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4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 13 February 2006
Love the Shield and agree with others - definitely the best show on TV. Why oh why can't it be released on DVD in the UK. Companies moan about people getting hold of illegal DVDs and as long as they decide not to release things they are only pushing people to do exactly this. They want the money so produce the goods. Please.
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on 13 December 2005
I cannot really add to what has been said. The Shield is one of the best things to hit TV screens in the past few years, with great stories and characters.
The only problem I have is that I do not have a multi-region DVD player, do not want to buy an asian copy from e-bay and this series was on TV ages ago, so.....
When is the region 2 box set going to be released?
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VINE VOICEon 13 June 2007
'The Shield' goes from strength to strength with every season and manages to pull something out of the hat to impress. In season 3, we start to witness the collapse of the strike team and for many reasons its the turning point of the entire show.

After the Armenian Money Train heist from season 2, Vic and his boys are trying to keep a low profile and not attract the attention of Aceveda, who has chosen to delay his departure from the Barn. But with the arrival of a new "decoy squad", the tension begins to mount, especially when the Strike Team become targets of the Armenian mob.

As usual, individual episodes have their own storylines but the overall arc is much stronger than last the first two seasons. With every episode, the team deteriorates and with Shane starting a family and Lem fearing for their lives, loyalties start to fade. For once, its good to see a show that puts characters first and everything that takes place is done for the benefit of characters rather than for the sake of it. The season finale is emotionally charged and very powerful without the need to resort to loud action-packed sequences.

Also, there are some juicy plots surrounding other characters such as Aceveda who faces a major personal crisis after a frightening encounter with two junkies. Meanwhile, Dutch hunts a serial rapist in one of the best plots on TV and the conclusion to it is compelling to watch. Also, unusually for her, Claudette rocks the boat and makes a controversial decision which could jeopardise her career.

With so many rich storylines going on, and with the benefit of being two episodes longer than usual, Season 3 really ups the ante for the show and breaks new ground in style. Its a shame it took so long to get a region 2 release though, because a lot of fans will have gone elsewhere by now for a copy.
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on 4 August 2005
Like all The Shield DVDs this is another top draw effort. Inside the box it is well laid out and very neat and the presentation is immaculate.
Season 3 itself was an unusual season in many ways as the main focal point of the Strike Team really comes into question and there are twists and turns thoughout. Some believe this to be the poorest season yet, but the more you watch it the more you appreciate it for what it is, a fantastic third season. While many shows dwindle away and fail to follow a fantastic first season, The Shield seems to go from strength to strength or keep the same pace at least. While I believe this is not as strong as season two, it would be unfair to compare them as season three is built on the actions and repercussions of the second outing.
Like any television/movie fan you like to see more for your money, and this DVD delievers. The DVD has eight commentaries (up from seasons two's four and lower than season one's 13) with the main cast and crew (producers, directors and staff writers) which are genuinly interesting and downright funny in their own right. You also get a huge selection of deleted scenes which really tell you how tight time is for an episode. You also get to see a really interesting documentary into how The Shield is made and is also highly entertaining.
Overall if you are a fan of The Shield then this is a must since its features and just television brilliance outway almost any other show out there. If you are dabbling into The Shield and are interested then I suggest starting with Season One and working on from there.
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VINE VOICEon 28 May 2007
The Strike Team are still desperately trying to cover their tracks in the multi million dollar robbery of Armenian drug money, Dutch and Claudette continue to investigate stomach churning rapes and murders and the Farmington gangsters continue to deal and kill one another. You would think The Shield couldn't continue at this intense pace forever but it still shows no sign of letting up in the brilliant third season.

Vic and his team of dirty cops are really starting to feel the pressure. The Armenian mob won't stop until they find their stolen money, Aceveda won't stop until he implicates Vic in some wrong doing and Vics estranged wife still doesn't want him back. Local gang bangers are trying to acquire automatic weapons and the violence on the streets never ends. On top of all this, another specialist unit, The Decoy Team have been sent into Farmington to help regain control of the streets which the Strike Team take as a personal insult.

The stories are still top-notch, the action blistering and the criminals are still the worst kind of scumbags. The Shield remains one of the most intense, violent and brutal shows on TV and I can confirm that season 4 is brilliant too. It's a terrible shame that it took so long to release this on region 2 dvd as so many people are missing out on the best thing on the box.

Like This? Try: The Wire Seasons 1-3
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on 29 October 2005
Having had to buy Season 3 from the US, cos the UK won't release it. The supplier, i forget who it was supplied it on time as well.
This series is the third out of five, and if you haven't bought it yet and are wondering if it is worth it, then the answer is yes.
Those who have watched this series know how good it is. It covers the aftermath of the money train heist and focuses on the strike team quite closely, where each character slolwy starts to shine through.
Roll on Series 4 on dvd and also series 5 on screen!
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on 30 June 2007
This is like consuming a quart of strength-6 Javanese coffee and a pack of 20 high nicotine-yield. At the same time. Quickly. Indeed these can be the only accompaniments to watching the Shield.

If the Wire is a theme-developing symphony, the Shield is pure punk rock.

Murderously addictive, breathlessly elliptical, dizzyingly filmed, one of the Shield's virtues is it makes all other cop shows (especially British ones - "New Tricks" anyone?) feel yawn-makingly tame and pedestrian. The Bill on ITV - not such a bad programme really - has recently tried to adopt the Shield's Steadicam technique to sex up its appearance. But it doesn't work because ...it's not the Shield.

Its other attribute is it knows "issues" are born out of excellent drama, not drama out of issues. There is more examination of contemporay societal subject material in the Shield than the whole of the BBC's "drama" output in the last decade, but the writing and storyboarding lead you to reflect on and question your own ideas by their quality, not by grandstanding and set piece speechmaking.

The only minor flaw with this DVD is the commentaries. A lot of them are insightful and sometimes funny, but a little too often the actors lapse into self-congratulation and cosy back-slapping. Just watch the episodes. Back to back. Rapid fire. It really is the best hit you can get.
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on 11 November 2005
season 3....what can i say....without doubt the finest programme i have ever witnessed.it takes you on such an adrenalin rush of ups and downs and near misses,at times it is like your in the car with vic and co.i just wonder how long they can keep getting the seasons better than the last???if you have never watched the shield,buy series 1, 2 and 3.then put your feet up and enjoy.
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on 19 March 2007
As always, the Shield is an excellent program that I would highly recommend to all. Gritty, exciting and occasionally disturbing. Season 3 doesn't quite maintain the high standard of the first 2 seasons, but provides several plot points that form the basis of the later years.

Shame it's taken so long to be released!!
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on 16 September 2005
The Shield 3 is positively a glowing season that has continued from season 1 & 2. The episodes are both gripping and informative and if you are a Shield fan like myself, then I can only suggest, BUY, BUY, BUY.
Having seen some clips of Season 4 already, you need to know where the storyline has actually stemmed from and by watching these seasons in chronological order you will not only receive a total insight of how the sotry unfolds over the years, but also gut wrenching, heart stopping action/drama all the way. Michael Chiklis is superb, the strike team are as crooked as anything and Season 3 explains how far some of us will go in order to preserve their friendship and what extremes other may go to in order for it to be destroyed. Excellent!
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