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Customer reviews

4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars

on 3 January 2009
I have just rebought this item, planning to renew my very sucessful experience with the step program some 10 years ago.

I can honestly say the step was the most effective weight loss program I have ever done and generally I hate excercise so thats saying something.

As for the step itself , I've tried cheaper ones, but they move, split and creak and are not big enough or sturdy enough, this is the original and the best and has never been cheaper than it is now.

I agree with the other reviewer that the DVD that comes with it is rubbish, I think it's the same one they used over 10 years, it's certainly familiar except it was a video then! You NEED a good step program.

I would recommend GIN MILLER's DVD's (google her!) start with the EVERYBODY STEPS, when you get better try her INTENSE MOVES, it might look easy but an hour of that will have rapid affects even at the lower level program, I used to do a hour morning and night at my most enthusiastic but it is NOT advised to do so much, (but when you get rapid results it can be addictive so be careful not to damage yourself) they only suggest 3-4 times a week. Generally use common sense and follow the program and you'll do well.

Highly recommended product.
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on 17 April 2009
A sturdy, well constructed step. I trust it to not creak or wobble like others on the market. Also it's huge! So when dancing around on it you're not aslikely to trip or miss it halfway through the routine. I chose to buy this step because it can be adjusted from 15-25cm (6-10") unlike some other steps that are alot lower. If you're going to invest in a step this one is well worth the money.

Yes, the DVD that comes with it is simply a copy of the video made years ago when it first came out, but its a decent workout. It has approx 45 minutes of step routine incorporating the major step moves along with arm movements to get you sweating, and then has approx 15 minutes of abs and arms along with a cooldown. Yes its a little old looking, the quality isn't crystal and the people in it look a tad like zombies, but if you follow the routine it will give you a damn good workout. As it comes free with the DVD I think its well worth it and will definately be using it as part of my regular workouts. But do invest in a few other DVD and videos to mix up your daily routine :)

Buy this step!!
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 30 June 2010
I hate the gym but I need to get fit. I did step aerobics when they first came to prominence and always felt like I got a good workout. I haven't exercised for years so I thought buying a step for home use would be the best idea.
As long as you have a decent sized space in a room where you have a DVD player so that you can easily move around the step without bumping into furniture and raise your arms without knocking out a light fitting you will be fine.

It is quite large but it needs to be to take your weight and allow you to do the routines. It doesn't sag in the middle or creak or slip and it is very well made.

The accompanying DVD isn't split into a beginners then intermediary then advanced section as I had hoped, and I gamely tried to work along with it, but I am so out of practice that I really need a beginners DVD to get me into the swing of doing the steps again.
So the DVD which comes free with it is probably a bit too fast moving for beginners.
However I watched it through and it does seem to give a very good workout once you have got the hang of the steps and got your arm movements in synch. I was well sweaty after about 14 minutes.
As recommended by other reviewers I looked on Amazon for Gin Miller workout DVD but can't see any.
In fact most of the step DVD's on Amazon at the time of writing are not Region 2 for playing in the UK.
I have chosen a VHS [yes I still have a player wired up to my telly and DVD player] - "Keli Roberts - The Ultimate Step Workout" because it has the largest number of good reviews from customers. I couldnt see a copy on DVD though.
This one apparently IS split into sections so you can work your way up to an advanced level.
Once I have worked through that one for a bit I will then revisit the free DVD which came with the step.
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on 22 November 2009
this really is great -I think I am going to definitely lose weight with this as it is pretty hard - I even have it on the lowest height. The dvd is actually fine and great to have - the people in the film take it seriously and to me that is less annoying than the happy smiley exercise people. I have not been able to master all the moves straight away and have done the exercises 3 or 4 times now - which I think is better as it is a challenge. There is a more of a challenge with the press ups and sit-ups which will have to come later! Definitely recommend this
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on 29 April 2008
I received this step today and for the most part I am very pleased. The step itself is great, very sturdy and easy to adjust. You can use it at 3 different heights 6", 8" and 10". I would suggest that if you haven't excercised in a while or are new to stepping to use it at the lowest height.

The only downside is the workout DVD that comes with it. Rubbish is an understatement. It is very poorly made and repeats several times at the beginning. The instructor is useless. She is just a head on a group of monitors. There is a god awful band that is there with the workout group and the music they play is just awful. It is the most uninspiring workout video/DVD i have ever had. I would suggest you invest in a better one and throw this one in the garbage as it is the best place for it.
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on 3 March 2009
I attended step classes for six months, along with spinning and the gym. Step was fantastic, because the moves were easy to learn and it was was low impact and effective. I decided to purchase the Reebok stepper and have never looked back, contray to other people's opinions on the video included. I think that it's very good! Because it's easy to follow and incorporates all the movements that you would usually perform in a step class.

This is the one of the best 'home steps' that you can buy! I highly recommend it againist other ones currently out on the market as they are too small, flimsey and not higher enough. Currently, Reebok is selling its steppers without the video for the same price; so to get a video included is a bonus, as its FREE!

Stop Complaining!
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on 17 April 2011
There are cheaper "steps" out there but this one is worth the extra cost. It is gym quality and will last for many years. The one we received, in excellent packaging, has been in use for a few weeks now and is perfect for use as an aerobic step plus for other uses such as tricep dips and for chest presses. It also doubles as a suitable bench seat for the grandchildren! The adjustable, clip out feet are stiff to use at the moment but will free up as time goes on. I much prefer this to others I have used which fall out when you move the step. An excellent piece of kit for your home workouts.

The DVD provided is a little dated and in not PAL format so it does not play on some DVD players. It works fine on my computer and also on a recent DVD player but not on the older one in our "home gym". This isn't a problem for us but is worth noting.
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on 7 April 2011
I purchased this after failing yet again to go to the gym, I don't have much room in the house for large equipment and figured I could put this away when not in use.

I was a little worried about the quality of the DVD after reading the other reviews here, but mine came with the Gin Miller 20th Anniversary DVD with the drummers, it's a very intense workout and supposedly her best?

I'm very unfit so have only managed ten minutes so far!

The step is very robust and sturdy, I feel confident with it and look forward to using it alot more.
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VINE VOICEon 23 May 2009
The Reebok step is a 'gym quality' piece of equipment- large, sturdy and durable. This is the one to get if you want a proper step which will not creak, bend or shift about, and it's unlikely you will ever need to buy another. The only step I would have got instead of this one is the Reebok Deck, it's more versatile than the step and the same sturdy quality, but it's a lot more money so I went for the step and am very happy with it. I know that gyms do use the Reebok step and Deck and they take a lot of use, I have never known one to break or wear out.

The 'legs' clip onto the main body in 3 possible ways so you have 3 possible heights for the step. It has a rubbery textured surface on the top and rubbery feet underneath so it's unlikely you'll skid. It's large enough to be used as a makeshift bench for chest press or pull-overs etc. and so it's well worth the space it takes up. On it's lowest setting it's low enough to go under most sofas, beds etc. for storage.

The DVD is very...80s. I quite liked it in a retro kinda way- it reminds me of 80s films! However, it is just an 80s VHS tape stuck on DVD and there are a lot of DVDs readily available which are a lot more up-to-date. I didn't buy it for the DVD so I don't mind it being a bit lame!

An excellent product.
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on 9 December 2011
The Step is too bumpy on the surface which doesn't allow you to lie on it comfortably or use without footwear.
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