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Customer Reviews

3.3 out of 5 stars
3.3 out of 5 stars
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on 16 July 2007
Buzzin' Fly 1 & 2 were great albums but I feared that Vol 3 was a slippery slope with one or two good choons, but Vol 4 confirms my fears with bland and boring electro instumentals that go nowhere. I wish I'd listened before I bought and will definitely try before I buy any more Buzzin' Fly.... Shame really
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on 6 August 2007
I can empathise with some of the previous reviewers about how Buzzin Fly is turning to the more ambient/minimal side of house music. I do, however, think that this latest compilation has great depth and soul to it and that it is unfair to compare it to previous efforts. As a record on its own, it is wonderful night-time listening and it still has the trademark Buzzin Fly stamp on it. With this compilation, Ben Watt appears to be developing the label's sound and I love it.
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on 11 June 2007
Former Everything But The Girl muso Ben Watt has an impressive track record as a DJ as anyone who has enjoyed the Buzzin' Fly and Lazy Dog collaborations with Jay Hannan will know.

Buzzin' Fly Vols 1 and 2 were well thought out complilations and excellent mixes that moved BW's keen sense of what works in deep house from the Notting Hill Arts Club enviroment to the car, mp3 player or the living room. In short they were grand successes in my opinion ~ A marvelous musical melange of the uplifting, the thoughful, the chilled and the interesting.

Buzzin' Fly Vol 4 sadly sounds tired, formulaic and without true inspirataion or entertainment value of its predecessors. The downlward slide that for me began with Vol 3 is being played out here even more.

That said the album has some nice highlights: 'Approaching Phantoms' and 'Long Shadows' evolve in to an engaging journey that benefits from some lovely production ~ a subtle touch in the mix that has depth and allows the listener to chill or foot tap as the mood takes and is a fine example of Watt's production talents. 'Blink' dances very much more towards the mainstream and is a welcome lift after the arguably depressing 'Just A Blip' and 'Mind Games'. Track 9, 'Lost', picks up the listener again after the frankly awkward 'Magnetic' and 'Freaky Beaky' have dumped them in audio wallpaper paste.

So, overall, a diapppointing three stars. I play Buzzin' Fly Vols 1 & 2 a great deal and always find something new to enjoy depending on my mood. For me though Fly Vol 4 fails to provide the buzz of it's antecedents and will find itself only selectively ripped to my mp3 player. The uncharitable might acuse BW of being lazy, I prefer to think he was having a temporary bad day.
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on 23 July 2007
Ive been a big fan of the previous 3 volumes but i just cant quite get with this one. Buzzin fly volume 4 has taken a trip into ubercoolische minimal electro house land. That would be just about be fine except in this case we are talking bad, formulaic ubercoolische minimal electro house land.
I can do minimal, but only if there is enough creativity to fill the voids and sadly this cd cannot provide that. The only track i could ever really enjoy on this cd is a remix of a track from one of the previous (i forget which) volumes which pretty much backs up my stance on this album.
So, mr Watt.. by all means go minimal, but do it with a little flair please.
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on 18 February 2008
Every time I play a Buzzin' Fly compilation it provides me with something different. The first gave four weeks of intense musical pleasure (and now fond memories.) The second - I took precautions not to play it all day every day - offers a deeper vibe, peaking with a kick-ass Charles Webster remix. The third perfectly portrays the label's mission statement: Deep House for the Electro Generation.

Today I want to talk about the fourth.

Ben Watt, label head honcho and tour guide for the journey is definitely on form. He mixes (or sequences if you want to be cynical) in key which avoids uncomfortable sound clashes. It is deep house, undoubtedly, but deep house with a twist. To try and nail down this twist, to describe it, is much harder.

The album evolves with each listen. At first, the freaky bleeps of Martin Brodin's 'Freaky Bleepy' hooked me in. Then the comparative cool of Mademoiselle Caro and Co's 'Lost.' Finally, the infectious 'Down to Earth by Kimouts.

What makes the album special is the way it uses what are effectively acid lines whilst still providing a deep, chilled sound. It serves to move me as I am moved by the train on which I am travelling. I usually find prog house to be the key to cross country trips. Today I'm not even sure I'm on a train. I'm Buzzin' Flyin'!
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VINE VOICEon 27 January 2009
This probably isn't the best of the Buzzin' Fly series, although each has a place in my heart.
This is a much more darker and instrumental mix than the other volumes, but I think this also makes it a lot more absorbing and atmospheric.
The best tracks for me are Lost and Mind Games, which provide a real kick up in the the pace of the record, contrasting well with the more mono-rhythmic tracks surrounding them.
Ben Watt is providing a great series of deep house mixes with his Buzzin' Fly series, and although I've been into deep house for a while and been seraching about compilations for ages, it wasn't until I found Buzzin' Fly that I felt truly satisfied. This is an album you will come back to again and again, not just forget like so many other quickly cobbled together house compilations.
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on 29 June 2007
If Volumes 1 and 2 took their cue from deep house with a soulful edge, then the journey from Vol 3 into this Vol 4 has been a thrilling contemporary ride that has embraced modernist deep techno and electro. Never losing sight of his melodic deep house roots, this Cd simply shows why Ben Watt is always ahead of the game. This is a brilliantly modern collection - moody, soul-infused, edgy but uplifting. The mixing is the best he has ever achieved, with utterly seamless blends using key and feeling to slide the listener from track to track. The fact that he has sourced most of this stuff himself through first-time producers and people you've never heard of is a tribute to his commitment to the scene. Original and thoughtful, but totally kickin in a modern way. Yes, maybe the warm easy-going sound of Vol 1 seems a distant memory, but come on folks, this is NOW, that was THEN! Five rockin' stars * * * * *

Ryan Mills
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on 15 January 2008
On its own this is a very good cd but compare it with 3 and its no where near as good. I feel Ben watt is becoming more and more influenced by justin martin and the selection of tracks are very minimal and technical sounding.Still this cd is better than anything in this genre and it has a very smooth and polished feel to it.Note jimster's remix of justin martins the sad piano ..very inventive.
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on 10 March 2009
I loved the first few buzzin fly compilations, very smooth, soulful, funky house music. Then i bought this - and it promptly bored me to death.There's nothing of the classy feel of the previous offerings from Ben Watt here, it's all minimal, in every sense. Dull.
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on 26 November 2007
As the other commenters mentioned, this CD develops further the minimal sound that was beginning to surface on their previous releases; however, I think this works to its advantage. Leaving the more standard deep house tunes in the past, these are heavy, bleepy, funky cuts, and give the label a real shot in the arm.

I found vol 3 to be a little bland, but vol 4 is a great revival, and the sound of a mature, confident label.
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