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Customer Reviews

4.3 out of 5 stars
4.3 out of 5 stars
Platform: Nintendo Wii|Change
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on 7 January 2008
My husband and I were reluctant to try this after the bad experience we had with Mario Party 8 - that was supposed to be suitable for ages 3+ but which we could not find many unlocked minigames. The games you had to play to unlock minigames seemed very long and the telly kept shouting and playing annoying music at us and the instructions were like a novel. We felt stupid having to give up on a "ages 3+" game on account of not being able to play it!!

BUT this one was fab! When you start playing, there are already around 10 games free by default. These are varied and creative in the use of the wiimote and nunchuck. I highly recommend getting a nunchuck for all Wiimotes you use for this game.

As you play these games, you begin to unlock the other games very easily and quickly. I especially enjoy the trampoline (by default unlocked), rowing (need to be unlocked) and archery (also need to be unlocked).

We had *such* a laugh playing it and the use of the Wiimote is so easy. Even the kids found it easy to play (although perhaps not to win against the computer since you need to be able to swing the wiimote fast in order to break records... but it's not so bad when you play one another). A group of us aged between 8 and 40+ played it for the entire of NY's eve and NY's day and did not tire of it. The adults read too much into the instructions and wound up initially confused. Our 8-year old did not read anything but went on instinct and smashed the world record for javelin throw!!

I would not say this is "ages 3+" but perhaps 5 onwards is fine. Highly recommended. There must be a reason that even used ones (not many, mind) are going for £40ish on eBay!

P/s be prepared for your arms to ache...
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on 20 November 2007
This game is super fun for all the family, easy to understand controls, using the Wii's remote super motion sensor to its best.
You get to choose any one of 16 Mario or Sonic characters to try and win different olympic events, from 100m sprints to single rowing.

You can also get your Mii created for Wii Sports in the action as well, playing as him or her against sonic and friends or mario and friends.

This is a superb game for any age, young or old, all the family will enjoy it, single or mulitplayer (better with more I say).

Get it for xmas, if not before.

Five Big Stars and two thumbs up for this one
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on 12 December 2007
Wow, this game turned out to be WAY better than I expected. I mean, the Mario series was fantastic, and the Sonic series was brilliant too, it's good to see that fusion of the two transferred so well. The games themselves are really fun and they were way more challenging than I expected. Plus the world rank feature is really cool, it's great being able to see everyone you've beaten...and lost to too. And the dream races are amazing, I only unlocked one but even the one I did was enough to keep me entertained for hours, even on the single player not to mention all the games that are standard for the Olympics. I was wondering how they'd use motion controls for all the events and it turned out to work as smoothly as Wii Sports did. The games feels so natural and after a while you'll start to realise the skills you need to play like the swimming which is immensely fun, especially how the swimming controls vary per character. The mission mode is loads of fun too, like the normal games, but with certain tasks such as "Beat Knuckles in Archery" and so on, good fun. The AI is fairly good too, enough to entertain you for hours on the single player, and the multiplayer is really good because all the games are playable without the nun-chuck too. All in all a pretty damn good game, can't think of much to criticize. Would definitely recommend this game!!!!!!!!
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on 14 May 2008
This is an excellent game. There is huge variety in the games; they are innovative and varied. The graphics are excellent as you would expect. More events unlock as you play the game more which increases its longevity.

Some other reviews complain about the complexity of the controls. This surprises me as my children (aged four and seven) can both manage to play it very well. They have both successfully won several gold medals and broken many world records, so if they can manage it I should think anybody could (if they could be bothered to read the instructions which are presented before each event).

Overall, it's an excellent game. As with many Wii games, it is definitely geared towards the younger gamer, and it hits this target market very well.

Just be careful, it can be very exhausting! You'll need the stamina of an Olympian to keep up with the kids.
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on 28 October 2008
There's a lot about this game that's great - the number of characters, the coming together of Sonic and Mario, the range of events, the difficulty level, the number of unlockable areas - however, it takes so long going through all the menus and sub menus, intros and instructions, you get about 2mins gameplay for every 10mins spend with the Wiimote in your hand.

Some events are really hard to master - I still can't get the hang of the swimming - while others are too easy - 100m sprint is so simple it's boring.

