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4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 11 April 2007
I just want to say that this album is better than i expected. It took me a few listens but i love the lyrics in these songs. One let down has to be 'I Want Candy'.

My favourtie track has to be 'Carolyna' with 'Understand', 'Your Mistake' and 'May Your Heart' close to it.

Overall Melanie has proved that she deserves to be recording still! Most people will put her down because of the Spice Girls but i say have some respect, the Spice Girls dont a lot for British Music abroad and Mel's voice is so strong, we need to support out artists not knock them when they're this good.
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on 10 April 2007
This album is really really good but I fear that it's going to be overlooked, like her other FANTASTIC albums, because she is an 'ex-Spice Girl' blah blah!

There are some great standout tracks but Mel often releases odd singles...like from the previous album, she didn't release the stronger tracks to gain interest in the album. SO I propose that the next single has to be CAROLYNA! What an amazing song. I've had it on repeat since I got the CD. Loving 'Understand', and 'Don't Let Go' also.

This could be a massive hit CD for her, if she chooses the singles wisely! So, if you're reading this Mel.... Carolyna is a MUST to get people buying your WONDERFUL, FANTASTIC album.

Love the sound of her voice, no matter what she sings...
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on 2 April 2007
I'm a been a big fan of Melanie C since her start and very fine album 'northern star',(I caught Mel C on 5/11/00 at wembly arena) I have all four albums now, and their all original's which in this day of downloading mean's Melanie has to have something for me to part with my cash!

This album doesn't disapoint, it's more mature and has a very nice 'feel' about it, for me i like all the tracks, there are no fillers and more than at least 3 singles to be released, playlist Radio 2, all the album would play very well on radio 2, good honest fm acoustic rock nothing wrong with that. Nothing on here to offend anyone, it's just a good easy going well written album, the list of musican's is large, a the production is top draw, so buy it, most of all enjoy it, which i'm sure anyone buying will, there's nothing not to like it's all good.

I only have praise for Melanie C, class act, and a very classy lady.
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on 5 April 2007
I have loved Melanie C, from the first time I saw her in the Spice Girls- to me, she always had the best and stronger voice. So to say I am a huge fan is an understatement, as I am a massive fan, and have all her solo albums, from the day they were first released.

This album is great as all the songs show Melanie has such a beautiful voice and the songs show that Melanie can do the rock and the ballad music. This is definitely worth a listen.

As I like all her music so much its hard to rate out of 10, the songs, so I will say that 'Understand', 'Forever Again', 'The Moment You Believe' and 'Don't Let Me Go' are some of my favourite songs from this album. They are great catchy songs that Melanies voice really shines through.

This album is very different to her last album- 'Beautiful Intentions', as that album had mainly very upbeat, rock songs. I think this album is quite similar to Melanies 2nd album- 'Reason'- as that had quite a lot of ballad songs. Nevertheless this is a superb album and shows just how Melanie has changed over the years, as from the songs you can see she has grown up a lot and is able to still make fantastic songs.

I think everyone should give her a chance and show support by buying her new album, as too many people see her as a 'spice girl'. She isn't one anymore, and has changed so much. This album has so many amazing songs that show what a brilliant singer she is and show she is very capable of still making great music.

So buy her album, as you won't regret it.
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on 15 September 2007
Melanie C has been one to watch since she emerged solo from the pop juggernaut that was the Spice Girls in 1999 with her debut breakout "Northern Star." Since that time, much has happened, Melanie has grappled with her self-image, been dropped by her label, started her own & become her own artist.

Melanie often was dubbed "Indie Spice" or "Rock Spice," terms that were slightly accurate and limiting, but it seemed she bought into them herself on her third album, 2005's "Beautiful Intentions". While a decent effort, "Beautiful Intentions" felt as though she was trying to prove something, her credibility, her strength, who knows? It didn't resonate with everyone.

On her second album on her own label, her fourth overall, "This Time" finds Melanie has embraced herself & it is reflected in this amazing set of songs.

Opening on the Keane inspired "Understand" Melanie weaves an emotional tapestry of musical emotions, while still layering her songs in a fashion, so that they don't run together. The title track is a soaring inspirational number, one that shows how Melanie became the vocal figurehead in the Spice Girls. "What If I Stay" is a hushed gem, that features an Alanis Morrisette inspired harmonica break, "Carolyna" is an uptempo rocker that is sure to charm any who hear it.

Her duet with Adam Argyle (writer of "Next Best Superstar") "Don't Let Me Go", is romantic and comes off as sincere rather than canned lovey dovey fluff. The first single from the record, her cover of the 1960's cult pop cut "I Want Candy" by The Strangeloves, then made infamous in the 1980's by Bow Wow Wow, is pure fun. Punchy ska-like horns and a sunny vocal delivery show that Melanie has learned to love her pop-oriented roots.

"This Time" is a consistenly pleasing set of contemporary rock/pop songs, with your typical inspirational and love themed material. While not as schiphrenically appealing as her debut, it isn't as undercooked has her prior record was. Rather it combines the emotional lift that made "Reason" appealing and the moodiness of "Beautiful Intentions," to give it that charismatic approach. Highly recommended.
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on 4 April 2007
Sad to say, I didn't really purchase Melanie C's new album from this online store (though I am a regular Amazon.co.uk customer). I have just received her new album yesterday and was anticipated to see if i'll like this album. NO DOUBT when I first play the CD where it started off with a very powerful drum and electric intro. Every track stands out from the rests.

