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Customer reviews

4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars

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on 17 August 2017
I remember looking forward to this album being released in 1990 and listening to the cassette a lot afterwards. I still think that Long Cold Winter or Night Songs might have been more popular with rock fans those days, but Heartbreak Station is the real showcase of the brilliant band Cinderella. The use of slide guitars, saxophones and acoustic guitars simply emphasize how talented musicians are/were Tom Keifer, James LaBar, Eric Brittingham and Fred Coury. Tom's raspy voice and the heavy melodies, the exciting drum feel and guitar riffs show that this band should have deserved to be given a lot more critical acclaim just because of the versatile musical achievement they made by releasing this album.
I know that it might sound strange to praise an album that was put out as long ago as 1990, but if you are an AC/DC, Led Zeppelin or Lynyrd Skynyrd fan, give it a try and you will love it! Enjoy!
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on 14 December 2014
A corker of a 3rd album from Cinderella. Bluesy rock'n'roll of a very high standard. Don't let the name put you off as these guys were one of the best around at the time.
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'80s American Hair Metal band Cinderella released their third studio album in 1990. 'Heartbreak Station' is notably more blues oriented in style, with a strong hint of southern country. It has much more in common with Aerosmith than Ratt and Poison, the latter of whom were bands that Cinderella sounded initially very similar too. Not that the change was bad, far from it, in fact, this record might possibly be my favourite out of everything these guys have ever done. That's saying something considering how highly I rate all of the albums.

There aren't many trademark power ballads to be found, which was rather disappointing for me at first, but the title track is a powerful. moving song, and you could say that the aptly named closing track 'Winds of Change', though a little dull, also fits into the same category. The up-tempo rockers such as 'The More Things Change', 'Love's Got Me Doin Time', and 'Shelter Me' are absolutely brilliant, and the whole record has a real 1970s-influenced sound.

Cinderella weren't ever afraid to experiment with their sound, and were a much more versatile band than some people give them credit for. Tom Keifer, as well as being a great guitarist, is also one excellent vocalist, with a voice not to dissimilar to AC/DC. If you're just discovering them as of now, then I would suggest you start off with the first two albums 'Night Songs' and 'Long Cold Winter', but make sure you return to experience 'Heartbreak Station', which provided these four Philadelphia men with a third top 40 record in the British charts.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 13 February 2011
Following on from the more blues influenced 'LONG COLD WINTER' album,this is a superb disc,at its core blues based rock with a hint of country with the occasional acoustic flourish.A damn fine disc that resonates with me even after all these years.

Opening with the raunch n roll of 'The More Things Change' & 'Love's Got Me Doin Time' the band are on fire while the superb single,should have been a worldwide hit,'Shelter Me' leaves you grinning from ear to ear.

The album is superb from the majestic title track, the country tinged 'One For Rock n Roll',the delightful 'Winds of Change',there isnt a duff moment here.

This was the bands moment,clearly the label was behind them big hitters such as ZEP'S John Paul Jones arranged strings on a couple of tracks ,Uriah Heep's Ken Hensley provided organ on several tracks.

