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on 8 July 2017
I haven't viewed the DVD yet but I was very pleased to receive my order quickly. It's really good to have the book to go with it. I had the book many years ago and I did the exercises. It really does work so I'd highly recommend the system!!
The product arrived when specified. Everything was in good order and I very pleased.
I have no hesitation in recommending both the DVD and the seller.
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on 2 October 2016
this is good, once you have a selection of excercises in your head , you can do them anywhere. as long as no one is looking of course!. p
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on 1 April 2017
thank you
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on 5 February 2014
There is no excuse for not being able to follow these exercises as they are repeated and Eva speaks slowly allowing you to understand the process. Once watched a few times it is easy to remember the routine.
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on 4 April 2011
I first heard about Eva Fraser's Facial Fitness 18 years ago. I personally took the six class course from her studio in London. (I was 40 at the time). I did the exercises for a while, and then lost my exercise sheets, so I slacked off. A little over two years ago I bought her DVD and started again. I have been doing the exercises 5 times a week since, and my face looks great. All my friends have noticed a big difference, but two things happened recently, that really made me see that I looked different.
I saw an old boyfriend recently who said, "How do you look like that, have you had something done"? I was chatting with another girl (a stranger), and she said to me, "what, are you about 42 or 43"? (I'm 59). What's not to love?

You must however be diligent and dedicated, because the movements are very precise. The DVD calls for 2 repetitions of each exercise. When I took the course in Eva's studio, each exercise was done three times. Recently I uped it to 3 reps for each exercise.. and my face has improved even more.

If you are willing to spend 10-12 minutes 4 or 5 times a week.. you will be amazed!
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on 20 March 2015
OMG! If I hadn't have brought this and done the exercises myself I think I would have struggled to believe this possible. I'm 47 and was looking early fifties. After a week the difference especially above the eyes was truly amazing. I had always had quite oriental eyes in that I had large padded eyelids above the eyes which gave a beautiful full and eastern look - I loved my eyes and they were my best feature. Then stress and age took over. Now, I have the control back. Also my jowls are gone and chin way more defined and this is now 3 weeks of doing the exercises. Seriously ladies - put the work in and see the results. The biggest surprised is how the skin plumps up and the wrinkles smooth out. The confident boost is so great I used to avoid looking in the mirror now I can't wait! I think there may be a limit to how much improvement can be made - only time will tell that. But, I will come back after another 4 weeks and let you know, I don't read the book I put coconut oil on my face and neck and watch and do the dvd. Easy peasy. If ther were 10 stars I would give it.
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on 10 May 2015
Not sure if this is working for me.Think it is for the long term for noticeable changes to be seen.
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on 20 May 2017
this is for absloute beginners. after all its like going to the gym and trying to lift a weight that is far to heavy for your body. your face is the same and must work up to the advanced exercise before you will be able to do them. There are only around 4 exercises on this dvd however its the place to start if you are a total beginner
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on 26 May 2009
Having just written a really detailed review of my experience of this DVD only to answer the 'phone and come back twenty mins later to discover the whole thing had been erased I have taken a deep breath and started again.
I'm thirty six and although fairly youthful looking was gearing up to having some botox in my forehead and perhaps some fillers further down the line. In Feb I came across an article on Eva and her exercises in the Daily Telegraph. The thing that got me excited was that Eva and her assistants were almost wrinkle free, had no sagging and toned and glowing complexions. Reportedly they looked years, even decades younger than their ages. I have just completed my third month. The biggest change has been to my cheeks; I have never had prominent cheekbones or any sort of definition to my rather round face and had always envied the toned look that so many celebs/models have when they smile - you know, the tautness running from the mouth corners up to a nice high, round cheek. Now, when I smile or pucker my mouth slightly there is a great difference in my upper cheeks which prior to the exercises were flat as pancakes and now are noticeably rounded with an obvious definition/ slightly concave and toned look to the lower part of my face! I don't have lines round my eyes but the area below my eyebrows is certainly less puffy. My jaw line is sharper and strangely, my lips which are already full appear more prominent. I haven't made my mind up about my brow lines which although fine have recently begun to bug me; some days I feel they are less noticeable. I am carrying a few more pounds than I would like so am impressed that the work I've done so far is showing through the extra padding. Re the DVD, I would have liked an intro with perhaps some photo's of Eva BEFORE she discovered these exercises - she started them aged fifty. The overall quality is just about satisfactory though I agree more care should have been taken with editing mistakes which are annoying. However, I am delighted with the improvements and would say that the proof of the pudding is definitely in the eating!
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on 5 April 2017
I have tried and tried with this dvd but exercise generally makes you feel good - not irritated!

This is very badly edited and you have to wait whilst the person doing the exercises gets it wrong and has to start again or in one particular exercise you end up holding it for way longer due to the person again getting it wrong.
You repeat the exercises twice and instead of making the second run right they same video is shown again with the incorrect moves in it.

I also find Eva's voice unclear and some of the exercises appear samey I think because she doesn't explain what muscle you should be engaging.

This one wil be going in the bin - I've had enough of it. Bad editing is the worst thing with it thought.
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