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on 25 July 2014
Good quality machine. No issue with dispatch. Happy mornings !
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on 11 July 2013
This is one of the best things I have bought. It gives a great cup of coffee. My little tip if you like to safe yourself a little bit of money. Try Lidl's coffee pads with this maschine.
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on 31 January 2009
Quite tasty coffee from a neat little machine.

The coffee it produces isn't very hot which may disappoint some and you'll soon find senseo pods aren't well stocked in many shops.

I highly HIGHLY advise you purchase an Eco Pad. Eco Pad's are small plastic pods which you can fill with whatever coffee you like. They're about £3 and last ages. I just bought a pair and I really think they should come with the Senseo machine, as they are "must have". A site called Coffeo does them as well as some other sites.
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on 16 March 2013
We bought one of these when on offer from Argos (Sorry Amazon) attracted by the price and general reviews. We were not disappointed. The initial problem was finding pods and we ended up ordering 3 6 packs off Ebay cheaply as they were past sell by date but they seem to be fine and we also found a variety at national supermarkets typically £3.50 ish for 18 cup size and £4 ish for 20 mug size which are by far the better value. A good point about the machine is that it caters for 2 cup size servings simultaneously. However, if you follow the instructions to the letter I think you may find the coffee extremely strong and the contents of the pod slightly wasted. We found very quickly that an ideal strength for us is made by using 2 cup size pods to make 2 mugs which is done by placing 2 mugs side by side and using the 2 cup setting twice or doing the same but with one mug size pod.
As mentioned, the machine can be used for one cup, 2 cups or one mug with a single button for each of one or 2 cups and using the latter for the alternative of one mug. We usually make 2 mugs by using the 2 cup setting twice in succession without replacing the pod and using coffee mate as creamer. The operation is simply to fill the reservoir and switch on and while the water is heating place the mugs and coffee pod in the machine by which time the water is nearly ready. Once the process is complete the water heating restarts ready for the next cup and we simply press the 2 cup button to top up 2 mugs after the heating light has stopped flashing. It is a little noisy and the froth can be a little annoying if you have it black. Also, in the winter, we always leave the reservoir full after use to allow the water to reach room temperature as this does affect the final temperature of the coffee. The reservoir holds enough for about 3 mugs and the machine seems to need descaling after 2 - 3 months at 4 mugs per day, probably less frequently in soft water areas.
We are experimenting with alternative pods and these are available from as little as £1.50, 10p per mug/cup and they seem to be as good as the recommended ones.
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on 13 January 2012
We bought this unit after the russel hobbs filter coffee maker we had fell to pieces.

Thi senseo unit is so conveinient it a pleasure to use. You just fill the tank on the back with water which is very easy. Put the special coffee pads (like a tea bag only coffee) into the top and click the lid shut. Press the button and wait approx 90 secs. When the water is boiled and the light stops flashing press eilther the 1 cup or 2 cup buttons to get your cup of really rich and frothy coffee.
Tip put the milk in a microwave and heat it and then put this into the cup. when the machine start to fill the cup(s) use a spoon to stir the first few seconds of coffee and milk together.

My only critisism is the amount of cofee given is rather smaller than the cup of coffee you are used to. You can use the mug side pads and get 2 mugs from a single tankfull but this works out a bit expensive as the mug size pads are around 2.80 for 20.

I have heards you can buy a plastic pad to use your own ground coffee but not seem any yet.

there are cheaper pads (non senseo) available for about £1.50 for 18 from lidl which i will try soon.

All in all very pleased with the unit though.

And cleaning is a real breeze. Just lift the flap. Take out the pad holder and tap in into the food waste bin. Rinse pad holder and refit. Takes 20 seconds and no coffee grounds all over the place - brilliant.

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HALL OF FAMETOP 500 REVIEWERon 12 January 2011
I was really thrilled that this machine, unlike others I have used, is able to run on pods which aren't an environmental nightmare of unrecyclable plastics (instead the pods resemble tea bags). Upon opening the box I was disappointed to discover that there were no trial pods included. Never mind, I set the machine up and, according to its first-time usage instructions, ran a tank full of water through it before trotting down to my local supermarket. Pods in hand, all systems were 'go'.

