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on 7 January 2013
Great book. Really helpful insights into sleep patterns at the beginning and some very practical and easy to follow steps to help improve sleep. It's written in a non-judgemental way so if you've ever 'broken the rules' to get your baby to sleep its a relief to find an author that ignores the 'rules' and focuses on reality and practicality.
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on 14 November 2013
This helped me so much and was very simple to follow I got this book for my 8 month old now 9 months, iv gone from waking every 2/3 hours for feeds to waking 1/2 Times a night with no feeds massive improvement still got away to go but getting there
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on 18 May 2013
My friend lent me this book after 5 months of severe sleep deprivation. I felt utterly desperate as my baby woke up to 20 times a night and was willing to give anything a go (I had tried the crying methods on the advice of my health visitor but this only made things worse). The book does not promise quick fixes but gives lots of small suggestions and tips that when used together have a big impact! It took about 1week then we saw a real improvement (to be fair we also moved baby into his own room which helped too - the book gives useful advice to help baby with this transition). At 6.5 months my baby wakes 1 to 2 times a night, i sometimes still can't believe the improvement! I would highly recommend this book to anyone whose baby is waking a lot at night.
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on 11 August 2010
My daughter was 4 months old when I read this book and it really changed my life:
She was waking 6 or 8 times at night (since she was born). I thought that after the 3rd month things would be different, but no. I was so sleep deprived that I could not have a functional life. My self-esteem was in the floor because during the day I only wanted to sleep so my image was always the same (in pajamas day and night!). My daughter's naps were a mess too so I had no certainty of anything; each day was crazy without any routine. When my husband came after work, he found a very sleep deprived wife, which couldn't have an adult conversation with him. Just grumpy all day.

This book was a revelation for me. I understood the basics of baby's sleep, and the importance of nap and routines. After 2 months of following Pantley's methodology my baby began to sleep through the night. Now I am really enjoying my motherhood because I am rested, I have the energy to play with her the next day!. I recovered my time with my husband, and I have time for myself too. I am a functional mom, wife and woman because my baby and I have routines. And even when she is teething she sleeps through the night. BELIEVE IT, IT IS POSSIBLE WITHOUT CRYING!.
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on 26 September 2013
The no cry sleep solution is the only book I recommend to all parents struggling to get their children to sleep. The new enhanced ebook version with the added videos provides an even more portable but supportive book.

The ethos of the book is as the front cover describes “gentle ways to help your baby sleep through the night”. Pantley’s methods spoke to me. They were natural, they seemed to fit with what I instinctively wanted to do. The first thing that struck me about the No Cry Sleep Solution was that it wasn’t designed to any baby but your baby. You make it fit. You are given tips and suggestions but there is no trying to fit your baby to a set model or requirements. The key part of her book that made me feel better was that officially ‘sleeping through’ means a period of 5hours sleep. It didn’t mean the 7pm to 7am which most other books stress.

The NCSS is not a quick plan going to get you sleep immediately. It is a plan which needs time to take effect and you do need to stick with it long enough to see if it taking effect. If you want a quick fix, this book isn’t for you. But it proved to me that there were other options, that I didn’t have to do what everyone else said and that my instincts were probably right, so go with them. The NCSS makes you feel better about the sleep you’re [still] not getting. Do not expect a quick fix, but nothing worthwhile in life ever is!

