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Customer reviews

3.5 out of 5 stars
Love Is The Song We Sing: San Francisco Nuggets 1965-1970
Format: Audio CD|Change
Price:£85.62+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

A collection of this type could never please everyone! Alex Palao, an Englishman who "wasn't there at the time", does a very good job of pleasing himself, however, and I'm sure many more of us at the same time. Issued to coincide with the fortieth anniversary of The Summer of Love this collection of late sixties SF sounds is a pretty representative selection of the major and minor sounds from that era.

The collection highlights more of an overall SF atmosphere than a specific unified sound and shows what a unique city San Francisco was for artists of that period. Some tracks will be over familiar and some unknown, and we could all choose some to leave out or different ones to add. Although far from perfect this is a true labour of love by someone who has done his research with great care. The CDs are loosely themed under the headings "Seismic Rumbles", "Suburbia", "Summer of Love" & "The Man Can't Bust Our Music".

The book is nothing less than sumptuous with 120 pages of rare photographs and information. Each track is reviewed in detail with recording information and pictures of the sleeves where available. The only criticism would be the way the CDs are housed in the back of the book; my discs are showing signs of scuffing from fitting at the factory. Great care would be needed handling them over a period of time.

The collection is a worthy addition to the "Nuggets" family, although the term nuggets can't be genuinely applied to a number of the tracks many of us will already own. Check out the price on Amazon's sellers as retailers such as Caiman currently offer this package for around £28, which makes it truly excellent value.
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on 11 November 2008
This little package is well worth the money for two reasons, in my humble opinion.

Firstly for the pictures. I love some of the photographs contained within the book. My two favourites are the bands at the start of the book, together, including the Dead and the Airplane. My other personal favourite is the beautiful photograph of Grace Slick and Janis Joplin together. Wonderful.

The other significant reason for liking this compndium is the musical collection. Some may argue about the tracks and the bands and we all have our own personal demands. Some may argue about the songs, or the versions but hey. You know what. My CD collection has the vast majority of the tracks already but here, in four majickal CDs is the almost complete Bay Area Multiverse, something Time Life will never understand. Where else can you hear all of these wonderful musicians playing their music in the sun.

This collection is attractive to anyone wanting to know more about the scene, or to people who have discovered the groove already but it is the icing on the cake. The cake is the albums that people should search out and listen to and add to their collections and they will discover the true nature of the San Francisco musical diaspora.
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on 2 January 2008
65-70 were years that I didn't experience due to not being born until 1978. Having been given this Book/CD combo by my Uncle I now wish I had been born 30 years earlier. It's truly a great package especially for someone like me who has only ever really heard the most succesfull of these artists played in the background by relatives at social occasions. This set has been on constant rotation on my iPod since it landed in my lap wrapped in christmas paper last thursday. The tracks essembled on the CD's are all brillaint in their own individual ways, I can't think of one I don't like. The book also gives a brilliant insight into the time and place these tracks were written and laid down. How accurate it is I can't say but from reading it while listening to the CD's I amost felt I had been there.

Truly awesome and a worthy addition to any music collection/bookcase.
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on 15 November 2007
There's been over the years hundreds of albums and CDs of San Fransisco Music but none as complete as this.Obviously all this music won't be rated equally by any 2 people-those who like the Jefferson Airplane may not like the Beau Brummels'Beatlesque sounds or the Charlatans' take on country music.Personally I could have done without Janis Joplin's commercial for Mercedes Benz cars.
There's plenty of rarities here-the pre Grateful Dead in their 2nd incarnation as the Warlocks and the little anthologised version of You were on my mind by the WE FIVE.
The picture book with its essay is a nice bonus and the whole is beautifully packaged
What you learn about the music in San Fransisco is that it was influenced by the Beatles,Stones and Dylan first and foremost but was not to last into the 70s when psychedelia merged into prog rock and bombast and it was not until the late 70s that the first Psychedelic Revival began in the U K-but this time round it didn't travel to the States
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on 29 October 2007
"When the truth is found to be lies and all the joy within you dies, don`t you want somebody to love", thus sang Grace Slick then of The Great Society. Later in her illustrious career she looked back ruefully to say "This is the music that tried to change the World and failed". Grace Slick undoubtably epitomized The San Franciscan Sound of the era, inspired, passionate and of endless free spirit. Constrained by no limits.

