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on 20 January 2013
Having purchased this Skype phone from LiGo I wrote a product review and a supplier review. I did not give them the best review and received the following email from Ligo!

17/01/2013 "We would really like the opportunity to transfer your overall shopping experience and, as gesture of goodwill, we would be happy to issue a refund of £5 and extend the warranty by an additional year, if you are happy to remove your feedback and participate in providing us constructive criticism.
Kind regards, Craig | liGo

However when I removed my supplier review I received the following email,
22/01/2013 "Unfortunately, as this order has been fulfilled by Amazon we are unable to issue a refund and the feedback were removed as Amazon have taken responsibility for your shopping experience.
07/11/2012 , email from IiGo, "Thank you very much for your order with liGo Electronics on Amazon and the invoice attached from lGio in which it states that they sent it to me.
Amazon claim that liGo should not make contact with customers regarding feedback, but liGo claim that Amazon actively encourage liGo to contact customers in order to change feedback. Be careful if approached by liGo with an offer they do not intend to keep.
This is just a phone!
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on 10 January 2014
I am a huge fan of this system - as an expat i travel the world (business and family) and as such i'd need to change numbers quite often. but with skype - i just have one; no matter where i go i have my skype account and i can call my folks. better - i just plug in the landline and here we go. happy days:)
anywho - back to the product. I already had a triple set of these at home. as my wife needed an account for herself we bough this single phone set to expand the network. we have 2 bases now with 2 phones on each.
result? 2 independant land lines, and 2 independant skype line. perfect!

the original we bough was from 2010. this one was purchased late 2013, hence this is the 'newer' version. i sense the older one was/is a bit better.
the good:
+ land line and skype go in, both work in parallel
+ units work when network is down (land line i mean!)
+ unit is durable, good sound, good quality of materials
+ side port for a simple head set
+ it can ring like a phone (no fancy-shmancy ring tones, just a regular old fashioned ring-ring!)
+ i get some 25m range (through brick walls, concrete cellings)
+ simplke and user friendly display and operation (no doctorate in nuclear phisics required)
+ 4h of non-stop chatting is no problem at all; unit seems energy efficent
+ loud speaker is a wonderful function and it works very well - clear, loud sound, very nice!

the bad:
- the 'newer' version charger produces this high pitch squeek. i hear it, my more significant doesn't (guess i have bat ears)
- not compatible with 4088 base. this is just bad... i wanted to have a new unit to distinguish them. no way. doesn't work
- after ~15month batteries need to be replaced as they "just die". no biggie - high capacity rechargables are dirt cheap nowadays
- they could have added a head set/ear piece (costs little, but would have been a nice touch)
- i still haven't figured out how to customise rings for various callers. guess it just can't do it :(

the ugly
* buttons tend to stick out, so cleaning the unit isn't the easiest
* outer finish is a bit porous hence makeup, dust, grease, etc. stick to it wonderfully :(
* original docking stations developed this weird sickness - tiny wires that charge the units would bend; as result the hand sets wouldn't charge. 15min to open the docking stations, bend the wires, close the things back again. there - done. still, i would prefer this did not happen!
* is it REALLY worth like 50 quid? not sure. it is a good product, but 50 pounds is a bit steep...
* cant buy a separate base station. which is just ...ghh.... not good :( expanding the system means you'll need to buy a new set...
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on 30 March 2013
This has been a good phone. We live in Spain and don't have a landline so rely on satellite internet connection and skype phone to be able to keep in contact with the outside world. I seems as though there are very few phones on the market so only really had a choice between this and the new Philips (the old one had been discontinued). As the Philips was a new model at the time with no feedback, and was over £200, this was the only one in our budget. It has done its job very well and although it could benefit with some improvements, we have been very satisfied with it.

