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on 21 March 2015
The Eiger Sanction on Blu Ray stands out better than the previous DVD release. Amazing colour and sound, the cinematography is breath taking along with the direction of Clint Eastwood. This Blu Ray edition is well worth the money for anyone who wants to add this movie in their Blu Ray library. It is presented in the 2:35:1 aspect ratio which the previous DVD was not in he HD format, the DVD version looks like a window in the middle of the screen. Therefor one would have to press the zoom button on the remote control which leaves the DVD to look scratchy when it is zoomed in to see the movie.

The art cover on the Blu Ray sleeve could have had the original art work from the movie poster which would have been better than having a photo of Clint Eastwood with some grey hair. The studios need to get their marketing designs corrected and go back to the original art work intended for this movie and other Blu Ray releases. I can't understand how hard that can be, Clint Eastwood does not have grey hair in this movie considering it was filmed in 1974 and released in 1975. Overall, the movie holds up very well on Blu Ray. Some of the movie can be corny but it is all just for fun watching the breathtaking scenes climbing the mountain. The John Williams score matches the movie perfectly.
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on 10 January 2010
Purchased this DVD recently and despite claiming on the rear cover that the film is presented in an anamorphically-enhanced 2.35:1 widescreen ratio, it in fact is not. Therefore it is the same old transfer from 2001 (or whenever it was first released) with erroneous info on the back. BEWARE if you want it in 16:9.
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on 24 December 2009
The only good thing about this nonsense is Jack Cassidy's awesome performance , the mountain climing, scenery and George Kennedy's classic line "go and get yourself screwed lady , it will do you a lot of good".

Can be watched about 3 times maximum imho.
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on 15 December 2010
Its been a very long time since I last saw the Eiger Sanction so when I saw it was available again I bought it from Amazon.
There is much to like, laugh and cringe at in this film. The action sequences are remarkable, with big Clint doing his own climbing. The ropey mastermind of the secret organisation that Clint works for is a good laugh. A clear foreunner to Mike Myers Doctor Evil. I cant be certain but I think he was the promoter in the first Rocky film. All his scenes are tinged with a blue haze, no doubt to make him appear more menacing. Some of George Kennedy's dialogue made me cringe as I lost count of the number of times he told big Clint what a great guy he was or what a great climber he was.
The highlight however was Jack Cassidy's turn as a treacherous camp spy/ assasin with his wee dog "faggot". If you haven't watched the Eiger Sanction then its worth checking out. Not many films can make you laugh, cringe and gasp in fairly equal measures..........
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on 19 February 2017
This is a review for The Eiger Sanction [DVD].

Be warned this film is NOT in anamorphic 2.35:1 widescreen as it is claimed on the reverse of the dvd case! The picture has to be zoomed in to achieve this ratio. If you do not zoom in then you have an aspect ratio more akin to Cinerama, e.g. How The West Was Won.

The picture quality is also not so good. No remastering has been done as it is very grainy, dark and there are many visible spots and scratches.

The film itself is entertaining if you are an Eastwood fan and like espionage movies.

A shame it is another movie in a long line of movies that has been released without any remastering and not in the proper anamorphic format.
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on 9 November 2002
Based upon the novel of the same name by Trevanian and directed by Clint Eastwood who also stars in it, this is an interesting action film, as most of the relevant action takes place on the Eiger mountain in the Swiss Alps.
The story line is fairly simple. A retired professional assassin and climber turned art collector, played by Eastwood, is suddenly forced out of retirement when he is made an offer he can't refuse. His mission is to kill an unknown double agent who deep sixed a close friend of Eastwood.
Be prepared for total political incorrectness and rampant sexism reminiscent of the early Bond flicks. It is somewhat jarring to see and hear this in these politically correct times. When you see the film, you will know what I mean. Notwithstanding this, it is still an entertaining film.
Eastwood's quest for the unknown double agent takes him to the Eiger, where he ultimately makes a life changing decision, as does his friend, played by George Kennedy. This film should appeal to those who enjoy thrillers, buddy films, and action movies. Climbing enthusiasts will also enjoy it for the spectacular mountain footage and gripping climbing scenes.
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on 13 May 2013
Famous for its true-to-life climbing sequences and mountain action (minus all trace of CGI!), this is a slightly strange combination of Cold War espionage thriller married to boys' own action adventure film but, in my opinion, it works really well - providing you buy into the Clint Eastwood role of Jonathan Hemlock being ruthless, cold-blooded assassin, art college professor, knowledgeable art treasure addict and (for some convenient reason!) talented former mountaineer all rolled into one.

