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on 4 April 2011
I first heard about Eva Fraser's Facial Fitness 18 years ago. I personally took the six class course from her studio in London. (I was 40 at the time). I did the exercises for a while, and then lost my exercise sheets, so I slacked off. A little over two years ago I bought her DVD and started again. I have been doing the exercises 5 times a week since, and my face looks great. All my friends have noticed a big difference, but two things happened recently, that really made me see that I looked different.
I saw an old boyfriend recently who said, "How do you look like that, have you had something done"? I was chatting with another girl (a stranger), and she said to me, "what, are you about 42 or 43"? (I'm 59). What's not to love?

You must however be diligent and dedicated, because the movements are very precise. The DVD calls for 2 repetitions of each exercise. When I took the course in Eva's studio, each exercise was done three times. Recently I uped it to 3 reps for each exercise.. and my face has improved even more.

If you are willing to spend 10-12 minutes 4 or 5 times a week.. you will be amazed!
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on 30 March 2012
Im 38 and a few weeks ago I woke up with a crease in my cheek under my eye that didn't go away. It looked like a scar. I have very thin crepey skin under my eyes and cross cross wrinkles. I have always had nose to mouth lines due to a weak chin and as soon as I put on a lb I get three chins. I could deal with the rest but not the large deep wrinkles under the eyes. There is no needle that will fix that.
I have been doing these exercises for ten days only. I am amazed! My crease has gone, my cheeks are lifted, the grooves under my eyes are filling and I look less tired. My nose to mouth lines are diminishing slowly and my jawline already looks tighter. After ten days!!!!!!
I struggle with confidence and often hide the lower part of my face with my hand, another 6 months of this and I know that will no longer be an issue. I have also started drinking more water and using olive oil and sugar mix as a face wash. It really encourages you to respect your face and your skin.
It's no understatement to say this is changing my life already. Thank you for sharing your knowledge eva. This was about wrinkles for me but I am being helped now with issues I've always had. Best money I have ever spent

* over a year later and the difference in my face is astonishing. Eyes and eyebrows higher and tighter looking. Cheekbones!!!!!!! Nose to mouth lines ( mine were really bad due to weak chin ) gone! Jowls almost completely gone. It looks like I have had a facelift. I keep telling people about this programme and everyone says I don't have time. Ten minutes a day! I feel bad for everyone who passes this chance up. This DVD has improved my life and confidence 100 per cent. I will do it for the rest of my life. :-)
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on 4 February 2009
this lady really knows her stuff!if you are prepared to give ten minutes,four times a week,you will start to see improvment in about two weeks.better than any face cream!take a photo of your face before you begin,then monitor the change!lovely lady too!
I lent this dvd out and did'nt get it back.Have tried others ,but i am returning to Eva.
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on 26 May 2009
Having just written a really detailed review of my experience of this DVD only to answer the 'phone and come back twenty mins later to discover the whole thing had been erased I have taken a deep breath and started again.
I'm thirty six and although fairly youthful looking was gearing up to having some botox in my forehead and perhaps some fillers further down the line. In Feb I came across an article on Eva and her exercises in the Daily Telegraph. The thing that got me excited was that Eva and her assistants were almost wrinkle free, had no sagging and toned and glowing complexions. Reportedly they looked years, even decades younger than their ages. I have just completed my third month. The biggest change has been to my cheeks; I have never had prominent cheekbones or any sort of definition to my rather round face and had always envied the toned look that so many celebs/models have when they smile - you know, the tautness running from the mouth corners up to a nice high, round cheek. Now, when I smile or pucker my mouth slightly there is a great difference in my upper cheeks which prior to the exercises were flat as pancakes and now are noticeably rounded with an obvious definition/ slightly concave and toned look to the lower part of my face! I don't have lines round my eyes but the area below my eyebrows is certainly less puffy. My jaw line is sharper and strangely, my lips which are already full appear more prominent. I haven't made my mind up about my brow lines which although fine have recently begun to bug me; some days I feel they are less noticeable. I am carrying a few more pounds than I would like so am impressed that the work I've done so far is showing through the extra padding. Re the DVD, I would have liked an intro with perhaps some photo's of Eva BEFORE she discovered these exercises - she started them aged fifty. The overall quality is just about satisfactory though I agree more care should have been taken with editing mistakes which are annoying. However, I am delighted with the improvements and would say that the proof of the pudding is definitely in the eating!
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on 7 June 2012
I first read about Eva's DVD on Amazon as I was looking for alternative methods from Botox and Derma fillers which I had been doing for the last year. Although I liked the effect, there were things I wasn't happy with, mainly how my forehead couldn't move and also the Spocklike look my eyebrows had. Also as an ordinary working girl on an average salary, I was finding it expensive. I read the reviews and thought at £17.99 I would give it a go.

Can I first of all say, I think Eva is a great testament to this method, I show my friends photos of her and ask them what age she is and the usual comment is 50 to 55 years old, when I tell them she's in her 80's they nearly fall over.