One of the biggest advantages for us is that you don't need to have your PC on to be able to use it as it plugs directly into your router. Prior to purchasing the RTX, we had to make our calls via the computer which was fine, but if the computer was not on, we couldn't receive any calls. Not the case now as all our calls come straight via the router and ring directly on our RTX phone. We do notice that the sound seems to break up after a long call (so we have been told) but whether this is due to our router, internet service or phone I couldn't say. The buttons are a little spongy so you need to be precise and positive when pushing them, the ringer could definitely be louder and the screen would have been better had it been slightly larger or at least, had a larger font size making it easier to read. All in all though, it has been a good little work horse for us. Delivered promptly and in good condition. The price was also very good.
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on 27 December 2012
This is a pretty ugly phone and not very pleasant to use. The keys are the old-fashioned 'rubber' type, which are not easy to press and don't give a very good tactile feedback (i.e. you're not sure if you've pressed them properly or not), the screen is small, and overall the design is old-fashioned and unattractive. It's almost as if all the advances in design of mobiles and phones over the last 10 years haven't happened!

Having said that, it's easy to set up (more or less does it itself) and works well enough - although the range isn't great (less than 10m away - but through two internal walls - the signal is very hit and miss). And, after all, there isn't much choice!

It amazes me that Skype haven't done more to encourage manufacturers to make more Skype phones, so that we get a decent selection to choose from, and there is some competition and therefore incentive for manufacturers to improve designs. Skype is such a good service (for less than six quid a month, we get free calls all over Europe, and another twenty quid a year gets us our own number - compare that to BT. Virgin, etc!), but it is horribly let down by the 'quality' of the phones.

But all that isn't why it's only got 1 star, I'd probably have given it 3 or 4 otherwise, but the killer was that the ringer started playing up after about a year and pretty soon failed altogether. We then had to keep one of the PCs on all day, with Skype running, so we knew when someone was calling! From other reviews, it looks like this is a fault with the rear speaker, so I bought a set of torque screwdrivers to take the phone apart (why can't they use ordinary screws?!) and was about to investigate further when my wife managed to drop the phone is a sink full of water!! So now it doesn't work at all.

Having checked the available Skype phones, it turns out that nothing much has changed in two years - we still only have the choice of the latest version of this one (and hope they've fixed the ringer problem) or the Philips, which is very old technology, much dearer, and (apparently) has no 'UK' option. So, keep an eye on the reviews for the new version and I'll let you know what happens.

In the meantime, DO NOT buy this phone. You might be lucky and get one that still works after a year or two, but the reviews will tell you this isn't likely.

PS - if you're wondering why I didn't return it when the ringer started to fail, I tried! But we bought ours directly from Skype and it appears it is impossible to complain (or even contact) Skype. After hours of searching through Skype screens, and being taken round in pointless circles again and again, I eventually found a way of emailing them - but never got a reply or any action. This time, though, we're buying from Amazon, so if it goes wrong, it's going straight back!
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on 1 March 2013
My partner and I wanted to avoid having a second phone line put in for business purposes and we chose to have an 0800 number linked to a Skype In number. We then ordered this phone to link to that Skype account.

Things have worked out really well. There is a base station with the DUALphone that connects to our router with a Cat5 cable (included). No configuration of either the base station or the router was needed. There is a separate cradle for charging the handset. The rechargeable batteries that come with the phone are initially discharged, so you do need to wait for 10 minutes before starting to set up the phone. Full charging takes about 6 hours, as stated in the manual.

There's a CD provided that contains the user manual in PDF format. You may well find that you don't really need to refer to that because the menu system on the handset is really self-explanatory.

There are many ring tones to choose from, so you're very likely to find something that suits you.