I've been waiting for this magnificent Compilation ever since the excellent Uncut review. Is it worth the wait? Is the late Jerry Garcia a legend? There`s something about San Fran and the Bay area uniquely Cosmopolitan in U.S. Society. Perhaps it is this melting pot of cultural influences that initiates the City`s ability to attract Artists and Bohemians from all over the globe. The Beat Generation made it their spiritual home in the late 50's / early 60's with The City Lights Bookshop based there and following that, The Merry Pranksters mime troope, The Family Dog, Ken Kesey`s Psychedelic Acid Test and the Haight - Ashbury District, all spawned the Hippy Generation.

This superb Box Set traces the rise of the Bay area`s Counter Culture from Garage and Jug Band beginnings to the dominence of the City as a purveyor of Musical happenings. The legendary promoters Bill Graham and Chet Helms were behind much of the exposure afforded these bands with the Fillmore West and The Avalon Ballroom, where much of this fine music was played live to some fantastic light shows. The advertising posters produced by Rick Griffin, Stanley Mouse, Al Kelley and Wes Wilson for many of the concerts, were superb artistic creations and have since become highly collectable. There are many fine examples of these within this 120 page booklet. This is not merely a C.D. retrospective but is more appropriately a comprehensive exploration of the whole San Francisco Scene at that time.

So what of the 77 tracks contained in this set? Many will be familiar to officianados of the period, however, careful attention has been made to find alternate takes of those songs. Everything you would expect to be included is here and much, much more. The Great Society, The Charlatans, Quicksilver Messenger Service, Moby Grape, Country Joe & The Fish, It`s a Beautiful Day, and ofcourse, The Airplane, Big Brother, The Dead and Santana. However, it is the lesser known luminaries who really capture the imagination here, especially Frumious Bandersnatch, Vejtables, Kak and The Sons of Champlin.

Highlights are too many to list and similarly to the other reviewers, I sincerely hope this fine set will be followed by a Los Angeles edition. Long Live West Coast Rock. If you`re looking for ideas for Christmas, look no further than this great set, then go ahead, make someones day.
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on 18 November 2007
Once again Rhino have put together another superb Nuggets Box Set. Not only is the music wonderful, but the liner notes and photos are excellent. A lot of the pics I have not seen before and give an excellent flavour for the city of SF in this period. You really get the feeling as to why such unusual and eclectic type of music came to be.

It always amazes me that there are pictures of some of the artists( e.g John Cippolina) in early 1966 with really long hair for the times. It's interesting to remember that some of the first events(happenings, dances etc) were back in 1965.

Anyway the music is superb. As mentioned in an earlier review, you have the usual suspects and then the lesser knowns. I loved that the first track was Dino Valenti's early demo of Get Together. The good news is there are so many other little gems to find.

PS Wasn't Grace Slick a honey in them days!
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on 25 July 2015
1. Let's Get Together - Dino Valenti
2. I Feel Like I'm Fixin' to Die Rag - Country Joe & the Fish (EP version)
3. You Were on My Mind - We Five
4. Number One - The Charlatans
5. Can't Come Down - The Warlocks
6. Don't Talk to Strangers - The Beau Brummels
7. Anything - The Vejtables
8. It's No Secret - Jefferson Airplane
9. Johnny Was a Good Boy - The Mystery Trend
10. Free Advice - The Great Society
11. Mr. Jones (A Ballad of a Thin Man) - The Grass Roots
12. Stranger in a Strange Land - Blackburn & Snow
13. Who Do You Love - Quicksilver Messenger Service
14. She's My Baby - The Mojo Men
15. Coffee Cup - The Wild Flowers
16. Live Your Own Life - Family Tree
17. Fat City - The Sons of Champlin
18. Human Monkey - The Frantics
19. Bye Bye Bye - The Tikis (Warner Brothers Single Version)
20. Section 43 - Country Joe & the Fish
21. Hello Hello - The Sopwith Camel

