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Customer reviews

2.7 out of 5 stars
2.7 out of 5 stars
The Forest [DVD] [2007]
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on 13 July 2015
Erm, what is this? Where is Maggie Grace that they are advertising? Looking into it, it would appear this film was re-released in 2007 and was actually made well before the title actress was even born. So thats a good start. Secondly it has been put into rubbish 4:3 format that stays that way even on a widescreen TV, thirdly, this is the biggest load of tripe i have ever seen, and i am a BIG b-movie fan so that is saying something. AVOID
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on 21 April 2014
The movie opens with lizard man killing two girls. We know lizard man is watching because the film gives us a blurry fish eye. During the credits we see a "subplot" of a woman experimenting with lizards.

After the credits, Steve is e-mailing/texting his close circle of friends who are not close anymore and haven't been since high school when his brother Wes was killed. They are getting together, 4 years later, to pay homage to Wes. The personalities don't mesh as they all ride up in a single van...to the land of no cell phone reception where monsters roam and people die.

While they are there, Chase Masterson shows up on a motorcycle.

While this is not the worst horror film, this isn't one for the ages either. Too many daylight killings to be an effective horror movie. The creature was better than the rubber masked kind. The special flame effects was bad. The music was hit or miss as was the acting.

F-bomb, brief nudity (Kristin Herold shower scene)
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on 18 June 2015
Surprisingly inept monster movie starts out with an amazingly dumb scene--two young women are camping in the woods, see a house with their binoculars and are going to break in to use the toilet, then they hear a scary animal sound nearby, which would actually be a pretty good reason to break into the house but instead they run straight into the woods. Rule #1--a human being is not going to outrun any animal in the woods unless it is injured--we were not built for speed. Rule #2--never run away from any animal ever because that instantly transforms you into prey. Needless to say the two girls don't last long. Then the plot proper begins and the movie gets worse--so much worse.

Some friends decide to honor the memory of a friend who died in the woods during a prom night party by returning to the scene of the crime. The one organizing the trip the the dead friend's twin brother--which is something the script neglects to mention for a surprisingly long amount of time. Thing is the twin brother didn't die in an accident or kill himself--his body was never found at all, just a lot of blood, and nobody has any idea what killed him (or so we are led to believe) so camping in the same spot where their friend was killed and his body was dragged away seems like a really stupid idea, even by monster movie standards.

The Forest is filled with music that does not belong in a horror movie...ever--during dialogue scenes there is frequently soap opera style music that instantly kills the mood a competent horror movie would be trying to create--and this happens over and over and over again until it becomes laughable, if not amusing. Then there's the matter of the monster--it's clearly a man in a rubber suit thing that looks more like a rented Halloween costume than something you would expect to see in a movie.

Maggie Grace gets top billed on the cover because she's the closest thing to a name that The Forest has to offer but she's billed fourth in the actual movie. But in a sea of pretty young faces Maggie Grace is the only one that pops--it's pretty obvious why she went on to bigger and better things and the rest of her cast-mates didn't.

The Forest is extremely bad but not in ways that are actually fun--unless you are a man in a rubber monster suit completest or a Maggie Grace stalker you probably don't want to waste your time with this one.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 2 July 2015
This 2004 horror thriller [aka Creature Unknown] features a group of twenty-somethings going into the woods on the anniversary of the death of one of their number. Steve has e-mailed his former friends who have drifted apart after the unresolved death of his brother Wes, 4 years earlier and so they head off to where Wes had disappeared, having left a pool of blood to indicate his fate. The problem is they all have their own agendas and hang-ups so there is tension from the start as we try to discover and unravel the fate of Wes.
Unfortunately the film acts as its own spoiler for during the opening credits we see a ‘subplot’ of a woman experimenting with lizards and as the opening scenes feature two girls being killed by a lizard man we know what to expect, and the blurry fish eye filming always alerts us when the monster is around. You have to remember this is a 15 rating so the horror is going to be more subdued than an 18 film. However, the problem is that the ‘forest’ [for the most part] looks more like a country park sporting decent pathways and neat bushes, thus the isolation and fear factors are missing. A truly remote spot would have added to the menace.
The disc has no features other then play, scene selection and a trailer. The Forest is filled with music that doesn’t fit either, most is light and instantly kills the tension a competent movie would be trying to create. There is the obligatory brief nudity scene (Kristin Herold in the shower) whilst the monster adopts the role of voyeur and seemingly spends a lot of time slinking around hugging trees and drooling through his nasty, spiney teeth. This fits perfectly with his rubber suit, reminiscant of ‘The Black Lagoon’ and ‘Swamp Thing’ and when Chase Masterson -as the scientist, shows up on her motorcycle, it too, reminds one of a Sarah Conner [Terminator] wannabe.
This is undoubtedly a popcorn and beer type of film for most that plays like a made for TV affair, it’s even filmed in 4:3 format [you can tell by the shape of the moon]. Whilst the overall plot is obvious, there are some interesting twists [some obvious, some not so] that help keep this moving, but generally it lacks the atmosphere of a great horror or ‘scare’ movie. As a 15 rating its well deserving of a *** and despite some gore, will leave ‘horror’ fans wanting more.
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VINE VOICEon 24 August 2009
Wonderful B monster movie and a must see for any fan of "something nasty outside attacking the pretty young things in the cabin" films.

There is a back story that may or may not explain how the forest monster came into being, it depends on how much you want your movies to make sense. Apparently there were these brothers and a few years back there was this party... well you know how it goes....

In the present a cross culturally represented group of young things though some of them look decidedly old for high school but then since none of them are very famous you know a lot of them are going to get it in the neck one way of another.

Like all B movies of this ilk the morality guage is set VERY high so the fornicating couple is going to be dealt with very severaly though the African-American does get a sort of reprieve.

This is a popcorn and beer type of film that follows the rules so closely you can foretell the outcome way before the participants in the game so slutty chain-smoking girlfriend should really have known what was coming

The monster appears to have borrowed his outfit from his cousin in the Black Lagoon and spends a lot of time clutching trees coyly and salivating through very very bad teeth

Long Live the Monster Movie!
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on 8 February 2016
Idiotic and moronic trash.
This is like a creature feature from the 1950s except films like "Tarantula" and "Beast from 20000 Fathoms" are far better.
Cheap and nasty ( but not in a good Doris Wishman kind of way)
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on 21 July 2016
This has to be the worst film ever made. I ordered it by mistake as I wanted another film of the same name.
The one star is for the fact that you could be laughing all the way through if you haven't ejected after 5 mins.
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on 17 April 2016
good old film cheers
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on 4 July 2015
Creepy enjoyable
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on 25 January 2014
Basically, bad acting, lousy script, rubbish " special effects". Not worth paying 10 pence for. Bored me stiff! DO NOT BUY!
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