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4.9 out of 5 stars
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on 28 May 2007
Even though they haven't released this album yet, i can almost guarentee that this album will be just as good as 'Into the Rush' and 'Acoustic hearts of Winter'. From what i've learnt, the girls are trying different styles just from listening to their upcoming single 'Potential Breakup song' which can be seen as an electro-pop song rather than their usual pop/rock styles. Keep up the great work girls.

By the way, i'm actually this reviewers son, my dad only did the book reviews, i do the music reviews.
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VINE VOICEon 14 August 2007
Ok, I know. It doesn't sound too promising does it? Two blonde teen sisters singing Disney Teen Pop is enough to turn anyone right off isn't it? And normally I would agree, but there is something borderline genius about the recent single from Aly & AJ, Potential Break Up Song.

Now I'm not one to say such a thing lightly, but it's good enough to be a Girls Aloud single. It's three and a half minutes are packed with more invention than you'll find in the entire Hard-Fi back catalogue and shows an exuberant personality not often found in American by-the-numbers pop.

Of course the real thing to ask is whether or not this is a one-off, or indicative of the new album as a whole?

Tracks such as Bullseye, Like Whoa and Like It Or Leave It prove that the brilliant single was not simply a one-off but sadly there are a lot of tracks that also show that overall they've not moved that far from their previous style.

In many ways that makes this an ideal album for their fan base. It's got enough of what you would expect if you liked what you've heard previously, but also shows just enough invention to keep those same fans hooked.

More, ahem, mature pop lovers may not need to concern themselves with this album as a whole, but there are a smattering of pop classics that will keep even the most cynical of listeners on their toes.
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on 23 October 2007
this is the first Aly & Aj album i've bought ad it's great! i'm glad they tryed to break the UK because they are really good. my fave tracks are: Potential Break Up Song, Like Whoa,Silence and If I Could Have You Back.
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on 10 February 2008
After buying Aly & AJ's first album 'Into The Rush' and loving it I was very excited to hear that they were releasing 'Insomniatic'.

I got this album in July because I brought it from America.

1.Potential Breakup Song 10/10- Nice electronic beats. Different to their first album

2.Bullseye 9/10-Great, catchy song

3.Closure 8/10 probably my least favourite song off the album but i still love it!!

4.Division% 10/10- A great song. I like the chorus and their voices

5.Like It Or Leave It 9/10 - A great fast song great fast beats and words.

6.Like Whoa 9/10- Another good song with a great chorus, it like the way it edges into the chorus. This is also the second single lifted off the album.

7.Insomniatic 10/10 - A more edgier rock song. I love the beats and words.

8.Silence 10/10 One of my faves. I love the words and their voices.

9.If I Could Have You Back 9/10 - Great fast pace song

10.Blush 10/10- Not included on the UK Edition. Not sure why. It is great, slow, their voices sound great and the words are nice.

11.Flattery 9/10/ I like the eastern beats to the song.

12. I'm Here 10/10- A great closing to the album. Great chorus and voices.

13. Chemicals React (Remix)9/10. A good remix to the first single
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on 1 November 2012
So they may not be as 'well-known' as a lot of other female artists out there at the moment.
So they may be 'Disney' Stars.
So what? This album is in my top favourites, and I own a lot of music albums!
Catchy, infectious, pop-rock tunes to blare out your CD player, what more could you want?!
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on 29 September 2007
I love Aly & A.j's music, Into the Rush and Acoustic Hearts of Winter were awesome, so i had to buy this one.
Okay i admit at first i was a little worried, i heard clips of the songs and they weren't as good as their old ones but after listening to them the second time i loved it and couldn't get enough. The songs are catchy, upbeat and still have a great message.

