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on 27 October 2007
Pro Evolution (PE) as a series have always held my utmost respect. New additions in the series have evolved the game with subtle improvements. This new PE however, represents a backward step. The game is still good compared to other football titles, however in the context of the PE series the game is a complete failure because PE6 and possibly PE5 are superior.

To begin with the graphics are weaker than PE 6. Faces are blurred and in some cases (ie. Lampard, Ashley Cole)the faces in PE 2008 are very different to real life. To exacerbate matters the player apperance edit mode has been downsized so i cannot reverse these mistakes. The game picture is the same or maybe worse than PE 6.

Second, the licence position is weaker. The old trafford stadium is absent now along with Arsenal and Chelsea grounds, while the existing stadiums are the same as PE 6 in graphics quality. Man Utd and Arsenal licensed kits are gone as well, and again no German teams exist but for Munich. Licensed boots which were in PE 6 have disappeared too.

The gameplay is weaker than PE 6. The player cursor goes on the wrong player, when the guy it should have gone on was in a better position. Heading is more difficult and shots seem slow. PE 2008 plays lacklustre. In addition, the realism of football has been lost to an arcade simulation with big scores the ordinary. The opposition also has little invention in scoring. Instead players will simply walk through my defence to score, having on the way through pushed my players away. This part is infuriating and resembles rugby or american football more than real football.

The worst part however is in the presentation of the game. The new music DJ is inappropriate, the title screen is poor and the use of CAPITAL LETTERS for club and team names is extremely annoying because I have never seen real football matches where everything is capitalised. This mistake again detracts from the realism of the game.

My conclusion is that PE 6 is superior to PE 2008. I appreciate that its difficult to significantly improve PE 6, and maybe this is why Konami has meddled with other parts of PE (ie. presentation), but no excuses can be offered for this shambolic addition to the PE series. It is a real shame. By ripping off faithful PE supporters the whole series has been spoilt. It is no fun anymore.
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on 5 July 2008
I'm quite disappointed of this version of Pro Evo, I thought this will have better graphics and game play, but I was totally let down. Pro Evo 8's game play is, more or less, the same as Pro Evo 6. This game is only worth buying if you want updated team members for club, country, etc. That's about it. The graphics hasn't been improved at all.

I'm not too bothered with the new sets of menus and music that everyone is getting annoyed of. I guess the reason why this game is so expensive at the moment is because of the new graphical menus they have introduced to game, rather than improving the the game play and the actual graphics of the game.
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on 26 October 2007
This game is barely even an update.
Graphics are exactly the same as PES 6.
Seems like player stats are even the same, eg Fabregas still has rubbish stats.
Players arent all in the right team , eg Yakubu still at Boro.
Gameplay is slightly different, dribbling and passing and ball control all generally slower. Shooting is a bit different but at least the keepers are better.
None of the new features such as diving etc included. How hard could it have been to add that in?
Only major change is the menu's!
Commentary improved by using Clive Tyldsley (I Think), but then the improvement is negated by having Mark Lawrenson as summariser.
Some new options like World Challenge where it sets you missions such as win a game without being offside, score a goal with a substitute etc.
Overall, A good game if you dont have PES 6 otherwise its a major disappointment.If you have PES 6, save your £30 and put it towards a PS3.
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on 29 October 2007
I spent a large time over the summer waiting for the next PES game only to find when I actually collected it I was left disappointed.
I have the PS2 version and have the same gripes as every other PES fan.
The game engine is basically the same, the players somehow look worse than on PES6!
Gone have the easily accessable menus to be replaced with new and very much annoying ones, complete with irritating music.
Also for some Bizzare reason all the players names are in block capitals - why?
Where is the diving and shirt pulling?
The overall game play also seems slower than before, unless thats just me?
Although there are some good points to the game, the commenty is much more bearable and they have fixed the problem where play would continue for 5 seconds after an ofside decision.

I thought Konami would have brought out a stunner, instead what we got was a donkey!
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VINE VOICEon 16 April 2008
Some history... I've been playing Pro Evo since it was ISS on the PS1; I think i first got it in about 2000 / 2001. I'm not a games fan. This is literally the only game I play. In about 2003 I got an XBox to play it on after being advised that it was better than PS2. (I'm not sure of that now!)

When PES6 came out I nicked an old PS2 off my girlfriend's brother and bought it, cos there was no XBox version. I'm a Classic Teams man, so the 18 'spare' teams suited me brilliantly - I spent months making a whole host of classic teams, from AS Roma, Arsenal, Barca, Real Madrid, Man Utd, Milan, Bayern,to some less predictable choices like Napoli, Botafogo and the 53/54 Hungary team (man, the research I did on that team...). I put in hundreds of hours playing and editing. Hundreds and hundreds. So I wasn't really up for getting PES2008 and having to do it all again if the new version wasn't better.

I finally relented and bought PES 2008 after having another two penalties saved in one match last Sunday morning. Penalties and free kicks in PES 6 were absolutely ruined - I went from a 1/4 or 1/5 success rate from free kicks to... well, I think I scored two direct free kicks in the whole time I played PES 6, one 35-yard screamer with Zico and one reverse-swinger with Van Persie. Stupid. I also have approximately 60% of all penalties taken during a game (i.e. not shoot-out) saved, no matter where I place them or who takes them. Enough's enough.