The videos at the end of each chapter provide a warm and calm check in and help you reevaluate your success, no matter how small. I would never use another baby sleep book. This lets you know that you are doing it right and to trust your instincts.
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on 26 September 2013
Plenty of good ideas, but I am wishing that I had bought the paperback rather than the kindle edition as I'm finding it difficult to refer back to. The book doesn't deserve a low review (thus five stars) but my experience with the kindle version I would only give three.
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on 8 June 2010
this book has been amazing, i used to have a baby who just would not sleep at all and just wanted to be rocked all night and never took naps longer than 15 minutes, but now my son sleeps through the night and takes 2 hour naps and is a much happier baby and its all thanks to this book.
there are so many different ways to solve practically every sleep problem which was useful as my son had quite a few bad sleep habits we had to change one after the other (wanting to be rocked to sleep, falling asleep with the bottle)and if one of the steps didnt work we kept trying till we found one that did, it's also good at keeping a record of how your baby naps and how long they sleep for to make it easier for you to find a routine that works.
it's one of the best baby books out there and i love the way theres solutions not involving leaving them to cry as i couldnt bear the thought of having to do that, it might take a while to see results as it took us 2/3 months till our son got how he is now but it definately works and i would recommend it to first time mums.
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on 29 October 2012
Before we had kids, my husband and I assumed that our level of
education, desire for order, and commitment to consistency would help us
have babies who were on a good sleep routine. And, indeed, our firstborn
basically emerged from the womb sleeping through the night. However, our
second daughter, who just turned one this week, has been an entirely
different story. Ryan is a classic Dr. Sears "high need baby." She emerged
from the womb screaming for her mama, and hasn't really ever stopped! For
her first 8 weeks she lived in a sling on me during the day, and slept on me
at night. If we didn't do that, she screamed (and sometimes she screamed
anyway). No one else could even hold her, even my husband. Also, Ryan was
born having SIX HOUR awake stretches as a newborn! The girl just hated
sleep. I was elated when she learned to fall asleep nursing at 3 months
because it meant she could go to sleep without me holding her!

But, her night-waking and dependence on my breast soon grew old. I told
myself it was just a phase that she would outgrow. As she neared her first
birthday I thought I'd tried everything. I even resorted to homeopathic
"drugs" and melatonin (of course it didn't work). Ryan was getting up
between every 45-60 minutes - every night. I never had any free time, and
didn't sleep at night. Most of the people I'd talked to suggested that I
just put Ryan down and leave her til morning. I even got desperate enough to
contact an "infant sleep consultant" who basically told me that my baby was
smarter than me, was manipulating me, and that I needed to show her who was
boss. I knew from my experiences with Ryan that crying-it-out wasn't an
option. She cries so hard that she vomits! We were both a wreck if I tried
even five minutes of crying!

When a friend recommended this book I was skeptical. I've become very leery
of any parenting book that purports to have any "answers." But, since I was
at the end of my rope I got the book. I inhaled it in one afternoon. I finally felt like someone
understood. I immediately put the suggestions in your book to practice.
Within 2 days, Ryan was falling asleep without my boob in her mouth, and
with minimum crying. It's been a week and a half, and I am so proud of how
she's doing. She's gone from waking 10+ times a night to waking 2-4 times a
night. She even had an 8 hour stretch once (unfortunately between 6:30pm and
2am). I know we still have a long way to go, but I feel confident that I
know how to meet Ryan's needs AND help her learn to sleep on her own.
Instead of feeling like the world's worst mother, this book helped me see that
I'm actually doing a good job with this little high need girl.
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on 17 January 2005
I decided to purchase this book after my health visitor advised me to use the 'cry it out' method, which i think is the cruelest way to get your child to sleep. The NO cry sleep solution was what me and my partner were looking for. After one night of following the outline the book sets out, our baby slept a full thirteen hours, yep you read it right!!!! We still have some night wakenings but they are around once a night and not many a month. The book is easy to read and understand and keeps you interested throughout. The charts in the book are very useful and easy to fill out and understand. The book gives a full explanation of sleep patterns from adulthood to babies and help you understand why children have different sleep patterns to an adult. The book also helps to establish nap time routines.
It was a help to me and my family and i would recommend it to anyone.
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on 22 September 2009
There are a lot of really useful ideas in this book. It is written in a sympathetic way which makes the reader feel they are not alone or unique in thier quest for a nights sleep. I had decided that throughout the world women had relied on instinct to raise children and that my own instinct had told me that controlled crying (leaving my child to cry for 5 then 10 then 15 minutes at a time) was not for me. This book re-affirmed that I was not alone in feeling this way despite various health professionals and many website advocating I do it.
I used many of the techniques in this book and would also recommend the teach your child to sleep by millpond sleep clinic, which gives a balanced picture of various sleep training methods for different aged children.
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