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4.3 out of 5 stars
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on 7 July 2007
I bought this game as it had quite a few games I liked the look of, but as is common with "selection of games" type games, I expected there to be only a few of the games that you actually want to play more than once!
How wrong could I have been?
Many of the games are well known, but cannot be named by brand-names!
Yahtzee = 5 Star Generals and Pick up 6
Tetris = Crystal Balls (but this one is a bit more fun, and easier!)
Power Cell = Freecell or Spider Solitaire!
Wordz is a hangman type phrase game.
Nearly all of these games are great fun, and use up more than a few minutes of bored-time! Most can be 1 or 2 player, and you also can link up wirelessly over the internet. If you get super high scores, you can publish them on the web too!
I thoroughly enjoyed playing this, and its one of those games that everyone wants " Just one more go!!" Its unlikely to get put away for quite a while! Definitly something for everyone, whether you have 2 minutes at the bus stop, or an hour to kill at the doctor's!
My only disappointment was that the Trivia game is VERY Americanised! I had no absolutely no idea about some of the questions!
I would recommend this for any age from 5 to 100. Everyone will find something they like! Buy it!
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on 29 July 2007
We love this selection of games, my daughter who is 8yrs old can manage most of the games herself and is totally ingrossed (great for long drives!).

Daddy and daughter love Hot Hoops where you can shot as many baskets as possible in a set time.

I love the word games and skill games

we both like the Cards games.

We also have the DS 42 all times classics, we feel this set is much more suitable for children to manage and the graphics far more exciting with vibrant clear colours.

I agree with a few gripes from others, we would have liked to been able to play via the wireless without having to buy another card and word games a little american.
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on 17 July 2007
If you're thinking of buying this game then brace yourself - because this is as rough and ready as they come. The menus resemble a Geocities homepage from 1998: poor frames, chunky buttons, too much colour and not enough information. You half expect to stumble upon that "Under Construction" icon of a man with a spade. There's no "look beyond" here, either: some of the in-game graphics would shame an IT class playing with Paint - For the first time. The better ones are functional. The best you can say is that you can make out the details without having to squint in more than a handful of cases.(Lose 1 star immediately!)

This DS collection of 23 puzzle, card, trivia, and word games are already tried and tested as decent casual experiences for players who don't normally play videogames, and they certainly translate well on the Nintendo DS. Not every game's a winner, and not every game is easy to understand right out of the gate. The good: Crystal Balls is a cool Puyo Pop variation that uses colors and numbers. And Five Star Generals and Pick Up Six takes Yahtzee and changes things up so as not to infringe on copyrights. But then you've got confusing duds like Artifact, an odd Othello like game with rules that are bogglingly weird and hard to understand without a few rounds of trial and error.

TouchMaster supports the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection, but it's for posting high scores and seeing how well you rank against other players who've also uploaded their scores. Midway will also host tournaments which players can participate in, but the interface is absolutely the pits - you can never see in the game when a tournament is taking place, other than going into each game, clicking on "Tournament" and logging in. There's no option to simply log in to see which games have a tournament going on.

The other oddity is the fact that you need two copies of TouchMaster to play the games that support two players on two different systems. I'm sorry, but I find it hard to believe that the card and puzzle games, with their simplistic imagery, are too big to be transferred to another Nintendo DS system using Download Play, so for that alone Touchmaster loses another star!

All in all, TouchMaster's a decent collection of condensed, casual mini-games. Some are better than others, but none are tremendously terrible. It's, at the very least, a nice compilation for the quick pick-up-and-play experience.
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on 10 April 2008
This collection contains some good games, if you like the 42 in 1 games then you should enjoy this. There are a couple of reasons why I only gave it 3 stars however, they are:

1. Some of the games are duplicated (same game, different graphics)

2. The trivia game is ok if you know America, this is not for the UK market.

3. The game has locked up several times now, no other DS game has done this so I suspect a small bug in the software.

4. The grpahics are not as sharp as the 42-in-1 game pack, in some cases making it harder to read the characters.

5. The Gem Slide is not what I thought it would be which is a shame as I really enjoy that game, instead you have little movement and new slides drop randomly on the board, I find it very frustrating as it could have been an good addition.

Despite this and providing it doesn't lock up too many times (so far about 1 in 30 usage) then I will continue to enjoy the games on this card.

Hope this helps.
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on 11 July 2007
For the price 23 games represents excellent VFM. There should be enough variety to keep most players happy.

Only slight draw back though was the Trivia and Wordz games. I have always thought that it was about time there was a decent trivia/word type game available for the DS. The only problem with these is the heavy American bias in the questions (unless you are well into US sports and everday TV programs then you could struggle). A more UK biased version for the UK market would have been better (and also a perfect score from me).

