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Moto GP 07 (Xbox 360)
Price:£19.95+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

on 17 March 2017
very good
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on 4 December 2008
I bought this game just on everyone else's reviews. I was wandering if it was worth buying, but it really is! Amazing graphics, great gameplay and the bike customization is just brilliant. As well as the MotoGP bikes + season, you get a class called extreme, sorta like street bikes, and a lot more fun than the MotoGP, they makes the game as good as it is. I highly recommend you buy this, as is brilliant on and offline!
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on 4 November 2007
Ive played all the Moto GP games that have been out on the Xbox and 360 and whilst I was a fan of the earlier ones the news ones just frustrate me. There seems to have been a total lack of effort put into this game, and I suspect it has turned into a nice cash cow for THQ. Sure the graphics are great, but the refresh rate is appalling, producing at times very jerky gameplay. Add to this the irritating fact that in Career mode you have to design your own bike. Why has this been a feature of this game for so long? It means I end up spending a few hours trying to make my bike look like a GP bike and it just doesnt happen! The options for creating your bike are the same as back on the original Xbox. If they are going to force us to use our own designed bikes at least put in a decent customization system like Forza 2 or PGR4! I just want to ride a Ducati, okay, in red with Marlboro advertising. I dont want to ride an Ilmor with a paint job that looks like its been designed by a 3 year old. Next up is the computer AI, which is seriously lacking. Its more like dodgems than racing and the AI bikes seem oblivious of anything on their "racing line". I put the game onto "Pro" mode expecting a reasonable challenge for only starting the game. In your first season on an Ilmor you can ride round the outside of Stoner without even breaking a sweat. Amusingly my road bike accelerates 0-60 quicker than half the bikes do in this game... hmmm! Nice realism there! Then we have the qualifying. I can be 2 seconds a lap of the pace in qualifying, start at 20th and be first by turn one in the race. If you want an arcade special then this is it, its nice looking and if you dont take a fit looking at the jerky play then Im sure its wonderful. As a sim its poor, you get no sense of racing or realism and for a game thats in its nth incarnation I would expect an awful lot more. Thank goodness I only rented this game out and didnt spend my hard earned on it.
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on 2 January 2012
to be honest i would spend the money on another game.....
most the games i have bought have some playability and attraction and even fun this game is complete tosh grafix are rubbish sounds are rubbish.
its totaly unrealistic you fly past other riders like you have a lightspeed button down the straight? then crash coz its then seems you have no brakes?
if you are a biker seeing rossi on the front might erge you to buy it like me ? dont.
i only paid £3.49 in total for this game including postage secondhand that was to much...its now on the bay bye bye
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on 2 February 2008
Moto GP 07 is a narrow improvement on 06 i.e. updated drivers/teams slightly better handling and physics but THQ haven't stretched themselves. For an exclusive racing game they really should do more in the way of expanding the extreme mode maybe and improving the AI. The frame rate , as another user mentioned, is terrible and the online is shallow in most places. And antoher thing that bugs me is the volume of activity in the sky I think every circuit has a plane or something flying over for no reason.
However with all the bad bits aside its a solid racer with decent graphics and good physics. However if THQ want moto GP 08 to be a commerical success they should include different non- moto GP modes apart from extreme mode maybe a manufacuters cup or the 125 and 250CC races where you have to work your way up in a managerial form doing testing etc.
Improve the AI so thay arn't all kamakazi pilots.
Improve the online modes and lobby functons
Add commentry even if its non-official
Improve the customising bike setting
Add useful unlockables like secret tracks or ex riders or videos etc
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on 22 November 2009
If you like Moto GP this is a good choice. Not the best racer you'll ever play but good enough.

Presentation is very good, graphics are good, sound is good but like all bike games is gets a bit dull after a while. They just don't generate any atmosphere.

In single player you can do a championship as a rider of your choice. You also get a career mode as yourself and an extreme championship which is just street racing around the world. Still good, and bit easier and more exciting than the track based championship. You earn points, get seeded, earn cash to upgrade and all that.

As you unlock the higher levels of difficulty the game does get more difficult, nee frustrating. Bikes are less responsive, more speed but need more braking and a tendency for every rider to bunch up on you and cause you to crash. A lot. After a while it gets tedious trying to finish a race without falling on your butt.

This is a good bike racer but it does require a bit of tolerance.
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on 14 May 2014
60 frames per second very good graphics ......2013 moto gp needed to learn from this....milestone s 2013 game the bikes look good the riders look good but everything else looked like a ps2game..low res.......07.....is a very good game....
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on 5 August 2007
Having had Moto GP 06 and enjoyed it , I was looking forward to the next one. To cut long story short , download the demo and enjoy. Graphics are excellent and game play is slightly easier. I'm sure the full game will deliver. Online play was very fast and generally glitch free ( how DO people jump and stutter thier bikes??? ). As with most 360 online games if you buy early you can at least compete before the players with alot of time on thier hands make races boringly predictable.
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on 3 August 2008
This game delivers... the feel is excellent, circuit graphics are very good. Online play is a blast. Speed wobble on acceleration.. high sides.. it has it all. Very smooth game... Buy it!
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on 4 March 2013
Horrific, brought in january.... Still not here. Honestly I'm glad I brought my brother other games as he hasn't noticed it. Not worth it at all.
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