompt service
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Here in one box set are all twenty three episodes of the tenth season of the Simpsons. Spread across four dvds.

Episodes are as follows:

Lard of the Dance.
The Wizard of Evergreen Terrace.
Bart the Mother.
Treehouse of Horror IX
When you dish upon a star.
D.oh-in' in the wind.
Lisa gets an 'A'.
Homer Simpson in 'Kidney trouble.'
Mayored to the mob.
Viva Ned Flanders.
Wild Barts can't be broken.
Sunday, cruddy sunday.
Homer to the max.
I'm with cupid.
Marge Simpsons in 'screaming yellow honkers.'
Make room for Lisa.
Maximum Homerdrive.
Simpsons Bible Stories.
Mom and Pop art.
The old man and the 'C' student.
Monty can't buy me love.
They saved Lisa's brain.
Thirty minutes over Tokyo.

Anyone reading this will have their own opinions on the season. Whilst the animation has reached a great height compared to the roughness of the earlier years, the writing starts to move towards a more quick fire humour style. Several plots are Homer's latest new job. And it's the final season for Troy Mcclure, post the sad death of actor Phil Hartman.

Nevertheless, there's a lot to laugh at and no especially weak episodes. Although that is, as mentioned, a matter of opinion.

The dvd has the following language and subtitle options:

Languages: English.

Subtitles: English.

There is a commentary from cast or crew or cast and crew on every episode.

Many of them have deleted scenes, and you can choose whether or not to watch the episode with them reinstated.

It is possible to watch each episode individually or watch all the episodes on the disc in a row.

The first disc has a short introduction to the season from show creator Matt Groening.

One episode has an animation showcase, which allows you to watch the various stages of the artistic process that went into animating it.

Disc two has a special language feature for the episode 'Sunday, Cruddy Sunday' which allows you to watch it in either Portugese. Or one of three other extra languages. The menu for these will only be clear to those who speak said languages so I can't be sure what they are.

Disc three has another animation showcase on 'Homer to the Max.'

Disc four offers all the deleted scenes for the season - some are unfinished and thus in black and white or just line drawings - which you can watch all in a row, running for fifteen minutes [approx].

You can also watch these with a commentary which will say why they were cut. Usually because the episode was running too long.

It also offers: The crank calls. A five minute long run together sequence of all the times Bart called Moe's.

Commercials: five minutes worth of various Simpsons adverts for various products. Which can be watched individually or all in a row.

Original sketches. Half a dozen or so bits of artwork from the animators, that can also be viewed individually or all in a row.

A glimpse inside: a four minute long animation feature with one of the animators showing how the interactive menu screens on the dvd are put together.

A sneak peek at the Simpsons Movie Dvd. Which was yet to be released at the time this dvd came out. It offers a scene from the movie.

The lack of the usual bit from the animators is rather noticeable, so the extras do feel slightly light. But the discs do have the usual funny menus, and some good fake adverts in the booklet that comes with the dvd. So perhaps not the strongest season or dvd, but still worth five stars.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 25 February 2012
Something went wrong after Season 8; not disastrously or earth-shatteringly so, but certainly a little askew. The early seasons stick in the mind, and bear repeated viewings...but after Season 8, episodes will make you laugh a lot at first but not so much the next time or the time after that. On the one hand, I have a lot of love for some episodes but there are just too many, sometimes more than one per disc, that I don`t feel warmly towards. Actually, it`s a frustrating season as the animation has become just about spot on (not too perfect like it is now), and the voices and characters are all established, almost every episode has some classic moments and a really good idea, but they run out of steam and end in a bit of a mess at times. There are quite a few with actual emotional depth, but some are superficial and stupid. I go through my Simpsons boxsets in rotation, but am never particularly excited when 10`s turn comes around...but it`s not all bad, as my rating of each episode suggests -

"Lard of the Dance", **** - Lisa tries to fit in with the new girl (played by Lisa Kudrow). Homer tries to achieve financial independence - with savings and wise investments? No, "of course through grease".

"The Wizard of Evergreen Terrace" ***** - Lovely episode, and Homer`s inventions are fantastic.

"Bart the Mother" ***** - Bart undertands his mother better after his experience with Bolivian tree lizards.

