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3.9 out of 5 stars
3.9 out of 5 stars
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on 21 June 2007
Content: excellent - five stars. Admittedly it is only as seen on the television - there are no extras of any kind, which is a shame, but the challenges are presented as seen on television in their insane glory.

Presentation: atrocious - can I actually give a negative rating to this? The challenges, rather than being presented in order, are intercut, with no immediately obvious pattern. The breaks between the sections also fail to line up with the chapter starts, which appear to have been selected largely at random. As such, locating the start of a particular segment almost invariably involves fast-forwarding or rewinding as required, which is somewhat irritating. There's also no facility to simply play an individual challenge - an obvious feature that would surely not have been difficult to implement.

In summary, if you wish to sit down and watch three hours of car-based lunacy, this is a great disc. If you only have half an hour and have the desire to watch an individual challenge, you'll find it really quite annoying. The quality of the content is offset quite seriously by some extremely bizarre choices with the presentation, which actually feels like it's been made intentionally awkward.
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on 23 June 2007
Top Gear is one of the funniest programs on TV. The presenters are funny and the audacity of the stunts is hilarious. Turning a Robin into a "Space Shuttle"!! Classic. When I saw this DVD I knew instantly I had to have it (unfortunatly not bought on amazon but down the high street). I got home half an hour before I had to leave for work and thought "brilliant, I can watch a Challange before I have to leave" and this was where the trouble started.

On the back of the DVD case the 7 challanges featured are listed, when you press play this is not the order they are in at all. More infuriatingly they are split up, you will be merrily watching a stunt and it will switch to another. Moreover parts of the stunts are then left out (where was the Veyron scene where jeremy trys to get insurance?). And if your thinking "as annoying as that soudns ill just skip the interuptions" your in for a let down, pressing chapter skip will put you randomly halfway into the next challange. To top it all off the chapter select menu is the most frustrating waste of space there is, it consists of a number of screen shots of the challanges, you have to work out yourself what challange is what as they are not labelled and when you select one you do not then commence veiwing from the start of the challange but somewhere in the middle.

The DVD is a fantastic thing to watch if you have a spare 3 hours. Its a frustrating waste of time though if you just want to watch your favourite challange because you will probably spend most of your time just trying to find the start.
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on 11 June 2007
Like Barnard Clam reviewing before me I believe this DVD is seriously let down by the DVD scene selection format.

I received the DVD today and settled down with my eldest son to watch the great Veyron vs Cesna challenge - a good 20 minnute diversion I thought. This excellent challenge was interrupted halfway through to start the 70s supercar challenge. I was then very dissappointed with the scene selection and couldn't find out where the Bugati race re-started.

Looks like I'm going to have to find 160mins somewhen at the weekend to watch the whole thing back to back.

Top Gear is fantastic. I've probably had my funniest televisual moments over the last year watching the boys restle caravans, stretch limos and of course space-rocket-reliants. However, I probably shall only watch this DVD once and then it'll get passed on through the family as opposed to being watched over and over again.
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on 29 June 2007
For me, Top Gear is one of the best shows on TV and one of the things that makes it such a great show are the challenges. This DVD is made up of around 7 or 8 challenges. There are 2 major problems with it for me though, the first being that the challenges are split into two parts. It begins with the veryon vs plane and half way through cuts to the amphibious car challenge and once that is half way through cuts back to the veyron and so on, so its pretty annoying that you cant just watch a particular challenge through in one go. The 2nd problem is some great challenges are missing and some are cut down versions.

Its still genius television and I can only hope there are many more challenges to come in the years ahead.
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on 20 September 2007
I was so very looking forward to this is DVD as the challenges are my favourite part of the show and definately the funniest. I was so dissapointed at the quality of the editing in this, it is appalling!! They skimped by using cuts from shows to present each challenge rather than getting clarkson, hammond or may to do it for the DVD and split the challenges into parts so you couldnt watch it in one go!! It was put together so badly it doesnt flow at all and is so frustrating to watch.

Come on guys you can do better than this!! I only hope they do better next time!

P.S. Please release a DVD of the Polar expedition but PLEASE PLEASE get a decent editor and don't cut any of it out!!
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 1 June 2007
Since its revamp Top Gear has proved to be one of the best shows on television. Whilst it can no longer be considered a serious car program, what it loses in reviewing cars for the majority, it gains in being one of the most entertaining television shows full stop.

The challenges are frequently the best part of the show and the two I remember here the most are the amphibious cars and the Bugatti Veron. The amphibious cars is very very funny. There are moments in this which look seriously dangerous, for example when Hammond is trying to climb out of the water but the wheel he's grabbing continues to turn. They are all laughing and its funnier than any comedy I saw last year!

Part of the success of the show is the geniune spark and friendship that has developed between the three presenters and nowhere is this demonstrated better than in the race between the Bugatti and James May's light aircraft. May and Hammond are continually bickering with each other (purposely for the cameras I'm sure), whilst Clarkson is 'flying' in the car. Again this is great entertainment and in places there are some funny moments.

Some of these challenges I can't remember, but the various series have been of such a high standard that I will be ordering this immediately.
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on 9 October 2007
OK let me be clear on something first: I recently moved away from the UK and have been unable to watch many episodes (they're on BBC World, but I keep forgetting about it, as it's not on any TV Guide here and I'm too lazy to keep a watchful eye). So, unlike many reviewers here, for me this DVD was the first time I was watching a lot of the stuff on it - and I LOVED it!

Yes, the editing is bad - actually, it's not really edited at all, they just took the footage from the show and stitched it together, which is why you sometimes get a re-introduction of a challenge half-way in. So yes, it's a really lazy way to do things, unlike, say, the Winter games DVD, where all three presenters are on hand to introduce both new and existing material.

Whoever did it though, has the best excuse of them all - the material is just awesome, and the back-and-forth jumping between challenges can't take that away. Having said that, if you want to show one particular challenge to a friend it can really get on your nerves...
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VINE VOICEon 30 May 2007
Top Gear is TV at its best. Great presenters, great banter, great cars; what more could you need? I would imagine that somebody who doesn't have much interest in cars would need a lot more to be persuaded to watch.

With the challenges, which is the focus of this DVD, Top Gear has discovered a way to make the show suitable for everybody; It's simply good entertainment.

Amongst other things the boys, as I am fairly loathed to call them (but nevermind), make some rediculous streched limos, have races against each other (one in a car, another in a plane), and, most amazingly of all, build a space rocket (that looks like a NASA shuttle) out of a robin reliant. The latter challenge is worth the price of the DVD alone. Classic TV on Demand!
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on 31 May 2015
I cannot fault the content but it is badly edited when it said it was the challenges I did expect the challenges to be shown in thier full order like it is discribed on the back of the dvd so when they listed say the space shuttle challenge I expected it to be shown in full from start to finish but instead it skips to different scenes so ive got no idea what is going to be shown next one minuet they are showing the shuttle being planned then built but next minuet its gone on to something else so i do not know what the next scene is and its no use going to scene select as that is as clear as mud, so the challenges are fun to watch but then they are ruined by not knowing what order they are in and not being shown from start to finish as a complete lot.
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on 25 November 2007
This DVD is the best so far, all the funny challenges are here. The only thing is the editing, why have they split the challenges in half. You start watching one and then it cuts to another and then back to the first one!!! Why?????

Apart from that - brilliant!

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