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on 13 July 2007
I don't ask much of a season review. All I want to do is to start at the beginning of the season and follow events chronologically, getting to see every single goal and the occasional save or near miss. I also prefer to see at least one replay of each goal (I know I can rewind but how about showing another angle). A useful added feature would be to flash up the team sheet before each game.

This DVD fails on three major counts:

* It splits up the competitions instead of going chronologically, this despite referring to the other competitions in the commentary and possibly in the grainy flashback sequences if it were possible to make out what they were. This just makes it a mess.

* For some games, including the Carling Cup Final, it uses very grainy video, abysmal camera angles and pointless music and so totally fails to give any useful highlights of those games.

* It completely leaves out the entire FA Cup run apart from the final on the 'bonus disc' without any explanation.

These points, and the last one in particular, mean it is not a 'season review' in my book.

Other complaints:

* It is in 4:3 instead of the more obvious 16:9. I can't believe the vast majority of the matches were not recorded in widescreen.

* Many of the goals don't get so much as one replay so you blink and you've missed it.

* The DVD is interspersed with lots of pathetic compilations sequences featuring unwatchable video, annoying music and unhelpful camera angles, and for some games they seem to do the same with clips from previous seasons.

I understand the manufacturers of the DVD claim there wasn't enough room for the 'road to Wembley' on the DVD. Sure there was if they got rid of all the unnecessary compilation clips. I haven't viewed the extras like the greatest saves of the season but I am sure they could be usefully chopped. After all if they are so good they should all be in the highlights already and I can form my own opinion of what the best saves and goals were thanks all the same. And of course there would be plenty of room on the 'bonus DVD' anyway if they stopped the childish pretence they are giving something for nothing when the DVD is a premium price anyway.

I think the very least the club should do is issue an apology for the abysmal quality of this product.
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on 20 June 2007
How can Chelsea, with all this money, not afford to put together a decent end of season DVD. Firstly why, oh why, cant the matches have commentary from SKY,BBC, or even ITV instead of the bunch of clowns that has been on all three of the last Chelsea DVDs . Secondly, The music they attempt, note attempt, to use for dramatic effect is so bad that I can only assume they were on acid at the time, either that or Chelsea has put someone who is tone deaf in charge of the music. Thirdly, the editing, If you buy the dvd you want to see the goals from the standard angles with half decent commentary and NOT ACCOMPANIED BY SOME OF THE WORST EDITING AND MUSIC KNOWN TO MANKIND!!!. Plus where are the FA CUP matches?? they are not on here, just a whole seperate disk for the final where you have to fast forward a hundred and twenty six minutes to see the goal. Every single thing about this disk is wrong. Its not exactly rocket science to put together a DVD on a football season, but somewhow they have managed to mess even this up. What about menus where you can go to the exact match you want, My advice to the makers of this is watch Arsenals DVD and copy the format. Even if you are a Chelsea fan please do not buy this.
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on 23 June 2007
It was a great season in so many ways but this DVD does little to bring it back to life. It's made in 4 by 3 (colour!); hasn't everyone moved to widescreen? The sound is very poor. There is a commentator shrieking non stop from start to finish and the recording levels are set far too high. The editing is dreadful and rather than follow events chronologically we have to view each campaign in isolation. The interview snatches add nothing and I doubt whether anyone would ever want to watch the whole of the FA Cup final again.

It's time Chelsea took a fresh approach to the season's highlights DVD.
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on 3 July 2007
I look forward to watching the CFC review DVDs every season but for such a high profile club to produce this is very poor. It falls way short of a comprehensive season review as the FA cup run is not included (Apart from a shoddy DVD of the final). It's criminal in my eyes especially as every team in the competition was fighting to play in the first FA Cup final in the new Wembley stadium. The 4:3 aspect is dissapointing as is the silly music and daft camera angles used.

My message to CFC is the good times may not last forever. Let's try and remember them properly. Please try harder next time.
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on 28 June 2007
I agree with a lot of the comments noted in other reviews. Whereas I can't blame them for using Chelsea TV commentary, after all it would be a slap in the face for their in-house team if they binned their work. However, the use of ridiculous angles and music over some of the action is abysmal. The lack of any footage from the FA cup run to the final is inexcuseable and must surely be an oversight rather than a conscious decision to leave it out. For that reason alone, everyone involved in producing this DVD should be thoroughly ashamed of themselves.
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on 7 August 2007
"Cup Kings!" - maybe we are, but this DVD contains no highlights at all of any FA Cup games except for the full final. The title is completely misleading and laughable, were it not for the fact that it induces you to pay for something that is not there. I always buy the Season Review, and this time I felt ripped off when I bought it. The unacceptable omissions aside, the content is poorer this year - lots of speeded up sequences accompanied by music that flash past without being identifiable. I hate to say it, but the Manchester Utd. Season Review is a far better quality product - and it has ALL the goals!
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on 5 August 2007
I can only endorse the other reviews in wondering what went wrong! One editor and four assistants and they miss out the FA Cup run, the two Spurs games were a highlight of the season. I did wonder why Amazon tagged the FA Cup Final DVD as the ideal partner, it is the only place to get these highlights. But I for one am not going to buy 2 separate DVDs to get everything and get the FA Cup final twice as the price!!
Finally why has the club not said anything about this? I have certainly contacted them with zero response. Shabby.
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on 9 May 2009
I think this dvd is alright but there is no coverage of the fa cup run. i would have much prefered to see highlights of all the fa cup games instead of just the final. or put both on there.the music is stupid and who would want to watch the carling cup final with some rubbishy music on. not recommended
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on 5 January 2014
Was feeling a bit nostalgic and so bought this with others and always a good reference to remember old wins and seeing old players. Good memories
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on 19 May 2009
Received in good time, excellent condition and made my young lad very happy after his original copy had stopped working
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