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on 9 January 2008
I previously had Studio Plus 9.4 which was running okay'ish on my old computer, but not at all well when I brought a new one.
My computer is running XP home. Intel Core 2 Duo E6600. 2GB Corsair XMS2 Ram. 2 Sata HDD's. So I decided to treat myself to the new Pinnacle Studio 11 Plus. I dearly wish I hadn't! I have never been able to use it. I couldn't even import previously Studio edited DVD's into it, let alone edit and burn a disc.
It has caused both my DVD ROM and DVD RW drives not to be recognised in MY Computer, despite them being shown in the device manager.
In sheer frustration I uninstalled the software and both my drives then reinstalled both the drives. Now both my drives are working on a go slow. For several days now I've been trying to solve this problem. Pinnacle have still yet to e mail me back.
If anyone out there is even thinking of buying this software please DON'T.
This software has caused me so much stress and I am still without working DVD drives.
I did try to submit this without a star rating. IT DOES NOT EVEN DESERVE ONE STAR! I just hope it has not permanently damaged my new PC!!!!
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on 26 January 2008
I've been buying Studio version by version since v8 six years ago and I'm hoping one day they'll have a really saleable product. v11 is far less prone to crashes than the earlier versions but don't let anyone tell you it's bug free. About two crashes an evening is par for the course. What a shame though - the user interface is really good it's so simple to learn. Far, far easier than iMovie and on this product the help screens do just that (unlike iMovie's). Windows Movie Maker (FREE) is still better than Studio for some things like accessing various file types on disc but Studio allows a bit of class with frame-by-frame positioning of the cursor and pretty useful (if fiddly) control of sound levels.

Let's hope they get this app ready for sale soon!
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on 9 September 2007
Having previously used Studio 9, the transition to Studio 11 Plus blew me away!
This is an absolute top product. As with previous versions, this is real easy to use. Studio 11 Plus covers all formats (including Hi-Def). It is also very beneficial if you have a Intel Core 2 Duo processor (like I have). You will see the real benefits. A typical 75 minute project that I did recently rendered in just over 15 minutes. Amazing!!!
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on 23 June 2014
Purchased much cheaper than anywhere else it arrived quickly and as described, easy to use an update to my old one, easily downloaded with lots of extras, giving you a huge choice in video editing.
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on 13 March 2015
To dear
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on 26 July 2011
Good product
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on 20 June 2007
have recently bought studio 11 as have had 9 and 10 previously and not really much improvement, what i didnt like is the lack of video effects and after splashing out £65 on them they were very amaturish in finish and were no way as sharp as the pro type effects, i know these pro systems can cost thousands but really not happy with it as it takes massive resources and a long time to get results, as for real time playback whilst editing it is very jerky and am unable to really see what you have created until you have written the finished file or dvd.

To be honest you really really have to have a top notch pc to do anything in high defenition, i have a p4 3.2 ghz, 1gig of ram and plenty of gigs of hdd with xp pro and is very slow and annoying to get good results within hours.They really do mean home video of the simplest type.

Not that i would not reccommend this software but after splashing out nearly £3500 on a sony high def camcorder this is not the be all and end all.Get ready for this to cost you an arm and a leg if you want any thing extra than editing software as even wipes, fades and fonts cost you EXTRA.

A real money spinner for them and a big let down for the video editing beginer.
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on 8 February 2008
I have been using Pinnacle's Studio line since Studio 6. In that time I have also used Final Cut, Sony Vegas and of course Windows Movie Maker and a few other less well known packages.

Pinnacle have had a very chequered history with their products. The story has always been roughly the same: out comes Studio something (6,7,8,9,10 or 11), people buy it and discover that its crap - frequent crashes, many bugs. Then they issue a patch - it gets better, then another patch - better still. Finally (round about the seventh or eigth patch) the product is stable, pretty well bug free and the rich functionality, extremely intuitive interface and good rendering quality can finally be appreciated. Everyone is overjoyed with the product until they bring out the next version and the quality goes back to rubbish again and we all have to wait till it is patched back up to an acceptable level. In short, they issue products before they are ready and treat their customers like unpaid beta testers.

Having said that though the important thing is that once you have the latest patched version of the product you have a damned good NLE which compares excellently with the competition and is a darned sight cheaper.

So the best buying policy is: check on Pinnacle's website what the patch level is for Studio 11 and while you are at it check out their support forum to see if customers have reached the overjoyed stage yet or are still finding bugs. If things look OK then buy this product, if not then find a cheap copy of Studio 10 and patch it (10.8 was I think the last). Being a high patched version it will be stable and bug/crash free and being non-current will be available really cheaply (about 12GBP?)

Studio 10.8 is particularly good - it handles HD, 16:9 PAL screen format and chromakey and lumakey compositing as well as multiple audio tracks, precise L. T and J editing, a wide range of transitions and special effects, DVD indexing and burning. It is also very easy to use and renders in the background. All in all its an excellent tool and you should be able to get it at much less than its original retail price. I dont think it works with Vista though.
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on 12 January 2008
I've had numerous problems with this program and it's a rip off.

I was unable to use the 'make DVD' function work because it could not detect my DVD drive. The help files advise that all other programs that use the DVD should be removed and Studio 11 reinstalled!!!

To use many of the basic function you have to obtain free activation codes from Pinnacle.....great if all the codes worked!

This is my biggest gripe!
Studio 11 has VERY basic functionality for £60 but comes with a DVD packed full of great DVD menus and video effects. However, only after you install the 4GB bonus disc do you discover that you have to PAY MANY TIMES THE ORIGINAL COST OF THE PROGRAM to use these additional functions!!! The free basic functions are little better than those include with Windows Movie Maker!!!! Additional charges are made for simple basic stuff that the majority of video editing programs include as standard such as adjusting brightness and contrast! A total and outrageous rip off!!

The user manual tells you to use the software update function immediately after installation. Did that, only to be informed that NO updates were available.......three days later... while looking for solutions to my many video editing woes, I stumble upon a link in an AV forum to a software patch for Studio Plus. The patch allowed Studio Plus to find my DVD drive but it keeps freezing half way through when encoding MPEG2.

Even though it has DivX logo on the box it refuse to work with my Divx home movie clips.
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on 13 June 2008
Why oh why did I not take notice of the previous reviews for this product. I am trying to run this with the new Core 2 duo 3.0 Ghz 45nm CPU from Intel, 2 GB ram and a Gigabyte DS3 Mobo. In a nutshell it is terrible, freezing, crashing and pausing. My PC spec is more than good enough to run this software, Pinnacle should be done under the Trade description Act, it is not fit for purpose.
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