potential break-up song - Different from their usual style but great 10/10
Bulleseye - great guitar, beat and vocals 10/10
Closure - nice tune, great 'getting over break-up' track 9/10
Division - fantastic ballad, mixes both girls voices perfectly 9/10
Like it or leave it - soooo catchy, great intro, beat, vocals and mixes of sounds 10/10
Like whoa - the intro and the verses just build up to the awesome chorus 'whoa, whoa'! 10/10
Insomniatic - the title track, brilliant rocking sound 9/10
Silence - Probably my fav on the album, just beautiful music, vocals and lyrics 10/10
If i could have you back - the sound of the music is just... wow, love it! 9/10
Blush - great message, amazing and aly's voice is beautiful 10/10
Flattery - love it love it! suits aj's voice to a t' 10/10
I'm here - lovely music and tune, both voices perfect! 10/10
Chemical's react (remix) - the song was great the first time round and still is 10/10
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on 22 October 2008
The first time that I discovered the blond duo was on Flashbox on The Hits. Someone had requested Potential breakup song, and I was immediately captivated by the song. The lyrics, the music and the aura that these girls were venting was amazing. I didn't know back then just how much of a great experience it was to discover them, in all their glory. By the time I had heard the song a couple of times I just had to own the song, so I looked on Amazon for their latest album, which featured this song on it and the rest is history. I figured that if this song was this good then the rest of the album must be pretty darn good too. I was absolutely right. I wasn't expecting too much from the album and the main reason I bought it was for Potential breakup song.
I have to note that I chose to purchase the US version because it has a much better cover and I saw it featured another track, which is Blush. Do not be fooled by this though because Blush is not included on the album (or at least not on my copy!).
If a cynic or a critic looked at these blond teenagers, who were launched by the Disney channel, it would be pretty easy to judge them and guess what kind of music they would write. The fact that they write their own music at all would and I'm sure it has, surprised critics and delight them at the same time. I love that though because they do surprise the ignorant people so much in terms of talent. Compared with bands who wrote music at a later age you can see just how talented these girls are. For instance, Good Charlotte's debut album has nothing on this and they were at least a few years older and more experienced. At the time that this album was written Aly was 18 and AJ was 16, and for 16 and 18 year olds they are incredibly impressive. They obviously have huge talent, God bless them.

The first time that I listened to the album I wasn't impressed. None of the songs other than Potential breakup songs really stood out. However, the day after I listened again and I was enthralled. The more I listen to this album the more I appreciate it and the better it gets; in terms of song writing, musicians and musicality. The more I get to know the girls, the more I feel grateful to have found them, and this album especially. I don't really care how they've charted in the US or that they have little popularity in the UK. Their music and their talent, not just in music but also in acting, is clear for anyone to see. Aly and AJ don't get the credit they deserve, especially in America. Anyone who rates Miley Cyrus above these doesn't appreciate music.

The guitarist work on this whole album, in every track is awesome. As a guitarist myself I can really appreciate all of the elements that are inserted into every track. The effects and feeling is just great and I can't fault any of it, only praise it. The guitars are played by a guy called Tim Pierce on all songs and he is a great guitarist. Paul Bushnell plays bass and he does a fantastic job as well.
The girls had more room to experiment with this album and the record label were generous enough to let this happen, with a very positive result. The production is fantastic and it has helped the girls have that ambience that occurs in every song. Every piece of musician work is amazing and that includes drumming and keyboards. Aly shows her great talent on the live piano featured on I'm here, which is a beautiful song and a beautiful piece. She plays rhodes on the beautiful Silence and does an impressive and sophisticated job. I was surprised when I discovered that she had played these instruments but I appreciated the songs even more. Aly and AJ are both great singers and their vocals are strong and vivid, but especially Aly who has the stronger voice. She has to be the best of her generation in pop music, especially for this genre. She must be somewhere alongside Jordin Sparks, if the types of music is compared. .

The album is a mix of different and varied elements. There are driving pop songs with a rock edge and then there are softer and melodic songs, but they all maintain that pop sound.
Potential breakup song is one of the strongest on the album and is a great kick-start in terms of the feeling of the album. Bullseye is another driving pop song with great humour. Closure is the surprise on the album where the sound is smarter and the melodies and lyrics are intelligent and sophisticated. Divison has a great softer sound. Like it or leave it, which is my personal favourite has the most rock sound next to If I could have you back. The chorus is quick and the lyrics are clever with 'I'm worth all the crap that I'm putting you through'. Like Whoa sounds similar to Bullseye and goes back to the driving pop sound. Insomniatic is a strong and impressive title track. The fact that they have defined a new word is cool enough but the song itself sounds great. Silence is a beautiful song with soft melodies. Aly's voice is perfect and compliments the melody, as well as her great musician work. Flattery is a softer song, which has a great sound. I'm here is the other softest on the album with fantastic musician work and a brilliant way to finish the album. The final song is a remix of Chemicals react. It fits in well with the feeling of the album and is smooth and beautiful in the verse with a rock edge in the chorus.
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on 2 June 2013
This review comes from an internet game. You buy an album you've never heard of from a shop. Then you write your impression of it before and after listening to it for the first time.


WHY DID YOU SELECT THIS ONE? Two pretty girls on the cover of what was self-evidently a pop album.

