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on 27 December 2013
Having tried some homemade plastic bag camera cover solutiuons that didn't work, I tried and was pleased with the OpTech Rainsleeves.

They can be fiddley or difficult to line with the hole with the viewfinder so that you can add the viewfinder eyepiece to hold it in place but it does work.

The rainsleeves seem good for multiple uses. I've used one three times so far in heavy rain on an EOS 60D with a 17-70 heavy zoom lens with great rain protection.

Also, unlike a homebrew plastic & elastic band solution, it's possible to focus a lens through the sleeve.

Quite recommended for the many budget photogs who can't afford weather resistant bodies and L glass.
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on 28 February 2016
A bit fiddly to put onto a camera and use, but after losing a camera to salt water spray I have found these invaluable. Although made out of plastic and sold as 'disposable', the plastic is quite durable and I have been able to re-use mine several times so far.

The rainsleeves are quite big and accommodate a Canon 7d and 70-300mm L with ease.

Edit August 2016: Despite the rainsleeve, a Canon 70d succumbed to salt water after being hit by a large wave while whale watching. Still a good buy for general weather protection, but not quite a complete solution.
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on 30 December 2015
These rainsleeves work well, although they’re rather big if you’ve only got an APS-C sized camera (Canon xxD/xxxD or Nikon Dxxxx). I used mine with a Canon 18-200mm lens (72mm ø, reasonably sized) and my Canon 20D - the sleeve was HUGE compared to the size I actually needed. Also, the drawscatrings didn’t close very tightly around the lens hood.

If you’ve got a 5D and a long 70-200mm L series lens etc. I can imagine this would be perfect, but for us n00bs it’s probably a touch big. You could probably lose a 700D and kit lens set up in there! It does work excellently for keeping the camera dry though, it just rustles a lot. I’ve been reusing one of them, I'm sure they’ll last a while considering they’re supposed to be disposable. I don’t think I’d buy any more, but that’s more because I rarely take photos in the rain.
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on 17 November 2016
I swear by these for protecting my camera and always have, I've used my DSLR in the worst conditions and with a couple of elastic bands find them to protect my pride and joy perfectly. Best used with a decent sized lens hood (i've modified mine so the drawstring goes around the very end so it doesn't keep slipping off) and a filter so you can wipe splashes from your lens without ruining the lens coating, even today in some of the hardest hail you will encounter it kept it dry while I was out taking photos of fighter jets.

One thing I wouldn't recommend though is to have your hand in there with the camera, it causes condensation which defeats the purpose of them stopping moisture, seal it at one end with an elastic band, cover the eyepiece hole with tape and fire away.

They last a while before they start to split of tear so always worth having a pair on standby for those wet days using your camera.
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on 19 May 2017
The Rain-sleeves are very well made and can be used multiple times, they come with a handy drawstring that I attach around my lens-hood. I received 2 of them in the pack and I have used one of them about 3-4 times (being here in Scotland it tends to drizzle a lot).
I take off the viewfinder eyepiece attach the 18inch rain-sleeve to my 5D then replace the eyepiece - no problems. Just keep checking that you have no holes where the eyepiece was attached and your good to go... Great Item...
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on 5 October 2017
For what it is, this does a great job of weatherproofing a small camera.
I used one recently in the Outer Hebrides shooting in all kinds of conditions with a BMPCC and Beholder DS1 stabiliser. I chose this design because I thought I'd be able to hold the camera stabiliser and cover both it and the camera with the rain sleeve. It worked a treat.
I've got one packed in the camera bag permanently now.
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on 26 January 2016
I photograph international soccer in sometimes torrential african downpours and for my nikon with grip, tele-convertor and 70-200 lens these are ideal (they would probably also fit a longer lens / combo).

A key feature of this product (and failure of almost all other covers, with the exception of the £150 Think Tanks) is that this has a small opening designed to fit tightly around your viewfinder eyepiece (ie all the others seem to expect you to peer thought a layer of soon to be soaked / misted plastic).

For shutter control, your right hand easily fits up the same opening as can be used for a camera attached tripod. For zooming etc, you simply operate the lens from the outside of the plastic.

If you use a monopod / tripod attached to the camera then this will work. My monopod attaches to my lens so I had to cut a small hole in the underside of my rainsleeve. (I use a blackrapid camera strap which connects to the camera tripod mount, so again no problem here, but not sure how it (or indeed any of the other covers) would work with conventional neck straps.)

Yes - these are polythene and so will need some reasonable care, but I am still using the same one almost 2 years after purchase (ie i still have the second one in the pack as a spare). I simply let it dry and carefully fold it up after use. A bonus is that they take up almost no space in even the smallest bag or pocket.

For less than £10, a no-brainer purchase for any camera bag.

ps A top tip for any rain hood.. try to put it on when you first think it is going to rain (ie not after it has started raining... as any rain that gets on the camera/lens soon becomes vapour / steam in the sealed environment of a rain hood.
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on 8 August 2012
Product arrived within 3 days of order - well done CameraKing UK. Op/Tech Rainsleeve Flash - Twin Pack

The product itself is as described and for the price is reasonable. However, were I to suggest improvements I would have used a slightly heavier gauge of plastic/cellophane as the covers 'feel' as if they will only last a couple of uses. Ideally I won't have to use them too often but given the rain this summer I think I probably will have too.

Plenty of room (using Canon 5D Mark III with 400mm lens [even at full stretch] and with a 580EX II flash gun on top and a battery pack on the bottom) and it still all fits. However, with the bigger lens and the flash on, it is easier to fit the cover if you take the lens off, putting the lens back on after fitting and going through the opening for the front of the lens. With the flash off, fitting with a lens on is easy.

The outer package is a less malleable plastic and is easy to rip once the packet is open. This does not give you confidence that it will act as a reasonable container to put the cover(s) back in after use. Far better had it been a reusable outer packing. Luckily I had a spare nylon, draw string bag (200mm x 165mm) bag off a telephone headset and it fits the covers beautifully. Now if I have to put them away damp I know they will stay safe in the nylon bag.

That said, for the price, these are good additions to a camera bag given the weather we have in the UK.

I would recommend them as a standby for any SLR/DSLR camera user
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on 5 July 2017
An essential accessory for any outdoor photography. Will easily accommodate a large DSLR with a battery grip and a substantial telephoto / zoom lens, and the flashgun cover is a real bonus too. Perhaps not as durable, but definitely more flexible than the Kata Elements cover I bought 12 years ago, but given how cheap these are that really isn't an issue.
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on 12 May 2017
This guy saved me from the rain and wind in iceland which was horrendous. Winds were strong and they were picking up sand and sea spray along the way. This protector kept my camera which is not weather sealed safe and dry.

I have was using it with a DSLR and mid range zoom lens and this bag felt oversized but I don't really mind as long as it does the job. Having some photos is better than looking good. It is also significantly cheaper than other items.
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