I have now been doing her method for six months and the difference is amazing. The first thing I noticed was my eyes, after a couple of months my eye-brows had a wonderful higher arch to them, this has improved the skin over my eyes from sagging over them, thats no longer there, I no longer have crowsfeet, my brow is smoothing out naturally on its own, my cheekbones are more prominent, I no longer require fillers as the folds between my nose to mouth area and marionette lines have all but disappeared, The beginnings of jowls and turkey neck are no longer visible. My friends are also noticing the difference in this too, commenting how much fresher I am looking

I am now a facial fitness junkie, every morning before I go to work, I sit down with my morning cuppa and do my facial exercises, and before, I was thinking of getting a face-lift before I was 50, not now.

You will notice there are a lot of negative reviews about the production of this DVD, my opinion to that is they are nit-picking, I managed very well with this DVD and the results are speaking for themselves.

The best £17.99 I have ever spent
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on 30 August 2013
I stumbled on this while searching for a rememdy for sagging jowls. I thought "facial exercises hmmm, as if" but then I thought about how we exercise our bodies and gain laughter lines/frown lines etc., from our facial expressions so why not "exercise" the face as well as the body? But learn to exercise it the right way? So, hopeful but quite dubious, I bought the DVD / Book. It has been just under 2 weeks now and I have already noticed a difference. My skin is definitely tighter and those jowls are definitely not as bad! My skin also glows more and for the first time today I went out without make up and felt confident. I even "sneak" in some of the exercises (eyebrows lifted, open eyes wide) at my desk at work. I think the video is great, the picture is clear and it's so much easier to follow on a DVD that just in the book where we can't follow anyone. Yes the model does make 1 mistake but that shows she is human just like us and I appreciate that. It's also a treat to have 10 minutes of peace just for me time and sit doing these exercises. I was seriously considering surgery, I was so depressed, but this DVD has made me realise that with a bit of time and care, we can naturally look younger and fresher. I really, seriously recommend this. Thanks Eva!
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on 16 April 2013
Like many people, I bought this for a rainy day, put it away and forgot about it. Then age started creeping in (I'm 37 and was noticing crows feet round the eyes and some neck lines). I began this workout, following the video, which is repeated twice at each stage and has some nice testimonials at the end from some of the ladies who've done the exercises.

I do the set of Basic exercises once per morning every day (five mins) and again once in the evening (five mins) and for the evening session build more of the other stages in. You don't have to be as rigorous as me, and you can incorporate which exercises you want, but I try and fit as many of them as poss in per evening. On my lunch break at work I even spend 2-3 mins in front of the ladies loo mirror doing the eye exercises! That's all you need.

I have been doing the exercises solidly now for about 2 weeks and have noticed a tightening of my face skin (which seems clearer and smoother). I actually feel as if my muscles have had a good workout after, and, although you have to make time and stick to the regime, the good results and pleasant way you begin to feel about yourself encourage you to continue, even look forward to your workouts. This is so much better than fake cosmetic facelifts and botox, because you are really working your muscles naturally and the cost saving on expensive treatments must be priceless! Like any routine, it's a case of perseverence but if I (the laziest person on Earth - nearly) can do it and feel as if I am getting a good vibe then anyone can. They take so little time to do in reality and become part of your daily routine. Literally 5-10 mins per day or more if you wish.

Eva and the ladies on the DVD are great, really encouraging they all look fantastic. It is true that you enhance what YOU have been given by facial exercise, instead of going to a surgeon and getting 'add-ons' to fend off time. You can keep time at bay with this programme, and in a natural and safe way that becomes routine once you have learned each exercise and therefore it becomes easier with practice.

EDIT: for those that say the book falls to pieces in a flash, yes it does. So I tore the pages off the thin spine, lined them all up neatly in order and put a round punch hole in the top left corner, then tied them with a ribbon. That way you have a flip book on a ribbon that's much easier to manage/turn with no pages flying away.
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on 26 April 2010
Bought the dvd about 2 months ago and my daughter after 1 month told me the shape of my face was changing (for the better), I'm 64 and my once high cheek bones had long since disappeared, I can now see them again and my eyes are definately looking better. I totally agree that the dvd looks less than professional but as the exercises are so obviously working I'm not complaining. Have recommended it to my friends who have told me I look better without knowing about the dvd.
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on 12 November 2012
I have came across Eva Fraser a couple of years ago when she was interviewed very badly and rudely by Eamon Holmes on This Morning. I bought the book, have been doing the exercises and am very pleased with the results. My friend has struggled to work from the book, so I bought her the DVD for her birthday! She is really pleased, and is now looking 15 years younger as promised!
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on 3 August 2010
One of the originals of the myriad of programmes around but still the best. If it has been around for years and works (just look at Eva herself on the dvd) then why use anything else.Ok the dvd is not quite as slick as we are all used to now in this digital age, but the exercises shown are easy to follow and are repeated slowly ( which suits me- I must be a slow learner!)
I am 42 not too wrinkly but a mum of 2 young children and do NOT want to be the "granny" at the school gates.
I have only been doing these for a week and a half but can really feel the muscles in my face, I know they have been worked (reminds me of when I used to weight-train and do aerobics- great feeling.)
There is also something different about my face too, it looks fresher, not so tired , somehow leaner,better, Definitely better.
If this is the way things are going I cant wait to see what it will be in a few months. It has been well worth the money spent.
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