If you can do that, then chances are you'll really enjoy this ride. It's quite a long film but it has several varied and spectacularly-scenic locations and a strong thread of continuity to the story so it's a great journey of a film. You don't have to think too much - just sit back and enjoy being carried along. There's sufficient gravitas to the assassin aspect, there are several elements of humour here and there and it's a great 'widescreen' picture that takes in, as already mentioned, locations in Europe and the USA which are all beautifully filmed in their natural colour with no studio 'tinting' afterwards.

Eastwood was obviously very enthusiastic about making this film and I think his enthusiasm really shines through in the finished result.
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VINE VOICEon 7 August 2014
A surprising directorial effort from Eastwood, this once again shows his dexterity in film-making by attempting an espionage thriller based around a mountain climb, full of dangerous stunt work and thrilling set pieces.

The cast is a little “generic”, with token characters being fleshed out like the African-American agent, a camp homosexual villain, an albino mastermind and a mute heavy; all good characters but running more like a checklist of ones you know where they will go, good or bad, in the course of the film.

The first half plays well, with Eastwood and Kennedy on fine form together as a real hint of danger and suspense build up with the foundations set in the dangerous world Hemlock resides and works in. The second half slows the pace down for the Eiger sequences, but is by no means boring or disjointed. Great camerawork and stuntmen bring the otherwise stale climbing sequences to life.

It never peaks on the excitement scale or boasts any major finale, it sort of fizzles down to a quiet, reflective ending, but it paces well and is entertaining enough to watch, and thankfully it’s not all set on the mountain itself!
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on 12 August 2010
Yes, OK. You could read some of the previous reviews and be put off. If you're under 25 years old then fair enough, you might not like the 70's pastiche of music and clumsy dialog but if you're over 25 then buy this, put it in the DVD and reminisce about the good old days. Yes, it's a bit cheesy, yes, it's a bit clumsy at times but this was griping stuff in our time. It's not a brilliant film but it takes me on a trip down memory lane which is always worth, what, four pounds? Great stuff. Sometimes I buy a film not to draw comparisons to more contemporary films which are always going to be superior (although not always - compare the current TV series "The Deep" with "The Edge of Darkness". Magnitudes of difference in every respect) but rather to remember how good it was in it's time and this doesn't disappoint. The last 45 minutes or so are gripping climbing action. Blows "Cliffhanger" out of the water - especially when you consider Clint does his own stunts including a rope cutting shot over a thousand feet of Alpine fresh air.
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on 6 September 2012
I only got this because I read a reference in a Simon Armitage book and it really made me want to see it! It's easy to see why Clint became known as a man of few words in his movies - his delivery of the myriad misogynistic/racist/bigoted one-liners that the script requires of him makes George Lazenby look natural, and all drawled with that exhalation of breath on the final syllable that immediately puts one in mind of 'The Man with no name' that he portrayed so successfully in films such as A Fistful of Dollars. However, despite this, the preposterous storyline, ludicrous characterisations, cringeworthy stereotypes, and gratuitous nudity, just made me laugh - I'm sure that if remade today (which I'm sure it will be sooner or later), this would have someone like Colin Farrell in the starring role, and would feature a strong, independent woman as his boss; basically it would be PC sanitised nonsense - give me outrageous Seventies nonsense any day!
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