Unlike other coffee systems I've used, this one requires you to change pod holder according to the type/quantity of drink you are making. The machine comes with 2 pod holding attachments (1 cup, and 2 cup/mug) and it seems that some drinks e.g. hot chocolate require further pod holding attachments. First time of use, I set the machine up to make a mug of coffee (putting 2 pods into the 2cup/mug holder attachment). The water ran through very quickly but, to my consternation, up until nearly the end of the pouring cycle was at best a pale, insipid yellow not really indicative of coffee. The resulting mug of coffee - which I drink black, unsweetened and out of a glass mug - was paler than any instant coffee I've ever made and pretty well tasteless.

I was worried. Needlessly. For some reason my machine seemed to need more slightly than the stated one tank flush through before it was ready to go. I did waste a couple of pods (annoying, as they aren't all that cheap) but after a very disappointing first cup, my coffee has been perfect every time. This machine is slightly messier than other pod systems I've tried - the tea bag style pods tend to drip for a long time after making a drink - but this is a small price to pay for a more environmentally responsible coffee machine.
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on 6 December 2009
Great price this item, was the cheapest I found to buy it. Came very quickly and looks good, not too big - so great if you have a smaller kitchen.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 24 August 2011
I like coffee with a crema layer - it just makes the whole coffee drinking experience right for me. The Senseo gives you this taste at a very reasonable price. It is easy to use and heats up quickly enough for me. The pods come in 2 sizes for a cup or a mug, and the reservoir on the back means you don't have to fill up between every single cup. I am also going to get the larger reservoir too, so that we can fill up once and make all our daily brews without interruption.
The pods fit easily onto the holder, the lid locks down with a satisfying click, you press the button and the coffee is dispensed. Could be simpler I suppose, but I don't know how.
Lots of different varieties of coffee to try - even the decaff tastes good!
The pods aren't cheap, though, and that is one star off for me. I have ordered a coffeeduck refillable filter device so that I can use my own blend of ground coffee as well as the pods, so that should make things a bit cheaper. Overall very satisfied so far.
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on 10 January 2008
After reading reviews for various coffee pod machines I was apprehensive about spending £50+ for something, once the novelty had worn off that would clutter up a shelf. With the Senseo coming in at £25 it was cheap enough to take the plunge. I must say I am delighted with the machine. The coffee is hot and different combinations of pod/pods, 1-cup 2-cup can be used to get a strength to suit most people. The greatest asset is the simplicity of this machine. No jugs and filters to clean and a start and finish time of about 90 secs for a mug of coffee. This plus supermarkets are producing their own pods which work in the Senseo makes this an excellent buy.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERVINE VOICEon 1 September 2011
I read a few reviews here that said people have had their Senseo machine fail within a few months, so as mine has been working perfectly for at least two years I thought I would post my experiences.

I bought the Senseo as my wife had trouble using a real espresso machine. She has had operations on both hands and struggled to lock the handle in place on a real espresso machine. The Senseo machine is much easier to operate.

My own method of making coffee with the Senseo is as follows:

Half fill two large mugs with milk and put in the microwave for 2 minutes.
Make sure the Senseo water container has enough water. (If there is anything I would change on this machine, it would be to give it a bigger water tank although I have just discovered that you can get this: Philips Senseo XL Water Tank HD7982 for Senseo normal (HD7810, HD7811, HD7812, HD7814)). Place one standard size dark roast coffee pod in to the machine and switch on. By the time the milk has finished the coffee will be ready. Put both cups on the Senseo and use the double cup button. With the size of mugs I have, this will fill both mugs to the top and make a perfect coffee. This also gives you two mugs of coffee for the cost of one small coffee pod.

Overall: 5 stars - Has worked perfectly for over two years and still makes a superb cup of coffee.
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