Sadly grunge was around the corner abd the album nor band never reached the heights they should have,this remains a lost classic.
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on 23 May 2010
heartbreak station is another great blues rock album from Cinderella. This one is not as hard rockin' as Long Cold Winter, Still Climbing or Night songs, however the music, lyrics and overall talent of this band is showcased once again. You will find there are a few more acoustic tracks on Heartbreak Station. The song One For RocknRoll may take on a country like feel because of the slide guitar but I can hardly find evidence in this release to call it country (like previous reviewer) nor can I say it's all ballads either. That statement is ridiculous. This is straight blues rock and the only reason it separates itself from other Cinderella releases in my opinion is that they lowered the distortion a notch or two and threw in more acoustic (neither of those make a song a ballad or country.) Once again Jeff LaBar throws out some gritty guitar riffs and soaring solos. Tom Keifer deliveres more real life lyrics with that same amazing voice he was blessed with. If you are a fan of Cinderella you don't want to be left without this release. One of the best things about Cinderella is they never release the same album. They are constantly evolving and I'd hate to see one of their shows without hearing selections from Heartbreak Station. So open your mind buy this album and enjoy some of the best Blues Rock 'n' Roll available... Oh yea and ONE ballad named Heartbreak Station and a straight Funk track called Loves Got Me Doin' Time. Enjoy. I know I did.
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on 27 December 2003
Cinderella have certainly experimented since their first album, 'Night Songs'. From the pure hard rock, to blues in 'Long Cold Winter' and then a country feel is given to their third album, 'Heartbreak Station'. Every style they play, they reach perfection in my opinion! This album certainly lacks no talent. Tom Keifer's unique gravelly vocals remain. And as well as some great rock tracks such as 'The more things change' and 'Sick for the cure', there are some beautiful tear jerkers, i.e the title track - 'Heartbreak Station'. They've taken their talents to another level. It's clear alot of passion has been put into this album and the guys have done themselves proud! It's a change, but a MUST for any Cinderella/rock fan. 5 star album!
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on 30 November 2011
Absolutely love the album. One of my top five albums ever. Bought it when it first came out, but felt best give it a review, whilst desperately trawling for any new stuff. Why oh why did they not push on from here. (apart from Tom's bad throat!!) Bluesy, Rocky, Acoustic'y in one album. Their glam styling does not reflect the album content. If you like your rock music, then no doubt you like blues inspired music - this album has both.
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on 30 May 2011
after they had ruled the 80s style they returned to what they know best killer blues influenced albums . by the 3rd the became more confidence this album contains the best early 90s songs . sings thats been played and enjoyed since . when you buy this album this is what your getting:
1. bets guitar playing
2. best songs with depth and feelings
3. down to earth songs that you can relate to
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on 18 January 2012
An anomaly of an album. It has some utterly sublime moments but others of such backward-thinking inanity that you wonder who was making the decisions. As you may be able to tell, this is not as consistent as their previous 2 releases, but there are a handful of great songs to enjoy. It also shows the band turning almost solely to the blues and/or blue grass sound that they hinted at on Long Cold Winter. And this is also where it voth fails and triumphs.

Opener 'The More Things Change' is a very good song. It's not life-changing, just a great, catchy track that mixes blues and rock together effectively to produce a single-worthy release. 'Love's Got Me Doin Time' however is a blues riff too far. This has genre cliche written all over it. It's got trumpets and slide guitar and a chirpy, faux-blues riff that smacks of pub band. Very MOR and very average. 'Shelter' is better but still not perfect. The gospel chorus is actually a plus and it does grow on you. The title track is possibly the best track on the album. It is unashamedly cheesy and has an element of the blues without being overwhelmed by it. In essence it is a good old-fashioned rock stadium ballad. And it is brilliant. 'Sick For The Cure' is not a bad follow up either. It's intricate, technical and catchy, as well as fun.

'One For Rock and Roll' and 'Dead Man's Road' are head scratchers. These are by no means bad songs at all but they somehow do not belong on this album. Both are almost acoustic, very stripped bare ballads of the country-blues variety. 'One for Rock N Roll' is the better track. It's thoughtful and well structured and well played. 'Dead Man's Road' is a little too long and relies too heavily on slide guitar showing off. But it's ok. 'Make Your Own Way' and 'Electric Love' are a bit boring and could have been excluded a la track 2. 'Love Gone Bad' is a passable rock song with a good chorus. And the closing ballad is decent enough, just not enough to get excited about any further releases.

Some great tracks, a lot of ok ones, some bad ones. If you would like to start listening to Cinderella, I would suggest Long Cold Winter and then Night Songs as these are indicative of their sound, whereas this album feels more of an experiment.
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on 9 January 2014
A really hard rocking band,from start to finish well produced and well written songs in their time they were a great band.
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