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Without Feathers
Format: Audio CD|Change
Price:£6.98+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

on 11 July 2013
I was fortunate enough to stumble across the Stills on youtube recently and I instantly became addicted to their sound.

Most of the reviews here will tell you that it's not as good as their last record 'Logic will break your heart' and that it sounds too different. That's all fine, you're entitled to your own opinion but when you give an album 2 stars purely for being different you completely mislead people. The fact is that this is still a brilliant album!

Dave Hamelin definitely brings something more to the band by being a co-frontman (besides his ego).

The album is full of deep, clever lyrics, great vocals from both Hamelin and Tim Fletcher, catchy guitar hooks with just the right amount of complexity and the piano/organ combination is an absolute winner (very similar to Rami Jaffee's work in the Wallflowers). There's upbeat, anthemic songs like 'It takes time', 'Oh, shoplifter' and my favourite 'Destroyer' (who can resist falling in love with those trumpets?!) and plenty of more mellow tracks to keep fans of their earlier work happy.

So whether you're already familiar with The Stills or just looking for a new band to listen to, give them a try on youtube and then buy this excellent indie/alt rock album.

PS: Buy the US Import version, the song list and order on the UK version is all wonky.
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on 13 September 2006
You know how sometimes your tastes progress and CD's are left collecting dust, and then some time after you feel the sudden urge to listen to that CD again? Well I recently felt that with Logic Will Break Your Heart, The Stills' debut album. I remember absolutely loving that Montreal post-punk sound, and I still do now.

I decided to see if The Stills had a new album out (as one was due), and at the time it was near release. So I awaited its release eagerly, and when it was released I was very surprised, and disappointed. The sound and style has totally changed. Now I have nothing against bands changing their direction, if it's a prosperous direction; this is not the case with Without Feathers. Greg Paquet, the guitarist on the Logic album whom I respect alot, has left the band due to musical differences (I can understand why). Dave Hamelin (the drummer) has replaced Greg on guitar, found a new drummer and now that Liam guy has grown a beard and joined the band full-time, playing keys.

Without Feathers sounds alot more optimistic, piano is found everywhere; it generally sounds more pop than previous. Hamelin seems to have become a joint frontman. Nothing really jumps out on this record; there's certainly no radio hits here.

If you're expecting the sound and the slightly immature and angst lyrics (which were actually very good) from Logic, then you'll be deeply disappointed, as was I. With The Stills, I do feel that I've lost something that I will never get back. Hopefully The Stills will revert or Greg Paquet will start a new project.
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on 3 April 2014
great album,very good price.never heard of the stills till i heard this album,so cannot compare to their previous work.it is just a good album to listen to.
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on 12 August 2006
for fans of the first stills album "lola stars and stripes", it may be slightly strange at first to listen to this album where most of the songs are sung by the former drummer - Dave Hamelin. However when you consider the fact that he writes most of the songs anyway and sings one of the best songs on their debut album ("Yesterday never tomorrows"), it suddenly doesnt seem to matter.

the songs are musically more complex than the first album - with much stronger guitar work and powerful lyrics, loaded with images of frozen tundra. gone is the self pity that i feel made the first album sound slightly immature, replaced with a more aggressive tone (e.g "i will destroy you").

the best songs are "The Mountain", "She's Walking Out", "Helicopters", "Oh Shoplifter", "Halo the Harpoons" and "Baby Blues". Although there are good points in every song of the album. In my opinion the worst song is "In the End".

one point to note is that this album hasnt been actually released in the uk. this is quite baffling but hopefully this will be remedied soon so that a european tour can take place.

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on 25 May 2006
I have to be honest...i hated this album when I first bought it about a year ago (May 2006), all the intensity and power of "Logic Can Break Your Heart" had been diluted,leaving a weak collection of bar room bristle....but now I have re-visited this album and I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!.

Drummer/songwriter Dave Hamelin has stepped from behind his kit to become the frontman now and his bittersweet vocals and intelligent but obscure lyrics drive this album through many emotions and trauma.Bandmates Tim Fletcher and Damien O'Neill are also a big part of the songwriting,the former with a few interesting songs, the latter supplying some superb piano backing.

The majority of tracks have a folksy/bluesy feel in the tradition of The Band but with an individual slant. The Stills are still very much the same lyrically as their debut album but they have mellowed slightly and feel more mature and world weary.

Sadly,this album hasnt really troubled the charts but is due for re-release in June 2007 with some added tracks, so there may be a revival. If you loved "Logic", this album will take some listening but is well worth the listen,trust me...i hated it and now i love it!!!!
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on 8 October 2008
a 1 star review...that guy must be without ears !. i love this cd,different than the 1st,certainly,but no less worthy. personally i think the variety of styles displayed here add to the appeal.9 songs were written by vocalist,guitarist-D Hamelin(who did indeed also play drums on their debut).3 remaining tracks by vocalist,guitarist-T Fletcher. each sing their own creations.keyboardist L O'Neill co-wrote a number of tracks.(ok,5). i only opened The Stills page today hoping that they might have a new album out soon,great timing, only 2 weeks to wait,delighted. i love the debut,but at least that was fairly reviewed...so i will just say that if the new cd is anywhere nearly as good as this often underated album, i will continue to adore the band. to the curious,i say,buy Without Feathers. The Mountain, alone is worth the price of admission.
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on 24 June 2008
Having eagerly anticipated a follow up to Logic, I downloaded an early version of 'In The Beginning' which put me off buying Without Feathers. Having finally gone ahead and bought the second offering I was, as many other reviewers have commented, very disappointed because I wanted more of the opriginal Stills sound. But having kept listening to Without Feathers I realise it takes a similar status to Logic it just needs more time. Its a different sound, no doubt, and its not better, but its not worse either. I think Without Feathers is a fantastic album and I can't keep it off my player. Stand out tracks: Monsoon, It Takes Time, Retour A Vega, In The Beginning
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on 2 June 2007
Markedly different from their angular,downbeat debut album this Montreal five piece have returned with a bravely bittersweet sequel.

Lyrically we're still on the same level of fustration,lost love and noughties angst but musically this is an earthier,more varied album. Its not actually better than "Logic"(from 2004) but is still a very interesting album,lyrically and musically.

There is less intricate guitars and punchy melodies, "Without Feathers" relies heavily on piano and minimal guitar. In this way it is fairly original as it doesnt sound like the tedious piano-led non-entities that dominate the charts.Drummer Dave Hamelin sings the bulk of these tracks,unlike the first album.

Sadly, The Stills are miles from chart action but that makes them even greater. This is a real grower...Canadian folk/blues/post-rock combo....
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on 23 November 2007
After loving the Still's first album (at least the first half of it) I bought this thinking that it would be more of the same. Unfortunatley it is not, it is just turgid and dull and without any standout moments.

I have since discovered that the Still's lead singer left citing musical differences (not suprised!) and left the drummer in charge of song writing and vocal duties. Whilst the last song on "Logic Will Break Your Heart" was sung by him and wasn't half bad, this album is. A real shame. Don't buy it if you're expecting anything even half as good as their debut.
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on 17 July 2009
I don't think I've ever been so let down in my life. Logic Will Break Your Heart (at least the 1st half) is sublime. This is not. For some reason my old review has been deleted, but I cannot stress enough, avoid this album if you loved the beauty and craft of the 1st.
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