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on 20 May 2016
Never disappointed with the Creative brand ever since I bought my first 16bit sound blaster card in the early 90s :) The sound is excellent for the price. Excellent deep bass and really clear mids and high. They are light and very comfortable and I can use them for long periods. These come with 3.5mm plugs rather than a USB jack (1 for stereo and 1 for Mic) so you can benefit from the quality of your sound card rather than a DAC in a USB headphone.
The lead is also very long - enough for you comfortably connect to the back of you computer and have lots of movement around your computer desk.
Thoroughly recommend them!

EDIT: After 3 months, the mic stopped working. Being initially so impressed with these I am now very disappointed to have this fault like a few of the other reviews. Come on Creative, get this right!
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on 9 October 2015
Used to replace a USB Microsoft Lifechat LX-3000 and used mostly for online gaming and Skype, this 3.5mm connecting headset has very good playback quality, slightly better than the LX-3000. They are far more comfortable to use than the LX-3000 due to the better headband design that doesn't clamp your head and the warmer felt-like pads on the ear cups and headband.

My gripe is with the microphone, which simply is not very good, being noisy and not as pleasant for your listeners as the LX-3000's, which has an excellent neutral sounding low noise microphone. It is ok for chat in online games, but for Skype it is very poor by comparison. I've tried different microphone positions and orientations and it seems to be almost tolerable when really close to your mouth, and of course this means every breath or noise is picked up too.
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on 3 May 2014
worn it for 8hours straight and was still comfortable, not too tight but a firm fit and did not slip off
would be nice to have an indicator icon on the mic to show which side takes in the sound and which sound aids in noise cancelling

Update 2 years later;
Was actually kindly replace by amazon prime after a year of use, due to a problem with the audio 3.5mm connector, so technically had this current headset for 1 year now.
This headset has been great, people in skype group calls have commented they can hear me more clearly than others using more expensive headsets. And I can personally hear people in the group clearer than others can with their more expensive headsets.

Works just as well with Playstation4/PS4, though need to get a splitter e.g. I use Startech.com 3.5mm 4 Pin to 2x 3 Pin 3.5mm Headset Splitter Adapter - M/F to convert your 2x 3.5mm jacks/pins (mic+audio) into 1 pin for your PS4 DualShock 4 wireless controller which has just the one 3.5mm port for both audio and microphone input

The ear pads are very thick and soft so comfortable for 20 hours of use, with an ear stud too! Not too loose that it falls off with head movements, not too tight that it hurts, Just Right!

The microphone boom has 2 distinguishable sides to it, one side has 3 'lines' which is noise cancelling, other is 7 circles/holes which is the mic part you want facing the direction your voice is coming from. I have found that when this boom is twisted the wrong way, people find my voice very quiet and this is what i found and the fix!

The cable is so long that when i use it in my office, i need to hang the cable from its mid point on a nearby light switch knob so it isn't laying on the floor to get run over by my office chair wheels. Though they still get run over plenty of times but cable still remains intact and durable. If you have the same issue, you could also just tie a few loose knots to shorten cable length as desired or use cable ties.

Very glad i opted for a lower budget headset and picked this one in particular (£25.90 in Jan 2014)
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on 23 November 2015
This headset has lasted longer than any other ones I've had, and is still going. They are reasonably comfortable, not had any issues with it until recently, after about 2 years of consistent use. The earmuffs never quite sat right for my ears but eventually got used to it and began to sit comfortably, however when I go through extended gaming sessions the back of ears to get sore leaving red marks.
The detachable mic has come in useful when I'm not using it so it doesn't get in the way, but having one you can twist up and down is just as useful really.
Of course the quality isn't perfect, but is expected for the price. For a decent quality gaming headset it has done a good job.
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on 2 January 2014
Before criticizing the headset, I would like to commend it.

It has reasonably good microphone quality as far as I can tell, but what really sticks with me is how good the audio quality is. I used to own the Turtle Beach x11s for about 4 years and I thought that the audio quality of that headset was responsive and accurate, but when that headset broke I bought these as an easy replacement. I first started listening to some music and it seemed like the bass was kicking in very well. Not loads of bass like you would expect from a £50 headset, but just enough to be noticeable, but not enough to hurt your head or anything like that.

