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4.1 out of 5 stars
Universal Truth
Format: Audio CD|Change

on 12 January 2018
I listened to this act on MTV dance but it didn’t have their latest single on it.
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on 24 March 2016
Brilliant album!
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on 19 June 2007
In drawing parallels, I think this album is every bit as good as Pendulum's hold your colour, in fact, if you miss that kind of sound, buy this, its simply awesome! It has many elements of the Pendulum type sound, but also seems to fuse london elektricity type fast soul music, awe inspiring production skills, and finally, it sounds absolutely mindblowing!! Of the 250 or so drum and bass album/compilations i own, this is in the top 3!

Here is why:

Track 1 is very a'la'pendulumesque, but I arguably Matrix and Futurebound can claim plenty of original moments in this track. The track works well! great guitar solos and riffs, bassline, rolling beats and a cinematic polished sound. Nice!

Track 2 (Knite Riderz) is arguably the best track on the album, the original dub plate had no Mc Spyda vocals. Although they are a bit of a let down because I would have liked the music to be completely heard for its instrumental beauty, some consolation can be taken in the fact that at least non-DnB fans might enjoy the track. The real beauty of this track is in the nightrider theme intro which is very heavy! The drop is great and the hook is absolutely superb! and overall production quality is rather good!

Track 3 is pure fast soul music! if you like London elektricity's sound, you will love this one. It is an absolutely superb track!

Track 4 is great rock and drum and bass but would have been better without the vocal in my opinion, but still a good track none the less.

Track 6 - sand storm is deep, soulful, and euphoric. A true soulful gem of a track! Like track 3, great fast soul music, with some cool bongos too!

Track 7 is a drum and bass disco number, with a "reach out" vocal sample, the drop gradually builds and the drop happens and the track continues to pick up the pace and goes from strength to strength.

Track 8- American Beauty theme music remix, very nice!

Track 9 - features a vocal from Robert Owens, and I could swear they have picked some ideas from the bassline in LTJ Bukem's 'demons theme', I am not overly impressed with the vocal pre drop, but once the track drops, the vocals are great, and the track then delivers pure joy!

Track 10: out of this world! I love this track to bits, one of the best drum and bass moments of 2007! I could actually mistake it for a Pendulum track, but Matrix and Futurebound actually have plenty of their ideas in it too and at the end of the day, who cares as long as it sounds great, which this does!!

Track 11: Simply great! Starts off on a real rock flavour, but after a few seconds it becomes evident that this is drum and bass. It is my favourite track on the album. The vocal is great, the bass is crazy! the electric guitars are superb.
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on 16 May 2007
First and foremost this is an amazing album, it is almost impossible to not to bop in unison to the beats generated from this album. There is not one song on this album which is filler or could be deemed as weak point, if you liked Pendulum's `Hold Your Colour' or `The Nightlife' series by Andy C, then you will love this album, although it tends to be weak to compare one album to another, I feel that if it's the only way to fully give this album the praise that it deserves.

Heavy beats, rhythmic hooks and haunting synthesized vocals really lift this album above a lot of its predecessors, it honestly is something that I've become obsessed about almost to the point of overplay...however after playing this album over 10 times at least it shows no sign of becoming boring...the new wave of Drum and Bass is here...and it's fantastic...

...Amazing, Dark, Breathtaking and downright cool.

If you liked this try albums mentioned also Fabriclive25: High Contrast.
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on 21 October 2008
Remembering that once, when I was a Brixton mouse, I listened to a lot of pirate Jungle stations - which was like having a wild animal loose in the room - I recently thought I really should own some, but what? So I bought a bundle of stuff off a list (on list-mania) and this is the best of the bunch, by miles.

Considering that Goldie came a respectable (but nonetheless a bus ride away) second...well, you get the message. It's up, in a put-something-crazy-on-coz-it's-friday-and-we're-going-out-dancing kinda way. The beats are irresistable but the melodies are not slaves, which they often are in computer-based tunes. I love Jungle like this, if you don't get it you're in the wrong place dude...
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on 9 April 2007
This is a truely classic collection of tunes from Drum and Bass mainstays Matrix & Futureboud. The album has the typical Matrix sound of 'Drowning Guitars' but this adds a new dimension to a genre often critised for boring repetitive sequenced Drum tracks. The album has an almost orginic feel to it, something that wasn't made over night, but something that grew from the decks. From the Sweeping soundscapes of the VIP remix of classic American Beauty to the almost industrial sound of Universal Truth, this album is no lightwieght and isn't suited to the Drum and Bass newbie but to fans of the genre who are seeking something more.

This album has plenty to offer to someone who has felt that they've heard it all. I couldn't recommend it anymore.
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on 9 April 2007
What more is there to say apart from this album is absolutely amazing from the first second right til the very last. This is probably the best Drum & Bass album ever by a single artist i.e. not a mix CD/compilation. Full of uplifting melodies and heavyweight beats and has a strangely 80's feel to it that you can't quite put your finger on. Literally every track is a winner with quite a few wicked vocal tracks in there as well. Definitely a classic!
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on 15 May 2007
Since hearing American Beauty over a year ago I had been eagerly anticipating this release; unfortunately I've been rather disappointed.

This album could be best described as "cross over" in the mould of Pendulum. Infact, knite riderz (genius spelling...) is almost a carbon copy of Tarantula - plagiarism anyone? Elsewhere on the album, Family is actually painful to listen to. It just doesn't work, the vocals make me cringe.

That's not to say this album is all bad, it's fine - it just doesn't push the bounderies of what can be done at all. I liked Sand Storm - the drop is really euphoric, and the VIP rerub of American Beauty is nice, although unnecessary. Strength 2 Strength and the Edge are probably the album highlights for me, but they still don't stand out that much.

It might be that I'm just growing tired of the genre; Andy C and co are destroying the scene banging out formulaic jump up for 6 hours, but when forward thinking artists like Logistics come out with "Now More Than Ever", it really gives you hope that things are going to change. Logistics' album is a masterpiece. Universal Truth is not.
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on 22 April 2007
i found myself going to quite a bit of effort getting this album, although i wasn't really blown away by any of the stuff i heard beforehand. i still wasn't blown away by the album but i found myself listenintg to it again and again and it has definately grown on me. some of the vocals don't really work in my opinion, such as in family. but still it's very well made album and definitely worth having in your collection. knýte ryderz and cost 2 coast are huge tunes as well
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