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on 22 July 2008
Satan has great energy, combining the Banlieue exuberance of La Haine with surrealist grotesque horror not unlike Delicatessan. The threat of violence and aggression hangs over the film from the opening scene in a packed club, with its hyper-macho and sexually aggressive young male protagonists depicted in a way that seems like a parody of the archetype (one character even has a dog called Tyson - who also gets sexually interfered with in a scene that is in the context of the film, amongst the least disturbing).
Vincent Cassel (who also co-produced Satan) plays the role of Joseph with relish, creating a vaudivillian monster at his most threatening when being casually racist and misogynist before he orchestrates the inevitable violent and bloody conclusion.
As Geurilla Pen also notes in his review, Satan doesn't really let up long enough for the viewer to consider the possible subtexts of what unfolds, but suffice to say it transpires to be a sordid, near the knuckle and often uncomfortably funny recasting of the Christmas story as urban myth akin to the "guy wakes up without his kidney after sleeping with a good-looking girl he just met" yarn.
Don't watch this in the expectation of the usual kind of horror, it's another beast entirely, which manages to capture the anarchic flavour of French hip hop culture, and stages a gleefully repellent shaggy goat story which sets out more than anything to entertain those with open minds for demented and transgressive extreme films.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 10 June 2008
Superior and highly entertaining French horror with the inimitable Vincent Cassel up to his usual high standards as Joseph the ever so slightly bizarre house keeper playing host to a group of young rough and ready French visitors on a weekend stay in the country.
The characterisation, dialogue, set pieces etc are so involving to the extent that the actual story is in danger of becoming consumed by it all, in my case it may take a second viewing to fully grasp the film as a whole and all the subtleties that can be missed when focusing on subtitles especially when characters are talking on top of each other, but this did not impair my enjoyment at all.
The blurb that accompanies the film is not entirely accurate, I don't think there was any realisation among the visitors just exactly what was going on asides from the general weirdness of the characters they were encountering. It always suprises me and I feel it is a great shame when people don't like films like this that strive to be different without compromising on entertaining the viewer. The film possibly dipped momentarily in the middle and some may not like the sometimes heavy concentration of young male attitudes and behaviour towards the females in the film though it is somewhat counter balanced by equally inappropriate behaviour by one of the female family members. A word of warning there are some initial heavy strobing effects at the start within the nightclub, it does state this on the box.
I would have to say this film is great, the acting generally is outstanding and the film seems to run at a frenetic pace but with no silly 'twists and turns' provided for those who like to proclaim how they saw it coming a mile off as soon as the opening credits rolled. A triumph for character acting, style and substance over gore ridden predictability.
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on 18 May 2007
What an absolute load of rubbish - ive seen more entertainment watching my car parked in the driveway!, This film has little story to it and what you can understand of it is utterly stupid, weird, weird, weird. Im sorry for anyone else who enjoyed this film if you dont agree! - fair enough whatever floats your boat!
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on 8 October 2016
A little bit French, a little weird, a little sick and slightly slapstick in a macabre kinda way!! But who the hell cares.... It's the great Vincent Cassell. This film might be a tad rough around the edges, have a few bits that I think could test Brit filmgoers perception of decency (dogs genitals without spoiling an absolutely pointless piece of plot). So if my heading and brief attempt at defining this little oddball marvel without actually revealing anything at all (apart from the mongrels nadgers - literally) has you intrigued... enjoy! Oh... and p.s. You'll barely recognise old Vince!
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on 15 August 2008
This is a good film. It hasn't really got anything to do with Satan as such, just tinged with a little hint of it. Its mostly about rural life, French or otherwise with a bit of beastiality, incest and fun. Some good scenes, well acted, some good effects and funny moments make it well worth a watch.
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on 22 January 2010
A good film,I am always doubful when watching teen movies,but hey this is good .The whole feel of being a teen is caught wonderfully, ie guys who are bit lairy,gals who are teases ,all sorts of strange characters in the vain of the league of gentlemen,and vincent cassel ensuring that he will never be typecast by playing a super strange man.If you are lucky enough to have a surround system ,then try it on dts ,one of the best i have heard!
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on 19 March 2007
This French horror film reinvigorates the tired cliche of city folk encountering madness and terror in the country (a la The Hills Have Eyes, Deliverance etc) and if you like your horror films to create an atmosphere, twist about and give you a few laughs as well as scares then you'll love this one. Vincent Cassell is outstanding and steals the show completely. Apparently there's a short film with Monica Belucci in it on the DVD which I am looking forward to - and thats an awesome t-shirt!
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on 28 February 2007
I love Vincent Cassel anyway but I've never seen him so good - the film is crazy - the tension and the horror are nicely offset with the comedy of the whole thing. Just brilliant!
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on 12 February 2007
Not much more to add here, the film's great... fast paced, doesn't go down any un-needed "twists", and I can't begin to describe how outstandingly brilliant Vincent Cassel is in this movie !

Go buy it... NOW !
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on 1 September 2011
One of the weaker french horror films I have seen. The plot involves some young people who go to a mansion after a club which is home to some crazy people who want to give birth to the devil or something. The ending is really weird and leaves too much open and before that there is basically 75 minutes where nothing much happens. If you are expecting blood, gore and sex well forget it. You will find more blood and gore in a Scream film and as for sex theres a very soft core threesome but thats about it. A few positives, Leila Bekhti as Yasmine is beautifull and Roxane Mesquida as Eve is pretty hot as well. The acting isn't that bad, Vincent Cassel as the bad guy is humourous and menacing(ish) at the same time and provides a few grin worthy moments. Otherwise this is awful.
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