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Customer reviews

3.7 out of 5 stars
3.7 out of 5 stars
Philips Bodygroom TT2021 Rechargeable Ma
Price:£59.99+ £4.39 shipping

on 4 October 2008
I was looking for something to trim the groin area and to trim and shave in an even more delicate area (as a way of avoiding hot wax strips in tender areas), and Philips seem to be the only ones offering something for this need. They actually have a range of shavers bearing the Bodygroom name. There is a cheaper one than this for about £14 but it had dreadful reviews so maybe that was their 'prototype' - a first try at getting it right. There are two more after this one; a 'silver' Bodygroom on amazon for about £45, and the TT2030 - top of the range, going for about £50 at Argos. So i did my research on reviews trying to work out what was the best to go for. In the end i couldn't see any difference worth paying for between this model and the top one (ok, it has a storage place for the attachments in its base but thats it!).

So how is it in actual use? Excellent. It does come with 3 attachments (one review said it only had one) but i found that after you get your confidence with it, its easier to use it without any. It really doesn't cut or nick at all ( i saw a review that talked as if it had mutilated the guy...ignore!). I personally found it easier to use dry but it works with the show on just as happily, as advertised.

I wrote this to help anyone who like me had decided they wanted one but were unsure of which model to go for. This model is the one that has that happy combination of perfect performance at a great price and i can thoroughly recommend it. If you can excuse the pun, this is a cracking product!
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on 19 July 2011
I seriously could not believe how good this product was until I tried it in the shower when i received it. It comes with the small, medium and large cut accessories but since my hair was pretty short I used it without them. And I thought it would give me cuts or nicks but it works pretty well on its own. I am looking forward to getting a replacement shaver head when it goes a bit cheaper since I would be using this for quite some time to come.
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on 15 November 2009

Firstly, I would just like to say I am of Asian descent (Indian Sub-Continent) and have body hair on most of my body (some places more than others). This is just to let you know as I'm not sure, but the product may work differently on less hairy or lighter coloured hair (although should be the same for everyone, just thought may be more helpful for you to know that).

OK, now when I received the product I found it to be packaged superbly and came well protected in a box. I should say the product arrived very promptly, 2-3 days after my initial order which was pleasing in itself. Inside the box there was the charging stand, charger, instructions, three combs (for varying lengths of grooming 1-being shortest and 3 longest - of course for the closest cut it should be used without any comb - this all depends on the type of grooming you want to do, but more on this later in the review), and of course, the body groomer itself.

For me, I needed something to groom pretty much all areas of my body. This includes - back, chest, stomach, legs, groin area and even arms (training at the gym so did want to see if I had visible muscle there - more curious than narcissim ;-))The problem was (apart from being hairier than I wanted to be!) that I have quite bad skin which meant if I used depilatory creams it would work fine but then I would get spots and acne. Razors caused the same problem, only worse, as the hair grew back darker and thicker (I think the science says it's not actually thicker but the way the razor cuts the hair causes it to gain this appearance - either way it was undesirable). Laser and electrolysis, etc is not only far too expensive (for me anyway) but also I'd just find it a little embarassing for various reasons. The body groomer was almost like a last option (before this I was using hair clippers, which work OK but can cause frequent nicks and cuts and also could be awkward to get to certain body parts).

Moving on to the important stuff - using the groomer to groom hair! I will say this groomer worked fantastically well on ALL areas I used it on. In fact, I did once use it to shape part of my facial stubble when I couldn't find a razor and that was fine too! So far, I have used it with Comb '1' and without any comb and both have worked brilliantly. With the groin area I find it best to have some hair 'down there' (although this is completely down to personal preference!) so I used comb '1', I also used that comb for the other areas of my body apart from my back where I found using the groomer without any comb completely removed any visible back hair. I found the shape of the groomer to be excellent to get to hard to reach places (especially, back, backside and groin area) and worked smoothly. I must also say I have not used the groomer in wet conditions, however, as it works fine dry then I'm sure wet wouldn't be any problem.

One little tip - when using the product at first make sure to use it slowly as quick actions can cause nicks...and that can be a little 'stingy' in some areas! lol. After your first few uses you should get better at using it and groom a lot quicker.

Also, any negative comments you read, I assume, would be because the user didn't take care of the groomer properly (pressing too hard or storing it in a place where the combs, etc could get damaged) OR after removing body hair from their stomach and chest they realised that it didn't reveal an automatic six-pack or pecs like 'Arnie'! lol. Anyway, personally, I have found no real fault with the item and thoroughly recommend it...

If you're reading this sentence then firstly well done that you've read all the way to this point of my essay - sorry it's so long! ;-) Seriously though, hope my review has been helpful to you in deciding whether to purchase this product or not. Thanks! ;-)
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on 2 June 2010
I bought this item to trim and shave my groin area and it's AMAZING. There are 3 attachments which all trim to a quite short lengths and you can also use the trimmer without the attachments for shaving. The longest length still gives you enough hair if you don't want to look pornstaresc, but the shorter you go, the neater the hair looks - I am speaking about pubic hair regions above and around the penis. I use the shortest trimmer which cuts the hair cleanly and evenly and it also makes the hair feel softer. I use the shaver for my testicles ;)

I have only used it in the groin area so far and after 6 uses it has not nicked or cut me once - even when shaving my testicles. I was careful at first to avoid cuts but after a while my confidence grew and I have gotton quicker at shaving without worrying about being nicked. You can be quite brash and rough with no nicks at all - even when shaving your testicles. The trimmer works best when dry and there is no rash after shaving or anything - genius!