1. Psychotic Reaction - The Count Five
2. Got Love - Front Line
3. Satisfaction Guaranteed - The Mourning Reign
4. Foolish Woman - Oxford Circle
5. My Buddy Sin - The Stained Glass
6. Streetcar - The Otherside
7. Suzy Creamcheese - Teddy & His Patches
8. Rubiyat - The Immediate Family
9. Rumors - The Syndicate of Sound
10. Sometimes I Wonder - The Harbinger Complex
11. Want Ad Reader - The New Breed
12. I'm a Good Woman - Generation
13. No Way Out - The Chocolate Watchband
14. Hey I'm Lost - Butch Engle
15. I Love You - People!
16. America - Public Nuisance
17. Fly to New York - Country Weather
18. Thing in "E" - Savage Resurrection
19. Hearts to Cry - Frumious Bandersnatch

1. Alabama Bound - The Charlatans
2. Carl Street - The Mystery Trend
3. Somebody to Love - The Great Society (LP version)
4. Superbird - Country Joe & the Fish
5. Two Days 'Til Tomorrow - The Beau Brummels
6. Omaha - Moby Grape
7. Up & Down - Serpent Power
8. The (To Unlimited Devotion) - Grateful Dead Golden Road
9. Codine - Quicksilver Messenger Service
10. Down on Me - Big Brother & the Holding Company (live)
11. Think Twice - Salvation
12. White Rabbit - Jefferson Airplane
13. Roll With It - Steve Miller Band
14. Why Did You Put Me On - Notes from the Underground
15. Underdog - Sly & the Family Stone
16. Summertime Blues - Blue Cheer
17. Glue - Ace of Cups
18. Soul Sacrifice - Santana
19. The - The Loading Zone Bells

1. Evil Ways - Santana
2. Red the Sign Post - Fifty Foot Hose
3. Lemonaide Kid - Kak
4. 1982-A - The Sons of Champlin
5. How Can I Miss You When You Won't Go Away - Dan Hicks & His Hot Licks
6. Amphetamine Gazelle - Mad River
7. Quicksilver Girl - Steve Miller Band
8. Revolution - Mother Earth
9. Murder in My Heart For the Judge - Moby Grape
10. Light Your Windows - Quicksilver Messenger Service
11. I'm Drowning - Flamin' Groovies
12. Portrait of the Artist as a Young Lady - Seatrain
13. White Bird - It's a Beautiful Day
14. Dark Star - Grateful Dead (Single Version)
15. Fool - Blue Cheer (Single Version)
16. Mexico - Jefferson Airplane
17. Mercedes Benz - Janis Joplin
18. Get Together - The Youngbloods
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on 23 November 2007
Brilliant idea with a slight lack of thought as regards the treatment of the main raison d'etre.The 4 CDs are crammed into a tight and awkward back page in stiff card.How many times will the packaging and the discs survive playing before the scuff marks render these prized discs unplayable.
Musically the contents are a blast from the past although the inclusion of certain tracks was inexcusable since they've been released by everyone who's even thought of having a stab at an overview of this brilliant genre of music.The photos are superb as is the rest of the book.Ideal for the hippy in denial for Christmas,if you're buying this set get some plastic sleeves to stick the discs in from the start,you'll be glad that you did in years to come.
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on 23 March 2016
my advice to you:
proceed with acumen before you consider wasting that much money on this cd box-set by rhino records:
most of it has been released on DOZENS of previous garage compilations,
never mind that it is more meaningful to acquire the records themselves of the more well-known bands presented on that boxset like sanata,grateful dead,jefferson airplane... rather than to content yourself with those scraps they're feeding to you !
and the few tracks who are more seldom & less known can all be found on:
Sing Me a Rainbow-Trident Anthology 1965-1967 - various artists, a double CD by the label : WOUNDED BIRD .
so does this LOVE IS THE SONG WE SING - SAN FRANCISCO COMPILATION yield any new results in the garage rock department ?
no, it doesn't, everything here being ruminated & rehashed !
thanks for nothing , RHINO RECORDS !
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on 25 September 2007
What a stunning set! A beautiful package, containing mesmerising music and superb notes and fotoz. Some of the tracks are very obvious and very easily obtained, some are very obscure, but to have them all together like this set makes for a truly mind expanding experience! There are and have been a lot of similar attempts at covering the West Coast scene; this one deals with San Fran only and is spot on! Can we have a L.A. compilation now please.
Grant Canyon, ex hippie and diverse music reviewer, and beer consumer.
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