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This Time
Format: Audio CD|Change
Price:£12.98+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

on 12 September 2017
Its an amazing cd single!!! I love the single version of This Time, also We Love To Entertain You!!! Its f.....g great tune
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on 29 July 2016
prompt delivery fairly priced
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on 25 February 2015
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on 26 November 2014
Not what I hoped for
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VINE VOICEon 3 April 2007
I am a huge Mel C fan; this album is very good indeed, but not as good as her previous effort Beautiful Intentions.

1.Understand- Brilliant beginning to the album- 9/10

2.What If I Stay- The first of many ballads-6.5/10

3.Protected-Probably the best ballad on the album-9/10

4.This Time-An excellent uptempo song- 9/10

5.Carolyna-The best song on the album-10/10

6.Forever Again- A strong ballad-8/10

7.Your Mistake-Average, forgettable-6/10

8.The Moment You Believe-A strong ballad, but a bit cheesy- 8/10

9.Don't Let Go-Duet with Adam Argyle. Strange song; not bad-7/10

10.Immune- A forgettable ballad-6/10

11.May Your Heart- Enjoyable ballad-7.5/10

12.Out Of Time-Starts as a ballad, ends as a rock song- 8.5/10

13.I Want Candy- It doesn't fit with the rest of the album, but it's still a great version of a great song!-10/10
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on 2 April 2007
Mel C is back to try and convince the music fans that she still has the old days in her. I tell you what she aint done a half bad job. She has produced for me a top quality album. Better than the previous three, Northen Star, Reason and Beautiful Intentions. If you look I wrote a review for Beautiful Intentions and I gave it a 9 out of 10 because there were a couple of songs which could have been better. "This Time" though for me is 10 out of 10. I simply cannot pick one fault with this album. It is a true Pop/Indie record, just been out and bought it, sounds amazing. Give it a go, listen to clips on Mel's website.

Track listing and what I think:

Understand - I can see why Mel picked this as an opening track, a hint of sound of Coldplay and Keane in their. Great chorus(which will be repeated many more times)

What If I Stay - The first ballad on the album, very slow song but the lyrics make the song.

Protected - 2nd ballad on the album, simply awesome you really cant say much more about it than that.

This Time - its starts of as a ballad but the chorus is up tempo and it sounds a bit like something you would hear from Kelly Clarkson. Great song

Carolyna - Without a doubt the highlight of all highlights on the album. Red Hot Chilli Peppers would have been proud of this one, sounds so similar to their music. Superb song which has surley got to be released as a single. The album is based around this song. You must hear this song!!!

Forever Again - This song brings back the old sound of Mel, this is a song that could have got onto her 2nd album Reason. The sound is the same the whole way through, until the end where it goes a bit more up tempo and the a jazz sounding end to the song.

Your Mistake - Again a song that could have been on Reason. Very slow start but as Mel breaks into the chorus she up's the tempo. Mel has always had a distinctive voice and you can tell she has still got it, in this song more than most.

The Moment you believe - This song is currently being released in Europe, doing well, check for yourself. You can watch the video on youtube. Sounds a lot like Mel's single released in Europe (First Day Of My Life). This is a great song, it really shows how much Mel C has changed since her previous 3 albums, completely different sound.

Don't Let Me Go - Completely different sound to any other songs on this album, featuring Adam Argyle. This maybe released as a single, duets on an album usually are. The lyrics are good. Good to hear a very new sound for Mel.

Immune - Yet another ballad, good lyrics and a great sound to it, very chilled out song.

May Your Heart - The songs at the end of albums never seem to live up to the rest of the abum, no such problems hear though. Great song and a lot of thought im sure was put into the lyrics.

Out Of Time - Ballad, yes you heard right another one, she keeps on producing these great slow songs, good way to sign off with the ballads. Great ending did not see it coming!

I Want Candy - im sure you have heard this, good song covered for the film of the same name, i like the song, but not the greatest Mel has sung, the rest of the album is nothing like this song. This is more of a sound that was on Beautiful Intentions.

Overall amazing album and it is an amazing chill out album. Give it a go, it's well worth the wait!
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on 5 April 2007
I have loved Melanie C, from the first time I saw her in the Spice Girls- to me, she always had the best and stronger voice. So to say I am a huge fan is an understatement, as I am a massive fan, and have all her solo albums, from the day they were first released.