Now the one thing that I can criticize the headset for is its design. The ear-cups do not cling to your head like most headsets, but instead have just enough power from the headband to dig into the part just under your ear-lobes. maybe this is due to my small head, but I don't think it's too much of a problem because it doesn't hurt or anything since the material used it of a very high quality. The only reason I even list this with criticism is because where there is no slack in the ear-cups it makes the whole (200g) weight of the headset fall to the strap on the top, which is nicely fitted with the same material as the ear-cups. At first it is very comfortable, but after a prolonged amount of time (about 4-5 hours, typical GAMING hours for me) it tend to make the top of my head seem to pulsate and hurt, which irritates me and gives me headaches. This is probably also down to my small head. I do also use speakers to play my games but they just aren't as effective as headphones. So be warned fellow Small heads... be warned...
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on 4 October 2016
Good value, comfortable, clear sound, great bass. Use two plugs one for microphone and one for speakers. clear sound for each. use on skype all day long.

Updated review....After a few months usage I have now found that the wire has coiled up on itself as is reported by others. this needs stretching out/straightening couple of times a day sadly. Finally the microphone has ceased to work today, probably due to the wire coiling up on itself. I notice there is no returns tab for this item...why is that....?

I may try solder a new wire onto the item but what a pain......(haven't got a solder iron! or spare cable).
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on 21 December 2015
First Impressions; Good looking, Detachable Microphone, Not expensive!

What's in the box;
- Fatal1ty Gaming Headset

What I love;
+ Good Looking
+ Detachable Microphone
+ Padded Ear-pads
+ Good cable length

What could be improved;
- Quality of Cable
- Quality of Plastic
- In-Line Mic On/Off Switch

Conclusion; This headset is great for the price, it offers a great sense of sound in games and has a clear/ crisp microphone. The plastic is not so strong, but as long as you don't drop it or step on it, the headset will last.
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on 9 April 2015
Looked good in box, felt reasonably sturdy but jack connections flimsy. As a seasoned vet of gaming thus well versed with setting up Teamspeak/Ventrilo and so on, no matter what I did I was unable to get the microphone aspect of the headphones working. Tried the sound control panels, tried using different combinations of set up but to no avail.

Had to get a refund which was duly dealt with promptly by Amazon.

I am afraid that this headset was not for me and if you go on the website for Creative these are now no longer shown so they are obsolete to a certain extent. the new headset being the HS1000.
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on 6 October 2014
I'm blown away by the sound quality considering the price tag, I have these connected to an X-Fi Fatality Titanium soundcard and the quality of the sounds are amazing & I was particularly impressed by the amount of bass the speakers pump out! I have no issues with the build quality, am still on my first headset which I brought back in 2011, I've even snagged the cable on my swivel chair numerous times and everything is still in full working order. In terms of the mic, I use teamspeak when gaming and I only have the mic sensitivity at 30% out of 100, that's all you need as the mic pickup is really good. Be it listening to music or blowing things up in Battlefield 4, this is one headset I can highly recommend.

Also if you got an x-fi card, make use of the cmss-3d in the creative software to have virtual 7.1 sound through the headphones, that's what I use with all the games I play and it works really well with HS800, comes in very handy in bf4 when I can hear someone trying to creep up behind me!

I do have one warning though, if you have a budgie don't let em get near the cable! lol, and that brings me back to why I'm looking at this item again, I'm buying another just in case the headset I have fails as the budgie has been biting the plastic outer cable, can now see the inner cables but luckily he didn't chew through them so the headset is still functioning perfectly
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on 18 November 2016
Got them from a friend, so I have no idea how old they are, but they lasted over a year and a half with me. In the end there was more duct tape than wire, but it definitely lived for a good while. It stopped working since the wire got caught in my leg and I accidentally pulled on the wire too hard, which dislodged the microphone wire. Very comfortable, and easy on ears. What I like about the headset is that it has smaller ear muffs (not sure if using the correct term here), so the headset rests on the ears and not the head, which I prefer. It is also very light. Doesn't cause damage to ear piercings too, which is awesome. The sound is really good. I used to have a s***ty motherboard and even then the sound was very clear and good. I love the headband, it is very comfortable and easily adjustible. I am very tempted to buy it again, as it is a very good headset. Especially for such a good price, it is worth the money.
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