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  • Riot!
  • Customer reviews

Customer reviews

4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
Format: Audio CD|Change
Price:£4.49+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

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on 18 January 2014
The cd worked fine on a cd player, however on any computer and iPod it was crackly and had background noise. I cant use it properly
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on 7 April 2017
Doesn't play correctly just crackles
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on 6 November 2012
The disc doesn't work and, since it was bought as a birthday present, I wasn't able to find this out until after the return date. Since I can't return this item I guess I'll have to make do with this review
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on 31 August 2012
I first purchased this item from Amazon on the 27th, August 2012 and received it on the 29th. I went with the '2 working days' delivery plan. The delivery service itself delivered this item on time and I really must give them praise for this. However when I opened my package I discovered that the CD case was cracked. This was unfortunate but didn't bother me as much as the next thing that was wrong with it. When I tried to play the CD itself on both my stereo and my laptop the quality of the music was distorted and defected. It seemed like the tracks were not properly rendered and burned to the CD itself like they should be with genuine, authentic distributed CD's which is what I thought this copy of Riot! was. So I made an effort to complain to the Amazon staff on the Help Chat about this situation. They said they would be quite happy to send me a replacement free of charge. Which I accepted gladly. I also requested if they could check the CD itself for me to see if it did work before sending it. They said they can't do that because of the supplier they were using at the time. So I assume it had something to do with the supplier why it had those problems. So I just agreed to return the item back to them if they sent me a replacement...

I have just received my replacement today. No cracked case this time so it all looked good so far. Then I tried playing it on my stereo and laptop again and tried ripping it. The music, to my dismay was distorted and defected again. However it played just fine on my stereo this time unlike the first CD I purchased which had the problem on both players. But it's still extremely annoying!

To close the story and express how I feel. I AM NOT HAPPY! The lesson here is. DON'T PURCHASE A CD UNDER £5 IN AN ONLINE STORE. YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR. LITERALLY!!!
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on 17 December 2008
Yet another one of those two chord wonders bands where virtually every track sounds the same, have any of these newish bands got any talent because after listening to this I am beginning to think not. The one redeeming factor is Hayley Williams, she is not a bad vocalist and is it my imagination but does she sound like Amy Lee (Evanescence) on some tracks?I have never been able to understand the attraction of the Foo Fighters and like them this band are all chords and riff's, no guitar playing of any substance and it's just dull and boring. I am not a grumpy old man and although I am getting on a bit I do know my music having played in a band for a while but the younger buying public are being coerced into buying stuff like this which is being passed off as the the music to listen to for the angst ridden teenager but the playing is rubbish, the songs repetitive and overall the music is just bland. Some people will think that I am out of touch with the new generation of bands but I don't think so as I listen to a lot of new music, this CD may appeal to a less critical audience but it's not for me.
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on 20 May 2008
I made the mistake of borrowing this album from a friend. Well...when I say friend, I obviously mean 'person who I used to like and have respect for, but for whom I now wish a slow and painful death in the not too distant future.'

From the very beginning, I was aurally assaulted by the annoying caterwalling of Hayley whateverhernameis and the pathetic and predictable, emo/punk/cliched simple accompaniment. And as time went on, it only worsened, with tragic tales of teenage toss-pottery echoing around the room like a sulking Kevin or Perry on helium.

After the third song I had to break one of my own fingers to make sure that I was still alive and not, as one would assume, somewhere in the seventh circle of hell, fighting for some kind of divine intervention. Christ....I was even contemplating listening to some Elliot Minor or Little Chris to save me at this point.

I don't remember much of song 4, only that it irked me so immensely that I removed said CD from the machine and flung it across the room like some kind of ninja drinks coaster. Where it landed is anybody's guess...I didn't go to find it and when my 'friend' enquired as to it's whereabouts I gave him a tenner and told him to go and buy some real music.

As for the offending Paramore CD....well i think it may have slunk back to the vengeful pit from whenst it came, returning to the fold of evil and despondent dirge, only to come back sometime in the future in an even more revoltingly abhorrent form.

And from the look of that Limahl-esque, camp, pop/emo offering going by the name of Madina Lake, I'd say the second coming is upon us.

So yeah, not the best CD I've heard this year.
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