WHAT DO YOU THINK OF THE COVER? Two pretty blondes against a grey background. Not Earth shatteringly creative, but it works well enough and does what it needs to do.

WHAT TYPE OF MUSIC ARE YOU REALISTICALLY EXPECTING? Standard major label American pop music with synths. Probably Kelly Clarkson meets Avril Lavigne. So as you can see I'm not expecting any wheels to be reinvented or genres up ended.

BEST CASE SCENARIO IT WILL SOUND LIKE? Good pop music with lyrics that dare to saying things in an unusual way.

WORST CASE SCENARIO IT WILL SOUND LIKE? Bad pop music with weak generic lyrics and painfully screeched vocals.

HIGH, LOW OR MIDDLING EXPECTATIONS? Slightly above middling.

ANY OTHER COMMENTS? Curiously when I Googled for the cover art I got lots of different covers. They must have used lots of covers all over the world, or it's been re-released many times.


WHAT DID IT SOUND LIKE? Standard pop music without much in the way of whizz-bang explosions to get your attention. The two girls sing in a very smooth style. This makes me think a lot of later manipulation has taken place to get their voices this frictionless. The sound of the instruments come across as being a little clinical. There's no space or ambience of the room they are being played in. It sounds to me like the instruments were performed in someone's cramped bedroom and then mixed together using computer software. The whole thing feels Pro Tooled 'in the box' at all stages of the production. It's a very digital album. They've smoothed everything out and went too far with it.

DID YOU LIKE IT? It was pleasant but not memorable on first listen. It all sounds very nice, but the so-so songwriting and the synthetic production ultimately renders it a bit bland. It was okay.

DID IT SATISFY, SURPASS OR FAIL YOUR EXPECTATIONS? I was hoping for more interesting lyrics and stronger melodies. What I got was fine though, so it only misses my expectations by a small amount.


1. Potential Breakup Song 3:39 (7 out of 10)
2. Bullseye 3:01 (7 out of 10)
3. Closure 2:49 (5 out of 10)
4. Division (÷) 3:44 (5 out of 10)
5. Like It Or Leave It 3:17 (4 out of 10)
6. Like Whoa 2:30 (6 out of 10)
7. Insomniatic 2:47 (6 out of 10)
8. Silence 3:33 (5 out of 10) Uninspired attempt at a stripped down ballad.
9. If I Could Have You Back 2:52 (6 out of 10) Lots of autotune.
10. Flattery 4:08 (6 out of 10)
11. I'm Here 4:05 (5 out of 10)
12. Chemicals React [Remix] 2:55 (6 out of 10)

Overall 6 out of 10.

WOULD YOU RECOMMEND IT TO OTHERS? I guess so, though there are a lot of other albums I would give the nod to over this.

PLEASE DESCRIBE AND SUM IT UP IN ONE SENTENCE. Standard, rather bland, pop music with a slightly sterile sound and smooth female vocals.


It turns out that Aly starred in a film called Bandslam (2009). It's worth seeing as it's good for the type of thing it is.


HOW MANY TIMES DO YOU THINK YOU HAVE PLAYED IT? About four or five times as an album and quite a lot on shuffle.

HAS THE ALBUM IMPROVED OR WORSENED WITH TIME? Massively improved. It's a very consistent album of good to great pop songs.

IN WHAT WAY, IF ANY, HAS YOUR OPINION CHANGED? The production no longer sounds so plastic and as computer manipulated as it did when I first heard it. I also appreciate the quality songwriting more. The album is the complete package of excellent songs, intricate production and strong female singers.

ANY PREVIOUSLY UNNOTICED SONGS NOW A NEW FAVOURITE? Pretty much every song. `Potential Breakup Song' is a great pop classic. I don't think there's a single average song here. 'Silence' is probably as bad as it gets, and it's pretty decent. I would very strongly recommend the album.
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on 24 October 2014
I have loved Aly and Aj for the past couple of years, I think their music has an individual taste. Aly and Aj are the best that have come out of Disney and has been normal. Their third album Insomniatic is outstanding, I love every song on the album, I particularly love potential break up song + like whoa. I would definitely recommend this album to anybody who loves the sound of rock + pop. I give this album a 10/10.
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on 15 May 2013
These girls are amazing! This album is a must own for anyone who loves good pop music with a rock soul! This is real music, with many different elements.

The girls have a new album coming out later this year and a single/music video has already been filmed for summer release called 'HotHouse.'

The girls did an a capella spoof for the single's hook on their official keek. (@78violet) This new album is said to have as much soul to it, but it's going to be different. Definitely worth checking Insomniatic out first.
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