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4.2 out of 5 stars
4.2 out of 5 stars
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on 23 April 2007
Speaking about 'United Abominations', Megadeth's 11th studio recording, Dave Mustaine recently stated that the album's sound could place it before 'Rust In Peace' or after 'Countdown To Extinction' in the band's catalogue. This is a fair assessment as, musically, it mixes elements of the speed and heaviness of the former with the melody of the latter. Despite Mustaine's physical problems he remains perhaps the finest thrash guitarist today, and the entire album is performed with Megadeth's trademark precision. The addition of an all new supporting cast of Glen and Shawn Drover, on guitar and drums respectively, and bassist James LoMenzo has brought a new energy to the band, that has recently been notable by its absence.

Mustaine is a spokesperson for a generation of metal bands and fans alike, and now represents everything positive about the genre; using his position as a platform to promote sociopolitical concerns. It therefore comes as little surprise that, lyrically, the core of the album follows on from 2004's 'The System Has Failed' in dealing with the occupation of Iraq, the American government and the general state of the world today; all delivered in Mustaine's sneering vocal style. But, where that album showed flashes of potential, 'United Abominations' consistently delivers. Songs such as 'Amerikhastan', 'Washington Is Next!' and the title track would sit comfortably on any of their early albums; when the band breaks into the middle section of opener 'Sleepwalker', it rivals the likes of 'Tornado Of Souls' or 'Hangar 18'.

If there were to be any criticism it would centre on the re-recorded version of 'A Toute Le Monde'. Thirteen years after it appeared on Youthanasia, it sees Mustaine duet with Lacuna Coil front woman Cristina Sccabia, and, while the overall pacing and end harmony guitar parts are more satisfying than the original, it's hard to understand why a song with such personal subject matter should ever be sung by more than one person.

Although 'United Abominations' doesn't quite reach the heights of their late eighties/early nineties heyday, it doesn't contain a single filler track and is certainly their strongest release in more than a decade.
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on 28 May 2007
Iv got to say that this album is one of the most classic megadeth albums so far, it is filled with everything that makes megadeth such an amazing band; speed, loads of solos and dave mustaines intelligent and melodic vocal lines.

The album quite frankly is perfect from opener sleepwalker to the solo outro of burnt ice there is not a bad track. My favourite tracks are Washington is next and united abominiations and i an guarentee youll have them in your head for hours after hearing them

So I would say if your a long term megadeth fan or a metal fan in general, go out and get it you WILL NOT be disappointed!
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on 7 February 2016
Very consistent and thoroughly enjoyable album released by Megadeth! Having listened to all of their 00s albums and even written a review on Dystopia, I thought I might share my thoughts on this album specifically! It's not my favourite Megadeth album and it doesn't contain my favourite Megadeth track either, which incidentally comes from Cryptic Writings (Use the man - I can't get over how good the guitar work on this piece is!) But I reckon this album as a whole is one tough beast! Very impressive quality overall, I can't stress it enough! I was so pleased when I discovered this, it's so timeless! A tout le mond, is a track he seems to be very proud of and he made the right choice by bringing it back to life with a new twist! I could go on and on about how each track on this offering is amazing, but I'll end here and just say it was worth a first listen and it'll be worth the next!
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on 27 May 2007
Some people will argue megadeth can never match rust in peace, infact most bands will never be able to create something that compares to it. This album sees megadave and co give it a mighty fine go though!

This cd sees the band returning to their vintage thrash sound whilst maintaining the newer, more comercial sound of the last couple of records they produced. It includes a remake of the classic "A tout le monde" with Cristina Scabbia (Lacuna Coil) sharing vocal duties with Mr Mustaine. It also features the combination of Mustaine and Drover on guitars resulting in the tapestry of the record being enriched with multiple solo's which again are a return since the departure of Marty Friedman.

The songs themselves all deal with political and social issues lyrically which is expected from the band. Daves vocals have improved alot since he started and it pays dividends to the bands overall sound. As said earlier, the guitar work on the cd is awesome and will keep shred fans happy.

My only complaints about the record are that it is a slower tempo than i would have liked and Dave seems to be borrowing a couple of his own riffs from other albums, not alot but to a fan it is noticeable a couple of times.

This album is definately worth getting if your a fan of Megadeth, but if you are new to the band i would reccomend starting with Rust In Peace.

