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on 23 February 2008
`March of the Penguins' concerns the annual struggle of the Antarctic's emperor penguin to raise its solitary chick over the nine months of freezing cold. It's an awe-inspiring feat of parent-hood and this book is meant as a companion to the acclaimed big screen production of the same name.

The photography is truly spectacular and there are epic double-page spreads featuring Antarctic vistas as well as single-page and smaller photos featuring more intimate images. One fault is that not all of them are captioned or referred to in the text, while at the same time some things are mentioned that don't have photographs to accompany them. One gets the impression that the words and pictures were done separately with little cooperation.

Furthermore the makers refrain from including any distressing photographs (predation, starvation, death, etc) all of which are be significant features and this really detracts from the book, giving it a slightly `cuddly' feel - as if it is aimed at children who need `protecting' from such scenes.

The text is extremely thin on the ground so in terms of education about the animals and their journey there are other publications which will give you a lot more information. In this sense the book relies too heavily on being simply a companion to the DVD and looses value as a book in its own right.

The awesome photography apart, this book could and should be a lot better and takes barely an hour to read. It is not worth the £11 that amazon charges. A good one to get from `old and new' section.
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on 13 July 2007
I've watched the french version and fell in love with the music and the photography. Sadly in the american version, music and morgan freeman's voice just irritate me - not that he's done a bad job, but I guess it feels like a completely different movie now. French version had beautiful set of music and now the film's somehow ruined. I thought this dvd would contain both versions, but it doesn't. In the extras, national geographic's critter camera documentary is way too cheesy -although very interesting - it made me cringe, and the bugs bunny cartoon seems so random as well. I'm pretty disappointed with this dvd.
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on 26 October 2014
I love the film, but as some previous reviewers have mentioned, the quality of the blu-ray transfer leaves much to be desired. There are no sharp edges in sight, most edges look blurry and even have a little dark smudged halo around them. The film is ripe with patterned noise. In some cases (underwater scenes) the noise is so heavy that geometric patterns are impregnated on the image. I think this blu-ray looks a lot worse than upscaled DVD, so I would advise everyone to stick to the DVD.
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on 18 April 2012
The entirety of the Blu-Ray isn't in full resolution 1080 at times scaling right down to 480 which really takes away from the whole experience.
On a whole, doesn't look as good as some of the more popular nature-documentary Blu-Rays that are on offer, (for example the Attenborough series') which is disappointing as I got this specifically to enjoy our new 43" plasma.

The parts that are at full resolution are gorgeous though!

Besides that though great documentary!
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on 28 October 2011
Very good documentary but the Blu-ray quality is poor. Some scenes appear no better than the DVD (which I also own). I have watched this a few times and have enjoyed the actual film but the Blu-ray version does not add anything to the brilliant film. I would recommend getting the normal DVD version and saving a bit of money instead as the actual content is very good.
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on 11 July 2006
Firstly what one has to understand about his film is that it is aimed at children. As such many scenes that would feature in a normal documentary (violent deaths and generally scenes that may upset children) have not been included. For me this reduces the quality of a documentary.

Most children will thoroughly enjoy this film. Also people who are not too keen on pure documentaries may also find this quite watchable. People like me however who are fans of documentaries may find this film lacking in several areas. The scenes and photography are nothing spectacular (especially since we now have the astonishing Planet Earth series). Also this film concentrates on one aspect of the penguins life (how they breed and bring up their offspring) and at 1 hour and twenty minutes it can get a bit tiresome. Although Morgan Freeman lacks the gravitas of narators such as David Attenborough and Kenneth Branagh, the producers have decided to go for a big hollywood name and out of all of them I believe that he is the best choice.

This film is in fact ideal for kids and people who are not into documentaries and i would strongly advise them to watch it. However for people like me this film is entirely missable. I am not saying that it is a bad film. I am just saying that you don't need to lose any sleep over not having seen it!!
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on 26 July 2015
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on 9 January 2009
This is an excellent moving film. Morgan Freeman's naration is excellent adding a real feeling of care and warmth for the penguins. It is highly recommended! The content of the film definitely deserves 4 stars at least and this review should be read in this context.

So why only 3 stars? This is a review of the Blu-ray version of the film. So what is this film like in HD (bearing in mind that this comes at a 200% premium compared the standard definition version March of the Penguins - Luc Jacquet [2005])? The HD adds nothing. At times it seems more like an upscaled DVD. Certainly compared with the same material from Planet Earth on Blu-ray this is very poor. Bearing in mind that this was shown in the cinemas on a large screen this must be a flaw in the conversion. What a let down as it is not hard to see how beautiful this could have been.
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on 30 July 2007
I rented March of the Penguins from Amazon, as I wasn't sure I'd want the film as a permanent part of our dvd collection. It was the right decision. Not because the film was bad exactly, but because its not one I, or my young son, would particularly want to watch again.
There's a lot to praise about the film - we discovered the harsh reality of the life they've led for thousands of years, the awe inspiring determination that these creatures display against odds that would make most of us humans simply lie down and give up, and the joy of watching the young penguins make their first leap into the 'warm' sea. A real eye-opener in many ways.
It suffered, not a little from, (dare I say it) a slightly boring narration which, at times, threatened to send my son to sleep. But I think that's been said by others on here too. But still, I feel its worth persevering with. Just absorb the facts, but watch watch WATCH the amazing happenings on screen.
So, worth seeing, but not necessarily worth buying would be our final recommendation.
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on 5 September 2011
This documentary, with the original French voiceover and english subtitles is a 5 star product. The product being reviewed here is with the Morgan Freeman voiceover (good but not as good as the original) and the picture is DVD quality at best, so it was a waste buying this on Blu Ray.
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