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on 3 August 2016
We have had the product two months and it has always been tricky to collapse. However today I collapsed it and bent one of the supports (see photo) the result is a useless piece of aluminium and frustratingly its out of the 30 day returns. Be very careful when considering buying this product. If its tight or stiff to collapse then send it back straight away.

Well I have just bought another ! Because I have not found anything quite like it on the market.
I now know why I broke the line, simply because I tried closing it by pushing it towards the wall. The line should be closed by lifting the line upwards, it then collapses itself. The instructions are adequate but both myself and my wife misunderstood the instructions supplied.

I have changed the rating to 4 stars from 2 stars. I would have been 5 stars but I feel the instructions could be made clearer, reading the reviews I am not the only one to make this costly mistake.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 6 August 2017
As has been stated by other reviewers, this item is moderately fragile. The alloy is quite thin, and does not instill confidence in it's tensile strength. However, that being said, if this is used with care it works just fine. It took me about 20 minutes to install it on the wall, including finding an 8mm drill bit and it feels quite solid once mounted. There are four rubber gromits that fit on the back of this to cushion it against the wall, and I suppose to give it some cushioning from vibration in the wind. This also has the benefit of reducing vibration noise against the wall. The screws are adequate and fit the unit well enough with the supplied washers. You do need to use a reasonable amount of strength to pull this from the wall until the catch clicks into place, and of course as has been mentioned here - to lift it away from the wall to disengage the catch before folding it away. It is best to do this with a bit of caution, simply because the frame is not very solid, so is fairly easy to bend or buckle.

There is no template for mounting this, which I think is something the company should supply. It's all well and good giving us the measurements on the sheet in small print with a small diagram of the mounting plate. I mean, how much extra cost is it to put in a paper template? It would save time and trouble for the customer. For myself I made my own template from the back place, rather than dismantling the thing or fiddling with the assembled unit to mark the holes.

There is no fixed height to mount this unit, it is advised to mount it at a comfortable height, so the top of the mounting plate is slightly above the head of the person using it. When you see how it works, this makes a lot of sense. Once I showed my wife how this unit works, and how to release the catch again, she has been using this comfortably. We're both getting a lot of use out of this as the main rotary dryer is out the back of the property in the middle of the grass, this one is mounted closer to the back door at the end of the patio. It's easier to get to when the weather is questionable, and as it folds away neatly it doesn't interfere when we are sitting out there or entertaining.

Once this is pulled out and locked, it is quite large and will take a fair amount of washing. For us this means that the larger household items can go on the bigger rotary dryer, and smalls, underoos, t-shirts and other washing can go on this thing. It does mean we get more washing done in a day which is a bonus in some ways and a bane in others (more ironing for instance...)

This answered a need for us, and allows us to hang washing out on days when the weather is less than perfect, and dash out to grab it quick if there's rain, without a long sprint down the garden and a wet trudge back carrying a heavy load. I suspect that because of it's convenience it is going to get more use than the larger rotary dryer.

Great idea, well made and finished. Some care needs to be taken when fitting and using this item because of the way it is constructed, but overall this is a very nice unit that has made our lives that little bit easier. As it folds away neatly into it's own housing - either the alloy box or the provided rain cover which clips to the sides and sits tight on the top cap and bottom of the legs, it is unobtrusive and tidies away neatly.
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on 23 July 2017
Brabantia is the name associated with quality , If they intend trying to retain the market then I advise they start using quality materials . great concept very expensive product for such poor quality parts plastic fittings poor and the alignment stainless steel cabinet is so thin it barely holds its own shape so much so that closing the lock is a feat , keeping it closed in lightest of winds is impossible. I have rated it 4* for line only cabinet is really not worth the price it needs a longer backing plate to retain the cabinet firmly to the wall in order to support the poor quality stainless steel but hay ho I'm only a woman .As for the washing line very easy to attach to the wall template is part of cardboard box it is sent in you cut it out hold in place against wall at height comfortable for you mark the 4 holes through cardboard template drill holes and screw to wall done , pull handle to slide out line to hang washing , To close lift and push to release , word of warning don't just push back without liftup as it will break ,mechanism is very easy release coming from a lady who has mobility problems . Overall I personally love it space saving just make sure you have enough room each side for when line is opened up umbrella effect , Price is it worth it ? No Cost of Cabinet vs Quality Poor my brabantia bread bin has thicker steel guess its a sign of times
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on 20 April 2017
Easy to install with helpful template (part of the carton!) - opens and closes easily as long as you give a little "lift and pull" before closing it (I imagine that those who have bent theirs have just pushed). Cover seems good quality.
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on 26 April 2017
I love this washing line so much that I actually have two in my back garden. Very easy to open and close and folds away very discreetly. A brilliant product!
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on 1 May 2017
Very convenient and compact - hence the 2 stars. It loses the other 3 as I'm on my third one if 4 years. It breaks far too easily. Either one of the arms bend if you only slightly put pressure in the wrong place when opening/closing or the plastic housing cracks when doing the same. I wouldn't buy another if I had space for an alternative.
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on 1 September 2017
Should have bought one of these years ago! No more struggling to put up the old rotary line and then watching it lean to one side under the weight of wet clothes etc. This is very well constructed and a joy to use. (Did I just use the word "joy" about hanging out the washing?? Note to self: you need to get out more)
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on 17 August 2017
8 months after moving to a property with no washing line and then work on the garden making it impossible to erect one, being able to dry my washing in the open air, really quickly, is such a relief! There was no need to spoil the new patio with a revolving line or to fix a long line over flower beds etc, the discovery of this product was wonderful. It is so easy to open and close, the cover is brilliant - ok, you need to tuck in the line under it carefully but that takes seconds. Thank you.
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on 6 May 2017
Mum is 84 and find it bit hard to close but it is easy to open and fold away so there is not lines or poles around when we sit on the patio. Super duper practical.
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on 6 June 2017
Great delivery and excellent product. Be aware that the device does not rotate, so hanging and removing clothes requires some movement!
Also - comes with cover, so don't buy separately!
Love how neatly it stows away when not in use!
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