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4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 7 October 2009
Does an excellent job and makes Thames Water possible to drink. Definitely improves tea, coffee and any drink where you add water. Only problem is that I believe although bottled water is a serious rip-off, these filters, while better value than bottle water, are too highly priced. I've discovered that if you replace the filter every other month then you don't notice any deteroration in water quality. Any longer though ... yuk!!
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on 20 February 2016
We have been using these water filters cartridges with our water jug for some time now. We used to buy them from our local supermarket until I spotted them here on Amazon - at 80% cheaper!!!!!

We live in a hardwater area, and although I admit to being initially sceptical as to their use, thinking they were just another way to get me to part with money on a regular basis, I have been won over and can definitely see that they work! and we would just be buying bottles of water anyway, as our tap water isn't great - no matter what anyone says, even the cats don't like it!!

The technical description is that the cartridges reduce limescale, chlorine and impurities, basically they make the water taste better and really cut down on limescale forming in the kettle! Yes, we use the filtered water in our kettle and it has really helped with the limescale, so our kettles our cleaner and lasting much longer.

The recommendation is that the cartridge should be changed once a month; we get through about two full jugs of water a day, and store them in bottles in the fridge, so we always have a supplied of filtered cold water, we have found they are actually effective for upto nearly two months, obviously we use more water during the hot summer months, which is when we use about one a month. The cartridges are very easy to install.

These cartridges will fit in all BRITA MAXTRA jugs, but do bear in mind you buy the right filters for the right jug (something we didn't initially do!).

These filters come in a variety of pack sizes, from individual to four packs, this six pack, and eight, twelve and even twenty packs. I really like this six pack size because we'll hopefully get just about a year out of it; so basically thats about £15 for the year, not too shabby!

Overall a very good product, they definitely work and do make a considerable difference to the taste of the water, your cuppa or squash will never have tasted so good!
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on 3 March 2010
We recently moved to an area of the country that has extremely hard water. I've been using the Brita water filter system here for a year now, and it absolutely does work. There is no trace of hard water deposits in our heavily used kettle, and the water tastes great. If you read and follow the instructions it does not leave little black bits in the water. I use the filter for a good six weeks (rather than the four weeks it calls for) before replacing it, and have still not seen any lime scale. I do a lot of comparison shopping, and Amazon is the cheapest place I have seen to buy them, as well. It is worth it.
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After years of putting up with foul tasting water, kettles that didn't last for more than a year and tea / coffee with a scummy residue on top I decided to purchase a water filter. We have been using it now for a couple of months and I have noticed a huge difference in the taste of the water, the look of my tea and coffee and also my kettle doesn't seem to be furring up like it used to.

The Brita jug comes with one cartridge and a sensor which tells you when it is time to change it. It suggests four weeks use but the cartridges do say they last for 100 uses which is roughly a jug refill three times a day for the whole month. If you don't use your water jug that much then the cartridge will last a bit longer even if the sensor tells you to change it.

If you have a Brita Maxtra water filter jug then you do need to purchase these Maxtra water filter cartridges, you can't get away with trying to purchase less expensive ones.

These cartridges come in boxes of four or ten with it being more economical to purchase ten. However, the larger box takes up more storage and you need to outlay more money at the start. I tend to go for the boxes of four as I find it hard to purchase items that are going to last ten months and I just plan to buy more when I need them.

Each of the cartridges are individually packaged in the box so they stay fresh until opened which means that it isn't a problem if you do decide to buy the larger pack.

The cartridges easily click into place inside the inner section of the water filter - just remember not to pull off the ring pull part otherwise they will be difficult to remove - I speak from experience here!
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on 16 June 2016
Cartridges run out quite quickly and these are quite expensive.
I expected that if I was away on holiday and not using the filter then it would still be at the same level when I returned - not so..
Also there are lots of black particles and other unidentifiable objects floating in the filtered water.
review image review image review image
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on 13 May 2015
I have a Brita jug, which has been replaced by other Brita jugs over the years, so I need to buy these cartridges and have not tried any other brand for comparison. If you live in a hard water area, as I do, filtered water makes a huge difference to the quality of your drinking water, tea, coffee, etc. I always shop around for the cheapest deals as prices vary a lot. This 12 month box will last me about 6 months as my water is so hard, I have to replace the filter every two weeks, when cups of tea start getting scummy. Obviously not Brita's fault, just don't be fooled by the 12 months supply indications on the box - it all depends how hard your water is.
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on 16 February 2011
Four years ago, use of the filter cartridges allows me to drink better-tasting water.
Since last year, I observed the following in my cartridges:
- broken netting in cartridges, allowing particles to escape
- tiny black particles in my water after pouring from Brita jug
So, I feel as if the quality of cartridges made have gone downhill.
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Where I live - Twickenham- the water is very hard (I measured it as having a ph of 8.5 yesterday). This isn't unhealthy as such, but it makes limescale build up in the kettle, and from a gardening point of view makes it difficult for plants to get any nutrients from the water when it's that extreme.

These filters make it a lot better, reducing it to an almost neutral reading of 7.2 - which will make my kettle last much longer. Tea, coffee and food all taste better when using them.

They're meant to last for 30 days according to the literature, but I had one working constantly for 2 months without too much deterioration when I was hard up.

Really worth going to the trouble of purchasing - you'll never go back to straight tap water again!

It will also prolong the life of your water-based kitchen devices like the kettle or the espresso machine if you only use water filtered through the jug first.
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on 12 July 2016
Absolute bargain!!!! I use in conjunction with my morphy Richards Redifine Hot Water Dispenser if i dont then the water is absolutely discusting and full of scale. I have compated the cost of 1 filter in the supermarket to buying in bulk from amazon

1 in asda was £5-6
3x on amazon £8 free del with prime

So as you can see it was an absolute no brainer as to which i was going to purchase

I replace as adviced once every 4 weeks i have stretched to 5 weeks once and i noticed a huge decrease in the quality of my water already it already started to taste bitter and i was getting very small amounts of scale in my tea and a build up around dispenser nozzles. So i would definitely advice changing on the 4 week advisory.

I will be purchasing these again and again to save myself pennies every little helps right

You can buy in x3 x6 x9 and x12
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on 15 June 2016
Very much required for people who are in hard water area. The comparison in taste of tap water and filtered through Brita will show you how much worth this is. A definite winner with family and friends. We have recommended this to many of our friends.

The downside is that the cartridges run out every month. Brita should look in to build a long life one may be 6 month or yearly ones. That way the maintenance cost can be lowered and also less land-fill.
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