So I've only played about twenty games of PES 2008 so far, and not been awarded a penalty, but the few shootable free kicks I've been awarded have felt like I could score off them; panicked the keeper into a clumsy save or hit the woodwork, rather than sailing into row Z, and certainly seemed an improvement - the player taking it actually appeared to be shooting rather than just kicking randomly.

Other than that... passing animation is altered (improved, I'd say), and overall the gameplay is faster, more frenetic than PES 6 - less Serie A, more Premiership, but that suits me - I like to attackattackattack. Sliding tackle timings are altered, and defensive AI seems better in the opposition. Shooting in general seems improved too - when you hit the ball hard it really feels like it's flying now, and I've scored handful of screamers with Zico and Rivellinho already.

The new commentary is also a boon! I generally play with it switched off while listening to music, but when I do have it on it doesn't offend me now. Although Mark Lawrenson does sound as if he's on beta-blockers and watching a different game. But I guess that's quite authentic...

Names in capitals is annoying, and the squad selection for the European Cup / Americas Cup is stupid and annoying (who are these fake players on page two, where are the last four or five members of my squad?). Having the icon saying what song's playing in the top corner is annoying as hell when you've got BGM music turned right down. And they've made some stupid decisions about players in the PES Shop and Classic Teams (and the special haircuts! how annoying!), but everything else seems to work. I've edited in Tostao, Garrincha, Muhren and a couple of others already, and culled stats for Di Stefano, Boniek etc from online forums so I can put them back in where they belong.

So... my conclusion, so far, is that I prefer this version, just a little.

Long hours of editing in all my ridiculous classic teams ahead...
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on 13 March 2008
I must admit that I put off buying this game for a few months due to the adverse publicity and less than brilliant reviews it had been getting. Finally 2 weeks ago I cracked. Being (like many others I suspect) someone who has had ALL the previous pro evo games, I was surprised at what I've come to think about this one.

Let's start with the negatives here:

Lack of licences for English premier league teams. The Dutch league is great and all, but come on guys - you really need to sort something out here.

The background music has gotten worse! Hard to imagine, I know - but this music sounds like Satan on a casio. It quite literally hurt my ears with it's prolific and utter rubbishness. On the plus side, this can be turned off. I did this and listened to a rolling stones CD as I played , I highly recommend you do the same.

Commentary. For a start, Lawro is hardly Mr Excitement at the best of times. Here, it seems like he's taken a couple of valium. It also doesn't help when Jon champion exclaims "it's there!" when in fact the ball's run out for a corner?

Now for the pluses:

Gameplay has been much improved. I've read various reviews stating that the gameplay is identical to pro evo 6 when it patently is not. For a start, the game is harder. Passing/retaining the ball has become somewhat trickier. Your opponents now seem to spot their own (and indeed your team's) weakness and act accordingly. Shooting has become more intuative - something which may result in a few wide and wild shots when you start.

Kits/teams can be edited. It's a bit of a pain, sure. But still better than nothing.

I guess it all comes down to what you value most.
Gameplay and a real thrill when grinding out a 1-0 win against a so-called better team? Or slick presentation, premier league licence and mediocre, predictable gameplay with no relation at all to the real beautiful game.

On reflection, I'll take pro evo...warts and all.
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on 19 November 2007
I agree title menus and music(turn it off) are terrible

Gameplay - Despite other reviews it has improved. I play the master league so it may not be as noticible on the multi-player version. Previous version I won every game on top level, now the computer has improved and can score goals from any position and it is a fight to win matches. Graphically no major improvements as I think the PS2 has been pushed as far as it can go but there are improvements in movement and shooting.

So you are getting an improvement on previous version with updated players. The menus do not detract from the overall quality.

If you are a Spurs fan sign, Shaw & Schwartz both 18yrs old and provide much needed balance as they are left footed
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on 26 October 2007
I like most people who play pro evo, have been waiting ages for this game to come out. As soon as I had a copy and i was home, i raced to the ps2, unwapped, and i was expecting something fresh. all i can say is that it was a major disappointment.

The gameplay feels just slightly different, but only very slightly. There is no new feel to the game. All the new skills promised dont come on the ps2 version. The teams are obvouisly updated with the new squads, however the graphics are exactly the same, and even felt worse due to the disapointment. I knew the graphics wouldnt be exactly the same, but still, the fact that I was none the wiser about the fact that the ps2 version didnt contain the updates that the ps3 version does is a liberties. A complete con. Konami are obvoiusly expecting people to buy the game on the ps2 and realise that its the same game repackaged and then go and buy a ps3 with the pro evo for the ps3, so they are doubling their profits.

Unless you to want to get conned and done, wait to buy a ps3 because nothing much has changed, and as a loyal follower of the series I really feel that that was devious of Konami. Borderline false advertising.
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on 26 October 2007
Ive been a PES fan from the beginning and was hotly awaiting this new release. However after a few hours I am bitterly disappionted. There appears to be no real improvement. All the work seems to have gone on the AWFUL music and title/menu graphics. Konami have clearly concentrated on the next-gen PS3 and Xbox 360 versions. The PS2 versions graphics and gameplay are hardly improved from PES 6 and some features have even been left out.

Stick with PES 6. This is NOT worth the wait.
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on 26 October 2007
Do Not Buy This Game, its the biggest waste of money in a long time for me i cannot believe this game went ahead, konami have basically changed the menus on the game and updated the teams player, other than that this game is a joke no player stats have been updated the graphics have dropped in standard i.e michael owen who is actually on the cover looks nothing like himself, the gameplay is near enough completely the same im truly disgusted to say the least DONT BUY THIS GAME
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