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Customer reviews

4.3 out of 5 stars
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on 21 June 2007
Following up `The new Fellas' was always going to be a difficult job for the Cribs, so I approached this album with anticipation but didn't get my hopes too high.

The fact that they have bettered an album that was one of the best in 2005 is some achievement - the production may still not be all there, but I think that adds to their charm, and the tunes themselves certainly stand up against anything else out there at the moment.

Tracks one to five stand out the most, the single `Men's needs' being the highlight and the standard rarely drops, perhaps one or two of the latter tracks are a bit throwaway but as a whole it's a really enjoyable experience. In fact my favourite track is probably `Be safe', it's very different from most of their other songs and the poem being read throughout is a work of genius.

If you like either of the previous offerings from the Cribs then you won't be disappointed, I certainly think with their last two albums they are proving to be one of the best British bands around.
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on 24 June 2017
This is my most favourite album ever! I bought this copy for a friend of mine who came with me to the 10th anniversary show in Newcastle and he loves it just as much! Amazing from start to finish.
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on 28 February 2008
Without doubt the finest album of its generation. In a period when every man and his dog starts their own provincial band, with local accent - here is a band who have produced a full album without a bad track in sight. Unlike most of the contemporaries, The Cribs have produced a knock-out album which delivers from the first track to the last.

Yes, it may not be everyone's cup of tea, but rest assured in a head to head battle with the offerings of The Enemy, Pigeon Detectives, Kooks, Wombats - the referee would stop the fight in Round One. Simply put its streets ahead of the alternatives!!!
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on 23 May 2007
Firstly, I think the two previous reviews are harsh and perhaps expecting the album to deliver preconceived ideas of The Cribs sound. If you have already experienced the sound from the Jarman boys then you will know that the previous two LP's provide a raw and unabashed sound - plenty of feedback and screeching vocals particularly on the debut self titled album. On the second LP, The New Fellas, they found a more melodic sound but the record was all the better for it. They have certainly moved on again with this new release. Yes it has a slightly more polished sound than before, making them more accessible and perhaps this will rile those in love with the shambolic sounds of their past. But this a more mature sound but not the worse of for it. It still contains a raw edge on tracks like "major's Titling victory", "Be safe" and "My life flashed before my eyes" and this will perhaps put those off who prefer their indie as squeaky clean and polished as bands like the Maccabees and the Kooks. The Cribs have never really been about hit singles and radio airplay, this record may make them better known, but perhaps it is about time the boys got the recognition they deserved. Perhaps not quite as good as the "The New Fellas" but a decent record all the same.
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on 15 June 2007
It is always rather worrying when a band which embraces its shambolic side has a bit of money thrown its way. This album is somewhat more polished than previous efforts and the singer sounds, in places, as if he's been replaced by his younger and more talented brother. While both of these things can be seen as bad points, and perhaps even selling out, the answer to the big question is a definite "no". They haven't sold their collective soul to the man - the spirit of the Cribs lives on. One listen to "Our Bovine Public" tells you this much. There is a nod to the Stone Roses' "I Wanna Be Adored" in the bassline for "Women's Needs" and "Be Safe" is probably the biggest task the band has ever undertaken (at 6 minutes, it's certainly the longest song in their back catalogue) but it works magnificently. Just when you are wondering where the spoken vocal is going, in comes the anthemic chorus we have come to expect from this band. All in all, this is a triumph - at a point in their career when so many bands choose the straight and narrow, The Cribs have kept themselves off the rails and the world is a much better place for it. 8/10.
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on 26 July 2008
My wife,son(likes Michael Jackson)and daughter(likes high school musical)will all listen to this album.Which is a rare thing.After over a years listening it still seems to get better and could replace Joy Divisions 'Still'as my most played album.
I've read the production criticised in a couple of reviews,but the rawness is perfect for a Cribs record.I'm amazed it wasn't even nominated for an NME award but as Ryans probably saying "who cares".
Long live The Cribs!
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on 25 May 2007
this album somes up everything that the cribs are about every song delivers a raw energy which is captured through the whole album ,, MNWNW was recoeded live in the studio not been choped and messed around with 2 give off a crisp finish its not a polished record like say the kooks or zaorlight more like sonic youth ,, they have what every alot of indie band lacks 3 solid albums and brilliant live shows ... stand out tracks "be safe" "girls like mystery" "MTv" i really do recomend this album to fans of rock punk indie pop becuse it dellivers in all areas!!
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on 28 May 2007
..any other band who has produced 3 quality albums since the year 2000 - i can only name one other. The Cribs probably have the best fan base of any band around at the moment and that is reflected at any of their gigs.
The album may not have been produced that well, but i think that just adds to the rawness that the Cribs deliver. There's not one bad song on the whole album. If you are already a fan of the Cribs previous albums, this is a must.

The stand out tracks on the album for me are:
- Our Bovine Public
- Men's Needs
- Moving Pictures
- I'm a Realist
- Women's Needs
- Be Safe...not too sure why i like this song so much - most likely because it is so different to anything out there.

I can't believe that the major record labels haven't got their hands on them yet and probably for the better too.
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on 25 September 2009
Some very good tunes but some filler. I actually really liked the collab track with lee renaldo from Sonic Youth but this kind of shows the rest of the album up as very 2d. I peronally got a bit bored of all the lead guitar running through each track and similar instrumentations. Some songs were strong enough to carry this others weren't.

On the positive when they are good they are very good and I'm only this critical when a band has really made me listen - and if Lee Renaldo and Johnny Marr like them what do I know : )
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on 29 August 2007
The Cribs have made their most personal album to date, they are (still) writing quality songs channeled through no other mind than the Jarman 3 and the occasional magnificent synth work of producer Alex Kapranos.
Ryan has always had a great heart and intentions for equality but always seems either too excited or angry to capture wholly what he tries to say, this album does not miss the point as Gary is a much better spokesperson for the ethics of the band and basically leading most of the tracks here apparently a better spokesperson vocal wise for the band.
As awesome Gary's rulebook destroying vox are, unfortunately unclear statements of lyrics could be seen far different for the sadly present more ignorant listener, somewhere down the line people associated the feminist classic first single 'Mens Needs' with a lad rock stomper a la The Twang or The Enemy, these lyrics are trying to steer you clear from the dangers of that crap! Especially if you listen to their songs and just see them written for you (hey The Twang are men that go the pub we must be able to relate, or The Enemy are boys that play gigs at the pub they must speak for our generation.)
There is a theme that takes place throughout this album and it's equality, the very fact that there hasn't been a contempery popular album or even a song in recent times I can think of that hasn't so blatantly tackled this theme suggests how urgently people should be listened to The Cribs and if people don't see the role playing lyrics in 'Womens Needs' and think the line 'Womens Needs whatever!' is what the Jarman's really believe then perhaps a lad rock band is for you but please don't damage society further as a result.
This is an album full of magnicifent pop songs that are not written by the record label or the fans, it's a glorious and triumphant punk rock stormer that puts the spotlight on still divided and ancient times and how few bands are doing very little to push things forwards.
Essential album for this generation, if Cribs 'fans' don't like the better production then I'm sorry to hear that to be honest a remake of 'The New Fellas' would of made me turn their back on them as much as I adore it, great bands have their own sound and continue to push the boundaries of said sound through the years and The Cribs are really on track to becoming one of those bands, not that Ryan will be bothered.
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