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Customer Reviews

4.3 out of 5 stars
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on 8 June 2012
I have had this pump for over two years now.
It is well made and ultra reliable.
Not worth it's full price - but when at a competitive offer price - it is a bargain.
It benefits from a very long mains cable.
As other people have commented, care needs to be exercised to prevent the filters clogging.
It has no float switch; However, I have left it running for hours submerged (with the outlet turn off) with no problems.
It needs priming to get the air out - especially when connected to a long hosepipe. A good shake around whilst in water normally does the trick.
You will need to give it a good drain when you remove it - good shake from the top and bottom does the trick.

Where it excels:
1) removing bath water - especially with a good height difference in your favour.
2) Removing water from locations without a tap connector - i.e. water butt without a tap, kiddie paddling pool, clean water well, etc.
3) Acting as a pre pump for a pressure washer.

Don't use with dirty water - there are more appropriate pumps out there.
Don't expect it to shift large volumes of water quickly - there are better pumps out there for that job.
Don't expect a large pressure if using a hose pipe on it - there are higher pressure pumps out there.

One last piece of advice - store it in a plastic box with a lid - do not leave it on a shelf or the floor. Various bugs love taking up residence in the bottom filter!
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on 16 August 2010
This pump works really well and has allowed me to keep watering my vegetables with a hose despite the current hosepipe ban in my area. I use the pump in two ways. Firstly to move used bath water into my water butt via a short length of hose run out the bathroom window when there is not enough rain to fill it, and secondly to run the hose from the water butt. The pressure is about half what you get from the tap, but is more than adequate for watering plants.

There is a small hole in the side of the pump, which Hozelock claim is to speed-up priming. This is a nuisance when emptying the bath as, once the water level drops to uncover the hole, it sprays water at high pressure against the side of the bath and this splashes all over the bathroom. Placing a piece of "gaffer tape" over the hole fixes this problem. I find the pump primes rapidly anyway if you immerse it to force the air out before attaching the hose.

One other hint. If you use the pump with a hosepipe which can be turned on and off at the working end, there is a danger of overheating the pump when the hose is off. To overcome this, I plug the pump into a remote controlled mains socket, which has a small wireless remote control. I can then switch the pump on and off from anywhere in the garden and thus control the spray without using the valve on the hose itself.
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on 16 May 2010
OK, sorry this is a bit lengthy so to save time here's the bottom line first - it's basically a very nice piece of kit, fun and easy to use, decent pressure (when clean), attaches to standard Hoselock fittings, usefully long cable supplied, and does the job well (in my case moving a great deal of water between different water butts around the garden). Make sure you read the instructions first, though. It needs priming, for example, and obviously needs a specified safe electrical supply.
And by the way a small powerful jet of water squirts out of a hole in the casing in use which is normal according to an item buried in the depths of the instructions.
Rating - 4 stars. Only read on if you have time or if you are a Hoselock product designer.
Why not 5 stars?
One drawback - a silly thing that Hoselock should have thought of.
It should have had (but doesn't) some sort of cheap simple clip-on plastic stand supplied. Why? Because the pump is designed to stand on two bricks that you supply and you first put on the bottom of your water butt. (If the pump goes straight on the bottom, its filter gets choked immediately with all the debris and the flow soon stops until you clean the foam filter. Cleaning is an easy job, no tools needed, just 1 minute and a bucket of clean water, but it's a pain to keep doing.)
Why not just use 2 bricks? Because a full 210 litre water butt weighs as much as 3 men and it's a foot off the ground on a stand. I'm very tall and I'd need a stepladder to position my pump on two bricks. (I would also need arms about 5 feet long or an aqualung.) Why not just suspend the pump on a bit of rope as recommended? Because there is no simple way of knowing when the pump is suspended about one brick high above the base of the water butt. As soon as you let it touch the bottom it blocks and you have to haul it up and clean it.
What the pump needs is a simple clip on plastic stand. Sadly, it doesn't have this - which is a shame.
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on 27 June 2009
A handy quick solution for being able to use a hose pipe from your water butt.
Its quick and easy to set up as it comes complete with a generous length of mains cable, a quick release hose connecter like the one you would most likely have on your outdoor tap. All you have to do is clip your hose pipe to it, lower it down to the bottom of your water butt and plug it in.
As for priming, the first time I used mine it took about 2 minutes before the water started dribble slowly out of the hose pipe.
After another 30 seconds just as I was thinking that I must have got a dud, the water suddenly shot out with some force.
I have now used it a number of times since and it has always come on at full pressure straight away.

It is quiet in operation while giving enough pressure to be able to use attachments on your hose for watering the garden such as sprinkers etc. Its limitations are that when washing the car, it won't quite drive car washing attachments such a rotating brush properly.
A good thing is if I use a high pressure jet wash, it serves well for feeding water into that, before getting the pump I did try to syphon water from my water butt to the high pressure jet wash without much success, so its been very handy for that.
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on 21 March 2009
Having lots of waterbutts around the garden, the hozelock pump is such a necessity. Makes light of all that watering and using rainwater saves on the water bill.
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on 6 May 2011
This is a very neat and practical solution to the back-breaking task of emptying your water butts by filling a watering can hundreds of times.It appears to be solidly built and safety in use seems assured.

The major problem, which I didn't discover until after purchase, is that you cannot turn off the water remotely at the end of the outlet hose. Once you connect the mains supply, water will flow. This seems to me to be rather wasteful. I think the manufacturers could usefully incorporate a pressure-sensing switch into the outlet to stop the motor if the hose is locked off.
One person could then plug it in to the mains, walk to the hose, direct it at the flowers and turn on the flow of water, or walk from flower-bed to flower-bed with the water turned off.
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on 20 May 2013
Hi,after searching for answers what it will or will not do, i would like to address the two problems that probably would put customers off. No 1. no stand to keep the filter 3 inches from the bottom where silt may lie, answer easy fit it in a tight fitting plastic plant pot, works perfectly. No 2. will it drive a pressure washer, you bet it does, too perfection, extra tip remove the outgoing filter where you connect the outgoing hose and you have really power full jets, now i can clean my greenhouse from the water butt, this pump is the best on the market for the money, and yes i am on a water meter,hope this helps. regards Mr T.
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on 7 July 2009
I bought this item because I wanted to use a soaker hose on my garden flower border to save me hours of time which I would normally spend watering the garden on an evening.

The pump was not powerful enough to pump water through the soaker hose so if you are thinking of using this item with a soaker hose you would probably be best buying one which is more powerful.

However, I disconnected the soaker hose and connected an ordinary hose, laid it through the flower border then made lots of holes in the hose. This method worked absolutely fine although I got some of the holes in the wrong place and ended up getting slightly wet in the process! It was a very good second best to what I originally wanted.

Well worth the money paid and will come in really useful when the grandchildren come and we have the large paddling pool out as I always struggle to empty it when it is finished with. This Hozelock Water Butt Pump will make life so much easier.
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on 5 August 2011
Bought the water butt pump to power my sprinkler for my lawn. The hozelock description describes their vortex as being suitable. Disappointingly it barely produces enough pressure for this sprinkler type either. Would not have purchased this had I have known.
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on 16 August 2014
Won't give you a huge flow of water (especially if going uphill at all), and can get blocked easily if there's debris in the base of your water butts, but nevertheless saves a lot of effort when watering. I have tied some string to the handle and use this to hang it within the water butt - the manufacturers recommend standing it on bricks but that would be very tiresome to try to do.
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