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Customer Reviews

4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on 28 February 2010
I'm not in the first flush of youth and have arthritis, so I find most hedge trimmers far too heavy for prolonged use. Also, I'd bought cordless things before and wasn't impressed by the battery life on the majority of them. But this hedgecutter is brilliant. It's incredibly light, easy to use, cuts well and, best of all, the battery lasts for ages. I have a reasonably sized garden with hedges and shrubs which need trimming scattered all over, but so far, I've never managed to exhaust the battery even on a whole afternoon's, admittedly intermittent, trimming. I really recommend this cutter for lightness, good cutting, battery life and portability.
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on 10 September 2010
This product is excellent, I ordered the Bosch lawnmower at the same time and they are both perfect for my garden size (medium). The hedge cutters have done a great job and lasted a long time on one charge although I do have an edge strimmer which uses the same battery so in effect i have a spare. I now only buy Bosch equipment due to the reliability.
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on 29 August 2010
I'd been looking for some cordless hedgecutters as mine were old and hacking at the hedge, and the preparation that was going into cutting the hedge was becoming a real chore - unravelling the cord, also getting the extension lead out of the garage and unreeling that etc, and doing everything in reverse when finished.

So I came on here and took the advice of the recommendations and bought this Bosch one. How right everyone is. Now all I do is charge up the battery beforehand, and then when it's charged, I plug it into the hedgecutter and off I go. Easy. The hedgecutter cuts through the hedge liike butter and makes a really neat job.

I should have bought these ages ago - I was pleased to see my old hedgecutters go to the dump, and would definitely recommend these. Dare I say it, I actually don't mind cutting the hedge now! Cordless is definitely the way to go.

Plus the rice was great, with free delivery. What more can you ask for?
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on 1 August 2014
To be honest, I think this is probably worth two stars - it's not totally useless, but I'm giving it only one to somewhat redress the balance because I think it's ridiculously over-starred in the reviews on here.

First of all, I bought mine fourteen or fifteen months ago and the battery is already pretty much useless. If I charge it after use, it's pretty much flat the next time I come to use it; if I charge it immediately before use, it's okay to start, but rapidly weakens and is useless in not much over five minutes. If I buy a new one, at the time of writing it's about 60% of the cost of the whole thing new! If I have to shell out that much every year then this was a really bad buy.

Second, I think it's exaggeration - at the least - to call it a 'hedgecutter'. It's a 'hedgetrimmer', at best. If your hedge has got a bit overgrown and you want to cut it back, or you just decide to lower the height a bit, this is NOT going to do the job. All it's good for is regularly trimming off new growth AFTER you've got your hedge into the shape you want by other means. And, of course, that 'regularly' is not going to do the damned battery any favours ...

There's a catch-twenty-two on that regular trimming thing. If you're a rather indifferent gardener, like I am, who lets the hedges get a bit untidy, this is not going to be much good for you because, when you DO get round to using it, the work is going to be too tough for it. But if you're a keen gardener and keep on top of things, so that it will do the job asked of it, you'll probably have shelled out the extra money for good kit in the first place.

I've been thinking of buying an NMiH battery, to see if that does any better, but another part of my brain (probably the bit where I hide the commonsense) is telling me to cut my losses and lash out on a really good mains hedgecutter and a really long extension cable.

I learned years - decades - ago that it never pays to buy cheap stuff on impulse, as I did with this, but I keep making the same old mistake!
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on 14 September 2010
I love it! I am a not very strong 59 year old lady and wanted a hedgecutter I could use with relative ease. The battery has lasted for longer than I needed to use the hedgecutter at any one time and it's great not having to worry about a lead. Two batteries would be useful, but it only took about an hour to charge. I did find it a little difficult to take out and replace the battery, but, as I said, I am a weakling!
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on 1 June 2011
Excellent machine, sadly my second purchase was broken in transit and returned for full refund. I have owned one of these for three years and have found it to be very useful. It offers great convenience, while only falling slightly short of the performance you get from a mid-range mains powered machine. I particularly like the blades anti-jamming feature. The battery is the standard Bosch 14.4v (1.5AH) NiCd that you may already own in another tool. If so, your lucky! I had to buy a second machine because I cooked the battery in my old one by accidentally over-charging it. The golden rule is three to four hours charge from FULL discharge, every time! Never try to 'top up' the battery, or you will ruin it. Pity Bosch don't actually point this out in the instruction booklet. Believe it or not, the reason I decided to buy a second machine was simply because a replacement battery with shipping is almost the same price! Another note of caution: the packaging of this product is dire. Bosch have dispensed with the foam styrene packing blocks, and the battery and charger are simply wrapped in a fold of cardboard, which may be fine for store handling, but not anything like sufficient protection against a heavy handed courier. This was the first time I have had anything delivered by Hermes. Not a good start.
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on 9 May 2010
This is a great hedge trimmer. Its our first one and it was an excellant choice. I am not very big and its great for me not too heavy. I would recommend this to anyone wanting a cordless hedge trimmer. I must add that my wife wrote this as its her new toy.
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on 6 November 2009
Being a not so not so spritely OAP, I found this tool to be the answer to my prayers for an easy to handle hedge cutter to trim my head high conifers and shrubs. Light in weight and no cable to drag around, I was able to complete the job quickly without getting overtired. Having watched my neighbour complete his front hedge in record time on one charge, I came straight in and ordered one from Amazon. Marvellous!
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on 26 October 2010
The Bosh AHS 41 hedge trimmer is an excellent tool, it is very easy to use and it cuts through my hedge like a knife through butter. I purchased this hedge trimmer based on the other amazon reviews and I am not dissapointed. The added bonus for me was that it came with two rechargeable batteries, (Not sure if it was in the description). The Bosh is not too heavy for a lady to use, and I like the fact that I didnt have to worry about cutting through the electrical lead as it is cordless. I would recommend this product.
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I've just used this for the first time and I'm impressed with it. I cut a hedge in twenty minutes including sweeping up which would normally have taken me over an hour using shears. It actually seems to have done as good a job as I normally do with shears. My only criticisms are that it feels quite heavy to me - even though it is advertised as lightweight and this made cutting the sides of the hedge quite difficult. I think I shall probably get used to it after a while and find it easier. My other minor criticism is that the battery is quite difficult to take out but maybe that is because my hands aren't that strong. I think I shall have to get someone else to do that for me!!
ETA - I did manage to get the battery out myself in the end - it was just a question of getting it in the right position so that I could press both clips in the release the batter.
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