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on 8 May 2017
This game was one of the reasons I bought the xbox 360. I also know the anime series with the same name. I like very much the design of Akira Toriyama, so the game was a must. I think there are better RPGs out than this one, but I played it troug, so its good.
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on 1 February 2013
a rpg fan this did not disappoint with a great look and length and gameplay. it is quite different to the final fantasy style of game but if you are willing to try you will be rewarded
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on 26 December 2008
First off this game is criminally underrated, I remember going to game to buy this, because of the relation of staff between Mistwalker and Square Enix. It suprised me though, i was hoping and expecting for something similar to Chrono Trigger. But what you get from this game is a collaboration of features from previous game made by other developers, that's the main let down of the game. I know people may argue that they can't help this because Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest have near enough done everything with the RPG genre that is possible to do. But there is always a new idea out there somewhere. The games story in my opinion is very good and excellently presented, though it does drag on a tad when you get on to disc 3. All in all if i had to give this a review a score out of 10 i would give it around an 8. The game is very good, but i do not recommend it to any im-patient gamers (because it does go on a bit and you will have to do, like in every RPG undertake in tedious walking around and battling to get your level up.) or a person who dislikes RPGs (because its about as true to the genre as possible).

* Well presented Graphics perfect for the story.
* Decent Storyline.
* Loveable Characters.
* A proper RPG that lives up to the Genre.
* No random ecounters you see the enemy (think Mario RPG Seven Stars).

* Having to level up for boss battles all the time.
* Pointless parts of the quest that were only in the game to expand the main quest.
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on 29 August 2007
I bought this game on release day, and I have enjoyed every minute of it. I am 15 hours in, still on the first disc (of 3), and am utterly engrossed. This game has many positive aspects: firstly, it has wonderful graphics. It's not like Bioshock or Oblivion, realistic, but it has graphics which make the fantasy world feel alive and vibrant. Every character and monster has been given great detail, with looks and especially movements seeming natural and interesting. The graphics really do the combat justice. The combat is typical Final Fantasy turn based combat with a twist, where there is a charge bar which alters the turns depending on the charge. The combat itself is, in a word, awesome. Fights aren't random as in FF games, but you see enemies on the field, so you can either attack them, or avoid them. Combat is a tangle of brilliant looking moves and tactics, and as the game goes on, more great looking moves are unlocked. Occasionally a boss fight will occur, where the enemy is tougher than the usual monsters. Overall, the game doesn't really repeat the monsters for you to become sick of a particular monster. Another good aspect of the game is the music. The music is on par with the FF series. When exploring the world, the music is light and jolly (except during dramatic parts), and when in a boss fight, it becomes more rock and roll. Finally, onto the world itself. The game has a weird and wonderful sense of humour, and the world shows this. It is a large and expansive world, although quite linear, unlike Oblivion, but a benefit of this is that you won't get lost. The game's designers have put a lot of effort and thought into making the world as fun as possible, and it is evident when encountering some of the areas and races for the first time. As for the storyline, it is there, but very vague. Just trust the game to present storylines. This leads us onto the bad points: the saving system is quite bad in some places. You can save at a save point, or on the world map. You cannot save halfway through a dungeon, so if you die, you have to go all the way back to the beginning. Alternatively, if you need to save, you could warp back to the beginning of the dungeon and save at the save point (a warp device and save point are usually found in the same place), but this resets the dungeon's monsters, so you have to encounter (or avoid) all the monsters again, possibly not a bad thing as it gives you extra experience. The cut scenes are not, as one reviewer insinuated, bad, and the dialog is not cheesy. I enjoy all the cutscenes, as they make the world seem alive to me, and help you relate to the characters. The dialog is fine, considering this is a Japanese game. Another slight fault is that sometimes the fights seem to follow the exact same sequence and moves, but considering the wealth of combat moves, it won't happen often.
As you might expect, this game is not online playable, but will probably follow Oblivion's example and have downloads available.
Overall, this is a class game, with not many things wrong with it. It certainly has longevity, with a large game world and 3 discs. You certainly would be spending money well, as it will keep you occupied for at least a week. If you enjoy a great story, exploring (fans of the Broken Sword series will love this), and exceptional looking combat, this game will delight you to no end.
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on 24 March 2008
I decided to buy this even after all those average reviews on the web or in magazines.
Believing that if you liked jrpg you can't do much wrong.
And i'm glad to say i was right. This is a jrpg in the truest sense.
I really can't understand this game got so much undiserved critism.
Don't get me wrong it isn't a perfect game, like all game it has its good and bad sides. But the good far outweighs the bad in my eyes.
The bad points so far i encountered ( i played about 18 hours)is that i doesn't have that epic feel games like FF and recently Lost Odyssey has.
And the story lakes a long time to get going and only starts to get interesting after about 10-15 hours into the game. Those are the bad points that really comes to mind.
As for the good points i can summon this up really easy, it is fun!
The battlesystem is traditional in every sense of old school jrpg.
Turn based and with all the usual elements included. Magic attacks physical attacks and items usage. Every character can choose from different classes from white and black magic users to warrior, assasin, monk and many more. And each has its strong and weak points. What is also worth noting is that every character can switch between all of the classes which they unlock througout the game.
I think i gave a good impression of what you can expect from this game.
People who can't get enough of turn based jrpg can't do much wrong with this game. Is it a classic? No not really but it a very enjoyable game that can stand it own in its genre.
People who are searching for something new won't find it here, and it won't change you over to the jrpg genre if your not a fan of it.

