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on 10 April 2016
Review of All in One USB Card Reader

The product came well packed in a retail printed bubble pack. That in turn was in an Amazon box. The product arrived quickly and undamaged.

I primarily bought this because my laptop doesn't have a card reader for Micro SD or CF (compact flash) a format used by earlier digital SLRs.

It installed itself upon being plugged in (Windows 10) and I didn't have to install any software to make it work. As far as I can tell, it does every type of memory card. It doesn't require an external power supply.

The build quality is good. In the past I've had problems with compact flash cards mashing the pins in the reader but this one is a nice snug fit and will only allow the memory card to go in the correct way up and dead straight so I'm not worried about the pins getting mashed. All the other cards go in nicely.

It reads the cards as fast as the internal reader does (I compared SD cards as both the external and internal can read those). It transferred the photos fairly swiftly and without errors. It has a light to indicate that a card is plugged into it which lets you know you've plugged it in successfully.

I would have given it 5 stars if it had had a slightly longer lead. The lead was fine for use with my laptop but if I were using it with a desktop PC I would have to do a lot of bending as I don't think it would reach the desk.

On the whole, for under £6 delivered, I'm very pleased with it. It should last a long time.

Hope you've found this review helpful. I always answer comments so please ask any questions if you have them.

Thanks, Anthony
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 25 May 2016
I bought this just a few weeks back and have to say I have bagged myself a right bargain! I honestly can not believe the quality and neatly housed flexibility of this product in comparison to the low price. The product came packaged in lightweight clear plastic and included a certified Hi-Speed USB lead as opposed to a cheaper model. The USB cable is roughly 60cm in length and is of a sturdy construction, coated in a thick black plastic which seems durable. I particularly liked that the lead wasn't ultra short, meaning I could plug it in without it taking up valuable work space either on or immediately next to the computer.

The card reader was much smaller than I imagined, smaller than a credit card and about as thick as a deck of cards, housed in a black and silver plastic. A small light is displayed when in use. This seems to be of a similar sturdy construction, although I wouldn't recommend throwing it on the floor! I was really impressed to find that despite the card reader being so tiny, it had the facility to read 18+ types of memory card (although some of the more obscure or purpose built models do require an adapter). I plugged it in (Windows 10 user at present) and it popped up in less than 10 seconds, with all drivers necessary installed ready for me to read and write to my memory cards. I popped in a 4GB standard SD card containing 800+ files and found the images all appeared on screen ready for me to read/write/move/delete at will within just 5-10 seconds. The speed and efficiency of this little gizmo really can not be criticised, with no complicated or lengthy installation and no slow wait times for image and video data transfer.

In terms of efficiency, quality and value for money, I really would say this product is one of my favourite purchases of 2016 and would highly recommend investing if you are currently in the market for a card reader. The budget price and somewhat unfamiliar brand is in no way a reflection of the quality of the item you will receive. I still can't believe I paid so little as my previous one cost much more and worked far slower.
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on 19 June 2017
Wonderful product!

I use a PC tower with no card reader added to it, but I have more netbooks/laptops in my house owned by loads of people with the same issue, no card reader. So, I got this all-in-one because it's portable!

I was going to purchase one, years earlier, but I had no real reason too. Until this week when my dash cam broke and I found some old footage on a card from an old cam camera that I wanted to restore.

If you've got old-related tech from the 1980-1990s this is really handy in the long run when you're looking to restore footage from your "tech" back in the days.
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on 13 January 2016
This is an excellent, well made, pocket sized card reader; ideal for carrying around with a laptop, notebook or pad. It works well with my Windows 10 PAD (with a USB to micro USB adapter) but will work with all versions of Windows. However, unlike some card readers, it only uses one Drive Letter so you cannot copy files directly from one card to another - but there's a solution, buy two (and at this price you can) then using both with a small USB hub transferring files between cards is easy. As with all card readers care is needed with delicate cards most especially with Compact Flash as the pins can be easily damaged, but this reader has a firm positive connection well inside the case reducing the chance of bending pins. And one last thing, don't take the demo picture as indicative of the orientation of the cards!
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on 13 October 2016
DOES NOT WORK ON USB 3.0 SOCKETS. Could not get this to work at all as my PC - being pretty upto-date - has no USB 2.0 sockets. Searching ABC Products website for a modern driver pulled up a blank as well - pretty useless if you've got a modern motherboard or laptop with no USB 2.0 ports. Will have to get a refund now... most annoying.
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on 24 March 2015
Very versatile little card reader which, as a budding amateur photographer, is already doing me proud. I have several cameras which take a mix of SD, MicroSD, M2 and ProDuo card types and I'm forever losing the leads to all the individual devices!

There is a nice little orange LED to let you know it's plugged in with a card present and is ready to read from your computer, and the supplied cable is long enough to place it on top of your PC tower (if you have front lower USB ports like mine), or on your desk if your tower isn't kept too far away.

The only improvement I could suggest would be a USB3 version with faster speeds, but for a fiver I can hardly call that a criticism.
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on 25 October 2017
For the price good value and it does as described. Only real downside was the case is made of a very flimsy plastic and on hour one of owning this i broke a bit of the cover around the slots, but despite this it works well and does exactly as described. Not recommended for larger handed, but if you have a delicate grasp you'll appreciate its good value. I broke it (the case) but i still like it and it does the job i bought it for well.
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on 3 August 2016
Used it twice with new camera that uses a CF card instead of the SD cards I was used to. Broke by second ever time of use, but no hope of a return as I used it once when I bought and a few months later to empty the card. The spikes to go into the actually card itself had bent and broken despite my never forcing the card (I was too afraid I would break the card if I did - CF cards aren't cheap in the first place!). Very disappointed :/
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on 27 June 2016
I bought this because my new PC does not have a built in card reader. First impressions were that for the price it was well made and would cover all my cards. However the first time I had to use it it would not work. I had to manually hold the the cable connection in to the socket in the card reader and waggle it about to establish a connection. This might be OK for a transfer taking only a few seconds but for a longer transfer is completely impractical as any release of pressure on the connection causes the device to stop working and broke the data transfer.

Lots of people seem to have had no problem with this product so you pay your money and take your chance. I have returned this reader and bought one costing twice as much but with a built in lead.
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on 11 March 2016
I chose this card reader as it it said it would read xD as well as SD memory cards, and it does. I was initially suspicious of the connectors as they didn't seem very positive. No tell tale click as the card latches into place. These don't do that, they just push in and stop. However, both cards were read into my computer OK, and uploading was quick. It remains to be seen how the connectors perform after more use, but at present all seems well. A nice, small, neat, product.
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