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4.9 out of 5 stars
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on 28 July 2007
The best season of deep space nine begins with the six part occupation arc continuing from the season 5 finale in which hostile forces occupy the station & its up to a small band of resistance fighters to help Starfleet forces retake the station which concludes with an epic battle.

The season continues with episodes of the highest calibre with marriage in `you are concordantly invited', faked death in who `mourns for morn', survival with your worst enemy in `waltz', the fantastic `beyond the stars', the secret sub division of the federation in `inquisition', unprepared glory hungry cadets in `valiant' & the exciting & heart breaking season finale `tears of the prophets'.

This season showcases the finest of ds9 & perhaps of any star trek show. It's worth every penny you pay for it particularly at this low price, snap it up.
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on 18 April 2009
Deep Space Nine has often been criticised for being set in one place and never getting any exploring done. After 3 seasons of a semi-decent show I would have agreed with them,, but after the Klingon war and the Dominion skirmishes, Captain Benjamin Sisko shows that exploring is second best to explosive sci-fi combat in true starfleet style. After abandoning DS9 at the end of season 5 and mining the entrance to the wormhole, the dominion have starfleet in retreat but have no hope of reinforcements, the scales are balanced but with stolen dominion technology, a cardassian traitor, the help of the prophets and secret bio-logical warfare, we get to see a new side of star trek... the one that shows us how in time of war, the rules no longer apply. If you buy one season of DS9, buy this one!
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on 29 December 2013
What else to say? If you're a Trekkie and you're looking at this you'll already know all about this series cos you own the first 5! If you're not a seasoned fan this is a great one to start a collection with.
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on 11 September 2013
As others have said as the sixth series unfolds one develops the feeling that the scripts wander and there was insufficient focus on the war with the Dominion. I am now watching series 7 and the same comments apply.
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on 15 June 2015
The strongest, by far, of Deep Space Nine's seven seasons, season 6 was a high-end point of drama, excitement, comedy and suspense. Many of the episodes of this season have gone on to be all-time favourites with both critics and the general public. Particular highlights this season are the much feted "Far Beyond The Stars" (director/star Avery Brooks' all-time favourite), "In The Pale Moonlight" (the most critically acclaimed DS9 episode as voted by fans), "You Are Cordially Invited" (the long-awaited Dax/Worf marriage) and "Tears Of The Prophets" (the physically and emotionally devastating season finale).

What makes season 6 stronger than its counterparts was the commitment that the series had at this stage to developing both main and secondary characters. Thus we see the likes of Dukat descend into madness ("Sacrifice of Angels" / "Waltz"), Kai Winn challenge the prophets ("The Reckoning", the episode which also lays the foundation for the aforementioned season finale) and find out more than we expected about Morn ("Who Mourns For Morn").

In short, this is sci-fi drama at it's peak; a strong series enriched by strong performances, storylines and scripts. Highly recommended.
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on 11 June 2015
Should be on prime we bloody pay enough
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on 1 August 2009
With DS9 lost to the Dominion, the Federation starts taking major losses to the point Bolarus prime and Betazed were about to become the next occupied worlds. Several strikes into dominion space prove effective however a recently salvaged dominion ship last year found was destroyed before long. with the crew back at the starbase rally point after a klingon rescue, a plan was formulated and several elements of several fleets were merged and sent to attack the dominion at DS9 and the result was a straight fight between the federation and dominion, however the federation were taking a beating until the klingons joined the fight and broke the 12,000 ship strong cardassian/dominion fleet. With the defiant breaking through all the attack lines, the ship headed for DS9 however Quark frees the insurgents who try to disable the weapons because of a recently constructed minefield at the wormwole however, these insurgents were too late to stop the firing process. shortly after the dominion abandoned the station and pulled back, with DS9 back in federation hands everyone was overjoyed by the sight.

With the battle over the station readjusted to life on the station along with a captured Dukat as an emotional wreck after the death of his daughter, who later on promises revenge on Sisko for destroying his chance of power.

Quark also has a few adventures such as leading an all ferengi force to get his mother back and ends up claiming his mother, 2 dead dominion soliders and a vorta for starfleet in an amazing twist! As well as later on when Quark becomes a woman to stop a powerful FCA liquidator from becoming the Grand Nagus, because of his return to power as a reward for rescuing Zek's girlfriend and Quark's mother.

The Romulans also enter the war against the Dominion because of an engineered plot by Sisko and Garak which works brilliantly. At the end of the season though Dukat finally extracts revenge on Sisko by turning to a Bajoran religion.
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on 10 January 2011
This is completely amazing, and has to be my favourite series of DS9 by far. I am a fan of the Cardassians, and since they appear many times in these episodes I really enjoyed watching these DVD's. Not only do they appear a fair amount, but they have more reaching and interesting roles. Dukat shows on many occasions that he is human (relatively speaking) and interested in things that many people can relate to.

I also love the fact we have so many episodes with the Dominion in. I like series/dramas with running storylines, and with this I am able watch the war for several episodes in a row, something which I love even if it does make it a little darker and can lead to some people not liking it as much as some of the other series' (my step dad in particular dislikes DS9 because it isn't about visiting planets, but that is why I like it so strongly, I love continuity with none Federation characters).

Away from the story itself the acting and special effects are first class, and with the HD Upscaling DVD player I find this set compulsive viewing. 5 stars without doubt.
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on 16 February 2015
I can't praise DS9 enough and season six is the strongest season so far. I love the 6 episode story arc at the start of the season and the characters developments throughout the season especially Quark. Shame it's not on blue ray as the transfer for each season isn't great.
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on 4 May 2010
The Dominion War six episode arc, Worf and Jadzia's wedding, Quark becoming a hero, the inspiring "Far Beyond the Stars", the touching "His Way", the controversial but excellent "In the Pale Moonlight" and "Inquisition" and the fantastic finale "Tears of the Prophets". Highly recommended.
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