I hope i have been helpful, and made your desicion a little bit easier.
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on 23 October 2007
i was forced into renting this game by a friend..

i am a massive rpg fan but with mass effect and fable 2 both coming out i didn't like the idea of the turn based combat even though i loved final fantasy 7 and so on i thought it was a bit out dated with next gen consoles....

having watched the opening scene and playing 3 hours into the game i was gripped by the story and i think only turn based combat would work for this game as it's in japanese style characters.

i'm so glad my friend forced me to play this game i have now purchased it and it's 3 discs long so value for money unlike other stuff thats forced out early and is completed in 13 hours or less for £40

try this game it's a pleasant surprise!!!
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on 3 October 2007
Once upon a time, an ancient super-civilization had great power and command over magic and machinery, but then that civilization suddenly vanished! Centuries passed and the reasons for the ancient's civilization's downfall have all been lost. The story begins in the dusty remote village of Talta where dark scary purple clouds have been appearing yearly for the past 10 years terrorising the village people and bringing destruction.

Blue Dragon is a turn-based role-playing game that centres on a young boy named Shu and together with his town hood friends Kluke and Jiro set out to protect their village from the invasion of these dark scary purple clouds.

Shu, Jiro and Kluke eventually find out that these dark purple clouds and the destruction they bring are controlled by a mysterious being called Nene (who is able to control these ancient machines). It's not too long before Shu and co find out firsthand that Nene enjoys tormenting humankind and to what end, no one knows....

Eventually Shu, Jiro and Kluke are given powers that grant them the use of these phantom shadows that mirror the actions of their masters, giving Shu and his friends amazing strength and magic. The so called Blue Dragon! Along your journey you will also party up with Zola a Royal Mercenary and Marumaro (of the Devee Tribe) and together during the dark times they'll confront, they will all learn about "hope, Friendship" and never to give up" in order to defeat the evil Nene and his allegiances. There's also a love triangle developing in there but its just a tiny one!

Blue Dragon is a turn based RPG. Battles you encounter are hectic and will keep you busy and on your toes! Each of the Blue Dragon warriors can create and develop their combat styles, by utilizing different types of Shadow skills and jobs including; Sword Master, Assassin, Black and White Magic etc. and each character is pretty customisable it's up to you to create a balanced party to lead you into either victory or for the loss! As like any other Japanese RPG, Talk to people to get information, use Inns to recover health, buy and sell accessories, items and spells to build up your arsenal. The story will make you follow in a fixed path (although in the world map you can head out to other areas and do side quests) also during your adventure you will encounter several mini games which are blended into the story... these can be a bit tricky to master! You'll also given the ability to go to certain warp points and eventually you will get your Airship and allow you to travel to places out of reach before...

Graphic wise this game looks pretty sharp with it's 'high-res' visuals (without the high resolution Blue Dragon would look quite at home on a PS2 though so it's not the greatest 'current gen' looking game)..At other times the 3D in-game graphics look identical to the high definition FMV play during key moments. Regarding these cut scenes the developers have blended them in quite well with the actual in-game graphics and at times even me and my friends can't seem to tell where one ends and begins. Only downside is at times the frame rate does stutter. Also Akira Toriyama character designs look great... When I first saw the character designs I thought they were bland and uninteresting but as the story progresses the characters and how their interactions with each other develop and grow they should begin to grow on you too.

Music by Nobuo Uematsu is again good... There's nothing outstanding it just does its job, there's a mixture of different sounds throughout blue dragon although a few evoke Uematsu's earlier work on the early final fantasy games. There is one track which is causing mixed opinions and that's the boss theme. Uematsu chose vocal rock track which may seem 'cheesy' with some while others will love it! Voice acting again with American VA you will either love it or hate it. You can always switch to the original Japanese VA and subtitles.