This album is great as all the songs show Melanie has such a beautiful voice and the songs show that Melanie can do the rock and the ballad music. This is definitely worth a listen.

As I like all her music so much its hard to rate out of 10, the songs, so I will say that 'Understand', 'Forever Again', 'The Moment You Believe' and 'Don't Let Me Go' are some of my favourite songs from this album. They are great catchy songs that Melanies voice really shines through.

This album is very different to her last album- 'Beautiful Intentions', as that album had mainly very upbeat, rock songs. I think this album is quite similar to Melanies 2nd album- 'Reason'- as that had quite a lot of ballad songs. Nevertheless this is a superb album and shows just how Melanie has changed over the years, as from the songs you can see she has grown up a lot and is able to still make fantastic songs.

I think everyone should give her a chance and show support by buying her new album, as too many people see her as a 'spice girl'. She isn't one anymore, and has changed so much. This album has so many amazing songs that show what a brilliant singer she is and show she is very capable of still making great music.

So buy her album, as you won't regret it.
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on 2 April 2007
I'm a been a big fan of Melanie C since her start and very fine album 'northern star',(I caught Mel C on 5/11/00 at wembly arena) I have all four albums now, and their all original's which in this day of downloading mean's Melanie has to have something for me to part with my cash!

This album doesn't disapoint, it's more mature and has a very nice 'feel' about it, for me i like all the tracks, there are no fillers and more than at least 3 singles to be released, playlist Radio 2, all the album would play very well on radio 2, good honest fm acoustic rock nothing wrong with that. Nothing on here to offend anyone, it's just a good easy going well written album, the list of musican's is large, a the production is top draw, so buy it, most of all enjoy it, which i'm sure anyone buying will, there's nothing not to like it's all good.

I only have praise for Melanie C, class act, and a very classy lady.
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on 24 April 2007
Firstly, if you're going to judge this album on the first UK release "I Want Candy" - then think again. That song is shoved on the end like an extra bonus kind of track and is completely different to the rest of the material on the album.

I personally think that this is Mel's best album since Northern Star. I didn't like Reason, thought Beautiful Intentions had some good songs on but was a bit too Rock for me, but Northern Star is her best album.

The album is much more softer than Beautiful Intentions although it still keeps the vibe of that sound if that makes sense. The songs are really catchy with gorgeous lyrics and each one stands out as their own. This makes this album so much better than Beautiful Intentions which had a kind of Live feel to it.

The songs that stand out are the Guy Chambers (Robbie Williams) 'Protected' which is a really great Brit Pop song I can imagine so many people singing along to in their cars and offices while it's playing on the radio. Secondly, 'This Time' which is really really catchy and summery and really uplifting. 'Your Mistake' is a fantastically produced song that has everything to make it an epic tune. And 'Carolyna' which has a very catchy chorus and a slight r'n'b feel to the rest of it.

The rest of the songs though are fantastic and this is not an album that you will like just a few songs and forget about the rest. You will really enjoy this album and listen to it again and again. It's really refreshing and Mel puts her all into each and every part of it and you can really feel that. Mel's voice has become so individual and stronger over the years and really suits each and every song here. 5 stars!
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on 4 April 2007
Sad to say, I didn't really purchase Melanie C's new album from this online store (though I am a regular Amazon.co.uk customer). I have just received her new album yesterday and was anticipated to see if i'll like this album. NO DOUBT when I first play the CD where it started off with a very powerful drum and electric intro. Every track stands out from the rests.

My most favourites would have to go out to

"Protected" (which would make a good soundtrack song to the movie <Eragon>)

"What If I Stay" (A simple yet with a strong harmony song that Badly Drawn Boys would have love to produce)

"Carolyna" (A poppy yet Definitely seduective track that will keep listener dancing and singing along even when the song has ended)

"Don't Let Me Go" (A very chilled out yet beautiful duel with Adam that make the song so "Casual Romantic" feel to it...Wouldn't it be better if Melanie's boyfriend were to be the one singing with her?)

"The Moment You Believe" (A classic song with a classic voice projected by Melanie. The song sounds touching too!)

To sum up...Being a real Melanie fan for so long...This is DEFINITELY Melanie's BEST album out of the four solo LPs she has releases. Don't just say 2 thumps up...but my whole fingers are UP! This Time is confirm out there to impress everyone...even to the non-Melanie fans. So do give her a chance to shine in this album! ;)
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