The graphics and audio are all very good, and the interaction on most events is pretty good - but there's no instant gratification and no great fun. For pure gameplay, Wii Sports is better.

So should you buy it? well yeah - if you've the dedication of an Olympic athelete.
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on 12 December 2007
After playing Wii Sports to death with the missus, it left like time for a change. - Mario vs Sonic does not disappoint.

The mini games are brilliant and can be very frustrating the first time you play, but this merely makes you play more until you can master them.

The skeet shooting is so addictive and after doing a 4 X 100m relay, your arms do need to be surgically attached back to your body!

Must buy for Christmas so at least it feels like your burning off those extra sprouts.
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on 21 November 2007
First of all i am going to start by saying that this game is probarbly the best sports game i have ever played. The way that sega have used the WII controls are amazing, every event is controlled in a different way so it doesn't feel like you're playing the same thing over and over again. Another thing i like about the game is the fact that you can play as your MII, sometimes if i can't decide wether to me on Mario's side or Sonic's side i can just simply be me. All in all i am 100% pleased with this game and wouldn't doubt recommending it to anyone.
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on 9 January 2008
Some people apparently find it difficult to use the controls. I did not have this trouble, although a few of the events had a minor learning curve (3-5 tries to get decent at them), but nothing frustrating. Even my 3 year old was able to play many of the minigames (in fact, he was better than me at the triple jump haha).

Several reviewers said their arms hurt from playing this (because running requires you to move the nunchuck and wiimote back and forth). This was true for me at first, but then after messing around a bit I realized that you don't have to forcefully move them to run fast. You can use small, quick, gentler motions to get to a good speed. My 3 year old doesn't get to full speed, but he consistently gets the blue signal that he's running fast...and he does not even hold them right. Don't get me wrong; you definitely get a very minor workout and will probably sweat a little :)

Several of those lower rated reviews also compare this to Mario Party, which is a bad comparison in my opinion. This game certainly is not trying to be Mario Party. This game is more like Wii sports with different games.

The only negative I have is the misleading Wi-Fi tag. You cannot actually play others online, which is what I assumed. You can upload your records and see how your records rank against the world which is nice, but online play would have been fun.

I enjoy the "Circuit" mode which makes you compete in 4 events against the computer. Winning these adds trophies to your collection, opens more circuits, and opens more Olympic events.

I also enjoy the Mission mode where you have to take finish meet certain goals for 6 different events. I have not completed one with all 6 yet as I still have to open up a couple of minigames. It'll be fun trying to complete the goals for every character.

One of the low reviews also mentioned that there was no replay value. This is hard to comprehend since I have found a ton of replay value. Trying to master the events, set world records, rank higher than online records, completing circuits to open up new events/circuits, and mission mode are extremely fun and you are replaying events over and over. Not to mention getting family or friends to play with you so that you can compete against each other.

My favorite events so far are: Trampoline, Skeet Shooting, Javaline, Hammer Throw, and rowing (scully or something). I like the running events, especially the 400 meters where you have to focus on the character's stamina to keep him from slowing down due to being tired. Archery is fun. I have the most difficulty with table tennis, long jump, and triple jump (the jumping events my 3 year old can beat me at heh).

Overall, I really enjoy this game. Online play would have put this over the top for a 5 star rating, but there is a lot to do without online play. I too am a Mario Party fan (I give Mario Party 8 four stars also). Don't expect this to be Mario Party, but a sporting event at the Olympics and enjoy!
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on 20 November 2007
This game is fantastic, my kids love it. Mario and Sonic along with 14 other characters in there worlds compete for the medals in 20 authentic olympics events.Upto 4 players can play,as you win medals you unlock new games.Very addictive and fun to watch and play.

A favorite game and character for everyone,even I got my first medal in fencing not gold but getting there.You can also use your own mii in the game.briiliant fun game 10 out of 10.
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on 2 December 2007
I got this game yesterday and we played it until 2 in the morning. The controls are really easy to use and any spectator will have fun too with the participants making a fool of themselves.

The swimming games are hard work but very fun, table tennis is too hard at the moment though so ,much more practise is needed.

After muh playing yesterday, my arms are killing me this morning so moderation is the key!!!

Awesome game, one for everyone and you will struggle to put your wiimote down!!!!
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