"Treehouse of Horror IX" ***** - Three crackerjack THoHs, Homer gets new hair, Bart and Lisa become - gasp! - animated cartoon characters, and Maggie loses her baby legs.

"When You Dish Upon a Star" *** - Meh, Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger are befriended by Homer.

"D'oh-in in the Wind" ** - Not good, although the Homer origin story is nice.

"Lisa Gets an "A"" ***** - Brilliant. Even Lisa is seduced by Bart`s video games.

"Homer Simpson in: "Kidney Trouble"" **** - Good idea that slightly runs out of steam.

"Mayored to the Mob" **** - Always nice to have Fat Tony in a starring role.

"Viva Ned Flanders" *** - Fairly stupid events lead to Homer and Ned finding new wives.

"Wild Barts Can't Be Broken" **** - A curfew is put on the children, even though it was Homer, Carl, Lenny and Barney that did the crime.

"Sunday, Cruddy Sunday" *** - Nearly good, but a very strange subplot with Lisa and Marge.

"Homer to the Max" **** - Homer changes his name to Max Power, because Judge Schneider declines his request to be called Hercules Rockefeller, or Rembrandt Q. Einstein.

"I'm with Cupid" *** - Apu`s efforts to show Manjula his love embarrasses other Springfieldian men.

"Marge Simpson in: "Screaming Yellow Honkers"" **** - Road rage costs Marge her licence, but saves her family.

"Make Room for Lisa" ***** - Brilliant episode, trust me.

"Maximum Homerdrive" **** - Quite fun, as Homer loses an eating contest but learns the trucking fraternity`s dark secret.

"Simpsons Bible Stories" **** - Like a THoH but with themes from the bible.

"Mom and Pop Art" ** - I like the allusions to Art and artists, but it`s a fairly dumb episode.

"The Old Man and the "C" Student" ** - This episode contains my least favourite Simpson`s moment - when the residents of the
Retirement Castle dance to "Can`t Buy Me Love". Why???

"Monty Can't Buy Me Love" *** - I think they thought of the title and then wrote the episode. At least Burnsy gets to star at last, after a quiet season.

"They Saved Lisa's Brain" *** - Yes, we know, Springfield is dumb and fat except for a few Mensa-qualified inhabitants.

"Thirty Minutes over Tokyo" *** - Weird, and not that funny, but the fish-gutting song is great!
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on 3 October 2013
Many fans see season 10 of the Simpsons as the season the show "jumped the shark". I can understand that. However, to say that Simpsons episodes produced after this point were bad television just wouldn't be true. The Simpsons didn't necessarily go worse; it just changed, focussing more on the surreal than previously. The moment (for me, at least) whereby this change occurs is at the end of "Mom and Pop Art", a so-so episode in which Homer floods the town as a work of art. This is the type of occurrence which began to happen more and more regularly on The Simpsons after this point, particularly in the following two season's.
But Season 10 itself still has some classic episodes - 30 Minutes Over Tokyo in particular standing out. There is a large amount of episodes focussing on Lisa, which is a pleasant change for the series and allows the character to be fleshed out, more so than she had been before. This series also features the last appearance of Phil Hartman, whose tragic death put an end to his semi-recurring roles as Troy McClure and Lionel Hutz. With Hartman's death, the show lost something which it has never regained, and could never hope to.
The special features consist mainly of commentaries on every episode, and in some cases they are more entertaining than the episodes themselves, and definitely worth a listen.
As a whole, a good but not solid collection of episodes, and one which I would recommend for both collectors and casual fans. 8/10
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on 24 November 2013
This is a more surreal and ironic Simpsons. I was surprised that my nine year old son enjoyed them but he did. I particularly like the story where Homer becomes an avant-garde outsider artist.
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on 26 January 2012
I love The Simpsons, but this is my favourite season of all time. This DVD has got all my favourite episodes and you also get a free episode guide. A fantastic gift for any Simpsons fan!
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on 22 October 2013
Purchased as a gift for my son he was very pleased and thinks it is hilarious and increases his collection. Thank goodness I dont watch them But it keeps him quiet for days !!!!
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on 29 January 2014
Always perfect. If you haven't seen The Simpsons family you haven't experience the world of art, completely. For me The Simpsons, is fine art.
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