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Odd film. High-end bad, maybe, it's difficult to say, sort of unique for what it is. It's not so-bad-it's-good, because it's not so bad at all, but it's also not so good. It's sort of weird, freaky, a tad unnerving, so it realizes something there, in its ideas, themes and general concept; strangely absorbing, seductive -- maybe that's Katheryn Winnick's fault ;) Boomies! Even Mikey likes it. (Dougie.) Definitely her scenes'll have you with your eyes jumping out at the screen, 3D style, the wolf in you, even for you women I wouldn't doubt, especially when she squeezes into her Halloween costume -- or is busting out of it. She's got a nice shape and her costume only enhances that and I'm unlikely to be the one male who considered this to be a high point. The acting is good overall, can't denounce it for a movie of its ilk -- it's really much better than the usual of its kind. Some of these folks have gone on to do bigger budget productions and steady careers and output, others, like Amanda Plummer, had that already with a solid reputation already so their names on the movie secure it as something more than bog-standard B-movie horror. They are good -- the characters are a little strange, but that doesn't detract from the cast's acting abilities and how they hold the film and carry it along. Nice camerawork, cinematography, digital, clear, crisp, nice autumn tones across the film, so in theory it should be one to crack out around Halloween, not-too-strenuous viewing material, a laugh with your buddies, it's supposed to be fun after all. It doesn't feel like an '80s flick or homage, there's no sense or spirit of that, not that anyone said it was supposed to, but, if you were wondering, however it's kind of like some of those '80s and '90s films in its plot and outward style and it'll obviously be influenced by many of them to some extent. In fact, the director isn't just influenced but his previous films, cult horrors, originate from the '70s and '80s, so there's a direct lineage to that era of movies. It's too glossy and digital and new, which is a complimentary statement and not a negative, to feel like those films of old, but as I say no one ever said that it was supposed to -- be an homage or elicit that kind of a mood. Very unusual ending. Don't expect too much going in and you should conclude that it's an alright movie, not so bad.
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on 15 October 2007
It's good to have director Jeff Lieberman back doing horror movies again. It's been a long time since "Just Before Dawn", and I for one am glad he's returned with this little gem of a horror movie that would certainly make the perfect halloween movie alongside such fan favourites as "Pumpkinhead" and the "Halloween" series.

The story has nine year old Douglas Wooly (played by the credible and not too annoying Alexander Bickel) obsessed with the video game "Satan's Little Helper". He plays it constantly and takes to dressing up as the title character of the game, much to his mothers chagrin. Thrown into the mix is Douglas' sister Jenna (played by the talented Katheryn Winnick, who recently lit up "Hellraiser: Hellworld") who is returning home for the halloween season. Unknown to Douglas, Jenna has bought home her new boyfriend which instantly annoys our pint-sized hero, and he takes to the streets in a fit of rage. Here the story changes from small town family bickering to full-blown horror, as Douglas meets the villain of the piece. A serial killer dressed in "devil" garb who is systematically killing everyone in sight. Douglas mistakenly believes that this killer is playing a game and asks if he can join him as "satan's little helper".

From here on in, the story balances dark violence and humour with a mean streak a mile wide. Its a difficult thing to do, but director Lieberman manages to pull it off. Sure, the movie looks a little cheap and the camera work could have been a little better, but the general feel of the movie and the dark concept keep the minor niggles at bay.

Everyone in the cast does a sterling job and the movie is well directed for what is essentially a direct-to-video production. Lieberman handles the scares well and manages to conjure up a few genuine ghoulish moments (check out when the villain writes `BOO' on the wall) that linger long after the film has ended. All-in-all, a minor gem that will get even the most jaded of horror buffs back in the saddle.

The DVD's presentation is a pretty standard affair. As the film seems to have been shot using the worst video camera in the world, the presentation is muddly and sometimes blurred. Lieberman's film could have done with a little more atmosphere and polish, and would have greatly benefitted from a little more money on the production side. This stops a cool and macabre concept nearly going to waste, but the style and direction help keep the whole movie on track. Worth checking out.
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on 12 August 2015
I remember watching this film at like 10 years old and I didn't like it yet it's always stuck in my head so 10 years later I buy it. Love it in a sick way. Moral of the story not everything in pretend.
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on 28 November 2017
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on 17 November 2013
I bought this movie on a whim. Really glad I did. It's not a typical 'Halloween' scarefest. It's not a slasher movie as such. It's not got a deep plot. It's just very well done. Good acting, a few kills and......a few laughs. This little cracker of a movie is worth getting for Katheryn Winnick alone! Wow! Overall, for a low budget movie.....First Class! Well worth a watch. Glad to have it in my collection.
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on 31 May 2016
Was ok
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Perfect as always. Thank you
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on 20 January 2015
brilliant film fast delivery
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on 15 June 2015
bad film but good seller
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on 3 September 2012
Anyone who is into twisted comedy- this is the film for you! HILARIOUS!
DVD came unscratched and promptly.
Nothing to complain about with this film :)
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