The only point that denies this phone a five star rating is that the keyboard is indeed awkward. Buttons need to be pressed in a very positive way in order to get results.
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on 28 October 2010
Ordered as a replacement for a Philips that would not work with my new computer. Software incompatibility as Philips was XP and I now have Vista. Drivers not available from Philips. Installed new phone but immediately noticed that sound from earpiece was terrible (muffled). On speaker it's fine. There is a very loud hiss that lasts for about 3 to 4 seconds when a call is answered and it comes back frequently during a conversation. Excellent support from Dualphone though and they have offered 4 possible solutions. Non of them work and they are sending a new handset. That's all positive because of their response and attitude.
What I do not like is the phone itself. Very fiddly to use. Small buttons and not very tactile. My wife could use the old Philips without putting on her reading glasses but no chance with this one.
A big advantage with the Dualphone is that it connects to the router and a software download to the computer is not needed. The phone (on Skype) works when the computer is switched off.
I have used Skype since there were no more than 400,000 people on line (20 million now) so I am a bit of a Skype pioneer! This is the 4th phone and the worst.
Oh how I wish I still had my 3 year old Philips.
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on 10 February 2010
Having read the mixed reviews of this phone, I decided to order one anyway for various reasons, namely to use skype without PC's on, and because it is a cool gismo (just being honest).

What has been made clear by other users is that the problems with this phone seem to occur when you upgrade the software which the phone keeps asking you to do, so I have not and will not.

Firstly, it has done exactly as was described, connected it up, turned it on and has worked. Signed into skype, and it found all our contacts, and then made a call (sadly unanswered so I can't comment on the sound quality of the phone). On this basis alone I am 100% satisfied.

4 stars only as the phone and base station itself are very basic, and certainly not a stylish addition to your house. They have a cheap "plasticky" feel. The buttons need to be pushed firmly which I like, so they are not likely to be pushed accidentally.

Functionality of the phone is limited or very well hidden, no call volume adjustment (that I could find) for example, however thats not a major issue given the benefits of using skype without your PC on.

For those who like technology and are looking for "good reasons" to extend their home network and spread more network cables around the house, this is great, as you need to connect the base station to your network.

As and when we have had some actual use out of the phone (batteries still charging) I will post more feedback.

Edit: Now had a chance to talk on it and the sound quality is not as good as using my PC with headset, nor as good as a normal telephone call, however it is good enough.

Have also since found the call volume adjustment - can only be done during a phone call it seems.

One thing to note, when you receive a call on skype, whilst the skype phone rang my PC which was also logged into skype did not ring. Not a major problem, just mentioning this.

Overall satisfied.

Edit: Having now had the phone for a couple of days, and used it a bit more, I am very pleased with it. You get a great feeling knowing that you are making international calls to a mobile phone (skype installed on mobile - and user has free data usage in contract) and it is totally free!!!

Very pleased.
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on 25 June 2014
I purchased this to use at my holiday home to save the cost of a 12 month line subscription. ( Broadband is by microwave and needs no landline). The phone was simplicity itself to set up, although it comes with a separate modem/router not shown in the illustrations. A built in unit would have been much nicer and saved on cables. However, once plugged in, the set up easy. Calls are cheap, but be warned, if you want a number so that people can call you from a landline, it will cost you. Mainly we call the landlines of others and anyone wanting to call us can just call on the computer and we call them back. A good buy that I would make again.
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on 3 April 2014
I was unable to get this device to work, other than to sign into skype no other functions worked. It could not make or receive skype calls. It could be a problem with MSN integration (as the skype users I searched for and dialed from are all live:username accounts, I simply could get nowhere. While it may be possible to get it to work, the trouble shooting guide is shocking (no support to call that I could find either). Additionally unless you are able to read PDF's off CD without use of a PC, you will require a PC in order to read the set up instructions for this device (a small but incredibly irritating point after spending several hours reading trouble shooting gems contained in the digital manual).
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VINE VOICEon 8 October 2010
Brought two of these phones. One for the UK and one aboard.
Setting up is simple, everything is in the box.

In terms of build its pretty cheap, the numberpad is difficult to see since its not illuminated.
Also the buttons on the corners are small and generally dont have a nice feel.

The main function/reason to buying this phone is the skype feature.
Simply enter your skype details and it will log you into your account.

It works well, i havent had any issues using it. That includes making calls to other skype users on computers.

Also i noticed some people have difficult in turning up the incall volume, press the up button (the top button from the circle).

All you need is a broadband connection and thats it.
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