Stand out tracks: Washington is Next, Gears of War, A Tout Le Monde and Burnt Ice
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on 28 May 2007
A number of established bands have taken a more political stance than ever before the past couple years, and Megadeth is no different. Since Dave Mustaine re-formed the band (with a new lineup yet again), he's back on track and looking back to the glory days of 80's thrash metal that he helped pioneer. "United Abominations" is just that, as Megadeth makes their debut on Roadrunner Records with this raw sounding, politically laced treat that may very well be the album of the year. Opening track "Sleepwalker" slams forward with Mustaine's scratchy voice and ripping guitars, while "Washington is Next!", "Never Walk Alone...A Call to Arms", "Play for Blood", and the title track are all excellent metal blasts as well. What longtime fans of the band will notice right off the bat however is a remake of Megadeth's mid-90's hit single, "A Tout Le Monde". Here, we get "A Tout Le Monde (Set Me Free)" which is a faster, more driven version of the song, and it also features Lacuna Coil's Cristina Scabbia on vocals as well. This is Megadeth at their most raw and primitive sounding since "Peace Sells...", which in itself is really saying something. Undoubtedly the best metal album of the year so far, "United Abominations" is a metal masterpiece.
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on 6 June 2007
I am an old fan of Megadeth,i started listening to Megadeth in their Peace Sells era.I bought Youthanasia in 1994 and after that i didn't buy anything they released.I got this album from my friend,because he said to me United is like Rust In Peace.So i gave Megadeth a chance.I am so shocked about this new album,because it is too good than i expected.It is full of good lyrics and good heavy melodic guitar riffs.So i recommend this new album to older fans and also the new ones.Don't miss it,because Megadeth is back and what a comeback it is...
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I was delighted with The System has Failed which was a step in the right direction musically in my opinion, it might have been a little more Youthanasia than Peace Sells but the important point is that the songs were great, the production was punchy again after three flat sounding records, and Dave sounded angry for the first time in years.

United Abominations, takes that ball and runs with it, coming across very much as a thrashier, harder and faster version of The System Has Failed. The great thing however, is that even if you forgot that a subgenre called thrash had ever existed, this would still be an absolutely phenomenal record.

There are no weak tracks, the guitar solos are good, the production job is good and the album feels more like a cohesive band effort than the previous record did.

While the album thankfully got the praise it got, some people remained suspicious. There have been a fair amount of criticisms made on some fairly petty things. So on the album artwork, skeletal-mascot Vic has skin? So the band re-recorded their classic track `A Toute Le Monde,' ? So What ? it was a great song then, and its still the same song, and who really cares about the mascot on the artwork when the music is so great.

If you enjoy the music of Megadeth, aren't stuck in the past, can overlook those petty flaws and if you can get over the lyrics then you will surely love United Abominations. Peace Sells, but Buy this instead.
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on 28 May 2007
I must admit that when I first heard Megadeth were recording a new album I worried it wasn't going to be very good but upon hearing a few sample tracks I realised that they had turned back on the good old days and were producing the music we know and love. I decided to pre order the CD and when I received it I decided to give it a quick listen and it totally blew me away. Each song is as good, if not better than the previous one and it has a constant impact upon you. I didn't think that it was possible for the album to keep the pace, I was sure i'd be disappointed with the majority but yet again I was proven wrong. I absolutely love this album and up until now is one of my faves from this year. My fave tracks were 'You're Next', 'A Tout Le Monde', and 'Sleepwalker'.

This album is well worth the money you pay for it, I haven't taken mine out of my CD player since the day it arrived!
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on 30 June 2007
I must first begin my review by totally and utterly lambasting many of the previous reviews given by people who must be living on a different planet. 'One for the girls' and 'a lazy album' what a load of tut! Megadeth have always been my favourite thrash band and I can safely talk about this band objectively rather than people that probably think limp biskit are the greatest metal band ever.

As to amplification who cares what cabinets or guitars are being used the production is crystal clear with emphasis on what Megadeth are about crunching rock riffs. Lets not forget Dimebag used Dean guitars and was the greatest guitarist in modern times. I don't remember anyone critisizing his choice in axe! TOTALLY BIZARRE!

Firstly this album is Megadeth's best since Countdown to Extinction. Every track on this cd is totally and utterly filled with amazing riffs and superb lead solos and Mustaine's vocals are top notch. The only bad thing I can say about this cd is the reworking of a tout le monde. It's not that it's a bad track it just breaks up the rhythm of the cd. It should have placed right at the end so I don't have to keep skipping it.

The opening track 'Sleepwalker' is a superb opener, it's a fast well paced opener with some good lyrics, amazing shredding riffs, great lead fills and a superb drum track.

10 out of 10

I guess it's not that important who the other band members of Megadeth are because Mustaine is Megadeth and we all know what happened when other band members got to write their own tracks, we ended up with the slop that was Risk. Although I must say Marty Friedman was the greatest Megadeth guitarist in my opinion.

Anyway back to the other tracks, it can be said that some tracks such as Never walk alone are slightly more dumbed down from the outright thrash origins of Megadeth, but that doesn't stop them being great tracks. When was the last time we heard an outright start to finish thrash album from Megadeth? Rust in Peace! So what's the problem? That was a long time ago and I'm glad we aren't living in a stagnant pool of thrash metal.

There are a couple of political based tracks such as Washington is Next and the United Abominations. While many people are put off by having to actually think a little too much about the contentious subject matter the lyrics are well crafted and make great songs. 8 out of 10 and 9 out of 10 respectively.

