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4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on 11 October 2015
I loved this album. Especially "Tooth Paste Kisses"! - is my favourite track of the whole album. The album is a happy, playful, soothing. I love listening to this album in my car. I bought their most recent album "Marks to Prove it" first. I liked that and started to work my way back wards on their earlier work. Give this album a chance. Song "X Ray" reminded me of Bloc Party's "Helicopter". Also check out the other songs in "Colour It In" such as "First Love", "Precious Time". I can't believe that I never came across their work in 2007 /2008! Enjoy! And happy listening!
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on 21 August 2007
This album after one listen was not bad. However, for the rest of the day i had random lines from the songs in my head and had to have another fix, straight after work. I am currently sitting at my desk, screaming out the irresistably desperate vocals whilst putting the air drums through the beating of their life! Need i say more..... Anywhere iv played this album people wanna know who it is. Get it and luve it!
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on 22 May 2007
This is a great slice of Indie rock, with a heavy dollop of pop thrown in for good measure "Colour It In" is one of the better albums of the month, and possibly the year.

There are many sparkling gems to be found on this record, this is worth buying alone for "About Your Dress" "All in Your Rows" and "First Love"

All of which were the singles, as the vast majority of you would be well aware of but the rest of the play list is just a good as those three singles.

This is a record that is great to listen to on the CD version, but this will take on another dimension live, one to check out at this years up and coming summer festivals.

The production on this one is second to none, all of the record are well put together, but are not so over produced that all the soul has been sucked out the songs, which has happened on so many records.

All the songs on this record are filled to the brim with youthful energy, extremely distinctive vocals and great lyrics.

I really think that this is a band to watch for the future, as think that as the years go on they will only become a greater force to be reckoned with.

Defiantly a band that is defiantly worth the entire buzz that they have been picking up prior to the release of this debut effort.

The songs gallop along like a pack of pedigree stallions running at ascot, this is a cracking debut effort.
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on 14 May 2015
I have been a big fan of the Maccabees since late 2006, when i heard an acoustic version of First Love and i have been hooked ever since. I still personally think this is their best album, it has so many classic indie tracks such as First love, About your dress Toothpaste kisses, Lego etc. There is a real mixture of fast tempo indie tracks and love songs, its a great way to start off if you haven't heard a Maccabees album. I highly recommend this album is an absolute must listen to.
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VINE VOICEon 21 April 2007
"First love, last love, it's only love, it's only love"

Maybe it is just love. But in this wonderful country full of its abnormal weather, knife carriers and drug dealers, we also have The Maccabees, who in my opinion, are the perfect indie rock band to have graced our country. They've appeared at the most ideal time, when bands like The Fratellis and The View are coming and going which most musical fans, only to stay with the most insignificant bunch of music fanatics hearts, the Radio 1 listeners, we were in need of help.

And this is why what I feel for the Maccabees is more than love, it's a hell of a lot of respect too. They're the band that we've all craved since the split of The Libertines, the band that any scientist would come up with if he were to be asked to come up with the "perfect indie band".

Indie is a term that I don't like to use, it's been a misused phrase, combined with other words to create other music genres, and I just don't think it makes much sense. Nevertheless, if "Colour It In" is indie, it's almost as good as it gets.

They're not different from many bands out there, however similar to Good Shoes, they've come out of the flock of wannabees superstar bands to stand out from the crowd, and they deserve to hold their heads high. You might think that an album that lasts 14 tracks may be a bit too long for a band like this, but most certainly not.

Orlando Weeks lyrically delivers in "About Your Dress", arguably the weakest song on the album, but still a thriller "You stood out like a sore thumb/The most beautiful sore thumb I've ever seen" and the sorrowful tale of "Lego", one of the most danceable songs on the record "So now we cant build castles or robots/ 'cause the pieces wont fit together". His voice literally stands out like a sore thumb, and is one of the principal reasons that this record works so well.

" Let's take our precious time about it"

Unlike what you would expect from a band like this, "Colour It In" grows on you until you are bowing down to the memorable riffs, the distinguishable drums, the spirit that is captured in the production. It's not instantly one that you can respect and rock out to at the same time, it takes time, but when you manage to adore it, you can truly sense that this is just one of the records that will define their future, their sure to be successful future.

"Precious Time" climbs above every other chant in the album though. And it won't take you long to realize that. Weeks' vocals sound gorgeous, " Toe to toe, there's nowhere to go" sounds like a lullaby with rhythm and catchiness, maybe not a rarity, but something pretty priceless, which sums up the song basically. Priceless. One of the best songs I've heard this year, full stop.

And the quieter moments, despite only two songs having quieter moments, they are some of the best. "Good Old Bill" the opener is extraordinary, captivating, love-able and the same can be said for swan song, "Toothpaste Kisses", sounding like Blaine Harrison of the Mystery Jets in his bedroom, and by the fifth time that the album has come to its finish, chances are, you'll have fallen in love with Brighton's greatest achievement since the Royal Pavilion. And chances are, it won't only be love.
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on 20 May 2007
Wearing a quintessentially English sound like a brand new pair of Dr. Martens, 'Colour it in' speaks of days gone by; a mid-20s crisis overcome by Indie coated staccato riffs and heartfelt lyrics adrift.

This band will one day lay alongside some of the classic British bands of our time (the Clash, the Kinks, the Cure) and firmly within the mindset of the 'myspace generation', to whom they are somewhat indebted.