It is the only trimmer designed for all body hair and particularly the groin area. I had tried using other shavers and razors which didn't work and always cut me. I believe this item is fairly priced from a reliable maker.

The charger is good as a few hours charging allows handsfree usage for around an hour. The shaver/foil section pops off allowing easy cleaning(there is also a mini cleaning brush supplied) and the attachments are robust and equally easy to clean.

In conclusion, the trimmer is the best on the market for 'man sculpting' it doesn't nick, cut or leave rashs even in very sensitive areas. It makes the groin area look really neat and tidy - if you want to trim your groin area and like me, have tried and failed using other methods of trimming - buy this now. I wish I had brought it ages ago!
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on 11 April 2009
I bought this for some "manscaping".
I've used it once thus far, and my observations are that for trimming hair it really does quite well, although even with the largest comb, the "10mm" hair length does start to look a bit pornstar-esque.
It does struggle to get into areas such as those between your balls and leg with the larger combs attached, prompting a smaller comb to be used.

Now, I tried the shaver on other areas and it worked successfully. However, on my balls, which had quite short hairs to start with, I found that it often missed hairs and just wouldn't catch them, or would cut the top of a hair follicle off, not really causing pain but inducing a bit of blood. It also leaves the area quite red and "hot" for a little while too, which a razor never seems to do to me. I probably will stick with a razor for this, as while the remaining hair seems 'softer' than the tiny stubble left by a razor, I can use a razor quicker, and with less pain/uneasiness.
I think the main reason for this is that you need to stretch the skin flat for it to work optimally, and doing that one handed in an area with a multitude of obstacles is really quite a challenge.

However, for trimming it really is ideal, and makes what used to take a long time with scissors take maybe a minute tops. Good stuff.
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on 8 November 2007
Had the bodygroom for about 3 months now and it gets a LOT if use. I must use it twice a week for keeping the wife happy - she's not a big fan of hairy shoulders etc and I can use the 2021 in the shower to get rid of the offending hairs quickly and without an embarrassing visit to the Beauty Salon! It is always reliable, gives a good, clean shave and is easy to clean afterwards. I think the reviewer below must have had a random bad model as mine has had no reliability issues and I cannot recommend it highly enough. Women - if you don't like your chaps looking like a hairy monkey then this is the solution! Fantastic!
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on 13 April 2009
I love this kit. This is my second, the last one gave up after a year of use (twice a week.) My job requires er...extra exposure so I know what I'm talking about when it comes to maintenance.
I kinda gather some guys are a little new to this field so bearing this in mind when you use this:
Do it dry. (I know it says you can use it in the shower but its electronic you'll get a smoother cut dry.)
Stretch any parts that you're shaving
If you're shaving (not trimming) those sensitive parts and want to avoid catching skin (or any other 'ouch' sensations lol) keep the skin stretched and use shorter strokes
You're less likely to get irritation or ingrowns with electronic shave (wet razors get that much closer) but if you do have sensitive skin use a light alcholic rub for the next couple of days which reduces the chance of bumpage.
If you're new to the metro world and are trimming for the first time don't be a chump cut any long hairs short before using the bodygroom or you'll annoy your neighbours with your girlie screams when the razor catches!

Definitely a good product and I do recommend it.
(Just don't let your girl near this either she'll nick it faster than you can blink lol)
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on 12 June 2011
This product works very well for body hair, but its instructions state that you cannot use it to shave or trim facial or head hair. I had foolishly assumed that "all body zones" included my face and head, but this is not the case. I had been using it for my head and face before I noticed this in the instructions, and it does seem to work, but I assume it will put undue strain on the motor or the blades.
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on 28 June 2010
I've had two of this model now and both failed within a year of purchase. Both had the same fault: First, the on-off button would get very sensitive and the slightest touch would set the unit off. Sometimes you'd open your suitcase and notice the Bodygroom had been running the whole time until the battery depleted. Eventually the on-off button ceased to operate entirely, rendering the device useless. Since both units failed exactly the same way I suspect this is a design flaw and do not recommend it.

The sad thing is, when it's working as intended, it actually does its job rather well. While I stay away from the 2021 model, I'll probably try the 2030 next as this seems to be the only product of its kind out there
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on 19 December 2010
Before buying this I was uncertain that I would be able to use it everywhere without nicks and cuts.
But you really can use it everywhere from under arms to the most private of places and it gets 5 stars for this!

However it loses a star because it needs to be treated with care and used with a very light touch - if you push on the shaving head (unnecessary and does not help with the shaving) the head can come off and after a few times gets lose and then falls off no matter how you use it and/or the foil can soon fail (by breaking). Then you have to replace the whole head (should have a replaceable foil - it does not which to my mind is a design flaw).

On one of the 4 machines I have bought (3 = presents) the on/off button failed (stayed in and did not come out again) but Amazon/Philips replaced it with no quibbles - so probably just a one-off experience of bad luck!
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