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4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
The Destruction Of Small Ideas
Format: Audio CD|Change
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on 7 June 2009
This is where post rock gets seriously interesting and creative. The band create a work of extraordinary dynamics, detail and ideas. There is a sense of confidence and complexity in the playing which guarantees repeated listening and exploration.
At the moment, for me, post-rock nails the sonic zeitgeist and these fellas are in the middle of the blitzkreig with Mogwai, Sigur Ros, Red Sparrowes, Malporosa, Do Make Say Think and have taken up the mantle laid down by such luminaries as Labradford, Tortoise and Boards of Canada as well as referencing Eno and Hannett.
The emotional undertow is powerful and liberating.
This is modern classical, post-modern pop, done by those who know their avant garde chops and their noisenik chums.
Fun for all the family.
Moods for moderns.
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on 6 May 2007
Having been a little bit dissapointed with 'One For All Time', after the masterpiece that was 'The Fall Of Math', i was quite skeptical about the purchase of this, 65dos's 3rd record.

But i'm glad i bought it beyond a doubt!

This album, quite simply put, is the dog's balls. And what a pair of balls too :)

The first thing that strikes you about it is the length of the songs (with most passing the 5 minute mark)...the album's 62 mins long :D But more importantly the epic of it all.

There is of course, thank god, still the IDM-ish music before (Especially in 'The Distant & Mechanised Glow of Eastern European Dance Parties'). This time with the addition of more 'real' drums - showcasing Rob Jones' extraordinary talent for the instrument. And additionally there are a lot more tracks with piano than the previous two albums.

So over all, better than 'One For All Time', and very near to the brilliance of 'The Fall Of Math' :)

A must buy! xx
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on 5 January 2013
Listen to any 65dos and you'll be taken so far from mainstream music, you'll be on another planet! I listen to them every day on my walk to and from work and I never, ever grow tired of their albums. They are just so different, playing with soft and loud (the first couple of play-throughs I thought I'd hit the pause button by mistake but no, it was just them being quiet), violins and synths, garbled radio voices, punishing guitars. I tried to explain it to a mate once and gave up; 'You'll just have to listen' I said. He did and is now a fan too. Top track - Primer
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on 15 May 2007
This is a neat progression from 'One For All Time', which has become truly my 'one for all time'... infact 65daysofstatic seem to capture so many emotions with such satisfying power, its akin to standing beneath the Angel Falls after running for 27 miles to get there...

Each track from The Destruction... has its own distinct barage of intricate atmospherics using a combination of phat baselines, mashed-upelctronica beats, super-tight-avalanche-inducing-atomic drumming (the drummer deserves an award, you should the way he bashes them live!), spine-tingling piano sounds and various other mesmirisingly-edible audio snippetts of ingenious precision to create something I'd say sounds quite unique...

This has got to be the most exciting sound around at the moment.

I was going to pick out the stand-out tracks but it turned into most of the album track-listing... If it had to be 3 I would say 'A Failsafe', 'The Distant & Mechanised Glow of Eastern European Dance Parties', 'Don't Go Down To Sorrow'... But really with each listen another track stikes me as a work of art! This album features the track 'The Conspiricy Of Seeds', with vocals on... I believe its a 1st for 65 (vocals), and whilst it is growing on me, its not a choice cut yet. Over all, a great album with so much to discover its another fine addition to the world of 65daysofstatic!
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on 7 July 2007
You would think that there is only so much you can do with re-hashed synth, stolen blips and reverbs and overlayed guitars. Think again. While "Destruction" offers, when stripped down, nothing new, it does reinforce what 65 do best, which is create timeless, beautiful music.

This album is more varied than The Fall Of Math, and better delivered than One Time For All Time. The most notable tracks after only a couple of listens are the string-laden opening "When We Were Younger And Better", which is the kind of music which suits any mood, "Light Peak, Dark Peak", the schitzo-mental-oddball "The Distant And Mechanised Glow Of Eastern European Dance Parties", which has the best title ever, and another song which I feel utterly compelled to mention is the terrifying "The Conspiracy Of Seeds". The Sheffield quartet dance over their long-chalked line here with the addition of vocals. Real, human vocals. They kept quiet all this time and when they do rip the tape from their virginous gobs (in the dying stages of the last song on the album) they are ferocious, bitter and angry, like the war cry of ravenous pack of homeless wolves, no less. It's not actually their own vocals, it's the singers' from American screamo "Circle Takes The Square", but for the sake of the shock-factor, that really isn't the point, is it? Lovely.

It's not perfect either, there are a couple of songs that seem repetitive in places, and I find myself thinking "why didn't they put this in here, or add something to that bit there?" but everyone's bound to have different favourites and tracks they don't agree with. Like I said before, there's only so much you can do with this genre. The production has moved on too, and not in a bad way. Not perfect but all-round pretty solid third album. They are amazing live too, (when their equipment doesn't expire- Newcastle fans will know of what I speak here) which is nice.
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on 4 May 2009
This is the third album from 65daysofstatic, and once again they prove they are masters of the instrumental scene in the UK.

This record may not have the out and out explosive energy of their debut album, nor the electronic nuances from the second album, but it may well prove to be their finest yet.

It's definitely not as loud as the other two albums, the sound seems tame and the drums are lower in the mix. I think at first, fans of the band will think that its taken some of the power away from them.... but I think the tracks on this record are more refined than on the others.

This is 65daysofstatic showing a side that confirms how well written the tunes are... it shows off the skill of the musicians rather than the fury of them when they are rocking out. But believe me when I say this band still know how to rock.

It's a more mature record, it still has some storming moments, and it's one that may prove to have longevity over the others. Not many albums have tracks as good as A Failsafe or European Dance Parties.

Really excellent album by a brilliant band.
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on 9 July 2014
it is so nice!
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on 21 August 2007
A masterpiece.

I have not stopped listening to this album since it came out, it never gets old.

Buy it.

This band is unstoppable
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on 8 August 2007
this is a good album, its no one time for all time, that was a stroke of pure genius, this is more similiar in sound to the fall of math which is no bad thing, in fact this is probably what album number two shoulda sounded like logically but hey ho, cant complain, 65dos give it their all as always, only a four out of five cos it doesnt leave you blown away.
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on 30 May 2007
Strong and powerful, yet refreshing and even soothing, this album has levels of masterpiece that i have not heard rival.

If you appreciate ANY of 65Days' stuff, you'll love this.
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