My most favourites would have to go out to

"Protected" (which would make a good soundtrack song to the movie <Eragon>)

"What If I Stay" (A simple yet with a strong harmony song that Badly Drawn Boys would have love to produce)

"Carolyna" (A poppy yet Definitely seduective track that will keep listener dancing and singing along even when the song has ended)

"Don't Let Me Go" (A very chilled out yet beautiful duel with Adam that make the song so "Casual Romantic" feel to it...Wouldn't it be better if Melanie's boyfriend were to be the one singing with her?)

"The Moment You Believe" (A classic song with a classic voice projected by Melanie. The song sounds touching too!)

To sum up...Being a real Melanie fan for so long...This is DEFINITELY Melanie's BEST album out of the four solo LPs she has releases. Don't just say 2 thumps up...but my whole fingers are UP! This Time is confirm out there to impress everyone...even to the non-Melanie fans. So do give her a chance to shine in this album! ;)
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on 8 April 2007
Being a huge Melanie C fan in the USA, I always order her new offerings as soon as they become available in the UK and I just got my CD today and have listened to it non stop. I simply love her music, and have been a huge fan of hers since she was with the Spice Girls and has grown more since her previous offerings, Northern Star, Reason, Beautiful Intentions to the current This Time. She has always impressed me with her writing ability and her voice. This album is no exception and each track is a gift that I gladly receive. My only regret is that more people in the states do not appreciate her immense talent and listen to her so she would be more successful here, it is definitely their loss. From her kicky take on "I Want Candy" to "Don't Let Me Go" with it's casual flow, and I am quite fond of "The Moment You Believe" but I could go on and on with each song however I would run out of adjectives to convey what she so easily does on each of the offerings here. Each song is just so refreshing compared to some of the other dribble that is so commonly put out by other artists. So from across the water I give her another satisfied fan and very happy to recommend this and all her previous works to everyone and can't wait until the next one to see what she has in store for us.
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VINE VOICEon 3 April 2007
I am a huge Mel C fan; this album is very good indeed, but not as good as her previous effort Beautiful Intentions.

1.Understand- Brilliant beginning to the album- 9/10

2.What If I Stay- The first of many ballads-6.5/10

3.Protected-Probably the best ballad on the album-9/10

4.This Time-An excellent uptempo song- 9/10

5.Carolyna-The best song on the album-10/10

6.Forever Again- A strong ballad-8/10

7.Your Mistake-Average, forgettable-6/10

8.The Moment You Believe-A strong ballad, but a bit cheesy- 8/10

9.Don't Let Go-Duet with Adam Argyle. Strange song; not bad-7/10

10.Immune- A forgettable ballad-6/10

11.May Your Heart- Enjoyable ballad-7.5/10

12.Out Of Time-Starts as a ballad, ends as a rock song- 8.5/10

13.I Want Candy- It doesn't fit with the rest of the album, but it's still a great version of a great song!-10/10
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on 16 April 2007
I never could understand with huge success of northern star (1999) why the british music consumers appear to be so fickel. Have they forgotten how much they loved her debut? Well lets face it, it must be true considering how successful it was! Here is my plea, find it in your hearts to re-discover this amazingly talented artist and learn to love her and her music once again. In other words, go and buy this album, it won't disappoint!

Melanie arrives again with her fourth solo album and her second released on her label, Red Girl music. This time around, she has toned down the rock that could be felt on Beautiful Intentions (2005) and opted for a more indie/pop feel to the album which clearly has been influenced by music from artists such as Coldplay and Red Hot Chilli Peppers. I feel that with the right promotion and carefully selected singles, Melanie could potenially end up back on top of the british music charts where she belongs. Ok there may be a few songs that are a bit mediocre on here but the majority is fanatastic, and no one can argue that this woman can't sing! I perhaps have always similarised Beautiful Intentions to Northern Star (Two excellent albums) the same might be said for 'Reason'(2003)to 'This Time'. However the latter, is 10 times better!

Ok, here is my track by track verdict:

Understand: A cracking opening for this record. Sounds very much like Coldplay. Brilliant lyrics and vocals from Melanie. Would make a great Single. 10.5/10

What if i stay: The sort of track you might hear on an accoustic compilation CD. Vey relaxing and uplifting. 7/10

Protected: This one may be a bit lame, perhaps a bit of a filler. 4/10

This Time: After a temporary blip, Its up hill from here with this great offering. Great uplifting song with great vocals for the title track. 8/10

Carolyna: Red hot chilli peppers eat your heart out. Great! Trust you won't be able to stop yourself singing along! 10/10

Forever Again: Great music, great vocals. Melanie at her best. 7/10

Your Mistake: ok a bit of a filler..4/10 Next!

The Moment you believe: A beautiful ballad. I love this song. Her single in the rest of europe at present. 9/10

Don't let me go: A very cool and catchy duet with Adam Argyle. Fab! 8/10

Immune: This is ok but perhaps a bit bland. 5/10

May your heart: Beautiful song. The lyrics and vocals are exceptional! 8/10

Out of time: Another favourite of mine! Haunting and mysterious. Starts as a ballad then rocks at the end! 10/10

I want candy: Uk first single. This may seem the odd one out on the album as it doesn't sound like the rest but a great catchy cover nevertheless! 9/10

Overall, this album gets a big thumbs up from me. I'm loving how her work has deeveloped since Beautiful Intentions. Rock, pop, ballads? I'll suport her regardless! Keep up the good work Melanie C!
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on 6 June 2007
Really love this,thoughtful,melodic and not at all boring after repeated listening!Melanie is back,very strong and full of self confidence.An excellent singer songwriter always was the most talented spice!Am sure it will be my classic love shame its not up there being played and is hard to find.Thanks Melaniex
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