Despite this, the game will provide hours of fun as you battle with friends and family to get top scores on all the games.
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on 27 June 2009
Touchmaster is a collection of mini games, there are 3 sections - Cards, Skill and Puzzle.

CARDS - Target 21 - make 21 in columns, 3 peak deluxe - clear by one above or below, phoenix 13 - make 13. . you can scroll through a lot of spare cards here, Triple 11's - make 11. . . more classic version, Uplift - get aces to top of columns, Solitaire Classic - obvious, Powercell - freecell, DoubleTake - clear layout by matching pairs or suits.

SKILL - PondKings - checkers with frogs, Artifact - take other players pieces, Hot Hoops - basketball, 5 star Generals - type of Yahtzee though you have to place exactly three ones, three twos etc and 'all different', 'one pair' etc, Pick up 6 - same game as 5*G but with symbols. . i prefer this one, Trivia - quiz, Wordsearch - wordsearch. . bonus level find one word at a time, timed.

PUZZLE - Crystal Balls, Wordz - like hangman, Mahjong - available in hard or simple modes, Times Square - place numbers in square to get points. .a fave, Gemslide and Mahki - common games to long to explain, Pairs - Match numbered balls that slide along on pool table.

All of the games can be addictive, I think everyone will have their own faves, theres so much choice. They are simple to play,I bought the game pre-owned without a box and had to work it out myself and had no problem. There are ingame instructions aswell. Theres been comments made about the graphics. . .I think they're not bad at all. Not great but not bad at all.

All of the games have bonus rounds which is basically playing the game again or playing another layout(cards)when a target (score or % cleared in some puzzle games or questions correctly answered) is reached. There is a top ten scoreboard. There is also WiFi things but I haven't done that. You can play to beat top score or play cos you like Mahjong or Solitaire, play for few mins a time or do as I am now and play it on bus to work and for ages at a time at home.

This is a game I'll never get rid of, it'll always be there to be picked up, i might go off it for a bit in a while but I just know it'll come back out again if I do.

Downsides are that the bonus rounds can be never ending, and even if i'm getting a MASSIVELY HIGH score been playing Pick Up6 for 40minutes even closing DS for a while and going back, I have to deliberately lose a round for my score to be registered and turn off DS or play something else. Theres no save, it can get to point of OK, LET ME LOSE THE GAME NOW!!Which really isn't natural is it?!

The quiz has american questions especially on kids and general knowledge and tv shows. There are quite a lot that aren't but they are very hard. There is stuff we SHOULD know like what isn't a Wonder of the World, what was the first name of Al Capones brother and what Eiffel built the Eiffel tower. . .hmmm maybe not! Just pretend the games not there or play to learn stuff - like did you know that the earliest known windmills found from the ancient world were found in Iran?? Well now you do, useful stuff eh!?

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on 23 April 2013
Bought this for my husband many years ago but never really played, recently it has been in use and become quite addictive, resulting in us queuing to use it and competing for high score.

I purchased a second (second hand) game to avoid the wait but having to play long games to beat the high score table, so I found a way to delete the high scores now we can start again and only have our own names on the score table (Play any one of the games. You must get on the scoreboard. As the games starts to save your score flip the game out turn off the DS and then turn back on. You may need to do this a few times but it does work eventually).
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on 1 December 2013
Ok, one of the games completely freezes. The quiz is American and so tv or sport questions are impossible. Some of the games don't work quite right or 'cheat' as badly made.
I play a little nearly every day. It is restricted to only about 5 of the games, but they are good enough on their own for a bit of light entertainment.
I would like to be able to reset the scoreboards. Its a bit boring when you have no chance of getting on them anymore. There is a way around it but it doesn't always work. If you take the memory card out at just the right moment it is saving a score, it can reset, but not always.
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on 26 December 2008
Very disappointed in this, especially as it was bought as a Christmas present. One would expect a collection of hand-held computer games to include a few favourites such as Tetris, or Asteroids or even Space Invaders, but none of the games here looks familiar, and the Word and Trivia sections are horribly American. Even if you do attempt the word games, there is no relaxation to be had, as everything is timed!

42-in-1 is far better value, IMO - much more entertaining and less US-centric.
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on 22 May 2008
I got bored of this game after playing on it for a couple of hours. The games are very repetitive, the instructions on some aren't great, and sound effects are very out dated. It's fine if you want a very basic old fashioned pub arcade type set of games, but it's not a set I'd be able to return to play as much as I had hoped.
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