In Japan Blue Dragon has garnered high scores but in the western parts of the globe it's received mixed reviews. Why? Well some say it's not Oblivion Elder Scrolls and that it offers nothing new. I don't think the original creators intended on Blue Dragon as being anything near complex as Oblivion or pushing the RPG genre to new heights like each final Fantasy game it's just 'old skool' turn-based RPG with great story telling. Basically if you enjoyed games like Dragon Quest, the early Final fantasy games, chrono trigger, Lunar games and Grandia etc you will feel right at home with Blue Dragon.

Blue dragon starts off as an ok game but it gets much better the more you play the more the characters open up and the more skills you learn! I can't really put my finger on why... the usual grind of levelling up each character and their 'jobs' is fun and the story telling is very well done. This is rare as a lot of people get bored half way with most of today's RPG games and never complete them. Other internet reports say the game is too easy... well the battles and boss fights can be tricky and tense, completing the game is not overly difficult... What will TEST you is unlocking all of those 43 achievements this is for the real hardcore blue dragon fans!

Also as I'm typing this if you connected your xbox 360 to the internet you can download the patch to make the game very hard! Plus there should be other downloadable content in the near future.
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on 30 April 2011
I'm still playing the game at current but so far I'm hooked and enjoying it. Mistwalker so far has done well to make games that measure up to the Final Fantasy series. Blue Dragon is far from a disappointment.

I really like the visuals of the game and generally, Akira Toriyama's art style has a strong appeal. Blue Dragon has a consistent style with some impressive displays both in battle and exploring some of the 'dungeon' sections.
Being a Nobuo Uematsu fan I'm somewhat biased on the soundtrack. I find his music really suits these games setting the mood for story and location. As a whole the soundtrack measures up with those of the Final Fantasy series.
The more obvious encounters allows you as a player to better pick your battles which is always kinder than random encounters.
Splitting up some of the cutscenes and story progression of the game with minigames and Quick Time Events (however overused QTEs may be in games generally) does help feeling more involved.
The game comes on 3 discs which adds a great sense of nostalgia but is also testament to both the scale and longevity of gameplay (I've put in over 40 hours so far).
I tend to compare any Japanese RPG I play to the Final Fantasy games so I was pleased to find that the combination of gameplay, visual and audio actually felt like a similar experience.

I'm uncertain of my opinion of the story and characters. It boils down to some of the story feeling a bit predictable and lacking attachment to some of the main characters. It's hard to judge all this though since I haven't finished the game yet.
There were a few sections where I found myself noticing that the battles were falling into repetitiveness and monotony. Boss battles seem to struggle for balance, some battles seem too easy while a few fights (often optional ones blundered into thoughtlessly later in the game) can leave your party ridiculously outmatched.

While I definitely like the game and find it fun I can see it being a hit and miss affair for others. In all the game is well worth the prices you can get it for at current if you are a fan of Japanese RPGs or an open minded gamer wishing to dabble in the genre. If you really aren't into the animé style stick with games like Lost Odyssey.
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on 20 November 2015
This is one of the best Jrpgs on Xbox 360. It is made by Miswalker, Sakaguchi's studio, the founder of final fantasy. The story was not the best I played but it was sufficently engaging, the music was good but the best thing was the battle system and mechanics in which characters can be assigned different jobs or roles and they can learn new abilities before switching to other roles. The music was also very good especially the battle theme; however battles had noticeable framedrops which can get annoying sometimes. All in all, this has provided me with a very enjoyable experience and I highly recommend it to Jrpg fans!
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on 30 January 2008
This game is odd. I suppose that is true of most japanese games but this one really takes the cake.

The Positives: The graphics are lovely, the combat is easy to understand and interacting with your environment is simple. The menu system looks a bit intimidating at first but you'll soon work out how to best use your items and dragons well. The levelling system for your character/dragon is excellent and interesting. The game is MASSIVE with a vast array of towns, villages creatures and a huge story. The learning curve is not too steep and the game teaches you enough so that you aren't stumbling around frustrated. As with all japanese RPG's I've seen, the combat is turn based and this allows you time to think about strategy - and in your harder battles you will have to use many different kinds of magic to defeat your enemies.

The Negatives: The story (so far) is odd and not very engaging. I don't care that much about my main characters, they aren't very interesting. The combat can be highly repetative and there are times when you are just battling the same monster over and over again by just using your basic attack - a waste of time - but if you skip it, your character will be too low level to beat bosses. The map screen is all but pointless - it just doesn't help you. Finally , and I have saved the most irritating problem for last, you can't save anywhere and there can be waaay to much play time between save points. I just don't think a feature like that should ever be incorporated into a game. I mean who wants to be stuck at their console and unable to save if you get bored??

Worth a try if you have 5 years to spare and love jrpg's. Otherwise I'd probably give this one a miss.
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