This album will provide Sunday afternoon sing-alongs and Monday morning mime-alongs, it will bring a smile to your face, make you dance around your room and long to be sixteen again.

Yes this album has been much talked about and for the right reasons. It has the makings of a classic debut .

Bag your self a copy sharpish I say!
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on 15 May 2007
At the turn of the year, there was much to contemplate in the way of great future releases. The first three months of the year brought an album each that appeared to completely rip up the rulebook. Klaxons came hurtling along, in all of their ketamine-addled brilliance in January, getting the nation dancing with "Myths Of The Near Future". February saw the triumphant, soaring return of Bloc Party, laying bare the life of an inner city 20-something. And March saw the glorious "Neon Bible" released by Arcade Fire.

There seemed to be a beat missed in April (I don't care what you say, Favourite Worst Nightmare was a disappointment). I'm not suggesting that a new classic needs to be released every month, but April appeared distinctly lacking in anything to distinguish it from the competition.

Now, this month, we see the release of "Colour It In", the debut effort from London lot The Maccabees. The buzz band ever since their searing Reading festival appearance last August, and with two excellent single releases prior to that, the band have garnered a steady and loyal following over the past year.

Now, after the demos and the hype, the band finally get their chance to show off their clear talent. A tricky situation for Les Macs, to be sure. For one, they could go and try to beef up their off-kilter wonk pop and lose the diehard, or they could keep it simple and tender and avoid the recognition that they so clearly deserve.

In reality, they judge it perfectly. They know when to hold back (like on the minimal, waltz-time lullaby of opener "Good Old Bill") and when to show off and soar on the more heartfelt moments (the choir taking "Precious Time" from a wonderful live demo to a frightening yet tender beast).

Like the afforementioned three albums, there is not a single slip-up on Colour It In, the band twisting their old memories of love and play into their own, delicious brand of art-pop. There's recollections of terrible first dates ("About Your Dress"), trips and toys ("Lego"), going for a swim ("Latchmere") and losing an old (age pensioner) friend ("O.A.V.I.P."). They set all of their gloriously off-kilter lyrics to gloriously off-kilter wonk-pop, too. Guitars at one moment jar and sound as lyrical as a Mozart symphony. The rhythm section is frantic and at the same time perfectly controlled, while Orlando's hilarious and heartfelt yelp is the most endearing voice in music.

They manage to couple their tight combo-feel with some of the best one-liners and rhymes in a long time. At once droll and educated, they manage to sound immediately innocent and confused, especially when coupled with Orlando's young, spat delivery.

"I noticed you, you stood out like a sore ffumb, the most beautiful sore ffumb I'd ever seen."

"Came out of the changing rooms and absolutely nothing had changed, so I stayed in your lane."

"Mum said no to Disneyland."

All these disect the very fabric of the bands existence. They are here to have fun, but also to educate. To love, but also to remember past joys. I'm sure, like the albums I mentioned at the start, this will be right up there in the "best of" lists at the end of 2007.
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on 10 May 2007
This is a band on the up and up and you will need to buy this album if you apreciate good rock music. They have been championed in NME and it is easy to see why, they have released one of the best albums of 2007 so far!

The album starts off very quickly with the song Good Old Bill and doesn't look back from there, it continues with their first release 'X-Ray' which is a storming song that will get you bopping along in no time! All In Your Rows is possibly the weakest song on here but that is saying something as it is a very good song, just not as good as the rest!

The album really takes off from here with 3 past releases. The first is 'Latchmere' and this is an instant classic. With the immortal line 'Latchmere's got a wave machine' being followed by a tide of immensly fast guitar sounds! The next song is 'About Your Dress' and is introduced by the lyric 'it's just what all young lovers do' and what a song it is, with a fantastic verse and chorus combination.

For me, the album's highlight now come, in the form of 'Precious Time.' The song hurtles along at a frightening pace but manages to be completly silent and still for the chorus of '' What a completley original way of making a song, brilliant.

The next three songs continue the tradition of brilliant speed and fantastic choruses. Utter brilliance! The album once again peaks, this time with 'First Love.' A live favourite really comes into its own on this album and the fact that it comes late in the album is a homage to the brilliance of the other tracks on this album.

The final two songs cap off a great album and 'Toothpaste Kisses' actually slows the album down!

Overall, you must buy this album, you will love it!

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on 22 May 2007
So far this has to be my favourite album so far of 2007, energy in abundance with such a cool sound how can you go wrong! If you don't know, get to know, because you are missing out big time!
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on 9 October 2010
This is a very typical post new-rave indie guitar album that sounds at times a bit too hyper, however good stuff lies here for sure.

"Colour It In" is a debut album that is more in line with off-kilter British art-rock bands like Blur, Magazine, Futureheads etc. Remember the records of the time by Bloc Party or The Rakes; this is an early-twenties crisis album. It articulates that particular sense of struggle for identity. It hits between the last day of school and the first proper pay check. It's speaks of drinking, dancing and getting your heart broken all whilst looking back to childhood with a bittersweet wistfulness.

It's not all furrowed-brow guitars however. The closing track `Toothpaste Kisses' is a sweet 1930s-sounding ballad, an instant classic.

However and here is the big HOWEVER, if you are new to the band you should explore the second album "Walls of Arms" first. It oozes with a far more wistful, darker and self-assured sound and grabs the listener's attention with a more disciplined epic sound and with more frustrated and mature lyrics.

Colour It In is the warm up to Wall Of Arms, only visit if you feel yourself falling in love with Orlando's voice, which you inevitable will.
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