Gears of War has a killer opening riff which has me reaching to up the volume every time. Let me say at this point this cd hasn't been out of my car cd player since the day I bought it. The lead solos on Gears of War, it has to be said, make the hairs on my arms stand up it is really that good! 9 out of 10

Blessed be the Dead starts dark and brooding with another superb opening riff. Mustaine witters on about some horses of different colours for a while then some more killers solos come into play after a couple of minutes and then ends abruptly, probably only 7 out of 10 for this one!

Play for Blood is probably the catchiest track for me the guitar work is once again brilliantly crafted and if is wasn't for the widow's peak I'd be headbanging like a woodpecker and then some. A definite 10 out of 10!

I'm not going to go through the rest of the tracks, so in short if you like loud metal packed with dozens of crunching riffs and well worked lead solos then you can't go wrong with this offering it really is that good, regardless of what I've read elsewhere. I don't care if it's thrash or not or what guitar brand is used, its good honest loud metal by the master himself and I for one ain't complaining.
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on 13 May 2007
I was a troubled sceptic when I decided to purchase the latest release from Megadeth titled, `United Abominations'. The motivation for my scepticism was Megadeth had fallen from grace after producing a number of dire albums that just showed no signs of creativity or originality. I think I was living with the ghosts of the past as `Countdown to Extinction' and `Symphony of Destruction' were praiseworthy classics that needed to be placed on a pedestal alongside some of the finest moments of Iron Maiden, Judas Priest and early era Metallica. However, I have always remained faithful to Megadeth, watching their peaks and troughs along with all the personal demons that Dave Mustaine has had to contend with over the years.

I was interested to see that Mustaine has since resurrected himself, dusted himself off and polished up his act by including Glen and Shawn Drover (guitar and drums respectively) into the band along with well-known and respected bassist James Lomenzo. These three additions into the fold can only rekindle the dying flame known as Megadeth and lets just hope that one of metal's pioneering bands are back on track once again. For those of you that are unaware, but the Drover brothers hail from Canada and play in a power metal band that goes under the moniker of Eidolon, playing a dark ominous brand of power metal. Lomenzo on the other hand, has been on the scene for a number of years adding time with Mike Tramps White Lion, Non-Fiction, but more recently with Black Label Society.

In addition, Mustaine has called upon the services of acclaimed British producer, Andy Sneap to co-produce this album. Good business decision Mr Mustaine for getting Andy Sneap on your side as this man is a creative genius behind the production desk, working with some of the biggest names in the industry. Well, let us get down to business and discuss what this review is all about, the music. First off, Megadeth have delivered a stunning album that is a dark, heavy, riff laden metal fest that has `Rust in Pieces', `Countdown to Extinction' and `Symphony of Destruction' written all over it. Mustaine has gone back to the basics of the abovementioned three albums, analyzed them thoroughly and with this in mind has written `United Abominations' by giving it a modern day feel and production.

Mustaine has not been to far from controversy over the years, but he has written some very poignant lyrics this time round. Dealing with the war in the Middle East, more specifically Iraq, terror on Americas doorstep and having a worthy dig at the inert actions of the United Nations (hence the title and title track, United (Abomi) nations) regarding their inability to contain worldly conflict through dialogue are just some of the topics explored. While Megadeth does not claim to have any answers to the interesting questions life throws at us, they are at least asking these questions in their lyrics and rewarding the attentive listener with a lot to ponder. What a better ambassador than Dave Mustaine to highlight the wrongs of the world and to put it all into perspective, using narration segments on some of the tracks to get the message across.

Mustaine must have one of the most recognisable voices in the metal genre as he uses that upturned lip snarl, and with this release, there is no deviation from what his vocals have bestowed upon us with past albums. His guitar playing has more passion, feel and a sense of urgency nowadays and some of the riffs are the best I have heard in ages. Glenn Drover is a welcomed inclusion into Megadeth and he has a unique style of playing which is very apparent, adding such a varied dimension to the music. I did however, enjoy Marty Friedman and more recently, Al Pitrelli's guitar styles, but with Drover he has left his characteristic mark on this recording. I'm left with the impression that both guitarists feed off one another and play in great unison together, hopefully this could be something lasting as Mustaine can be a rather obnoxious individual to work alongside, especially on a creative level.

Glenn's brother Shawn is a very technical drummer and is just mind-blowing behind the kit. He is slightly more reserved with Megadeth than Eidolon, and is backed up with James Lomenzo's rumbling bass work. There is a re-worked track from a bygone era, `À tout le Monde' including the vocal talents of Cristina Scabbia from Lacuna Coil fame on backing vocals. I have to say that I treasured the original track greatly, however this one has stolen my heart for the mere fact the solo has been re-worked and the inclusion of Scabbia's subtle vocals are just spell binding. This is a very strong effort from Dave Mustaine's Megadeth and I would encourage new and old fans to check them out as this release is just blazing from start to finish, with even the hardest of cynics might just agree this time around.
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